Saturday, December 31, 2005

Out & About: Owatonna/Lakeville South

Today's year end matinee match up featured Owatonna of the Big 9 and Lakeville South, the brand new school in the South Metro with diaper dandies.
Owatonna, a guard-centric team beat the Southerners 63-53. Owatonna grabbed the lead at 4-3 and never trailed after that. Owatonna's Bobbie Harriman scored their first six points. LS closest approach was toward the end of the half at 25-24.
In the second half Owatonna scored the first four times they touched the ball and 6/7, as they extended their three point half time margin to 39-29. At this point Owatonna's Lauren Barber took control by scoring the Huskies next 11 points (50-35). Barber scored on two from behind the arc, and twice on penetration plus one (she missed on one free throw). However she got in foul trouble and reluctantly had to sit. LS cut the lead to 50-42, but it never shot well. They had the size advantage and established post position, but miss fires cost them and Owatonna limited the Cougars to one chance most of the day. The fact that Lakeville South missed 13 free throws on the day did not help their cause. Owatonna toward the end did not maximize their advantages and had too many turnovers.
Owatonna player evaluations:
Lauren Barber (19) pint guard, she is from what I call the Lindsey Whalen generation. She came of age when Whalen was successful at Minnesota inspiring little girls everywhere to mimic her moves in their driveways. Barber plays like that and took over in the second quarter. She is aggressive and hard nosed. RF: stay out of foul trouble.
Bobbie Harriman (16) she is listed as a forward, but no way at 5-6. She is a guard through and through. Had 12 points at half. Scored on 3s, primarily scored on spot ups, not off penetrations. RF: needs more strength.
Courtney Rosenau (13) handled the ball quite a bit when Barber was out. Did not start but provided spark from bench. RF: size
Beth Christensen (0) the only big kid that played for Owatonna. Looks athletic. I could not give more than that because she sat due to RF: fouls, fouls and more fouls.
Lakeville South player evaluations
Laura Kalbfell (15) is the leader on the team and has the most experience. Did not have a great shooting day. Likes to take the 3. Good potential, has good frame. RF: needs to be more consistent
Jennie Kalbfell (7) little(?) sister. younger sister (same size as Laura). Used primarily in the post, posted up, but did not finish. As 8th grader has much to learn and has great potential. Good frame. RF: inexperience now, will be much better in future
Jade Geif (7) another 8th grader, athletic, lean RF: needs more experience will be fine.
Katie Barta (9) point guard, another youngster (9th grade) RF: needs to settle her team when offense is not firing. Show the confidence to right the situation and take advantage of the situation.
Mari Green (7) complementary player. RF: shot selection
Trench player: Lauren Barber

(points, possessions, pp100, scoring%)
Owatonna 63, 71, 88.7, .423
Lakeville South 53, 71, .423
If you notice the both are at .423 yet Owatonna had more points. The Huskies dropped in some threes or 2+1s to help their scoring. LS got many one point possessions.


Friday Paraders

DeAngela Sword, Montgomery GW Carver 25 vs Rock Island, IL 57-54

Jillian Schurle, Hopkins 36 vs Apple Valley 73-55
Tara Dillon, Hill-Murray 28 vs Centennial 73-63
Colleen McKay, Barnum 28 vs SW Christian (Chaska) 68-32
Kelli Correll, Round Lake-Brewster 25 vs MLBO 63-56 (d29)

Yvonne Turner, Bellevue East 28 vs Bellevue West 61-55
Candace Lambert, Omaha Benson 25 vs Omaha North 79-33

Sara Neubauer, Bottineau 26 vs Starkweather-Munich 87-24
Kayla Roemmich, Bottineau 26 vs Starkweather-Munich 87-24

Kristi Ryan, Highmore-Harold 27 vs Wessington Springs 52-32

Sioux Valley-Round Lake-Brewster (SVRLB) is now known as Round Lake-Brewster. No word on what eliminated Sioux Valley.

4 Tournaments-4 Days/Day 4: Hill-Murray

Day 4: Hill-Murray
This day almost went on without me. The snow that hit the Twin Cities kept me from the first game and a half. After shoveling 7 inches of snow I was able to get out.

Game #1: Wayzata 57, Prior Lake 47
I did not attend this game. However my reliable source gives this run down: (reliable source will be highlighted in green)
Wayzata player evaluations:
Kelly Russ, Shooting Guard, outside threat, D3
Kat Myers, Shooter D3
Krissy O'Toole, very physical, plays with passion, D3
Kate Thompson, very very thin, quick, keep on radar
Prior Lake player evaluations:
Jackie Morgan, point guard, legitimate D2

Game #2: Coon Rapids 72, Duluth East 56
I arrived just before half as CR had a 30-28 lead. Basically the game broke open early in the half as CR went on a 9-0 run after DE had tied the game at 32. A couple of times DE was able to whittle the lead to six. Pressure got to DE as they had four turnovers during the 9-0 run sequence.
Coon Rapids Evaluations
CR players are all in the same type of mold. About 5-10 and lanky and athletic.
Jazmin Townsend (21) moves well, scores in and out, strong leaper. D2, good instincts, knowledge of the game
Alyssa Kallas (16) is the only 6-0+ player for CR. Did most of her damage in the first half. She scored on put backs, and ran floor well. D3
Chelsea Lyons (12) was the difference maker during the 9-0 run. In fact she scored all nine points. Tough nosed competitor. Defensive specialist, D3
GiGi Hudson (11) good leaper, inside force. D3/D2
Randi Hill (7) another tough guard. D3
Duluth East player evaluations
Marisa Yernatich moves well, looks to shoot 3s. Outside shooter, understands game, potential
Julia Rickert mountain in the middle, hard to move. RF: does not run the floor. Needs to lose weight, work on movement and speed
I did not give flags to these evaluations due to the fact I did not see that much with the exception of Rickert.
Trench player, or half a trench player Chelsea Lyons to pick a player. Pretty intense

Game #3 Mounds View 61, Stillwater 47
This game was played at the 80 possession level which in my estimation was about 30 possessions too many. Both teams would be better served working on taking better care of the ball, working on spacing on offense, and not forcing shots.
Stillwater's last lead was at 9-7. MV went on a 10-3 run to lead 21-12. Stillwater came close 24-23 and 27-25, but MV closed out the half 8-4.
Mounds View player evaluations
Anne Kuduk (21) takes ball hard to the glass, leader, when things were tough she had the ball. Active defensively, not afraid to get hit. RF: at times forced offense. D2, ability to handle the ball, good understanding of the game
Becky Rowe (21) scored in and out, also at the line. Active on boards. RF: again forced offense at times
Katlyn Merrill (11) athletic, aggressive RF: did not finish moves. D2 on athletic ability. Could be a defensive shut down specialist. not a great shooter.
Stillwater player evaluations
Colleen Kopel (11) biggest Stillwater player that played. active on boards. RF: needs more size at next level, and more weight. D3
Trench player Anne Kuduk

Game #4 Hill-Murray 73, Centennial 63
The championship game was all it was cracked up to be as it was a clash between #2AAAA and #5AAA. Hill-Murray's biggest lead (not counting the last minute) was four. Centennial led by six in the second half.
This was a knock down, drag out contest with similar sized teams. Both teams intense on defense. Both teams physical and diving on the floor for loose balls. Centennial opened scoring, but in the early going neither team found their rythym. HM did not score on their first four possessions. Then both teams got into the groove. Both teams were tied at 17 when the point spigot was turned off again. Centennial was 1/9 after that, HM 1/8. The offenses thawed out after that and HM led at half 28-26.
The second half was a doozy. Centennial scored their first four possessions and led 34-26 with Joelle Waytashek delivering the last four. But HM came right back with two three point plays: the old fashioned way with Tara Dillon converting after being fouled, then Natalie Holm hit from behind the arc to tie it at 34. The game was tied at 36, 38, 45. During this time both teams scored on nine straight possessions. Centennial's last lead came at 47-45. HM took the lead at 48-47 on Amy Storer's NBA hand in her face 3. HM pushed the lead to 59-53, but Centennial was not done. First Kellie Schueneman cashed in two free throws 59-55. After a missed one and one by HM, Katie DeWitt popped a three 59-58 HM. Two free throws by Dillon gave HM a three point cushion 61-58. This time Amanda Nygaard dropped three and it was tied at 61. Storer answered right back with another deep three and HM never looked back 64-61. Centennial missed on a drive in traffic, and DeWitt picked up her fifth with 1:47 to go. Eventually Nygaard fouled out as well. HM dropped free throws the rest of the way for the 73-63 win.
Hill-Murray player Evaluations
Amy Storer (23) tough competitor, money shots with defense draped all over her. Can elevate. RF: Size, if that, but it might be a case of "it's not the size of the dog, but the size of the fight in the dog." D2++ plays with unbelievable confidence, lefty
Tara Dillon (28) another lunch bucket, meat and potatoes hard nosed kid. Her jersey was drenched--a tribute to her work ethic. She scored in the paint and was able to do it getting knocked around. RF: post HS will need to be outside more, I don't know if she will be able to cash in against bigger folks in the paint. D2 small forward, big guard
Natalie Holm (12) active on boards, made a big three, posts well. Nice complementary player. RF: foul issues
Taylor Cross (8) off the bench, athletic instinct for the ball. Potential
Centennial player evaluations
Katie DeWitt (12) for the second game I have seen of Centennial DeWitt has been hampered with foul issues. She also is shackled to the blocks due to no classic post. However she feels much better at the three line and that is where she made a couple late when Centennial was trying to catch up. RF: speed level defensively. Needs to be on the three point line (not her choice). Belongs outside.
Amanda Nygaard (11) made a big three late in the contest. speed, intense. RF: foul problems, after her money shot three times down the floor did not deliver. size
Emily Becken (3) ran the show for Centennial, solid performance with the ball and decisions. RF: does not really look to create her shot. D3, point guard, knowledge of the game
Megan Nipe (10) off the bench instant offense. Athletic and looks to score. RF: needs more strength. Future leader, next player, high potential
Joelle Waytashek (10) corner shooter, also will drive. RF: again the strength issue. D3 outside shooter and scorer
Kellie Schuneman (10) again a balanced scoring threat, can shoot out. RF: size
Trench player: Amy Storer for hitting major shots when her team needed it and running the show. Top notch. Dillon you too are trenchworthy.

Team, Points, Possessions, PP100 possessions, Scoring %
Mounds View, 61, 80, 76.3, .375
Stillwater 47, 79, 59.5, .291

Hill-Murray 73, 68, 107.4, .500 (2nd half scoring % .606)
Centennial 63, 68, 92.6, .426

Fresh Face
Kate Thompson, Wayzata, G, 6-0, 2009

Apple Valley
Hopkins 73, Apple Valley 55
Elk River
Mpls South 71, St. Paul Central 53
Hibbing 53, Mpls Southwest 49

Friday, December 30, 2005

Tournament Paraders Day 3

POINT PARADE-Wednesday's results
Jillian Schurle, Hopkins 28 vs Cretin-Derham Hall 64-47
Kiara Buford, St. Paul Central 28 vs Elk River 69-61
Angel Robinson, St. Paul Central 26 vs Elk River 69-61
Anna Bjorlin, Hermantown 25 vs Grand Rapids 64-66
Kaitlyn Kramer, Fulda 36 vs Fairmont 70-77

Jossy Bergan, Valley City 31 vs Bismarck St. Mary's 48-64
Kayla Rogers, Mandan 26 vs Fargo Shanley 99-38
Maggie Olson, Fargo North 25 vs Minot 60-63

Chelsea Lauersdorf, Watertown 25 vs Ashwaubenon 51-56
Jenna Manzetti, Oconto 30 vs Northland Pines 63-43

Fergus Falls championship
Fergus Falls 45, Breck 44; Draxten FF 16, Mullaney Breck 18
Detroit Lakes 54, Becker 38
Caitlin Durkin, Green Bay Notre Dame scored an offensive rebound basket to give GB Notre Dame a 47-45 win over Little Chute.
Nicolet beat Mlw King 41-34 at the Cedarburg invitational

Steph Paluch, Pierre 2009

Illinois will use a 1.65 multiplier for student population for private schools for class placement.

Apple Valley Tournament
Hopkins vs Apple Valley, Can Hopkins continue it's precision game against the hosts?
Elk River
St. Paul Central vs. Mpls South, both teams feature a potent 1-2 punch. A preview of the Twin City Game?
Mpls SW vs Hibbing, Hibbing is smoking to start the year
Centennial vs Hill-Murray, a clash of top teams in two classes.

Bill Quan is an impressive 3 for 3 with his latest find Breanna Diaz, 2007 of United Township IL. No word yet on his rates for finding missing people.

4 Tournaments-4 Days/Day 3: Apple Valley

Today I followed the action in Apple Valley with the consolation semis and championship semis.
(RF: = Red Flag)
Game 1: Tartan 62, Blaine 42
Tartan led this game start to finish. They outsized Blaine at every position. Tartan led 12-0, then Blaine went on a 11-6 run. Tartan closed the half with scoring on each of their four possessions. Tartan's biggest lead was 25.
Tartan player evaluations
This is the third time I have seen these players (once again Cretin-Derham Hall, once against St. Michael-Albertville). My opinions have not varied that much. The five starters average 5-11. If they used Jenny Hooper instead of Shawna Huset their average bumps up to an average across the board of 6-0.
Jackie Goetzke in a synopsis: lefty, prefers the outside, long lanky. RF: going to Austin Peay
Erica Jost: aggressive on boards, long lanky. RF: playing volleyball post HS
Nikki Klingsporn: was not running the show as much as in the past. I feel she plays hard enough to win. She is has other options around her and she is happy to share the light. I have seen her dominate a game (last year in the 3AAAA semis vs Woodbury) when it was essential that she step up. RF: playing volleyball post HS
Katie Haas: getting better in the post, will be better by March. Solid frame. Made 7/10 free throws. RF: needs to work on quickness, but has improved since early Dec.
Jenny Hooper: quick, aggressive, lefty, nice shot. RF: in the shadows. Others get more publicity.
Blaine Player evaluations
For the most part outsized by about two inches. Both teams came off losses, but Blaine's was an overtime heartbreaker against Cretin and they left everything on the court against them. Tartan was beat soundly and bounced back quicker. Keeping that in mind Blaine's evaluations need to be taken with a grain of salt and should be seen again in another contest.
Jackie Kelly: Hit a couple of threes, not afraid to go to the line. RF: scored her points late in the game when outcome was decided.
Alex Suda: played point, small and fast, aggressive to the basket. RF: small
Trench: Haas for her improvement.

Game #2 Irondale 54, North St. Paul 51
This game started off for NSP, but it was a tight game with no team getting a lead of six in the first half. NSP had the advantage early on with 11-7 lead, Irondale went on a 19-12 run to take 26-21 lead. NSP came back with another run 9-5, but Irondale held the lead at half 31-30. It was a hot/cold half for both. Neither team scored for 13 straight possessions. Again at the end of half seven possessions went for naught.
In the second half NSP took the lead at 38-36 on Carolyn Mobley's rebound basket. They maintained this lead up to 47-46. Irondale took the lead for good (49-47) on Emilee Lampman's basket. Irondale outscored NSP 7-4 down the stretch.
Irondale player evaluations:
Jamie Jones: did not have a game that would grab your attention. She is vital to their offensive control, but today was a red flag day: I am looking for consistent performance day in, and day out. I have seen her on good days, I don't want the off days.
Natalie Alamat did her damage inside using her frame and height in her post ups. RF foul issues plagued her again.
Courtney Rappa had 11 with 3s, free throws, and offensive rebounds, but not an attention grabber.
Ashley Carr did not play. Unknown reason. That may have had some effect on the Irondale offense.
North St. Paul Player evaluations:
Carolyn Mobley: (16) G, 5-9, 2008, Fresh face. (Was not listed in book because NSP was a 2005 dominated team. The book only can grade players that have played varsity games) explosive, good leaps, wants to win as evidenced in the last moments in the game when she did everything in her power to give NSP points or stops. A competitor. Can hit 3s, drives well. RF: did not convert shots late, but that I feel is a miniscule problem. She will deliver with time.
Danielle Daniels: (12) point guard. fast, quick, makes a good duo with Mobley. Popped a couple of 3s. RF: size may be an issue for some.
Lauren Jader: (10) RF: outsized as an inside player. Had foul issues.
Trench? I am going with Mobley, she will battle and I think will be consistent.

Game #3 Hopkins 64, Cretin-Derham Hall 47
This completed the revenge series for Hopkins with Tartan dispatched on Wednesday night. CDH beat Hopkins twice last year (including this Apple Valley tournament).
At the start of the game CDH was on fire getting scoring in 7/8 possessions. Lindsey Laur scored the first three possessions. CDH had their biggest lead at 15-9. Hopkins tied it at 21. CDH pushed that lead back to 26-21. Hopkins proceeded to outscore CDH 15-5 for the rest of the half. Jillian Schurle gave Hopkins the lead at 32-31 and they never relinquished it.
In the second half Hopkins was extremely efficient on offense with 15/22 scoring on their possessions. Hopkins took shots they wanted, whereas CDH would take the shots Hopkins allowed after the opening 8 possessions. Even in the first half when behind the trends favored Hopkins because they were taking shots in the paint, CDH was not getting as many chances at paint ball. At one possession Hopkins touched the ball 38 times before Schurle burst through and was fouled.
Hopkins player evaluations:
All players are well grounded in fundamentals. All players do what they are able to do. No one plays with wasted effort.
Abbey Greene: Steady, in control. RF: produced 20 yesterday, 2 today.
Caitlin Rowland: Strong with ball, nice shot. RF: quickness on the perimeter post HS
Jackie Hiebert: long lanky. Can face basket. RF: upper body strength
Jillian Schurle: long lanky and has a nose for the basket. RF: not too many to think about
Tiana Wilkinson: strong, good defender, physical. Made her shots and showed her range (13) RF: size post HS
Cretin-Derham Hall evaluations:
Lindsay Laur: started strong and would have continued until Hopkins forced her away from what she wanted. RF hampered with fouls
Lauren Gibbemeyer: long lanky, rangey. RF: volleyball post HS
Alyssa Karel: main guard. hits 3. RF: size. Hopkins took her off her game.
Trench player: I am going with the unsung Wilkinson tonight for her outside game a key basket to cut CDH's lead 27-25, another to tie it at 29. She also does her lunch bucket hard hat defense.

Game #4: Apple Valley 71, Omaha Skutt Catholic 51
Skutt led this game early as much as 12-6, but AV took the lead 17-15 on Kale Johnson's basket and never looked back. Valley out athleted Skutt with size and quickness.
Apple Valley evaluations:
Caitlin Ries: (20) speed with and without ball. Set tempo and pace. Scores in and out. RF: size issues
Christina Steele: (17) stronger upper body than last year. Good hands. Can move. RF: I wanted better shooting
Deidra Dirth: (14) scored on threes two straight possessions. Can also score the three the old fashioned way with an offensive rebound put back and foul.
Omaha Skutt evaluations:
Jamie Jensen: point guard, scored seven straight points in the second half when no one else from Skutt could get the job done. Fiery, Tough. RF: size and not as quick as others.
Trench goes to Caitlin Ries with her zippy play.

A look at the numbers: (team, points, possessions, pp100, scoring %)
Tartan 62, 58, 93.5, .500
Blaine 42, 59, 71.2, .322

Irondale 54, 69, 78.3, .362
North St. Paul 51, 68, 75.0, .368

Hopkins 64, 51, 125.5, .647
Cretin-Derham Hall 47, 88.7, .377

Apple Valley 71, 67, 106.0, .479
Omaha Skutt 51, 66, 77.3, .348

Yesterday's Numbers
White Bear Lake 44, 72, 61.1, .333
St. Paul Central 73, 71, 102.8, .479

DeLaSalle 63, 65, 96.9, .446
Andover 61, 63, 96.8, .444

Mpls South 50, 60, 83.3, .417
Rogers 46, 59, 78.0, .407

Elk River 60, 70, 85.7, .400
St. Cloud Tech 56, 71, 78.9, .352

It will be hard to top Hopkins' numbers for this night

Rochester Championship
Lakeville North 47, Eastview 46 OT

Elk River Semis
St. Paul Central 69, Elk River 61
Mpls South 51, DeLaSalle 48

Hill-Murray semis
Centennial 58, Mounds View 39
Hill-Murray 63, Stillwater 42

Tomorrow (if the snow stops) Hill-Murray, the last stop on the tournament extravaganza

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tournament Paraders Day 2

POINT PARADE (tournaments day 2)
??? Diaz, United Township 25 vs Stockton 59-47


Lindsay Laur, Cretin-Derham Hall 29 vs Blaine 78-75 ot
Tayler Hill, Mpls South 25 vs Rogers 50-46
Hannah Draxten, Fergus Falls 25 vs Zimmerman 72-50
Krista Skoglund, International Falls 28 vs Cass Lake-Bena 55-36
Jennie Noreen, Albany 27 vs Waconia 68-49
Karee Juvette, Mounds Park 25 vs Providence 53-49
Megan Zubke, Laporte 41 vs Cass Lake-Bena 70-56 (d22)
Kali Olstad, Elgin-Millville 32 vs Winona Cotter 62-78 (d27)
Kali Olstad, Elgin-Millville 29 vs Kenyon-Wanamingo 73-54
Samantha Befort, Elgin-Millville 26 vs Kenyon-Wanamingo 73-54

Sara Kluver, Sandy Creek 25 vs Louisville 63-47

Michelle Armstrong, Dell Rapids 29 vs Milbank 59-46 (d27)
Amy Clemensen, Northwestern 28 vs Gayville-Volin 69-51

Molly Malone, Cedarburg has made her return from her knee problems. However Megan Herrick (Morgan's sister) is out with an ACL

Megan Zubke, Laporte reached the 1000 point mark with 41 points in a 70-56 win over Cass Lake-Bena on D22. She is the 7th Laporte girl, and 12th overall to reach the mark. She is the third in her family to reach the plateau. Her dad Bill reached it in 1977 at Laporte. He finished with 1350 career. Brother Brady reached it in 2004. He finished with 1258. She beat them both for the single game mark. Dad had 32, brother 31.
Casey Gudahl of St. Clair reached the 1000 point mark with 24 points in a 78-52 win over Alden-Conger on D20.
Maria Weigelt, Wells County recently went over the 1000 mark

Liz Miller, St. Charles had 20-20 game (pts/reb) vs LaCrescent 65-50
Another Miller, Breau of St. James has had her second triple double of the year with 16 pts, 10 reb, 12 assists in a 80-72 win over Maple River. Her first triple double was against LCWM in the first game of the year. Her numbers then were 20 pts, 13 reb, 11 steals.

Karee Juvette, Mounds Park, 5-5, G, 2009

Rochester Championship
Eastview vs Lakeville North in a battle of Lake Conference rivals
Elk River Semis
Mpls South vs DeLaSalle, a city public/private skirmisch
Apple Valley semis
Hopkins vs Cretin-Derham Hall, CDH beat Hopkins twice last year. revenge match
Fergus Falls championship
Breck vs. Fergus Falls, clash between AA and AAA powers

Bill Quan got the job done again with his sleuthing on Allison Dynes, Annawan IL. Let's see if Quan can go 3 for 3 with Diaz of United Township.

4 Tournaments-4 Days: Elk River

Day 2: Elk River
Today was the first day of the Elk River tournament, and the quarterfinals were more competitive than the Rochester games yesterday. One was decided in the last second, two were hang on to your seats, and one was a massacre.

Game 1: St. Paul Central 73, White Bear Lake 44
SPC was up 12-10 early in the game when the afterburners kicked in and WBL was left in the dust. Central closed out the half with a 32-5 run to go into the locker room up 44-15. Central scored on 15/17 possessions during their point avalanche.
In the second half many players got a chance to smell the court.
St. Paul Central player evaluations:
Kiara Buford had one more point (31) than her jersey number as she hit from outside, penetrations, give and gos, rebound, fast breaks, free throws. Quick, smooth, fast she was on fire during the game. Red flag: minimal today
Angel Robinson (18) also was effective and had a big hand in Buford's successes. Runs the team well. Red Flag: needs to be more consistent on her shot.
The rest of the team: Need to develop one more offensive threat when the games grind out to half court possessions, not the free for all run and gun that Central was able to exploit against a WBL team that was not as quick.
White Bear Lake player Evaluations:
For the most part were out quicked by Central. Tanya Dickey (13) had some aggressive moves on offense, but WBL was not able to compete. In order for WBL to compete they need to take care of the ball and control the tempo better. Running with Central is suicide.
In the trench: Buford

Game #2: DeLaSalle 62, Andover 60
This game went to the last second. Andover took the early lead at 14-6. Andover scored on 4/5 first possessions. DLS cut the lead to 17-16 with a couple of steals and lay ups. Both teams went into a drought with Andover going 2/14 in their next possessions, while DLS was 1/12. Both closed with a flury with Andover leading 30-25 at the break.
DLS scored on their first 3 possessions of the second half and took a 33-32 lead. Andover's Kirsten Hengstler's 3 gave the lead right back to Andover. Andover took leads of 41-35, 50-42 and seemed in control. DLS's Anna Kovalchuk dropped a three (50-45), then Treasure Clemons scored a lay up after a missed Andover shot (50-47), Rachel Booth then made two post scored for a 51-50 DLS lead. Andover grabbed the lead right back and pushed it out 58-55. Booth closed it to 58-57. Chelsea Greenwald dropped on FT for Andover. Clemens answered right back with a rebound basket to tie it at 59. Rochelle Sather hit a jumper for Andover's last points. DLS and Andover each turned it over. DLS Porter scored on a drive to tie it at 61. Andover worked the ball around and Katie Theisen missed. The long rebound came out and DLS found Porter as she scored a lay up at the buzzer 63-61.
DeLaSalle evaluations:
Sheena Porter (21) made the crucial basket, but also did the majority of the ball handling. A competitor she plays a 78 rpm. Red flag: size and had to sit due to fouls.
Rachel Booth (17) did her damage in the paint. Moves well and uses her size. No one could stop her when she posted. Red Flag: minimal-Not as fast as the rest of DLS
Anna Kovalchuk (10) can shoot the three and delivered in the second half. Good perimeter size. Red Flag: Needs to develop more than just the 3. Needs to be consistent on offense both halves. Not as fast as Booth.
Treasure Clemons/Aaryn Booker: tough kids, physical kids, go all out. Red Flag: Size for Clemons, Booker needs some offense.
Andover evaluations:
Rochelle Sather (17) Sam Medcalf (14) Kristen Hengstler (10) all pass well, are in the right spots. Hengstler and Medcalf can hit the three. I will have to watch Andover again to give a better feel on these three. They are solid, but not overly flashy or attention grabbing.
Chelsea Greenwald (9) came off the bench and provided a spark as she made aggressive moves on offense. Red flag: had knee problems last year, but I did not see any after effects of that. In fact she was quicker than some of her healthy teammates.
Trench player: For making the big shot Porter

Game #3: Mpls South 50, Rogers 46
This game was a curious game. South came out and hit five threes to start the game. In fact they made 7 on the night. They enjoyed the zone Rogers' played in the first half. South jumped in front 16-4 and 21-6 and it looked like a route was in the making. But don't cash that check just yet. South forgot to score on their last 9 possessions of the first half. South was up at half 22-13.
The drought continued for South as they looked confused or messed up scoring chances. They only converted 2/11 of their possessions to open the second half. Meanwhile Rogers was slowly chipping away at the lead. The tightest Rogers made it was 45-43 after two Amanda Chesness free throws. South went to the line to score since they could not from the floor. South's last six points were at the line. Rogers could have closed it to one but a bad pass gave the ball back and with it went the chance for an upset.
South player evaluations
Tayler Hill (25) is the main offensive weapon at South. She scores when she wants to and is a big time money player. She cashed in four 3s on the night. Red Flag: may tire playing on a team with no real threat on the inside. She had to play high post, and that is not where she needs to be.
Candice Butler (2) is the best passer I have seen this year. Can penetrate and deliver. Has the wow factor. Red Flag: is the worst shooter I have seen this year. Has the yech factor. If she played at a high level her leash would be yanked the first time she thought about shooting.
Ephesia Holmes (17) is the second (and last) offensive weapon at South. She can pop 3s, and penetrate. Red Flag: is Barkleyesque in size, but smaller.
The rest: Red Flag: develop your block shots because Butler will deliver you the ball. Pay attention.
Rogers player evaluations:
Amanda Chesness (16) was more of an offensive weapon than when I saw her against Elk River. She makes her free throws, positions herself for Mann's passes, and is in the right spot. Red Flag: needs to be consistent (only 5 vs Elk River).
Casey Mann (13) is the ball wizard with Rogers, but had moments when the magic was snuffed out by South. Exploded by people on a drive late in the game to cut South's lead to 48-45. As Mann goes so goes Rogers. Red Flag: Faced quick players and had an adjustment. Faced bigger kids and had an adjustment. Must make free throws late in game.
Jennifer Dowd (8) is a mini Mann. See above.
Ali Suski (7) was more of a factor tonight on both ends. Red Flag: As post needs to deliver 12 points every night
Trench: Hill....was there any doubt?

Game #4 Elk River 60, St. Cloud Tech 56
The Elks came from behind (45-36) late in the game to upset the undefeated Techsters. Tech was up early 10-3, but ER tied it at 12. Tech went up 18-12, but ER tied it at 20. You get the idea for the rest of the night. The problem was Tech did not have the depth that ER had and the Tigers did not have a tiger in the tank when it came to crunch time. Tech was up at half 29-24.
Tech's biggest lead in the second half was 43-32. After Tech led 45-36 ER scored on 12/14 of their next possessions. Tech led 53-47 when Katie Christensen dropped a three (53-50). Tech's Jordyn Sears made a driving layup and was fouled but went away from the FT line empty handed (55-50). Both teams miss fired on their next possessions. Christensen scored from the line twice (55-52) whereas Sears missed the front end of a 1 and 1. Tempestt Wilson scored on a drive (55-54). Tech did not convert. ER's Crunch time Christensen delivered again at the line for two more and the lead (56-55). She added two more ft (58-55). Wilson provided the last two points.
Elk River Evaluations:
Katie Christensen (19) came up big at the end in crunch time. She is the point guard and made sure that her team was going to have a chance to win. During this portion of the game she delivered 12 points. Red Flag: needs to play with that sense of urgency early in the game.
Tempestt Wilson (19) also delivered for the Elks. Athletic and quick. Scored from 3 line and penetrations. Red Flag: At times totally off her shot.
Gemma Saxon (8) steady rebounder, physical. Red Flag: is outsized for post HS.
Kristina Thompson (8) another steady performer on the perimeter. Red Flag: does not grab attention.
St. Cloud Tech evaluations:
Jordyn Sears: (16) point guard, aggressive, goes to the glass. Red Flag: Missed free throws at the end hurt. Contrast with how Christensen ran team at the end.
Kristen Wolters (15) rangy, lanky kid that can play out or in (more out). Hits offensive boards, pops 3s. Unorthodox shot. Red Flag: needed to step in to help rescue Tech's chances.
Megan Foley: (13) Similar to Wolters. likes perimeter land. Red Flag: This is true of all Techsters--need to be in better shape, if not physically at the end, then mentally as ER did as they wished.
Trench: Crunch time Christensen

Rochester Tourney
Eastview revenged Roseville in a low scoring affair 41-33
Lakeville North upended Rochester Lourdes 34-32 as Cassie Rochel made the winner at the end. If you had bought stock in Rochel she would now be approaching Google range.

Apple Valley Tourney
Hopkins trashed Tartan in another of the revenge matchups 65-37. Abby Greene came to life with a scoring kick of 20.
Cretin-Derham Hall survived a scare from Blaine 78-75 in OT. Lindsey Laur poured in 29 for CDH.
That sets up a contest between Hopkins and CDH tomorrow
The other semi will be Omaha Skutt and Apple Valley

Day 3 will be in Apple Valley

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tournament Parades

Latear Easton, Chicago John Hope 31 vs Orion 72-33
??? Dynes, Annawan 27 vs Aledo 64-50

Andrea Hagberg, St. Cloud Apollo 30 vs St. Francis 58-77
Talisha Barlow, Roseville 26 vs Roch Mayo 65-60
Cecily Checkal, Delano 32 vs Jordan 47-64
Courtney Kallis, Frazee 25 vs Rothsay 42-45 OT
Liz Woerle, Meadow Creek 28 vs Kasson-Mantorville 59-44

Hannah Helman, East Butler 25 vs Laurel-Concord 64-33

Megan Doyle, Hanson 37 vs South Central 59-46
Jill Young, Mitchell Christian 27 vs Willow Lake 57-36

Lindsey Sebetic, Kenosha Tremper 26 vs LaCrosse Logan 66-62
Twyla Danforth, Oneida Nation 35 vs Milw South 66-51

Rachel Ellenz, Caledonia made a free throw with 0.7 seconds left to lift Caledonia to a 53-52 win over Lanesboro.

Rochester Tournament
#10AAAA Eastview vs #7AAAA Roseville---last week when they met it was 64-62 Roseville.
Apple Valley Tournament
#6AAAA Tartan vs #2AAAA Hopkins--Tartan beat Hopkins last week 49-43

4 Tournaments-4 Days: Rochester Day 1

OUT & ABOUT: Rochester (day 1)
This is the start of four tournaments in four days. Rochester Civic Center was the first stop
Game #1: Eastview 69, Roch Century 42
For all intents and purposes this was over at half as Eastview led 32-17. Eastview outscored Century 15-5 the last nine minutes. Century went without scoring 13 straight possessions in the first half and only made three field goals as well.
It was more of the same in the second half with the pressure getting to Century. Most of the main Eastview players rested the last portion of the second half.
Eastview Player Evaluations:
Cassie Johnson is now playing out of the shadows. She was involved on defense, blocking shots, making a statement on offense whereas last year she was invisible. It appears motivation is higher this season. Red Flag: Can this continue?
Brittnye McSperron is the point guard. She handles the ball well, keeps her head up, has nice moves to the basket. Red Flag: did not finish on her drives today
Janine Oxley is a 2006 player (not 05) and is physical and a big strong guard. She ended up with 15. Red Flag: this is minor in my estimation, but at times a tad out of control. I would rather have to control energy than light fires.
Brittany Rud came off the bench for 16. She drives baseline. Century played a 1-3-1 D and Rud lived on the baseline corners. Red Flag: not as athletic as the other three.
On the whole Eastview was much more athletic than Century. The defense pressure caused pain.
Century player evaluations:
Brianna Jobe was one of two players who could do something with the ball. Red Flag too much spin dribbling when in trouble.
Ericka O'Meara was the main ball handler and was not afraid to go to the glass. She did not have much help to go with her. Red Flag: needs more strength as Eastview had better athletes. Also a tad smaller than Eastview guards.
Century posts: in foul trouble and were not a factor on offense.
Trench Player: Johnson for setting tempo on defense and giving life to the post that has been lacking the past two years at Eastview.

Game #2 Roseville 65, Rochester Mayo 60
This was by far and away the most competitive of the four. Mayo came out on fire scoring on 7/8 possessions and building a 15-4 lead. Karolina Haraldsdottir scored 8 of those points early. It was a physical contest throughout Roseville's Brittany Starr was carted off on a stretcher with 16:55 left in the first half. Roseville eventually got their three pronged offense on track, scoring on 5/6 possessions to cut the lead to 28-25 Mayo. Both teams cooled off before half with 2/9 scoring on their possessions. Mayo led 33-29 at half thanks to a three by Ashley Westergaard.
Mayo scored on 3 of their first 4 possessions, but then the well went dry. They actually led 39-31 before the drought kicked in. They went 14 straight possessions with only one point to show on the scoreboard. Roseville's half court pressure forced 9 turnovers during that stretch. Roseville's Amy Beggin provided the Raiders their first lead at 40-39. When all was said and done Roseville outscored Mayo 21-4. Roseville's Talisha Barlow had 10 points during the crucial run. Mayo found the range late in the game scoring on their last five possessions, but by that time Roseville was in control. Beggin scored Roseville's last six points--all at the line.
Roseville player evaluations:
Amy Beggin-in control, no worries when press was on (21 points). Finds open players and can stick big shots. Red Flag: may be small for higher level, but I would take the chance anyway.
Talisha Barlow: scored in and out (26 points) Can get off the floor, active on defense. Red flag: see Beggin's
Alison Nash-Gerloch: finished with 13 points, but only 3 free throws in the second half. Red Flag: needs to be more physical and not be come a non factor on the offensive end.
Roseville's role players: did what was needed, and did not try to do to much.
Mayo player evaluations:
Karolina Haraldsdottir: (15) strong inside presence, gets off the floor. Comes out to 3 point line to help relieve pressure on offense. Red Flag: got into foul trouble and had to sit too much.
Julia Hirssig (12) another strong player, knack for rebounding. Scored 8 points late--on drives, rebounds, and off pen and dish. Red Flag: needs to assert herself on offense. If she can take over late in the game she can do it more often.
Allison Lunde (9) another kid that is strong and physical. Started second half with two straight field goals. Red flag: too physical at times as she fouled out. might be too small for a forward post HS. Might be not the best ball handler if a guard post HS
Ashley Westergaard (9) can hit 3s. Red Flag: size, needs to make better decisions on offense and take care of the ball.
Trench player: Beggin for handling the ball, distributing the ball, playing defense, coming up in the clutch. She is indispensible. Barlow also is trenchworthy.

#3 Lakeville North 59, Rochester JM 38
This was a tale of two games. In the first half Lakeville North left the court up 21-20. Their offense was sputtering. At one time they did not score 8 straight times. JM went on a 16-8 run in the first half. But it all was an illusion. JM only made three field goals in the first half. Lakeville North was bouncing the ball off the lights in their frantic attempt to get down the court. That all changed in the second half.
Lakeville North scored the first five times they touched the ball in the second half. JM closed the lead to 35-27, but LN soon put JM in their rear view mirror. Foul problems plagued JM, and LN had a much deeper, taller, and physical bench.
Lakeville player evaluations:
Katy Sanders (22) may be the most underrated player around. She was in the right spot at the right time, scored on a variety of shots from post ups, to drives to 3s. She found the open player and made plays on defense. She also rebounds. Red Flag: is no longer unknown.
Katie Sheets (10) is one of the main ball handlers. She is intense on both ends of the floor and likes to push the ball. Red Flag: may push or throw ball out of bounds
Kelli Hilt, Kaiya Sygulla are both perimeter types with Sygulla handling the ball more. They are worker bees (as are most of the LN players)
Cassie Rochel (8) as a 6-3 8th grader she made an impact off the bench. No doubt she will get stronger. Good hands and feet. Not shy about contact. Definately one to keep an eye on as the 2010 class in the state gets better and better. Red Flag: needs to get stronger, but that flag is small.
Another player to keep an eye on is Shayla Owodurni. She is 6-1 but has not played very much. She is an athlete however.
JM player evaluations:
Camille Stenhaug (16) was the only player that could score for JM. She has a nice shot and made a five point play (a 3 with a block out foul) in the first half. Red Flag: It is hard to be the main option when they can't get you the ball and the defense covers you like a blanket. Needs to keep getting stronger.
Samantha Sikkink (6) spent too much time sitting down. However she can handle the ball and is aggressive. She is part of the S&S connection. Red Flag: fouls kept her off the floor.
Trench player is easily Sanders

Game # 4 Rochester Lourdes 38, Osseo 28
This game was the most patient, labored offensively of the four games today. Both teams were deliberate in style. Osseo did not play that deliberately the first time I saw them against SC North, but Lourdes dictated the style. Again a physical contest with both teams not giving any thing away. Lourdes quickly got off to a 7-0 lead. Neither team was a machine on offense, unless a sputtering machine is what you are thinking about. At one point Lourdes was 1/14 with their possessions. Osseo finished the half 0/8. Osseo did take it's only lead at 17-14 with a three by Ericka Calkins. Molly Miller of Lourdes gave them the lead for good with a steal and a lay up 18-17. That ended the scoring for the half.
Osseo took up where they left off---with an 0/10 start. By the time they scored again Lourdes was up 24-17. Osseo spent more time around the perimeter looking for shots. Their post players never were a factor in the contest. Lourdes only scored four field goals in the second half.
Lourdes player evaluations:
Anne Breland (16) is the leader. She has a sweet shot from the three point line, can deliver when needed. Red flag: needs more upper body strength to play at the higher levels.
Lauren Luebbe (4) is a physical player that did not score like usual because bigger kids were guarding her. Red Flag: develop offense against bigger players.
Molly Miller (12) provided some offense off the bench. If Lourdes wants to do anything post season they will need her efforts. Red Flag: speed
Rest of Lourdes: they do their job, they don't mess up too much. However they need to step up offensively to take the heat off Breland and Luebbe.
Osseo Player evalutations
Melissa Henderson (9) scored more than the first time I saw her. Hit some shots off the pass. Red Flag: this may go for the whole Osseo team--need to create better spacing on offense. Some one needs to take charge and deliver.
Desiraee Robinson (8) can shoot the three, is a big guard. Red Flag: take it to the glass if given the chance.
Jenny Oligmueller (2) was not a factor on offense. Red Flag: dominate the paint on both ends. Seal up and keep the defense pinned.
Trench player: easily Breland

A look at offense scoring if 100 possessions
School, points, possessions, pt100, scoring %
Eastview 69, 85, 81.2, .507
Roch Century 43, 85, 50.5, .271

Roseville 65, 67, 97.0, .493
Roch Mayo 60, 68, 88.2, .426

Lakeville North 59, 64, 92.2, .453
Roch JM 38, 64, 59.4, .250

Roch Lourdes 38, 56, 65.5, .321
Osseo 28, 54, 51.9, .241

The Lake teams Eastview and Lakeville North are showing off their defense, but Lourdes had the stranglehold only allowing Osseo to score .241 times they had the ball.
Eastview had the most efficient offense at .507

TOMORROW---Elk River Quarters

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

16 tournaments

Trisha Boese, Cannon Valley Lutheran 25 vs Lyle-Pacelli 41-51 (d22)

Britta Peterson, Luck 25 vs Shell Lake 56-24 (d20)

Albert Lea 27, 28
1 pm Cannon Falls vs Bloomington Kennedy
6 pm Farmington vs Albert Lea
*** stars

Apple Valley d28, 29, 30
2 pm Blaine vs Cretin-Derham Hall
4 pm Tartan vs Hopkins
6 pm Omaha Skutt vs Irondale
8 pm Apple Valley vs North St. Paul
*** stars

Bemidji D27, 28
6 pm Duluth Central vs Kittson Central
7:45 pm Mpls Roosevelt vs Bemidji
*1/2 stars

Chisago Lakes D27, 28
6 pm Anoka vs South St. Paul
7:45 pm Chisago Lakes vs Meadow Creek
* star

Hibbing D28, 29, 30
1:30 pm Parkers Prairie vs Northland
3:15 pm Mpls Southwest vs Bigfork
5 pm Cambridge-Isanti vs Chisholm
6:45 pm Deer River vs Hibbing
*1/2 stars

Hill-Murray D28, 29, 30
3 pm Mounds View vs Duluth East
4:45 pm Centennial vs Prior Lake
6:30 pm Coon Rapids vs Stillwater
8:15 pm Wayzata vs Hill-Murray
***1/2 stars

Jordan D27, 28
1:30 pm Delano vs Jordan
3:30 pm St. Louis Park vs Stewartville
* star

Little Falls D29, 30
1 pm Crookston vs Little Falls
3 pm Buffalo vs Rockford
*1/2 stars

Monticello D27, 28, 29
2 pm Minnehaha vs Maple Grove
3:45 pm St. Michael-Albertville vs Fridley
5:30 pm St. Francis vs St. Cloud Apollo
7:15 pm Spring Lake Park vs Monticello
** stars

Mounds Park D27, 28
1 pm Providence vs St. Paul Arlington
7 pm Rivers Christian vs Mounds Park
0 stars

Norwood-Young America D27, 28, 29
6 pm Holy Family vs Albany (middle school)
7:30 pm Shakopee vs Waconia (ms)
6 pm Glencoe-Silver Lake vs Foley (high school)
7:30 pm NYA vs Totino-Grace (hs)
** stars

Pierz D27, 28
6 pm Crosby-Ironton vs Long Praire-Grey Eagle
8 pm Rush City vs Pierz
* star

Simley D27, 28, 29
1 pm Blake vs Holy Angels
3 pm Trinity vs North Branch
5 pm Visitation vs St. Paul Highland Park
7 pm St. Paul Academy vs Simley
*1/2 stars

Winona State D27, 28
no complete pairings

Janesville Craig D29, 30
6 pm Sheboygan North vs Oshkosh North
7:45 pm Janesville Craig vs West Allis Hale
*1/2 Stars

Sheboygan South D28, 29
6 pm Chippewa Falls vs Janesville Parker
7:45 pm Sheboygan South vs Franklin
**1/2 Stars

Best 4 team tournament: Albert Lea, MN D27, 28
Best 8 team tournament: Elk River, MN D28, 29, 30

Monday, December 26, 2005

Tournament packages

Point Parade (better late than never)
Alyssa Kirk, TMB 28 vs Lincoln HI 68-74 (d20)
Brittany Barber, Lincoln HI 26 vs TMB 74-68 (d20)

Brainerd D27, 28
5:30 pm Park-Cottage Grove vs Staple-Motley
7 pm Brainerd vs Park Center

Fergus Falls D28, 29
6 pm Breck vs Holdingford
8 pm Fergus Falls vs Zimmerman

AAU/USA Holiday Classic Menomonie (HS & Stout)
10 am Colfax vs Park Falls
11:30 am Barron vs Eau Claire Regis
1 pm Rice Lake vs Medford
2:45 pm LaCrosse Aquinas vs Milw Vincent
6 pm West Salem vs Lancaster (@ HS)
7:45 pm Richland Center vs Hudson (@ HS)
10 am West Salem vs Hurley
11:30 am Prairie du Chien vs Barron
1 pm Mpls North vs Lancaster
2:45 pm Park Falls vs Richland Center
7 pm LaCrosse Aquinas vs Menomonie (@ HS)
noon Chetek vs Eau Claire Regis
1:45 pm Hurley vs Medford
3:30 pm Prairie du Chien vs Rice Lake
5:15 pm Hudson vs Mpls North
7 pm Menomonie vs Colfax

Paul Goetz, Eastview won his 200th game on D9 vs Apple Valley 82-54

Cassie Rochel, Lakeville North 6-3, C, 2010

Most Possessions in 36 minutes
St. Francis 82, Irondale 81
What they would score if they each had 100 possessions
Minneapolis Roosevelt 107.5
St. Paul Johnson 100
Minneapolis Washburn 97.0
Armstrong 88.8
Concordia Roseville 87.3
Rogers 86.4
Hopkins 83.8
Elk River 78.3
Meadow Creek 76.4
Woodbury 75.8
Irondale 72. 8
St. Paul Central 70.6
St. Francis 67.1
Bloomington Jefferson 63.6

Scoring off possession %
Minneapolis Roosevelt .478
Rogers .458
St. Paul Johnson .438
Armstrong .425
Minneapolis Washburn .418
Concordia Roseville .400
Hopkins .382
Irondale .370
Meadow Creek .345
St. Paul Central .338
Woodbury .333
St. Francis .329
Bloomington Jefferson .273

We can see that the .400 teams are more effective on offense. Perhaps Woodbury is the tops on defense allowing only .273 possessions to score.

Many happy returns edition

Point Parade (many happy returns edition)
Kirsten Thisius, USC 29 vs JWP 76-53 (d20)

Jessica Kielpinski, Mandan 28 vs Devils Lake 69-28 (d20)

Casey Gudahl, St. Clair reached the 1000 point mark with 24 points in a 78-52 win over Alden-Conger (d20)
Mindy Schmidt, Champlin Park reached the 1000 point mark

Jessica Petrowiak, GHEC was 6/6 at the line the last minute and half and helped her team avenge the only loss on the year beating Nicollet 61-58 (d20)

Savannah Mack, East Grand Forks has injured her ACL and is out for the year

Northern Classic, Northern State University, Wachs Arena, Aberdeen
2:30 pm Ashley, ND vs Rosholt
4 pm Northwestern vs Gayville-Volin
5:30 pm Selby vs Waubay
7 pm Waverly-South Shore vs Aberdeen Roncalli
* star
2:30 pm Gayville-Volin vs Menno
4 pm St. Francis vs Doland-Conde
5:30 pm Ipswich vs Warner
7 pm Webster vs Hoven
* star

Kettle Moraine D27, 28
5 pm Waterford vs Eau Claire North
7 pm Hortonville vs Kettle Moraine
** stars

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Candy or Coal Edition

Point Parade
Kaylea Karst, Castlewood 33 vs Willow Lake 59-49 (d23)

Injured players on the comeback trail
Players that can take constructive criticism without whimpering
Newspapers that go all out on coverage
Coaches that take time to talk and tell a good story or two
Old fashioned fans that go to games to watch a good game
Newspapers that do not print full scoring lists for each game (two players just won't do.)
Coaches that don't call in after a loss to report the scoring
Parents that think their kid is all world
all the fans dressed up as empty seats

Here is hoping all of you got Candy in your stocking.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Not a player was stirring edition

POINT PARADE (not a player was stirring edition)
ElSara Greer, Waterloo East 27 vs Dubuque Senior 78-43 (d20)
Callan Jacobson, Benton 26 vs Independence 61-50 (d20)


Beth Hanson, Faribault Bethlehem Academy 26 vs Montgomery-Lonsdale 51-49 (d19)

Sarah Brentrup, New England 26 vs Grant County 57-62 (d19)

4A Des Moines Roosevelt
3A Norwalk
2A Davenport Assumption
1A Charter Oak-Ute

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas

Elf edition

POINT PARADE (the Elf edition)
Margo Muhlbauer, IKM 34 vs Manning 72-22
Hannah Utman, West Harrison 27 vs Walnut 56-50
Liz Trauger, Twin River Valley 26 vs WCLT 60-23 (d16)

Tayler Hill, Mpls South 26 vs Mpls Roosevelt 78-38

Kim Oyloe, Trenton 32 vs Richey, MT 58-23 (d19)

Nakita McCann, North Crawford 25 vs Seneca 56-32 (d20)
Caitlin Flanigan, Siren 28 vs Unity 55-17 (d16)

Bethany Holyoak, Moorcroft 28 vs Guernsey 50-55 (d17)

Kim Oyloe, Trenton reached the 1000 point level with 32 points against Richey, MT 58-23 on D19.

Dowling Catholic, IA beat #1AA Breck, MN 44-42 OT on Dec 17
#8AAAA South steamrolled #7AAA Roosevelt 78-38 in a much ballyhooed matchup that did not live up to its billing.

Kelli Goeser, Harlan to Nebraska Omaha (volleyball)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Festivus Edition

Point Parade (Festivus edition)
Stephanie Peters, Kenyon-Wanamingo 26 vs Belle Plaine 62-37
Chantel LaPlante, Chatfield 27 vs Pine Island 49-55

Erin Voelker, Madison 32 vs Riverland, MN 78-61
Leslie Schaefer, Verona 27 vs Dodgeville 50-31

Kali Olstad, Elgin-Millville made a free throw with 0.7 seconds left to lift her team to a 67-66 win over Dover-Eyota
Karolina Haroldsdottir, Rochester Mayo forced overtime with a shot in the lane. Mayo defeated city rival Century 51-48
Kat Myers, Wayzata hit a three with 9.6 seconds left in overtime for a 73-72 win over Apple Valley.
#6AAAA Tartan defeated #2AAAA Hopkins in Hopkins 49-43. Tartan won despite only scoring 17 points the first half.

Minneapolis Conference
Roosevelt at South

Have a happy Festivus.

Some old, some new

POINT PARADE (old and new editon)
Shellie Mosman, Carroll 28 vs Nevada 64-32

Kristin Wolters, St. Cloud Tech 29 vs Alexandria 57-41
Breanna Salley, St. Francis 27 vs Irondale 55-59
Laura Kalbfell, Lakeville South 32 vs Prior Lake 56-48
Paige Devine, St. Charles 29 vs Mabel-Canton 78-55
Alyssa Kirk, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 28 vs Central Christian 56-41 (d16)
Chelsea Fogarty, Belle Plaine 25 vs Mayer Lutheran 69-74 2 OT (d13)
Leah Ihrke, Sibley East 25 vs GFW 60-48 (d19)
Abby Busch, GFW 25 vs Sibley East 48-60 (d19)
Jenny Ostrom, St. Anthony 25 vs New Life 66-58
Andrea Fennern, Wabasso 41 vs McLeod West 67-72 (d19)
Erin Maurer, McLeod West 34 vs Wabasso 72-67 (d19)

Abby Kratovil, Bennett County 25 vs Little Wound 69-50

Hannah Smith, Rice Lake 28 vs Menomonie 64-54 (d20)

Old 212: Renville County West 50, Yellow Medicine East 34 (d17)
Montevideo: Ortonville 68, Montevideo 59 (d17)

Lac Qui Parle Valley D29, 30
3 pm RTR vs Minneota
6 pm LQPV vs Hancock

Willmar Midwest Wireless Wild Card D29, 30
6 pm New London-Spicer vs Hawley
after Willmar vs Watertown-Mayer
**1/2 stars

Redwood Valley D27, 28
3 pm Redwood Valley vs Lakeview
4:30 pm St. James vs Sibley East
*1/2 stars

Out & About: Irondale/St. Francis, Long Mystery Solved

Tonight's game featured two teams who rely on a key player: St. Francis with Minnesota bound Breanna Salley; Irondale with Concordia St. Paul bound Jamie Jones. It also was a pivotal game in the North Suburban race.
The first half started off with St. Francis on fire. They missed their first shot, but then scored on their next five possessions for a 10-0 lead. The Saints ran on missed shots with two breaks. Irondale took a time out to get their equalibrium back. From that point Irondale outscored St. Francis 21-11. Irondale did this getting into the faster pace St. Francis was pushing and leading the resurgance was Jamie Jones who slashed to the basket early and scored and dished. Irondale took their first lead at 23-21 on a Jones drive. Irondale had two four possession scoring streaks in the first half. Irondale had the lead and momentum at half 36-31.
With the break neck pace of the first half (each team 46 possessions) the second half's pace slowed somewhat. Both teams were tired or exhausted because at one point in the early portion of the second half between both teams out of 21 possessions only one point was scored (a SF free throw). During that drought there were 10 turnovers combined. St. Francis did take a 48-46 lead on a steal and lay up by Salley, but that was the last time for the Saints. Irondale scored their next four possessions to take a 54-48 lead. Ali Schwartzwald popped in a three late to cut the Irondale lead to 56-55, but Irondale finished up with three free throws.
Looking at the possession pace--46 first half, 36 second---Irondale offensive rate was .720; St. Francis .679. This means with 100 possessions Irondale would have 72 points, St. Francis 67.9
St. Francis scored on .346 of their possessions; Irondale .390.
Irondale player evaluations
Jamie Jones (15) is the key to this team. Her value is in her ball handling, penetrations and actually she guarded Salley giving away four inches. Salley posted up Jones, but Jones did not get into foul trouble. She was instrumental in getting Irondale into the game with 10 points in the first half. The only time Jones sat was in the second half during the drought portion. When she handled the ball, good things happened. Red Flag: Outside shot needs improvement--she drops hand and ball clangs off back rim. When driving to the glass it is not wise to challenge Salley (snuffed out twice)
Natalie Alamat (12) is the only player with size on Irondale. She is a wide body, but not as wide as Williams of Benilde. Made some big baskets down the stretch. Red Flag: got into foul trouble. Not the fastest.
Ashley Carr (13) scored courtesy Jones. She also cashed some free throws in. She also can drive. Red Flag: she also got into foul trouble--out of position, not moving feet.
St. Francis player evaluations
Breanna Salley (27) is playing at a different level than the rest of the St. Francis players. Her quickness and instincts are what sets her apart. She scored off steals into layups, driving, 3s, at the line. Red Flag: despite all she did her team still lost. Maybe this should be directed more at her teammates since they would throw up shots (like the first half) with only one pass. At least let Salley touch the ball on each possession. That doesn't mean she should take every shot, but there is no 10 second clock in high school. Also that three will still be there after three more passes. So this flag is more for the rest of the team. For Salley: help make your teammates look better than they are. I did not get that feel tonight.
Ali Schwartzwald (16) is their prime ball handler. She hit some threes at crucial times. She can rebound. Red Flag: turnover issues. She is young (soph) and will mature with experience, but did not control game like Jones.
The rest of the team: (12) Someone needs to become a scoring threat, and everyone needs to play stronger defense and handle the ball better.
In the trenches: I am going with Jones. 1. Her team won. 2. She controlled the tempo/pace and made good decisions (for the most part) 3. Even outsized she guarded the best player without getting into foul problems (about the only player not to get foul trouble on Irondale).
I think Salley is trenchworthy, but Jones got it done tonight.

Thanks to Bill Quan who did the detective work. The player is McKensey Long from Carthage IL. She is a 5-8, G, 2007.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who is Long?

??? Long, Carthage 33 vs LaHarpe-West Prairie 74-59

Jessica Hunecke, Cherokee 29 vs South O'Brien 72-55 (d17)
Lindsey Swanson, Denison-Schleswig 27 vs South Sioux City, Neb 61-55 (d17)
Rachel Hannam, St. Ansgar 27 vs SCMT 71-59 (d20)
Samantha Harrington, Nashua-Plainfield 25 vs RRMR 73-47 (d20)
Marissa Graham, River Valley 30 vs Remsen-Union 67-53 (d17)
Liz Trauger, Twin River Valley 27 vs Armstrong-Ringsted 64-19 (d20)
Sarah Swenson, West Hancock 25 vs Garner-Hayfield 56-49 (d20)

Rhiannon Plumhoff, Fairmont 31 vs Mankato West 76-71 (d19)
Carlie Waibel, Lake of the Woods 27 vs Kelliher-Northome 67-46 (d20)
Kelly Landsverk, Fosston 25 vs Mahnomen 74-37 (d20)

Katie Frank, South Sioux City 27 vs Denison-Schleswig, IA 55-61 (d17)

Liz Sipma, Dickinson 30 vs Belcourt 74-49 (d16)
Rebecca Feickert, Sheridan County 29 vs Drake-Anamoose 17-28 (d16)
Samantha Baldwin, Drayton-St. Thomas 29 vs Central Valley 63-62 OT (d20)
Erin Erickson, Hatton-Northwood 28 vs Dakota Prairie 61-46 (d20)
Evie Woodall, TGU 27 vs Glenburn 56-39 (d16)
Misti Olson, Central Valley 27 vs Drayton-St. Thomas 62-63 OT (d20)
Kelly Vandenberg, Flasher 25 vs Mott-Regent 56-57 (d17)
Kallie Erickson, Fordville-Lankin 25 vs North Border 60-51 (d20)

Dan Pomerenke, Sioux City East reached the 300 win mark against Western Christian 67-43

Steve Christians, Faribault Bethlehem Academy reached the 100 win mark against JWP 76-63

Tournaments galore

Becca Swalla, South Hamilton 25 vs Madrid 51-28

Maggie Mocchi, Buffalo Grove 25 vs Rock Island 55-56

Melissa Fitz, Mpls Southwest 33 vs Mpls North 62-50
Alex Moore, St. Paul Johnson 27 vs Armstrong 80-71 ot

AAAA Bloomington Kennedy
AAA Marshall
AA Breck
A Osakis
A Mandan
B Bottineau

Maquoketa's Jenni Kluever, Megan Flynn, Nikki Patterson all have ACL injuries

Cumberland was 22/24 at the line in a 51-43 win over Bloomer
Washburn made 12 3s against Bayfield

Alexandria D29, 30
6 pm Moorhead vs Marshall d29
8 pm Armstrong vs Alexandria d29
** stars

East/West Classic
1:15 Dickinson Trinity vs Minot @ St. Mary's
3 pm Dickinson vs West Fargo @ St. Mary's
6:30 pm Fargo Shanley @ Bismarck St. Mary's
3 pm Mandan vs Valley city @ Century
6:30 pm Jamestown @ Bismarck Cenury
3 pm Williston vs Fargo South @ Bismarck
8:15 pm Fargo North @ Bismarck
3 pm Dickinson vs Jamestown @ St. Mary's
6:30 pm Valley City @ Bismarck St. Mary's
1:15 pm Fargo Shanley vs Mandan @ Century
3 pm Dickinson Trinity vs Williston @ Century
6:30 pm West Fargo @ Bismarck Century
4:45 pm Fargo North vs Minot @ Bismarck
6:30 pm Fargo South @ Bismarck
10 am Minot vs Fargo Shanley @ St. Mary's
11:45 Dickinson Trinity @ Bismarck St. Mary's
3:15 pm Mandan vs Fargo North @ St. Mary's
10 am Williston vs West Fargo @ Century
1:30 pm Fargo South @ Bismarck Century
11:45 am Dickinson vs. Valley City @ Bismarck
3:15 pm Jamestown @ Bismarck
***1/2 stars

Mobridge Classic D29
12:30 pm Grand River vs Tiospa Topa
2 pm Cheyenne-Eagle Butte JV vs Edmunds Central
3:30 pm Timber Lake vs Gettysburg
5 pm Selby vs Dupree
6:30 pm Campbell County vs Eureka-Bowdle
8 pm Britton-Hecla vs Mobridge

Redfield Classic D27
12 pm Faulkton vs Iroquois
1:30 pm Warner vs Woonsocket
3 pm Campbell County vs Corsica
4:30 pm Sioux Valley vs Leola-Frederick (SV's Kleinjan made 10 3s vs Howard)
6 pm Hoven vs Hitchcock-Tulare
7:30 pm Roslyn vs Redfield

Out & About: twofer: Woodbury Tournament

GAME 1: St. Paul Johnson/Armstrong
This game appeared to be a blow out early, but then Armstrong made it interesting. Johnson won in overtime 79-71
Johnson dominated early and often with a lead as big as 20-4. Alex Moore, formerly of St. Paul Central, had 12 of them including two 3s. This is the second time I have seen Armstrong and in both games they start flat. Johnson scored 9/12 times they touched the ball to start the game. But that torrid start cooled considerably later in the half and Armstrong heated up. Armstrong went on a 13-6 run to bring the margin to 34-28. Johnson's offense sputtered at 3/14. The half ended with Johnson holding a 43-30 lead.
The second half started with Johnson regaining the initiative with a 50-33 lead. For the most part Johnson seemed to be in control holding a 64-50 lead, but then the bottom dropped out. The Governors hit another dry patch as they went 2/13 the rest of the way. Armstrong had arisen from its slumber and scored on 6/7 possessions to cut the lead to 65-60. Then Ebony Black of Johnson picked up her 5th foul on a charge. Johnson had three possessions and Armstrong had two with no movement. Then a J turnover plus intentional foul as Ali Gordon was going in for the lay up with 1:23 left changed everything. Gordon made free throws, and Nicole Dooher scored on the out of bounds play to cut it to 65-64. Megan Shea tied it at 65 with a free throw. Moore gave the lead back to Johnson. Dooher hit a jumper with no time left to send it to overtime.
Neither team scored on their first possessions. The shot that put Johnson ahead for good was made by Stephanie Moore. Johnson was 8/8 at the line down the stretch for a 79-71 escape of an Armstrong team that plays like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde.
I did not like Johnson's press break as they coughed it up towards the end of regulation.
Armstrong needs to play 36 minutes (or 40) like they played the last five minutes of regulation----with a sense of urgency. No coasting, no doubts.
Johnson Player Evaluations
Alex Moore (27) can shoot. She came out hot from long distance and can take it to the glass. Late in the first half she fed Danielle Mathais for three straight post up points. Red Flag: size. If teams focus on her with a bigger defender (something Armstrong neglected early) she may have trouble getting off her bombs.
Ebony Black (15) did not play a full game due to foul issues. She posted up some of the evening when Mathais was out. Black can be dangerous with the ball and her moves and power keep teams off balance. Red Flag: picking up the 5th foul when up 65-60 was not a savvy thing to do. All you have to do is play catch nicely with your teammates. You don't have to create miracles. In general the fouls she picked up place her on the pine when she is more valuable on the court.
Danielle Mathias (19) is a space eater. The former Cretin-Derham Hall player posts up well, but I can't understand why Armstrong played directly behind her letting her catch and do what ever she wanted. Later in the game Armstrong did a better job. Red Flag: not lickity split fast up and down court. Tendancy to get into foul trouble.
Sasha Barnes and Essance Tyler are a couple of smurfs--both are under 5-5. Barnes 6/6 at the line in OT. Red flags: on the press their passes were the floaty variety that drive me nuts. Neither had a great night from the floor. Their smurfness.
Armstrong Player Evaluations
Megan Shea (19) kept the Falcons in the game with 12 first half points. Can shoot out. I liked her better tonight than Cooper. Red Flag: I want more. Needs to grab game by the throat and dominate. Don't look or ask for permission, just do it. When score was 67-65 did not touch ball. Take over.
Rachel Gunderson (17) had 11 points of her points in the second half. Red flag: more consistency, more sense of urgency...especially in the first half.
Nicole Dooher (18) off the bench provided the spark to get Armstrong moving. Most of her points came in the second half. Made clutch shots to cut lead to one in regulation and tie it at buzzer. Career high in points tonight. Red Flag: limited experience...obviously that will change.

Trench player tonight: Alex Moore. She can drain it.

Bloomington Jefferson/Woodbury
After the roller coaster of the first game this game was anticlimatic even though it was a tight contest. Neither team provide a power packed offense. Both teams did not value the ball. Neither team shot exceptionally well. At the start of the game Woodbury scored on their first possession, but then did not on their next 8, three of which were turnovers. Both teams had 21 at half.
Jefferson had their biggest lead at 34-29 before the roof fell in. After that Woodbury outscored the Jags 21-8.
Woodbury player evaluations:
Sarah Hintz (22) a 5-10, freshman, erupted for 22 points, a career high. She was playing the post and has quick feet. She is not afraid to get hit and had four chances for 3 point plays. Red flag: needs to gain strength. May work best outside "3" type.
Zoraa Quoie is headed to Iowa and coming off a knee injury. Explosive. Did not start off as the point, but later in the evening took over that role. Can penentrate and dish. Can penetrate through a narrow crack. Red flag: needs to finish after making a great move. Needs work on outside shot.
Jefferson player evaluations:
To be honest, no one grabbed my attention in a compelling display.

Hintz gets the hint and is in the trenches.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

March of the late Paraders

Jackie Mullis, West Delaware 29 vs Oelwein 61-52 (d17)
Channing Merchant, Vinton-Shellsburg 27 vs Benton 48-61 (d16)
Ashley Arlen, Cascade 31 vs Starmont 56-28 (d16)
Aubrey Hauswirth, Pocahontas 26 vs Laurens-Marathon 63-27 (d13)
Jenna Myers, Van Buren 25 vs Central Lee 66-35
Liz Trauger, Twin River Valley 34 vs Corwith-W-L 61-39 (d13)
Stacy Schutjer, WCLT 27 vs West Bend-Ballard 61-48 (d17)

Sara McIlawain, Ogilvie 25 vs Pillager 57-50

Kallie Erickson, Fordville-Lankin 32 vs Park River 72-50 (d19)
Lexi Taft, Parshall 30 vs Berthold 64-58 (d13)
Megan Vote, Cando 27 vs Four Winds-Warwick 49-51 OT (d19)
Kelsey Hennessy, Berthold 27 vs Parshall 58-64 (d13)

Sunni Busch, Todd County 29 vs Pine Ridge 85-66 (d17)
Lacy Powell, Parkston 26 vs Armour 73-39 (d19)
Shanlee Taken Alive 26 vs Crow Creek 47-34 (d16)
Kristen Weston, Red Cloud 25 vs Crow Creek 65-54 (d17)
Ashley Roos, Crow Creek 25 vs Red Cloud 54-65 (d17)
Erin Heinert, White River 31 vs Kadoka 66-76 (d17)
Jessy Little Dove, Lower Brule 30 vs St. Francis 66-60 (d15)
Ricki Schrempp, Dupree 29 vs Wakpala 79-32 (d16)
Cami Koehn, Colman-Egan 27 vs Baltic 53-50 (d19)
Chantel Evans, Dell Rapids St. Mary's 27 vs Chester 66-46 (d19)
Lanay Jung, Grand River 25 vs Wakpala 83-23 (d16)
Katie Serr, Dupree 25 vs Wakpala 79-32 (d16)

Ericka Engen, McFarland 33 vs Stoughton 61-50 (d17)

Bethany Holyoak, Moorcroft 29 vs Big Horn 53-34 (d16)

Jill Young, Mitchell Christian reached the 2000 point mark with 32 points in a loss to Linton, ND at Northern State University at Aberdeen SD on Dec 17.

Lakota Nation Invitational: Custer 39, Little Wound 34

Pierz D27, 28
6 pm Crosby-Ironton vs Long Prairie-Grey Eagle
8 pm Rush City vs Pierz
* star

One more posting--out&about ETA 11 pm

Tuesday results Parade style

I am adding an italicized reading to these stats. This would indicate that the opponent is a quality opponent. This should help differentiate between the wheat and the chaff when opponents are concerned . It seems anyone can score 25+ against an 0-9 team that can only manage to score 20 points themselves.
Red, if you didn't know, is the top scorer for the posting.

Natalie Tendal, Nevada 38 vs Carlisle 61-52
Jodie Krall, Solon 25 vs Iowa City Regina 69-67
Margo Muhlbauer, IKM 34 vs Manning 72-22
Shayney Scott, Villisca 27 vs Malvern 51-20
Hilary Runyan, CAM 25 vs Iowa Christian 48-31

Katie DeWitt, Centennial 32 vs Park Center 86-66
Jamie Zelinsky, Park Center 26 vs Centennial 66-86
Natalie Gigler, Champlin Park 26 vs Andover 86-56
Jenna Smith, Bloomington Kennedy 25 vs Bloomington Jefferson 78-49
Hannah Draxten, Fergus Falls 30 vs Moorhead 66-60
Patrice Thomas, Mpls Washburn 27 vs Mpls Roosevelt 65-72
Maria Boever, Worthington 26 vs Windom 75-42
Stephanie Porter, Park Christian 28 vs Fairmount-C-T, ND 77-71
Tomi McDonald, Ely 25 vs Virginia 49-48

Ashley Mayfield, Boys Town 26 vs Lincoln Parkview Christian 60-24

Tiffany Ross, FCT 26 vs Park Christian, MN 71-77

Keri Hansen, Centerville 25 vs Freeman 60-55

Kayleigh White, Oak Creek 29 vs Kenosha Tremper 62-44
Kate Wysocky, Whitefish Bay 35 vs Cedarburg 62-56
Liz Neitzel, Lomira 26 vs Laconia 52-42
Brooke Haen, Oakfield 26 vs Fond du Lac St. Mary's Spring 40-61

Dave O'Brien took over for John Wilkinson (out due to illness) at Dowling Catholic. Dowling beat Des Moines Lincoln 52-49

Today D21, D22: Woodbury
6 pm Armstrong vs St. Paul Johnson
8 pm Bloomington Jefferson vs Woodbury
Rating: **1/2 Stars

Sartell Tournament--D27, 28, 29
1 pm Princeton vs Annandale
2:30 pm Detroit Lakes vs St. Cloud Cathedral
6 pm Becker vs Dassel-Cokato
7:30 pm Rocori vs Sartell
Rating: ** Stars

Parkston Classic--D27 (an event/not tournament)
11 am Avon vs Geddes-Dakota Christian
12:30 pm Sisseton vs Lennox
2 pm Hanson vs South Central
3:30 pm Wagner vs Groton
5 pm Scotland vs Colman-Egan
6:30 pm Parkston vs Stickney-Mt. Vernon
Rating ****

Two more posts coming up today---close to 4pm and another out&about (11pm)

#100, Out & About: Washburn/Roosevelt

This is the 100th posting or century mark of this blog

OUT & ABOUT: Washburn/Roosevelt
Tonight's match up featured two city teams with close ties. Porsha Zimmerman and Kiara Strickland both played for Washburn as 8th graders. Both traveled to different schools last year (Zimmerman to Mpls Henry; Strickland to Racine Park WI). Both are now reunited facing former teammates Patrice Thomas, Amanda Viehauser, and Liz Shay. Roosevelt was coming off a loss last week, while Washburn has been struggling, but was coming off their only win.
The game was won by Roosevelt 72-65
The first half started slowly with Roosevelt drawing first blood, however neither team scored the next 8 possessions. After the jitters were out of the way, each team got into the groove. Seven straight possessions each team scored. Washburn posted its biggest lead at 22-16. At the break the Millers were still up 34-32.
In the second half Washburn's biggest lead was 41-37, but Roosevelt went on a 12-6 run and led 49-47 when Washburn's Viehauser was knocked down on the perimeter during a botched offensive play. Kaja Cooper stole the ball and scored the layup and the flood gates opened. Viehauser had to leave the game and Roosevelt took full advantage of the fact pushing the lead to 61-52. When Viehauser returned Roosevelt was in control and pushed the lead to 68-54. Twice Roosevelt coughed up the ball deep in Washburn territory and the Millers closed to 68-60, but Washburn couldn't convert the last gift.
Washburn was beat on the defensive boards most of the night giving away four shots a possession. Their zone also allowed Roosevelt to penetrate causing all kinds of coverage problems. I felt their offense started to high.
Roosevelt won the game, but to play with the elite teams in the state their defense needs to tighten up quite a bit. I think they have a nice core group of players 1-6. They need to clamp one point Washburn scored 6/8 possessions in the first half.
Speaking of efficiency: Both teams had 67 possessions: Washburn came in at .970 and Roosevelt 1.075. I guess this means that Washburn would score 97 points in 100 possessions, Roosevelt would score 107.5 points.
Roosevelt scored on 32 of their possessions (.478); Washburn 27 (.403)
Patrice Thomas (27) did everything in her power to keep the game tight. She was the point guard when PG #1 Liz Shay could not operate against the Roosevelt pressure. Thomas can handle the ball, but I don't see her as a point past HS. She is explosive off the dribble with twists and turns like a swirling dervish. She can pop a three, posts up well, and works the boards on both ends. She is active defensively. Red Flag: Passes at times erratic, teammates not ready for them.
Amanda Viehauser (11) is more physical than she has been in the past, but still prefers the 3 point line to the paint. Washburn ran out of bounds sideline screens for her for three point attempts (worked once). Red Flag: Takes unnecessary dribbles when in the paint (both high & low), still could be more physical. May need more speed do play "3" at higher level (like defensively).
Liz Shay (16) is their blonde bomber. She had four 3s in the first half, only one more in the second half. Red Flag: Did not handle pressure as point, better and more natural as shooting guard. Liked to drive, but was only looking to shoot not pass, and was erased more often than not by bigger Roosevelt players.
Others: Totally Red Flags: Need to take better care of the ball, and better block outs on defense.
Kiara Strickland (18) is a big (6-0) lefthanded perimeter player and LOVES to pass. She can see the floor, handle the ball with authority enough to penetrate. She also can score and rebound. Red Flag: Maybe passes too much.
Porsha Zimmerman: (12) Speedy, quick off the dribble, can pass or shoot off the dribble. Took control late in the game (after the botched turnovers). Red Flag: Size--D1 guards average height is 5-8 for rostered players, 5-9 for starters; D2 is 5-7.
Kaja Cooper: (4) is another point guard option at Roosevelt. Former North player looks to hit 3s, but not many fell this night. Red Flag: Zimmerman is the prime guard, Aune the main shooter, Cooper could get lost in the shuffle.
AunDreah Aune: (10) her main responsibility is to shoot and shoot 3s. She hit three 3s in the second half. Red Flag: on her 4th foul had a tantrum on the floor.
Kim Grant/Kalimah Newson-Duvall: (11/12) I lump these two together because they play the same position and are similar. Neither are the first option, but they better rebound. Tonight Grant had the edge I felt. Red Flag: Need to eliminate second shots for opponents. Need to work on post ups.
Who is in the Trench? I will go with Strickland, but Thomas is not that far away.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Trickle

Brooke Engen, Hillcrest 28 vs Underwood 49-42
Amy Fredman, Pillager 26 vs McGregor 53-52
Briana Radtke, Lester Prairie 26 vs Kimball 55-51

Kari Carlson, Hamlin 26 vs Webster 60-50
Becky Christofferson, Summit 28 vs Florence 79-35

Jeff Schweitzer, Cambridge reached the 400th win plateau in a 64-24 win over Marshall.

One more post coming---Out & About. But where?

Tuesday's eye opener

Point Parade
Darci Renken, West Central 26 vs Cambridge 39-36

Megan Swecker, Sauk Rapids 26 vs Princeton 62-43
Sam Bialka, Holdingford 26 vs St. Cloud Cathedral 72-59
Katie Jamnick, Tower-Soudan 33 vs Orr 62-48

Kaylea Karst, Castlewood 25 vs Flandreau 52-38 (d17)

Carrie Spindler, Stratford 25 vs Edgar 72-46
Natalie Baumgardt, Northland Lutheran 25 vs Marathon 56-53

Roseville at Eastview

Amy Tiesler, Ellsworth was injured in a game last night against Round Lake-Brewster (formerly known as SVRLB)

Natalie Lyster, Oshkosh North to MN State Mankato (Track)

Two more postings today....before 6, & out & about (before 11 pm)

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Papers have arrived

Point Parade (the papers have arrived edition)
Kristin Turk, Des Moines Lincoln 31 vs Urbandale 56-42 (d13)
Lindsey Volz, ADM 25 vs Perry 68-65 (d16)
Kelsey Bolte, Battle Creek-Ida Grove 25 vs. Westwood 97-16 (d16)
Liz Trauger, Twin River Valley 42 vs Ventura 88-16 (d9)
Brittany Heins, Postville 32 vs Crestwood 64-51 (d5)
Jennifer Jorgensen, SE Webster-Grand 27 vs Prairie Valley 63-38 (d9)
Laura Gillespie, Harris-Lake Park 26 vs Clay Central-Everly 48-60 (d16)

Kristen Patterson, MN Valley Lutheran 26 vs Cedar Mountain 67-56 (d16)

Alys Seay, Grand Forks Central 26 vs Crookston, MN 53-58 (d16)
Erin Ericson, Hatton-Northwood 29 vs Hillsboro 75-63 (d16)

Robin Webber, Pine Ridge 33 vs Crazy Horse 130-10 (d14)
Sunni Busch, Todd County 29 vs Takini 100-41 (d14)
Shavonne Stepp, Crow Creek 29 vs Hill City 51-43 (d14)

Elle Bailey, Chetek 26 vs Spooner 66-46 (d16)

The look from Monday

POINT PARADE (Late Weekend action editon)
Rebekah Fitzgerald, Rochester 25 vs WWTC 64-46
Maria Boever, Worthington 26 vs Adrian 69-50
Kamille Wahlin, Crookston 27 vs Grand Forks Central, ND 56-53 (d16)
Diane Bloemmel, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 25 vs Pequot Lakes 63-69 (d17)
Chelsea Fogarty, Belle Plaine 25 vs Hayfield 51-81 (d17)

Kathleen Webster, Omaha Nation 25 vs Marty, SD 54-50 (d17)

Jill Young, Mitchell Christian 32 vs Linton, ND 49-54

Sacajawea Tournament Final
Sioux City North 71, #12 USA Today Phoenix St. Mary's 68

Gabrielle Olson, North Branch had a quad double (14 points, 11 rebounds, 12 assists, 10 steals) vs Duluth Central on Dec 17. NB is now 6-1

Mandy Dedina, Cotton hit a three with 27 seconds left to beat Littlefork-Big Falls 56-53

Two Paraders, Small school scorers

Point Parade
F. Pressley, Father Lopez 29 vs LeCanto 59-41 (this parader brought to you by former Osseo coach Dave Thorpe who is living it up in Florida since he has retired.)

Jenny Gilbertson, Winona Cotter 25 vs Plainview 69-38

Small school Scorers
IA, MN, and WI have had three players from the small schools make names for themselves by capturing the total point records in each of their states: Deb Remmerde, Rock Valley to Iowa (and then Northwestern, IA); Katie Ohm, Elgin-Millville to Minnesota (redshirt); Jolene Anderson, South Shore to Wisconsin.
Of these three Anderson has had the most success post high school at the higher level, although to be fair to Ohm it is too early to tell. Anderson averaged around 36 points her senior HS year. She started all 28 games her freshman year and averaged 17.8 points. So her HS to College rating is a .494. However most WI division 4 players (the small schools) averaged .265 last year. That includes Anderson. It would be safer to say .200 would be closer to the mark. That means some player averaging 20 in WI class 4 ball would expect about 4 ppg at DI level. And that may be high.
Remmerde averaged 28.7 in her senior year and went to Iowa, but left early her freshman year playing in about two games. She ended up close to home at Northwestern of Orange City Iowa. Her hs to college rating at the NAIA level is 1 to 1. She averaged 28.7 last year at NW. Only three players from class 1A (smallest) in Iowa were rostered and their average was .187. That translated means the 20 point HS player is 3.74 in D1.
Reasons for this possibly could be
Lack of strong competition in HS
Lack of comparible size in opponents
No one else who can shoot on the team meaning the player is taking an obscene amount of shots.

UPSHOT: When recruiting small school players make sure you understand what they may deliver according to historical models. For those of you at D2 you may add 100 to the average (.187 for D1, .287 for D2 meaning a 20 point scorer is now a 5.74 D2 player). I will try to have a D3 specific level next year, but I assume it would be close to 150 to 200 higher than D1.

Stay tuned for more insights.
I hope you read all the posts--as many as three a day.
Tomorrow look for two (after school edition and bedtime edition)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The week ahead; efficient offenses/efficient defenses

POINT PARADE (straggler edition)
Brittany Gustafson, Red Lake County Central 30 vs Grygla-Goodridge 63-57 (d15)

Lacey Schuelke, Newell 31 vs Lead-Deadwood 69-58 (d13)

Alison Weld, Heritage Christian has reached the 1000 point mark

Tuesday D20
Ulen-Hitterdal at Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton
Moorhead at Fergus Falls

Thursday D22
Hill-Murray at Cretin-Derham Hall

Friday D23
Minneapolis Roosevelt at Minneapolis South

Elk River D28, 29, 30
quarterfinals D28
2:45 pm St. Paul Central vs White Bear Lake
4:30 pm De La Salle vs Andover
6:15 pm Rogers vs Minneapolis South
8 pm Elk River vs St. Cloud Tech
I give this tournament ****

This week I charted three games and I came up with these numbers as far as efficient offenses/defense: I will list school, possessions, points, and efficiency (opponent)
Concordia Roseville, 55, 48, .873 (Meadow Creek)
Rogers, 59, 51, .864 (Elk River)
Hopkins, 68, 57, .838 (St. Paul Central)
Elk River, 60, 47, .783 (Rogers)
Meadow Creek, 55, 42, .764 (Concordia Roseville)
St. Paul Central, 68, 48, .706 (Hopkins)

The pace of the Hopkins game was the fastest at 68, Concoria's the slowest at 55. At the higher numbers it means that the offense is shooting well, controlling the offensive boards, taking care of the ball, and going to the line and converting. The flip side would be defense and I can clearly see that Hopkins is the best defensive team of all the games I saw this week. The stats bear this out. It suprised me that Concordia and Meadow Creek had that high of a rating when I did not get that feel at the game at the time.
The average was .803
I will keep tracking this through the week. What it indicates to colleges is the toughness on defense, and the smoothness of offense.