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The Week That Was #14: Deja Vu Too

#3 posting 7.3.2008
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This week it seemed I relived the same game over and over and over…It was déjà vu all over again. The main course for the week was the action at Augustana in Sioux Falls, site of the Dakota Showcase. Friday, the day I arrived, proved to be a day of massacres. Of the 13 games I saw over the two days only three games were decided by 10 or less. That meant 10 blow outs. Only one game (that I watched) had the nail biting quality that writers like. Metro Stars White won their pool with a two point win over the Nebraska Twisterz.

All the games had the familiar pattern of the early lead; points enough to win at half time (for a couple of games), and uneventful second halves.

If you look at the team of the week down below you will notice six of the 15 players are Nebraskans, the most of any of the five states involved. It was also the first week five states made the list. On top of those six, three more Nebraskans made the defensive or distributor teams.

I have been to the Dakota Showcase for three years now. Here are the three champions and how they compare.
year, champion, pp100, floor %
2008 IBCA Select Red 128.73 .602
2007 Metro Stars Black 101.51 .492
2006 Daubert Pinnacle Nebraska 113.98 .527
As you can clearly see IBCA was in the stratosphere this season. Teams are doing very well when they are above .500 floor %. IBCA was smoking at an unheard of .602.

Why is it that Wisconsin and Nebraska teams feature their state’s main university colors as their own? Why is it I can’t think of one Minnesota team with maroon & gold?

The prize for worst uniforms goes to any team that has numbers on one side. That is one reason I can’t stand summer league games. Unfortunately the Dakota Lightning took home that title. On top of that the numbers didn’t match up with the program in the Dakota Showcase. Confusion reigned supreme.

Kudos to these programs---IBCA Select, CSS Bison/Judds, Twisters, Pinnacle Bank Nebraska, Montana Elite… I am probably forgetting some worthy team. All the above have their names on the back of the jersey. Obviously these programs are trying to make it easy to grab attention of the scouts. Anything done to help cement a name and a number will help a player. I can’t understand why more teams don’t do that simple task.

The Dakota Showcase wrapped up last Saturday with IBCA Select Red rolling to victory over CSS Bison with a blazing 146 pp100, the highest I have charted in three years. In the three games I charted with IBCA in this tournament they averaged 128.73 pp100 and had a floor % of .602. IBCA played with the precision of a fine German Automobile cruising down the autobahn. Not only efficient and high octane, IBCA was balanced with five players rotation in wave substitutions. Their top scorer, and tournament MVP, Katie Schechinger averaged 10 ppg. 71% of the teams had at least one player that averaged more that. Their team chemistry is very good. They communicate well with each other and are genuinely happy when others on the team do well. This is IBCA Select Red's second team of the week honor. They opened the 2008 spring/summer season as team of the week.
photo--players left to right: Katie Gustafson, Trisha Nesbitt, Katelyn Sunde, Jaime Printy, Amber Kirschbaum, and Jessica McDowell. partially hidden in the back ground Brittany Peterson, Katie Schechinger, Kionna Kellogg, and Riley Norman.

I probably should list the methods I use in choosing the player and team of the week. It is all based on my viewing/charting during that week. Reputations are not factored in. Games that I don’t see aren’t factored in. I have certain bars the players have to hurdle in order to make the list.
#1 I have to see the player
#2 The player has to average 6 possessions in the game (during the summer)
#3 The player’s pp100 has to be above 100
#4 The player’s floor % has to be above .500
#5 If I see multiple games (which is the case here) the averages are used.
Having explained all that the player of the week for gbbrecruit is Kionna Kellogg of IBCA Select Red. Kellogg is a 6-1 lean athletic post. She gets down the court fast and finishes. She is effective beating the defense down court in transition. On top of that she is persistent and resilient on the offensive boards. She isn’t afraid of contact. In the first week of the summer/spring year she was named gbbrecruit newcomer of the week.

Ashley Eide, Sioux Falls Warriors (Sioux Falls Washington, SD)
Marissa Kastanek, CSS Bison (Lincoln Southeast, NE)
Kionna Kellogg, IBCA Select Red (Ames, IA)
Sarah Nelson, Pinnacle Bank Nebraska (Omaha Westside, NE)
Brittany Zins, Metro Stars Black (Bloomington Kennedy)
Kate Edwards, Nebraska Twisterz (Crete, NE)
Alyssa Kamphaus, CSS Bison (Seward, NE)
McKayla Knudson, Pinnacle Bank Nebraska (South Sioux City, NE)
Trisha Nesbitt, IBCA Select Red (Ames, IA)
Katie Schechinger, IBCA Select Red (Ames, IA)
Kelsey Evans, North Tartan Crosby (Willmar)
Tania Jackson, Kansas City Hustle (Lawrence, KS)
Shaunna Knife, ECI West (Bottineau, ND)
Sara Wilson, Team Runza (Perkins County, NE)
Lauren Wittman, Metro Stars White (Eden Prairie)

Ashley Eide
of the Sioux Falls Warriors was a whirlwind of activity. In the second half Eide went on a rampage, controlled and took over the game and bent it to her will. She was a dynamo on the defensive boards. She seemed to be everywhere making an impact and helping lead her squad to victory. In other time and place she may be a commando. She plays with the venom coaches like to see in a defender.

Emily Cade, CSS Bison (Seward, NE)
Jasmin Corbin, Pinnacle Bank Nebraska (Millard West, NE)
Ashley Eide, Sioux Falls Warriors (Sioux Falls Washington, SD)
Tania Jackson, Kansas City Hustle (Lawrence, KS)
Jessica McDowell, IBCA Select Red (AGWSR, IA)

KK Houser is the second CSS Bison in a row to win this title, and the second from Lincoln Southeast. Last week it was Marissa Kastanek. This week her high school teammate Houser gets the nod. Houser has speed to go along with her snappy, deceptive passing.
Ashley Eide, Sioux Falls Warriors (Sioux Falls Washington, SD)
KK Houser, CSS Bison (Lincoln Southeast, NE)
Shaunna Knife, ECI West (Bottineau, ND)
Jaime Printy, IBCA Select Red (Linn-Mar, IA)
Freddie Sims, Kansas City Hustle (Raytown South, MO)

Ashley Eide
made every list and therefore was a no brainer for this award. (This was my first viewing of Eide).

Here are the past weekly winners
13. Team WI Select Samuels (4)
12. North Tartan Larson
11. MN Suns Fassett
10. North Tartan 15s
9. Team WI Select Samuels (3)
8. Southern Minne Magic 17
7. NC Heat (2)
6. Team WI Select Samuels (2)
5. NC Heat
4. MN All Star 2A
3. Team WI Select Samuels
2. Minnesota Dynamite
1. IBCA Select Red

13. Angela Christianson, Alexandria
12. Amanda Zimmerman, North Tartan Larson (Ballard, IA)
11. Pam January, MN Suns Fassett (Richfield)
10. Tayler Hill, NC Heat (Minneapolis South) (2)
9. Laura Petersen, Team WI Select Samuels (Osseo-Fairchild) (2)
8. Kiara Buford, Gym Rats 19 (St. Paul Central)
7. Tayler Hill, NC Heat (Minneapolis South)
6. Laura Petersen, Team WI Select Samuels (Osseo-Fairchild)
5. Megan Nipe, NC Heat (Centennial)
4. Brianna Mastey, MN All Star 3A, (Becker)
3. Sam Price, Team WI Select Samuels (Eau Claire North)
2. Haylie Darrington, Maroon South Central All Star (Blue Earth)
1. Trisha Nesbitt, IBCA Select Red (Ames)

13. Kiah Stokes, Team Iowa (Linn-Mar, IA)
12. Chelsea Poppens, North Tartan Larson (Aplington-Parkersburg, IA)
11. Taylor Bare, Triple Threat (Anoka)
10. Katya Leick, NC Heat (Park-Cottage Grove)
9. Nicole Griffin, Team WI Select Samuels (Milwaukee Vincent) (3)
8. Yvonne Freese, Southern Minne Magic 17 (Lanesboro)
7. Shakila Boler, North Tartan Larson (Bloomington Kennedy)
6. Nicole Griffin, Team WI Select Samuels (Milwaukee Vincent) (2)
5. Tori Rule, Midtown Lady Monarchs (DeLaSalle)
4. Jackie Voigt, MN All Star 4A, (Park-Cottage Grove)
3. Nicole Griffin, Team WI Select Samuels (Milwaukee Vincent)
2. Kiara Strickland, Gold South Central All Star (Mpls Roosevelt)
1. Amber Kirschbaum, IBCA Select Red (Spirit Lake, IA)

13. Marissa Kastanek, CSS Bison (Lincoln Southeast, NE)
12. Kate Thompson, MN Stars Borowicz (Wayzata)
11. Taylor Bare, Triple Threat (Anoka)
10. Shakila Boler, North Tartan Larson & Bloomington Kennedy
9. Katie Wolff, Team WI Select Doucette (Marshfield) (2)
8. Seraene Levine, Minnesota Thunder 19 (Eden Prairie)
7. Tayler Hill, NC Heat (Minneapolis South)
6. Katie Wolff, Team WI Select Doucette (Marshfield)

13. Alyssa Kamphaus, CSS Bison (Seward, NE)
12. Erin Haglund, Hastings
11. Gracia Hutson, Hopkins
10. Kim Campbell, Bloomington Kennedy
9. Corrin Miles, Fridley
8. Karli Meyer, Minnesota Lakers (Adrian)
7. Jackie Johnson, North Tartan 14 (Eden Prairie)
6. Cady Roedl, WI Hoops Select (Beaver Dam)
5. Alyssa Hagen, MN Stars Carlisle (NRHEG)
4. Hilary Friendshuh, Team WI Red 15s (Clear Lake, WI)
3. Jessica Waldvogel, Team Wisconsin Select 15s
2. Kara Hofschild, Minnesota Dynamite (Andover)
1. Kionna Kellogg, IBCA Select Red (Ames, IA)

1. MN Stars
2. Metro Stars Black
3. Team WI Sr White
4. Team WI Sr Black
1. Gym Rats
2. Minnesota Thunder
3. Wayzata AC
4. Southern Minne Magic

1. NC Heat
2. North Tartan Larson
3. IBCA Select Red
4. MN Stars Borowicz
5. Team WI Select Samuels
6. Nebraska Bison
7. Metro Stars Black
8. Pinnacle Bank Nebraska
9. Metro Stars White
10. Kansas City Hustle
11. Sioux Falls Warriors
12. All Iowa Attack Red
13. Iowa Elite
14. Nebraska Twisterz
15. Fury
16. MN Stars Smith
17. IBCA Select White
18. North Tartan Crosby
19. MN Suns
20. Team WI Select Doucette

1. MN Dynamite
2. Chaska Gold
3. MN Thunder
4. Triple Threat

1. North Tartan
2. MN Suns Arbogast
3. All Iowa Attack Red
4. Nebraska Judds
5. Team Iowa
6. Fury
7. Metro Stars
8. MN Stars Jihad Lady Cats
9. MN Stars Carlisle
10. Team WI Select
11. PT Players
12. MN Suns Ellen
13. 43 Hoops
14. Team WI Red
15. MN Dynamite

1. North Tartan
2. Metro Stars
3. MN Stars Seter
4. Team WI Select
5. MN Stars Collins
6. IBCA Select Blue
7. Fury Livers
8. Fury Haugen
9. MN Stars Hested
10. Midtown Lady Monarchs

1. North Tartan
2. Cornhusker Shooting Stars
3. MN Jazz
4. All Iowa Attack
5. MN Fury
6. MN Stars Martin

1. Hopkins

1. Cornhusker Shooting Stars
2. All Iowa Attack
3. MN Suns
4. MN Stars Farview

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