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Out & About: New London-Spicer/Rochester Lourdes

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Blue Division Championship

In keeping with the Rogers Breakdown big win theme today, New London-Spicer beat Rochester Lourdes 49-25 using the three ball in the Blue Division championship. These two are the Celtics and Lakers of AA basketball in Minnesota. This game also featured the #1 and #2 all time winningest coaches in Minnesota girls basketball history in Mike Dreier of NLS and Myron Glass of RL.

The contrast in this game from the Centennial game was the tempo and pace. This contest was more of a half court contest. NLS did press full court, but other than a few turnovers, it didn't factor in the equation. Balance was key. NLS had six players that scored between 11 and 6 points, Lourdes top scorer only had five.

NLS trailed 6-4 when they went on a 10-2 run that propelled them to the victory stand. In that stretch the Wildcats connected on two 3s--one each by Justine Dammermann and Cassie Ziemer. Lourdes closed to 14-11 after two three point plays of their own, the last a shot from behind the arc by Aubrey Neumann. Ziemer responded right away with her second three. That started a 9-0 run to push NLS's lead to 24-11. Taylor Thompson hit the fifth 3 for NLS to finish scoring in the first half and gave NLS a commanding 27-13 lead.

Lourdes had an eight possession drought stretching across the two halves. That lack of offensive punch prevented any serious comeback attempt. A NLS 21-2 run was the exclamation point. Lourdes went dry offensively 10 straight possessions. That put the margin at 49-19 with 4:35 to go.

You can see the entire New London-Spicer vs Rochester Lourdes photo gallery at

key: player, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Karli Wendlandt 11, 12, 91.7, .500 smaller inside player. attacked Melquist, sometimes getting blocked, but always came back in an attacking mode. That paid off with four trips to the line. initiates contact.
Taylor Thompson 8, 6, 133.3, .500 guard. canned a couple of 3s on the day. will also drive if given the opportunity.
Cassie Ziemer 9, 6, 150.0, .500 perimeter player. has a very clean stroke. 8 points straight points ignited NLS victory.
Kelsey Cors 0, 2, 0.0, .000 point guard
Brianna Jacobson 2, 3, 66.7, .333 post player.
Abbey Knisely 6, 6, 100.0, .500 post player. is more aggressive than the first time I saw her. Goes after every defensive board. Is getting stronger. Also has an attacking attitude on the low post.
R H 6, 6, 100.0, .500 perimeter
Justine Dammermann 9, 7, 128.6, .429 point guard/3 point shooter. passes and shoots well. made two 3s.
H S 0, 1, 0.0, .000

Laura Melquist 3, 9, 33.3, .222 played more high post than low.
Claire Rieder 5, 8, 62.5, .250 left handed guard. lead guard. led team in scoring. did pick up a charge. left the game late with what looked like an ankle injury.
Allison Wasz 0, 8, 0.0, .000
Kristen Luebbe 2, 1, 200.0, 1.000 guard
Jessie Wilcken 4, 7, 57.1, .286 guard
Aubrey Neumann 3, 5, 60.0, .200
Helt 4, 4, 100.0, .500 guard, needs to get stronger, and keep her balance. runs the floor.
Moira Lane 4, 4, 100.0, .500 did hit a three. needs to keep her elbow in on her shot.
Mikaela Hofer 0, 1, 0.0, .000

Cassie Ziemer

New London-Spicer 51, 49, 104.1, .449
Rochester Lourdes 25, 47, 53.2, .255
made 3s/&1s: NLS 7/0; RL 2/1
ftm/fta-ft%: NLS 6/9-.667; RL 3/5-.600
bench: NLS 21; RL 11

Cassie Ziemer 8.5
Abbey Knisely 7.5
Karli Wendlandt 5.5
HS 4
Taylor Thompson 3
RH 3
Kelsey Cors 1.5
Brianna Jacobson 1
Justine Dammermann 1

Laura Melquist 6
Allison Wasz 3
Mikaela Hofer 3
Claire Rieder 1
Kristen Luebbe 1
Aubrey Neumann 1
Helt 1
Moira Lane 1
totals: 17

Justine Dammermann 6
Kelsey Cors 4
Taylor Thompson 2
Cassie Ziemer 2
RH 1
HS 1
totals: 16

Laura Melquist 3
Allison Wasz 3
Aubrey Neumann 2
Claire Rieder 1
Mikaela Hofer 1
totals: 10

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