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Out & About: IBCA Select I/Dakota Hardwood Threat

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CHAMPIONSHIP, Diamond Division, Gold Bracket

IBCA Select I won the North Tartan Meltdown by running the floor, nailing timely 3s and cashing in at the line. Katelin Oney right from the start established her imprint on the game with a lay up off the opening tip. By halftime Oney had 15 points. IBCA never had major runs, but they had enough little ones, and few dry spells. DHT did have a momentary lead at 8-7. Indy Uhlenhopp put IBCA up to stay with a basket inside. DHT had a dry spell with only one score in eight possessions. During that time IBCA went on a 14-2 run to lead 21-10. That lead expanded to 48-20 at the largest in the first half. IBCA led 48-23 at half. Oney was a one person recking crew with 3 three point plays including one from beyond the arc. IBCA made all 14 free throws attempts in the first half. IBCA also dropped six 3s in the first half.

In the second half DHT managed to cut the margin to 50-30 early in the half. Whitney Lickteig had five of the points in the DHT 7-2 run. IBCA did push the lead back out to 61-36 with a five possession offensive string. The lack of bodies on the bench was taking its toll on DHT. They only had seven players and the gas tank was nearing empty with the third game of the day. IBCA kept up their attack and led 72-43. DHT finished up with a 14-0 run as they connected on 6/7 offensive chances. Maggie Malloy had five points in the run. IBCA finished with an eight possession drought. The final turned out to be 72-57
photos: #1 DHT's Amber Wollschlager, 34 orange, blocks Indy Uhlenhopp's shot (12 white). #2 Uhlenhopp and Whitney Lickteig fight for a rebound with Katelin Oney joining in. photos by kja
Katelin Oney, Cedar Rapids Washington 21, 11, 190.9, .818 a tour de force, has the will to win. makes hard, sharp, crisp moves. takes contact and can score getting hit. she had 3 &1 opportunities on the night. runs the floor. Seizes initiative. definitely grabbed attention.
Amber Kirschbaum, Spirit Lake 6, 8, 75.0, .375 post, runs the floor and hangs in the air on her jump
Kaisha Brown, Spirit Lake 11, 6, 183.3, .667 lit it up from behind the arc with three 3s.
Trisha Nesbitt, Ames 7, 8, 87.5, .375 point guard. took charge. drained a 3
Indy Uhlenhopp, North Butler 10, 8., 125.0, .625 has 3 range. runs the floor.
Chelsie Trask, RRMR 4, 4, 100.0, .500
Kelly Krei, Iowa City 7, 9, 77.8, .333 big player on the perimeter
MacKenzie Westcott, Williamsburg 6, 8, 75.0, .375
Al Oney, Cedar Rapids Washington 0, 4, 0.0, .000 Kaitlin's younger sister filling in due to injury to Ashton McClairen and Hannah Noel.
Maggie Malloy, Parkston 9, 7, 128.6, .714 aggressive to the basket. went to the line four times.
Whitney Lickteig, Dell Rapids 15, 17, 88.2, .412 scored inside. can also step out for a 3.
Nicky Rausch, Hoven 5, 10, 50.0, .300
Kristi Ryan, Highmore-Harrold 6, 5, 120.0, .400 3 point shooter
Amber Wollschlager, Milbank 14, 12, 116.7, .500 did her damage in the paint.
Mikayla Barondeau, Leola-Frederick 4, 8, 50.0, .250 led DHT with five defensive boards.
Kassie Hooten, Moorhead, MN 3, 7, 42.9, .286
Marie Malloy, Parkston 0, 0, 0.0, .000 Maggie's younger sister. DHT was short handed with Alexis Yackley's injury.
Katelin Oney
IBCA Select I 72, 66, 109.1, .485
Dakota Hardwood Threat 57, 66, 86.4, .409
made 3s: IBCA 7, DHT 4
made fts: IBCA 17, DHT 16
bench: IBCA 17, DHT 7
Katelin Oney 8
Kelly Krei 6
Trisha Nesbitt 3
Chelsie Trask 3
MacKenzie Westcott 3
Amber Kirschbaum 2
Indy Uhlenhopp 2
Kaisha Brown 1
totals: 28
Whitney Lickteig 6
Maggie Malloy 5
Mikayla Barondeau 5
Amber Wollschlager 4
Nicky Rausch 3
Kassie Hooten 2
Kristi Ryan 1
totals: 26
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Out & About: Dakota Hardwood Threat/North Tartan Crosby

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Diamond Division Gold Bracket Semifinals

Dakota Hardwood Threat came out smoking and rode that momentum to the finals in a 66-46 over host North Tartan Crosby. DHT started off with a 9/11 offensive sequence and led 19-8. If they kept up this pace DHT would have 172..7 pp100 and a floor % a sizzling .818. Amber Wollschlager had eight points in the run up. Wollschlager for the half had 14 points in eight possessions. That would be a 175 pp100. No matter how you slice it DHT was blistering. Joining Wollschlager with a red hot hand was Nicky Rausch with 12 points in the first half. NTC had to fight to get out of the whole right from the start. Whitney Lickteig nailed a three on the opening possession for DHT. Ironically it was to be her only points of the day. NTC wasn't that far off the pace early with a 4/5 offensive string. A seven possession drought soon after didn't help their cause. Still DHT kept up their torrid pace. Later in the first half DHT checked in with a 7/8 offensive sequence. At one point DHT led 35-20. NTC did string four possessions late in the half and cut the margin to 39-28 at halftime.

NTC came out smoking in the second half with five straight scores on a 10-4 run and 18-8 run going back to the later stages of the first half. Beth Christensen had seven of those points going back to the first half. NTC was able to shave another point off the score to close to 46-42. But they went through the Sahara after that with seven straight trips that came up empty. DHT added 10 points to their totals and it was 56-42. A difficult comeback attempt became much harder when DHT scored six points on one possession. Wollschlager was fouled on "& 1" but missed the one. Rausch grabbed the miss and Maggie Malloy scored again on a "& 1." Again the one was missed. Again DHT grabbed the rebound. To come full circle it was Wollschlager with the put back for four points in the six point possession. That sealed NTC's fate as they trailed 62-44 with five minutes left. As hot as the teams were early, the later part of the second half turned frigid. NTC finished 1/10 on their chances; DHT 2/9.
Photos: #1 Nicky Rausch, 3 white, goes up for one of her transition lay ups in the first half. #2 Cassie Hooten gets a rebound and is sandwiched between Beth Christensen, 42 blue and Molly Geske, 33 blue. photos by kja
Whitney Lickteig, Dell Rapids 3, 4, 75.0, .250 made the opening 3 to set the stage
Amber Wollschlager, Milbank 22, 14, 157.1, .714 strong presence inside. golden touch early. good lift. good concentration. not afraid of getting hit. went to the line four times.
Nicky Rausch, Hoven 17, 13, 130.8, .615 runs the floor has 3 range, scrappy defender.
Kristi Ryan, Highmore-Harrold 4, 6, 66.7, .333 another flyer
Maggie Malloy, Parkston 8, 7, 114.3, .571 aggressive attacking attitude. has a pull up
Kassie Hooten, Moorhead, MN 4, 4, 100.0, .500 a bruiser inside
Mikayla Barondeau, Leola-Frederick 8, 10, 80.0, .400 worked the offensive and defensive boards
Sara Hendricks, Cretin-Derham Hall 2, 3, 66.7, .333
Maggie Bryant, Sartell 10, 8, 125.0, .625 looks to drive. gets after offensive boards
Beth Christensen, Owatonna 14, 12, 116.7, .667 is looking more for offensive opportunities. drives more often. crashes offensive boards. was the most effective defensive rebounder for NTC
Jenna Lillemoe, Hopkins 0, 7, 0.0, .000
Molly Geske, Cretin-Derham Hall 16, 18, 88.9, .389 scores off the dribble. pull up. has 3 range. looks down on the dribble. favors to the spin which DHT exploited.
Kate Constable, Minnetonka 2, 6, 33.3, .167
Kaila Lindsay, Becker 2, 2, 100.0, .500
Miranda Speckel, Buffalo 0, 2, 0.0, .000
Amber Wollschlager
Dakota Hardwood Threat 66, 58, 113.8, .534
North Tartan Crosby 46, 58, 79.3, .397
made 3s: DHT 3, NTC 0
made fts: DHT 12, NTC 7
bench: DHT 12, NTC 4
DHT had 16 points on second chance points in the second half.
Nicky Rausch 9
Mikayla Barondeau 8
Maggie Malloy 5.5
Amber Wollschlager 4.5
Kristi Ryan 3
Kassie Hooten 2
totals: 32
Beth Christensen 6
Jenna Lillemoe 4
Kate Constable 4
Miranda Speckel 3
Sara Hendricks 2
Maggie Bryant 2
Molly Geske 2
totals: 23
next up: the North Tartan Meltdown championship

Eden Prairie in Sweet 16

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Eden Prairie will be the 16th team filling the vacated spot in the girls basketball tournament this weekend. EP will face Hancock at 10 am on Saturday at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN. EP will be in the TBA spot on the Sweet 16 schedule page.

Next up: later today with the out & abouts from the North Tartan Meltdown.

Hendrickson Verbals

#5 posting 7.31.2007
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Hali Hendrickson, Albert Lea has made a verbal to MN State Moorhead. The 5-11 perimeter player averaged 13.0 ppg for the 18-9 Tigers. Hendrickson played with MN Stars Antl this summer. She is the 14th Minnesota player to verbal from the 2008 class and the 6th to go D2.

Augustana will host a Thanksgiving Holiday hoop fest starting in 2008. 8 of the 14 Northern Sun teams will play in the event. From the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.

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Next up: later today the last two out & abouts from the Meltdown tournament--Dakota Hardwood threat vs North Tartan Crosby and the championship with IBCA Select I vs DHT.

Wisconsin HS Elite Invite Results

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The Wisconsin High School Elite Invitational Tournament was held last weekend in Wausau.
There were four divisions just like the high school winter season
In D1 Middleton won the crown with a 49-36 win over Fond du Lac.
In D2 Columbus beat Luxemburg-Casco 47-40
In D3 Osseo-Fairchild took the title with a 50-48 win over Oostburg.
In D4 Hilbert beat Clayton 56-51.
All the WHSEIT results can be found on the tournament page.
Caledonia MN was 3-1 in the D3 Green pool. Colfax beat Caledonia in the quarterfinals 58-54. Caledonia finished in 5th place.
Rushford-Peterson, MN was 5-0 in the D4 Blue pool. They lost in the quarterfinals to Clayton 39-30 and finished in 5th place.

This weekend the Wells Fargo Plymouth Girls Basketball Shootout will take place in Plymouth, WI. Games start Friday at 5 pm.

Both stories from the Sheboygan Press.

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IBCA's Summer

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Here is a look at IBCA Select I's summer.
2007 IBCA Select I (older team)
Finished 32-4 best record of any team in IBCA history
Iowa State AAU Champions (4th consecutive year)
Minnesota Summer Jam Champions (3rd consecutive year)
Miss Basketball Showcase National Champions (1st Iowa team EVER)
North Tartan Meltdown Champions

2004 - 2007 Older Team
Cumulative Stats
23-10, 27-3, 27-5, 32-4 in each year respectively
109-22 record overall
12 tournament titles out of 24 total tournaments
27+ Division I players
22 / 30 IBCA I (older team) players qualified for the IGHSAU State Basketball Tournament (2005-2007)

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One Team Needed

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Due to a late, late drop, there is a space available for this end of the summer Sweet 16 tournament at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN. The first game is scheduled for Saturday at 10 am. There is a four game guarantee.

If your high school team is interested in attending, email me and I will pass it along to the tournament organizers.

I know this is short notice, but this is a big time opportunity to go against the better high school teams. Once a team attends this event they try to get back every year.

Next up: more state news.

NC Heat Wins USJN Summer Final

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NC Heat Won the USJN Summer Final in Chicago yesterday. NCH beat Indiana's Finest 16 Black 70-59 in the quarters; Illinois Pizazz 17 Green 69-55 in the semis and topped it off with a 63-48 win over Chicago Hoops Express I.
CHE beat Team Wisconsin Select 17 54-33 in the semis. TWS17 was the #1 team going into bracket play.

North Tartan beat GA/Lina 76ers to make the sweet 16 and will be invited back next year to the event.

MN Stars Antl finished 5-0 to win the Elite Blue Bracket in Cincinnati.
Here are their results
Fri - MN Stars-Antl 71, Cincinnati Royal-Hurley 39
Sat - MN Stars Antl 53, Miami Valley Elite 41
MN Stars Antl 51, Indiana Gym Rats 17U 46
Sun - MN Stars Antl 48, Indiana Elite FTW 16U 45
Championship - MN Stars Antl 72, QCC Xpress 60
"The Girls played incredible this weekend!" said coach Antl. MSA is 9-1 in the past two tournaments in Atlanta and Cincinnati.

Mn Stars - Smith finished 2nd place in the Select Bracket losing to IN Gym Rats 15U by 12.
MN Stars - Hested finished 6th in the Elite Red Bracket losing to Cincinnati Finest Black by 13.

Hancock Girl's Basketball Team Won the Alex League Title for 3rd Year in a Row. On Wednesday, July 18th, the #1 seeded Hancock girls defeated the #4 seeded Brandon-Evansville Chargers by scores of 21-19 and 27-22 for a total of 48-41. It was best two out of three games at fifteen minutes for each game similar to the Concordia St. Paul Summer League. Stats were as follows:
Points Rebounds Steals Assists
Jenny Noordmans 16 2 3 1
Chelsea Voorhees 11 3 1 2
Bree Holleman 14 5 3 3
Hannah Newhouse 4 2 1 0
Kelsey Olson 3 1 0 1
Lindsie Cunningham 0 2 2 1
Kaylee Voorhees 0 1 0 2
Totals 48 16 12 10

Coach Holleman commented, "The officials called a very tight game which resulted in the Owls giving up a lot of points on fouls. The girls played with a lot of heart and intensity and took excellent care of the basketball in the final minutes."

In the Championship game, the Lady Owls were matched up against the #2 seeded Minnewaska Lakers. The Lakers defeated Alexandria in the prior game to advance to the championship game. Hancock defeated Waska by scores of 21-10 and 22-17 for a total of 43-27. Stats were as follows:
Points Rebounds Steals Assists
Jenny Noordmans 13 3 1 2
Chelsea Voorhees 4 9 0 4
Bree Holleman 20 2 0 4
Hannah Newhouse 2 3 0 0
Kelsey Olson 0 1 0 1
Lindsie Cunningham 3 0 1 0
Kaylee Voorhees 1 0 2 0
Totals 43 18 4 11

Coach Holleman commented, "This game was very rough from start to finish. I was proud of how the girls kept their composure and worked together as a team to pull out the victory. The girls are playing some excellent basketball right now. I hope it carries over to the Sweet 16 tournament."

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Out & About: IBCA Select I/New Mexico Heat

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Diamond Division Gold Bracket Semifinals

IBCA Select I took a step to the championship with rally win over the New Mexico Heat. IBCA cured their free throw shooting woes they suffered on Friday morning with 10 of their last points coming at the line.
IBCA started off the game with a 5-1 advantage after a three by Trisha Nesbitt. NMH came back with their only lead in the first half with an 8-3 run to lead 9-8. IBCA bounced back with a 9-0 run to take their biggest lead of the game 17-9 on a 4/5 offensive sequence. Nesbitt nailed another three to finish the run. IBCA led at half 25-20.

IBCA stretched the lead early in the second half to 29-22. NMH took off on a 12-0 run. Telisha Joe scored eight of the points as NMH led 34-29. Chelsie Trask narrowed the gap with a three for IBCA, and Nesbitt tied the contest on a drive at 34 all. Joe answered the call with a three to give NMH some breathing room 37-34. NMH pushed the lead out to 43-38 and led 45-41 with 2:44 left. But already IBCA was on the road to victory with the first two possessions of a seven possession avalanche to close the game. Kelly Krei had a "&1" to put IBCA within striking distance after the 5 point NMH lead. Katelin Oney tied the game with a pair of free throws, and then put IBCA up with another two charity tosses. IBCA cashed in at the line one their last six possessions. NMH picked the wrong time to go cold with their last five possessions coming up empty. Joe was the leader and had the hot hand. Nesbitt was assigned to take her as IBCA went to a 1/3 defense. That threw a wrench in the Heat's plans.

Kelly Krei, Iowa City 12, 8, 150.0, .750 went to the line five times and converted eight free throws out of nine attempts. scored on the key drive &1 that gave big momentum shift to IBCA. likes facing the basket. takes the top on their 1/3/1 half court defense.
Katelin Oney, Cedar Rapids Washington 12, 9, 133.3, .556 plays with verve and fervor. She takes it to the basket with authority and explosion. not afraid of contact and relishes it. does have 3 range.
Kaisha Brown, Spirit Lake 0, 3, 0.0, .000 3 shooter
Trisha Nesbitt, Ames 9, 8, 112.5, .500 point guard. was a lock down on Joe forcing her to take shots out of her comfort zone and forcing her to work for her shots. played the majority of the game as she is the only true point they have. willing to take the charge
Amber Kirschbaum, Spirit Lake 2, 3, 66.7, .333 low possessions due to a hand/finger injury
Indy Uhlenhopp, North Butler 4, 10, 40.0, .200 rangy. forced to play in. will play out post HS
MacKenzie Westcott, Williamsburg 2, 3, 66.7, .333 worked the defensive boards.
Ashton McClairen, WDM Valley 6, 5, 120.0, .600 took the ball to the basket
Chelsie Trask, RRMR 3, 4, 75.0, .250 3 shooter

Brandi Valencia, Moriarty 6, 10, 60.0, .300 has 3 range. faces the basket.
Telisha Joe, Gallup 16, 14, 114.3, .500 the heart and soul of this team. has 3 range. creates. clever and deft passing. knows who is open. goes hard to the basket. also picked up four steals. active hands
Mary Rose Paiz, Albuquerque St. Pius X 6, 10, 60.0, .300 moves with out the ball. active on defense.
Ebony Walker, Sandia 6, 5, 120.0, .600 post player. needs to be more of a force on defense
Kristin Valencia, Moriarty 8, 9, 88.9, .444 took the shots at the end when Joe was covered.
Kya Degarmo, Eldorado 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Jordan Unverzagt, Grants 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Lindsey Trainor, Albuquerque Academy 1, 1, 100.0, 1.000
Britteny Brown, Eldorado 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Ellen Cruz, Penasco 2, 1, 200.0, 1.000

Trisha Nesbitt
IBCA Select I 50, 53, 94.3, .434
New Mexico Heat 45, 53, 84.9, .415
made 3s: IBCA 4, NMH 3
made fts: IBCA 16, NMH 4
bench: IBCA 15, NMH 3
MacKenzie Westcott 6
Ashton McClairen 5
Katelin Oney 3
Indy Uhlenhopp 3
Kelly Krei 2
Kaisha Brown 2
Trisha Nesbitt 1
totals: 22
Telisha Joe 6
Mary Rose Paiz 5
Brandi Valencia 3
Kristin Valencia 3
Jordan Unverzagt 2
Ebony Walker 1
totals: 20
Nesbitt was matched up for the second straight game (that I saw) with another #11. On Friday it was Kamille Wahlin from North Tartan Larson, this game it was Telisha Joe.
Next up: tomorrow morning

Out & About: North Tartan Crosby/Sultan Prospects

#6 posting 7.30.2007
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Diamond Division Quarterfinals

In an international flavored quarterfinal it was host North Tartan Crosby rallying from six down in the second half, then holding on, to beat Sultan Prospects of Canada 48-46. SPC is mainly from the Brampton Area which is a western suburb of Toronto. SPC also had unique uniforms. It this game they wore the pink in support of breast cancer research. They also had copper uniforms they used later in the day.

SPC looks to push the ball at every opportunity. They grabbed an early 12-7 lead. Six of their first 12 points were the result of transition or hard drives to the glass. NTC had a rough start with a five possession drought at the beginning. SPC led 27-23 at the break.

The second half got off to a slow start with only one score from both teams combined for the first 9 possessions. SPC did stretch their lead to 31-25, their biggest in the second half. NTC had their first push to take the lead with a 10-3 run. Molly Geske scored the last five for NTC and had a three, the second three in the run for NTC. That 35-34 lead lasted one possession as SPC answered with a drive by Kristy Lee. SPC pulled the margin out to 38-35. NTC then had their second run, this time 11-0 with a 5/6 offensive sequence. Again Geske dropped the last five with a trey in the mix. That put NTC in the driver's seat 46-38 with 4:21 left. That is when the NTC offense ground to a halt. In the last nine possessions NTC scored once. In the meantime SPC ran off 8 straight to tie the game at 46. Six of those points came via NTC turnovers translated into layups. With under a minute left Beth Christensen scored on an aggressive drive to the glass. That ended all scoring. NTC had two front ends of one & ones that the missed on their last two possessions. SPC missed on a three, and had a key fumble with under 15 seconds left.

Photos: #1 Kaila Montgomery, 14 pink, goes up for a shot with Sara Hendricks, 23 white NTC, goes up with a block and foul. #2 Kristy Lee, 55 pink, scores in transition, with Jenna Lillemoe, 13 white looking on. #3 Maggie Bryant, 25 white, is airborne going up for a lay up with Christine Hyde, 5 pink, also as airborne going up to try to stop the shot. photos by kja.

Molly Geske, Cretin-Derham Hall 15, 13, 115.4, .462 started off slowly, but picked up steam as the game rolled on. 3 range, does score off the dribble too. will crash the offensive boards. needs to keep her eyes up and needs to avoid the spin.
Maggie Bryant, Sartell 14, 13, 107.7, .538 hard to the glass. physical, perimeter. needs to keep follow through up and needs to stay in balance.
Beth Christensen, Owatonna 4, 8, 50.0, .250 is making hard, crisp moves to the basket. is starting to be more offensive. as has been the case all year, strong factor on defense with blocks and d rebounds
Jenna Lillemoe, Hopkins 11, 15, 73.3, .267 drained three 3s.
Sara Hendricks, Cretin-Derham Hall 0, 2, 0.0, .000
Allie Johnson, Princeton 0, 3, 0.0, .000
Kate Constable, Minnetonka 0, 2, 0.0, .000
Miranda Speckel, Buffalo 4, 5, 80.0, .400
Christine Hyde, Brampton St. Mary's 14, 14, 100.0, .500 goes hard to the basket. big quick perimeter
Kaila Montgomery, Waterloo Collegiate 7, 9, 77.8, .444 post player. runs the floor like the rest of the SPC
Jasmine Lewin, St. Edmund Champion 8, 10, 80.0, .400 point guard.
Donisha Young, Brampton Turner Fenton 4, 5, 80.0, .400 strong, physical post. likes to mix it up. outlets quickly.
Kristy Lee, Sir William Mulock 9, 11, 81.8, .455 lefty. quick move to the basket.
Alexandra Cherniak, Toronto Northern 0, 4, 0.0, .000
Denver McLean-Johnson, Brampton Mayfield 4, 7, 57.1, .286 scored on a reverse lay up
Aprille Deus, Brampton St. Marguerite D'Youville 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Stephanie Somerton, Brampton Father Henry Carr 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Molly Geske, started to roll in the second half
North Tartan Crosby 48, 61, 78.7, .344
Sultan Prospects of Canada 46, 62, 74.2, .387
made 3s: NTC 5, SPC 1
made fts: NTC 5, SPC 5
bench: NTC 4, SPC 4
Beth Christensen 9
Sara Hendricks 4
Molly Geske 3
Maggie Bryant 3
Jenna Lillemoe 3
Kate Constable 3
Miranda Speckel 3
totals: 28
Christine Hyde 7.5
Jasmine Lewin 7
Kristy Lee 4
Kaila Montgomery 3.5
Denver McLean-Johnson 3
Donisha Young 2
Alexandra Cherniak 2
Cairah Gabriel-Robinson 2
totals: 31
Next up: IBCA Select I vs New Mexico Heat

Friestleben Verbals

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Becca Friestleben, a 5-9 guard from Holy Family, has verballed St. Cloud State. Friestleben averaged 23.8 ppg for 16-9 Fire last year. Friestleben played with MN Quest this summer. She is the 12th overall in the class of 2008 to verbal, the fourth to go D2.

Next up: Out & Abouts from the Meltdown tournament

Bronk Hired at UWGB

#4 posting 7.30.2007
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College Reports

Sarah Bronk has been hired at UW Green Bay. Bronk is a Winona Cotter grad and was recently an assistant at Dover-Eyota. She replaces Mary Kulenkamp, former Woodbury and UWGB grad. Kulenkamp is now working for Muscular Dystrophy Association of Green Bay. From the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Next up: later today two out & abouts from the North Tartan Meltdown.

Patritto Athlete of the Year

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Michigan reports

The Livingston Daily has named Howell's Anna Patritto athlete of the year. She is headed to Oakland in the fall.

Next up: college reports. Later today the Meltdown Diamond Quarters with North Tartan Crosby vs Sultan Prospects and the Diamond Semis with IBCA Select I vs New Mexico Heat.

Sweet 16 Schedule

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Here is the schedule for the final event of the summer in Minnesota....the Sweet 16. Only High schools are involved and it is a good indication of who will be the ones to watch next winter. Three of the 2007 state champs attended the event last summer: St. Paul Central, Becker and Fulda.
The format is four teams from the four classes playing down to one champ. Last year Champlin Park took the title over surprising Cedar Mountain-Comfrey.

All games are at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN.

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next up: more state news.

NC Heat 4-0 at USJN

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NC Heat will be in the final 8 after going 4-0 in pool play at the USJN Summer Final girls basketball tournament. Games weren't complete but the top seeds will be decided by point differential, max 20 points per game. There were a few games in progress but NC Heat appeared to be headed to a #2 seed with Team Wisconsin Red 17 slightly edging them in point differential. Here is the USJN bracket set up.

The Heat won the first game against Team Excel (Missouri team I think) 51-32. It was a physical, low scoring game with Britt Dyshaw receiving stitches in her chin. Tayler Hill led the team in scoring once again.
Tayler Hill, Mpls South 14 pts
Ephesia Holmes, Mpls South 4 pts, 4 asts
Brianna Edwards, Mpls North 6 pts
Megan Nipe, Centennial 8 pts, 8 rebs
Katya Leick, Park-Cottage Grove 11 pts
Brittany Dyshaw, Eagan 3 pts
Rudy Ruffin, Wayzata 3 pts
Mandy Poke, Richfield 2 pts

Game 2 was against OH-SMAC 15 who started with 5 kids but added 2 more as the game progressed. NC Heat controlled the tempo and it was quick, however scoring was slow at the start. It was 5-5 with about 9 minutes left (16 min halves). The game was tied at 21 at half but NC Heat stepped up the intensity and ripped the nets in the 2nd half, outscoring SMAC 48-10. Dyshaw did not dress for this game.
Tayler Hill, Mpls South 19 pts, 6 stls
Ephesia Holmes, Mpls South 7 pts, 3 asts
Brianna Edwards, Mpls North 4 pts
Megan Nipe, Centennial 8 pts
Taquoia Hammick, Mpls South 2 pts
Katya Leick, Park-Cottage Grove 14 pts, 13 rebs
Rudy Ruffin, Wayzata 4 pts
Akilah Hudnell, DeLaSalle 6 pts
Mandy Poke, Richfield 2 pts

North Tartan is now 0-3.

No word from Ohio. Here is their page.

Here is Mpls Lady Cat's coach Ahmil Jihad comments on the AAU National experience.

Our trip to Ohio proved to a true test of courage. We had every intention of going down and making a strong impression by playing hard and outworking teams.

Day one, Friday the 13th ( registration day) was truly a nightmare as usual as this process never goes smoothly. AAU really needs to find a better way to register teams or maybe do it online so that tons of people aren't sitting around wasting time on the first day which is really frustrating.

Day 2 -Saturday 7/14 We opened up with a 8 am game against Team Texas which was a very painful game to watch as the officials really restrained us from playing all out Lady Cat Basketball. Which means we were forced into a slow pace half court game where execution and concentration play a huge role in the outcome of the game. Our mental effort was very low and it was very hard to adjust to the officials and the way they were calling the game (5 offensive calls made against us) we ended up losing by four points and learned a valuable lesson on concentration and intensity. One of the toughest things to do as a coach during tournament play is to get the kids to forget about their last performance and focus on the game ahead. Our pool had five teams in it which means we were scheduled to play four games the first two days and for once it really took it's toll on our already small team. During our second game (VA. Richmond U-Turn Warriors) on Saturday night we lost one of our starters (Laura Thomas -Broken Ankle) but won the game by thirty. We we're all hoping that LT's ankle was a minor sprain but we received word during dinner that it was pretty severe and would require surgery immediately. I was afraid that this would mentally deflate our team and hurt our chances of being competitive the rest of the week. Injuries come with the territory and we didn't want dwell on LT's situation but focus more on the opportunity to do something great with seven hungry players

Day 3 - Sunday 7/15 We got up early with intentions to scout Motor City Finest, one of the toughest teams in the tournament who just happened to be in our pool. So we wanted to get a look at them in action and come up with game plan for our afternoon meeting. The game itself was a huge attraction for everyone who was looking for a great game, we tried to contain them and keep the game close but at half they were already up by sixteen their bench proved to be the deciding factor as they subbed eight athletic players at will. We got it down to seven points at one point in the second half but ended up losing by double figures. Our second game on Sunday was against the Mid Atlantic Comets out of Philly. We played pretty decent but again the lack of players really took toll on us as Brianna and Aubrey ended up playing the entire game because we had nobody to break them. So we got our second pool win which was ugly as it gets.

Day 4 - Monday 7/16 We were assigned to the Classic tournament because of our two pool losses to Detroit & Texas. We were matched against a very strong Maryland Flames team who dressed about 15 players deep. Our goal was to out coach them with a barrage of different zone defenses and keep them in limbo offensively. It worked like a dream and the kids started to really pull together mentally. We blew the flames by 26 and loss another starter to injury (Kaylani Edwards aka Kay-k, high ankle sprain). The next game that evening was the Michigan Shock who had one solid post player who gave us plenty of problems but we were able to get her in foul trouble by attacking the basket and went on to win by twenty.

Day 5 - Tuesday 7/17 Our current record is 4-2 and we were scheduled to play the #2 ranked California GBL Rebels who had already been defeated by St. Paul, Mn. which made us feel confident coming into this game. We lost a close battle to GBL and fell apart at the two minute mark so we had to do a gut check and find out if the girls were ready to throw in the towel. They all swore that they wanted to finish what they started and felt they could get it done the hard way by playing two games a day the rest of the way.

Day 6 - Wednesday 7/18 4-3 with two tough games awaiting us, we out scrapped Indy Red and sent them home with our style of tenacious lady cat ball. Next up that same evening was the Maryland Waves who was a worthy opponent, same results from the earlier game as we jumped out on them early and sent them home with a forty point loss. Their parents and coaches paid us a huge compliment right after that game by saying "your kids show more heart and discipline than any team we've seen here this week, they play with passion and go extremely hard " - Warren Carter/MA Waves Head coach

Day 7 Thursday 7/19. Now at 6-3 we had courage but were really banged up physically. We played the Houston wildcats and sent them packing as well by over powering them with our defense. The next game was our final game in Cincinnati as we lost to a very inferior Missouri Cyclones who was clearly one of the teams I would love to play at full strength in the future. We finished up at 7-4 which is very good understanding our situation and I truly LOVE each and every player who participated in this event with us. All eight of them will forever hold a special place in my heart because of the courage they showed during this tournament.
Coach Ahmil

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Out & About: Mpls Lady Cats/Gym Rats

#4 posting 7.29.2007
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information


Always bet on Cats when facing Rats. The Minneapolis Lady Cats used their cat like quickness to devour the Gym Rats 68-23. It was over pretty fast. MLC led 15-0 before the Gym Rats made a free throw. MLC led 30-2 before the first GR field goal with 3:53 left in the first half. MLC held the GR to an 11 possession drought to open the game, seven of which were turnovers. The GR also had a 10 possession drought later in the half. Turnovers were the main bread and butter for the MLC as the defense forced turnovers galore. The Gym Rats had problems advancing the ball to mid court. MLC had 18 points on steals and lay ups. It was 43-10 at half time. Tyisha Smith led the buzz saw attack with 11 points.

There really wasn't much change in the second half. There was one main drought for the Gym Rats with an 8 possession patch. This game did not have any mystery. The one bright spot for the Gym Rats was the performance of Kayla Hirt who had 12 points.
Photos: #1 Chelsey Jacox, 15 orange, goes up for two after a steal for MLC. #2. Kayla Hirt, 21 goes above Jacox, 15 orange. photos by kja
Sadiqah Jihad, Mpls South 8, 9, 88.9, .444 one of the many buzz saw guards
Chelsey Jacox, DeLaSalle 9, 5, 180.0, .800 lay ups were the rule for her
Sarina Baker, DeLaSalle 8, 11, 72.7, .364 gritty lunch bucket defender.
Tyisha Smith, Mpls South 18, 9, 200.0, 1.000 the queen bee of the buzz saws. explosive and disruptive. speed to burn. often a blur. also has 3 range.
Aubrey Davis, Bloomington Kennedy 6, 4, 150.0, .750 another in the buzz saw guards
Brianna Williams, Hopkins 7, 5, 140.0, .600 yet another in the buzz saw arsenal
Kaylani Edwards, Bloomington Kennedy 8, 5, 160.0, .800 a post. getting physical
Arianna Fuller, Champlin Park 2, 5, 40.0, .200
Abbye Barner, St. Paul Johnson 2, 4, 50.0, .500 raw post
Karlee Erickson, Mora 1, 12, 8.3, .083
Kayla Hirt, Bemidji 12, 14, 85.7, .357 lanky, runs the floor. gets off the floor. can score when getting hit and can make the "&1" to boot (twice). obviously can go inside but also has range.
Erika Weimann, Bemidji 3, 12, 25.0, .083
Heather Schumacher, Crookston 4, 7, 57.1, .286 liked to shoot outside.
Jessica Weatherstone, Sisseton, SD 3, 9, 33.3, .222 big post.
Tori Schmitz, Crookston 0, 4, 0.0, .000
Tyisha Smith
Mpls Lady Cats 68, 57, 119.3, .579
Gym Rats 23, 58, 39.7, .190
made 3s: MLC 4, GR 1
made fts: MLC 6, GR 4
bench: MLC 19, GR 0
Another big factor, besides the speed/quickness, was the lack of legs on the part of the Gym Rats. They only had one substitute available. That meant players were making fatigue mistakes against fresh onslaughts by the MLC.

Sarina Baker 8
Tyisha Smith 7
Arianna Fuller 6
Chelsey Jacox 4
Aubrey Davis 4
Brianna Williams 3
Kaylani Edwards 3
Sadiqah Jihad 1
Abbye Barner 1
totals: 37
Kayla Hirt 5.5
Jessica Weatherstone 2.5
Karlee Erickson 2
Erika Weimann 2
Heather Schumacher 1
Tori Schmitz 1
totals: 14
interesting fact: MLC teammates Brianna Williams and Sarina Baker rushed from the Minnesota Gopher team camp where their high schools faced each other in the championship. Williams was a double winner.
Next up: tomorrow morning with the general news of the day. later tomorrow---the out & abouts with North Tartan Crosby vs the Sultan Prospects in the Diamond Gold Quarterfinals; then IBCA Select I vs New Mexico Heat in the Diamond Gold Semis.

Out & About: Hopkins/DeLaSalle

#3 posting 7.29.2007
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

HOPKINS royals 24, DE LA SALLE islanders 20

In a steamy Williams Arena, Hopkins won the A portion of the Minnesota Gopher team camp. A year ago Hopkins fell in the championship game to Bismarck Century 30-21. With running 20 minute running time there wasn't going to be much scoring considering the free throws and sub patterns. Add on top of that the general fatigue after a few days of camp in the sweltering environment and you are not going to see the top level offensive performances.

DeLaSalle had the early lead at 3-0 as Hopkins had a five possession drought to start the contest. Hopkins took their first lead on Stephanie Sension's 3 with over 4:45 left in the half. No one scored the rest of the way as DLS closed with a seven possession drought.

There was almost as much scoring in the first 8 minutes of the second half as the entire first half with Hopkins still maintaining a 15-13 lead. Then both offensives ground to a halt for 12 possessions. Hopkins went silent for six possessions while DLS suffered through seven. Hopkins' biggest lead came with 2:20 to go at 22-13. DLS staged a 7-2 rally in one minute's time which turned out to be the final score. However there were 40 seconds left and it was anybodies guess what was coming next. DLS had two possessions, yet did not score. Hopkins missed the front ends of two one and one chances as DLS was in a desperate rush to get the ball back.

photos: #1 Stephanie Sension shoots over Meme Hudnell and Marissa Randle. #2 Tory Rule, DLS gets set for take off. photos by kja

Stephanie Sension 7, 9, 77.8, .333 post. gets up, has range
Chelsea Garcia 5, 3, 166.7, .333 hit a big 3 for breathing room
Hanna Muegge 7, 11, 63.6, .273 handled the point most of the day
Kara Elofson 2, 5, 40.0, .200 rebounding machine. relentless
Brianna Williams 2, 2, 100.0, .500
Tori Joranson 1, 1, 100.0, 1.000
Tess Komarek 0, 3, 0.0, .000

Meme Hudnell 8, 8, 100.0, .500 made four free throws. scored off the drive
Aaryn Booker 3, 5, 60.0, .400 another lunch bucket performance underneath
Carissa Wolyniec 4, 6, 66.7, .333
Anna Kovalchuk 0, 2, 0.0, .000
Alex Bledsoe 0, 1, 0.0, .000 main point guard
Sarina Baker 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Tory Rule 5, 10, 50.0, .300 during one stretch of the second half had seven straight possessions. likes to drive. wasn't given great opportunities by defense.
Rachel Amundson 0, 2, 0.0, .000
Marissa Randle 0, 1., 0.0, .000
Diamond Lane 0, 0, 0.0, .000

Kara Elofson. Defense Got the Job Done

Hopkins 24, 34, 70.6, .294
DeLaSalle 20, 36, 55.6, .306
made 3s: Hopkins 3, DLS 1
made fts: Hopkins 7, DLS 7
bench: DLS 5, Hopkins 1
Hopkins made only five field goals for the entire game, 2 in the second half. DLS duplicated that performance.

Kara Elofson 9
Stephanie Sension 2
Hanna Muegge 2
Brianna Williams 2
Chelsea Garcia 1
Tori Joranson 1
Tess Komarek 1
totals: 19

Aaryn Booker 6
Anna Kovalchuk 3
Tory Rule 3
Meme Hudnell 2
Alex Bledsoe 2
Marissa Randle 2
Carissa Wolyniec 1
Sarina Baker 1
Diamond Lane 1
totals: 21

It should be noted both teams were missing players: Hopkins had Caitlin Rowland and Jenna Lillemoe out of action. DLS had Jamelia Hudnell, and Chelsey Jacox out.
Both teams are set for the Sweet 16 next week at the College of St. Benedict. Neither team will advance far if they duplicate their offensive performance. Their defense might have something to say who stays and who goes.

Next up: the Cats vs the Rats

More MN Elite News/Photos

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Due to the lack of photo uploads earlier in the week I didn't post these photos and stories

Abby Busch of Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop was 1-1 champ.

The Miracle was the top team at the camp with a 7-1 record.
Bottom row L-R. Coach Amanda Behnke; Cassie Dorschner, Kasson-Mantorville; Tyisha Smith, Minneapolis South; Kaitlyn Houser, Zimmerman. Back Row: L-R. Hanna Iaizzo, White Bear Lake; Kiara Strickland, Minneapolis Roosevelt; Sarina Baker, DeLaSalle; Jessica Benson, Grand Meadow.
I reported on the All Star game 1-20 (see Thursday's reports). Here is who made the 21-40 list.
Jodi Batzel, Dover-Eyota
Kayla Blom, Centennial
Gabby Boever, Worthington
Kendra Bornhoft, RTR
Laura Bruce, Champlin Park
Erin Foley, St. Cloud Tech
Andrea Hagberg, St. Cloud Apollo
Alyssa Kerkhoff, NRHEG
Samantha Mehr, Eastview
Bridget Schuneman, Centennial
Amanda Barton, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown
Aubrey Davis, Bloomington Kennedy
Tanya Dickey, White Bear Lake
Colleen Doerr, LeSueur-Henderson
Caroline Haik, Totino-Grace
Taquoia Hammick, Minneapolis South
Alyssa Marschner, Armstrong
Veronica Scott, Totino-Grace
Lulu Seelye, Deer River
Sadiqah Jihad, Minneapolis South
These players were selected to play, but either to other commitments or injury did not play
Amber Dvorak, Hinckley-Finlayson
Laura Erickson, Winona Cotter
Jengeih Tamba, Park Center
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Next up: two out & abouts from the Saturday events yesterday.

North Tartan Larson Scares Boo

#1 posting 7.29.2007
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North Tartan Larson battled Boo Williams to overtime before falling to the AAU 16u champs in the first round of Nike Nationals. NTL played All Ohio last night, and will play CyFair and OGDL today. NTL has also added Shakila Boler, Bloomington Kennedy and NT 14, to their roster for this event.

All the results are now posted with tourneyville providing the results.
43Hoops 15s finished the AAU season out strong. In the finals they beat North Tartan 47-43 in the Ruby Division.

The Southern Minny Elite playing out of Rochester, MN finished their last month of play 14-3. The SME captured the Emerald bracket of the North Tartan Meltdown with a perfect 5 and 0 record. Shooting guard Emily Greiner, 2008, of Kingsland led the SME in scoring at the Meltdown averaging 19 points a game. Greiner poured in a three year team record single game scoring mark of 31 points versus a tough Legends team from Green Bay,WI. Greiner was 4 of 6 from 2 point range, 5 of 6 from three and 8 for 8 from the free throw line for the 31 point total at a blistering 85 % shooting clip overall.

Cami Koehn, 2008, of Colman-Egan SD played very well all round. Her sharing of the ball and ball handling along with her 10 points per game was a very welcome addition to the SME team for the Meltdown.

Alise Holst, 2008, of Plainview averaged 8.5 ppg and shut down opponent's scoring forwards very effectively. Holst really pounded the boards all weekend.

Sam Lynn of Adrian, Megan Quiram of Cannon Valley Lutheran, Abby Kenealy of Farmington all averaged 6 ppg. Molly Greiner of Kingsland and Jodi Batzel of Dover Eyota followed very close behind in scoring.

Molly Greiner, 2011, Emily's younger sister, joined SME team for the these last 17 games."Molly does so many things that do not show up in summer basketball statistics. She dives on loose balls, she helps on defense, she ties people up, she forces traveling calls on the opponents, she steals the ball, she finishes her scoring opportunities and has to be the leading 5-7 rebounder in southern Minnesota. Not the only reason, but a significant factor why we finished our season 14 and 3 this past month" marveled SME coach Mark Radtke. Radtke added, "Obviously, everyone played really well the last month of the season!"

The Southern Minny Elite returns guards Sam Lynn and Megan King, 2009. 6-0 Jodi Batzel, 2010, 6-3 Megan Quiram, 2010, who has early Division I interest and Molly Greiner. SME is looking to add three or four more quality people for the 2008 spring/summer season. If interested please contact coach Radtke at mdmark999@yahoo.com

The Heat won their opening 2 games in pool play, knocking off IL Wolverines Black 62-56 and IL West Central Cougars 77-46.
The Wolverines game was not as close as the score indicated. The Wolverines last lead was 8-7 early and largest was 4. NC Heat led most of the game by 8-14 points although IL cut it to 5 with about 2 minutes left. Fe Holmes made 4/4 free throws down the stretch to preserve the lead. Tayler Hill provided all the early offense for NC Heat scoring 16 of their first 22 points. Stats:
Tayler Hill, Minneapolis South 25 pts, 6 stls, 3 asts
Ephesia Holmes, Minneapolis South 12 pts
Brianna Edwards, Minneapolis North 1 pt
Katya Leick, Park-Cottage Grove 6 pts
Megan Nipe, Centennial 10 pts
Mandy Poke, Richfield 6 pts, 8 rebs
Taquoia Hammick, Minneapolis South 2 pts

In game 2 it was never close. When the starters took their first breather it was 24-4.
Tayler Hill, Minneapolis South 15 pts, 5 asts
Ephesia Holmes, Minneapolis South 6 pts
Megan Nipe, Centennial 24 pts, 3 stls
Katya Leick, Park-Cottage Grove 11 pts, 7 rebs
Brianna Edwards, Minneapolis North 8 pts
Brittany Dyshaw, Eagan 5 pts
Mandy Poke, Richfield 2 pts
Taquoia Hammick, Minneapolis South 4 pts
Rudy Ruffin, Wayzata 2 pts

Rudy Ruffin (Wayzata) and Akilah Hudnell (DeLaSalle) were added in place of Annie Berner (injury) and Carly Rothfusz (church trip).

The Nebraska Bison CSS team is 2-0 in tournament bracket play, and has advanced to the semis of the elite division. They defeated the Ohio Legends 17U team today, and defeated the Minnesota Stars (Hested) 80-56 in the quarterfinals. The Bison team had a balance attack by their 3 D1 guards, who all scored in double digits.

The Nebraska Judds CSS (15U) team is 2-1 for the tournament playing up in the elite blue division, and 1-1 in bracket play. They were defeated by the AAU 5th place finisher Ohio-Penn Valley Blue storm in the first round, and then defeated "The future" to advance to the consolation semis. They were lead in scoring by their 6'4 Freshman standout Alyssa Kamphaus who has 38 points in the 10 point win against the future.

The Cornhusker Shooting Stars (14U) 8th grade team is 3-0, and playing in the 15U semis. They defeated Boone Grove High School, Indiana Elite 15's, and the Peoria PT Players.

Diamond Lane has registered for High school at De LaSalle and she also played in the team camp over the weekend with the Varsity. Many consider this group the top incoming Freshman class in the state (Sarina Baker, Chelsey Jaycox, Tori Rule, Diamond Lane & Jasmine Randle).

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Next up: more state news. later today the out & abouts for the Hopkins vs DeLaSalle Gopher Camp final and the Pearl Championship between the Mpls Lady Cats and the Gym Rats.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Meltdown Champs Crowned

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IBCA Select I won the Diamond Gold bracket in the North Tartan Meltdown girls basketball tournament today with a convincing 72-57 win over Dakota Hardwood Threat.

Today my day started in the semis in the Diamond Gold bracket and North Tartan Crosby rallied to beat the Sultan Prospects of Ontario 48-46. Sultan Prospects led by six early in the second half. NTC started to pull way with a 7/9 possession string on a 16-4 run. NTC led 46-38 at that point. The Sultans came back to tie the game at 46 with 1:33 left. Beth Christianson scored the game winner on a drive with about 40 seconds left. The Prospects had three possessions to tie, but NTC held firm.

After that I was off to the Minnesota Gopher Team camp. in the B division White Bear Lake beat St. Louis Park for the championship 41-29. In the A division game I watched Hopkins beat DeLaSalle 24-20. Williams Arena has no air conditioning.

Then it was back to Hopkins for the Meltdown tournament again. The next game was the championship of the Pearl (14u) division. It was Cats vs Rats and in those situations go with Cats. The Minneapolis Lady Cats ran over the Gym Rats 68-23. There wasn't much drama to report on in this game.

Other championships included
Ruby division 43 Hoops 47, North Tartan 45
Emerald Division Southern Minne Elite 56, MN Fury 48 in overtime
Silver Bracket Diamond division Wisconsin Fast Break 65, MN Quest 59
Bronze Bracket Diamond Division MN Summit Blue taking the crown.

I watched the Diamond Gold Bracket semis. IBCA Select I won the first semi with a comeback win over the New Mexico Heat 50-45. IBCA led 34-29 in the second half, but NME rallied to go up 43-38 after a 14-4 run. Kelly Krei started IBCA's comeback with a drive &1 to cut the margin to 43-41. IBCA then scored on every possession the rest of the way, with the last nine points all at the line.

The next Gold Bracket semi was played right after. Dakota Hardwood Threat came out smoking and built a 19-8 lead on 9/11 possessions. North Tartan Crosby had to play catch up the rest of the way. DHT led 39-28 at the half. NTC came out with their own fire at the start of the second half and cut the margin to 46-42 at one point. A key break point came with five minutes left when DHT had a six point possession to make it 62-44. DHT advanced with a 66-46 win.

In the championship DHT didn't have a lot in the gas tank and IBCA was revved up. They put the pedal to the metal and led 48-22 at half. DHT was going at a 137.1 pp100 clip in the first half. Everybody was getting into the act. DHT did get their bearings in the second half and managed to pare down that margin to the final result 72-57.

Last year in the two tournaments IBCA Select I lost to SD Elite. DHT is also from South Dakota so, even though it is not the same program, there is somewhat of a rivalry, at least on the IBCA side.

I will have reports on all these games
Hopkins vs DeLaSalle
Mpls Lady Cats vs Gym Rats
North Tartan Crosby vs Sultan Prospects
IBCA Select I vs New Mexico Heat
Dakota Hardwood Threat vs North Tartan Crosby
IBCA Select II vs Dakota Hardwood Threat

Next up: tomorrow morning

Greece is the Word for Quigley

#5 posting 7.28.2007
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College reports

Erika Quigley, St. Cloud State, has signed a pro contract with Thessaloniki in the Greece Professional League. From the St. Cloud Times.

The latest postcard in the Gopher series is from Kay Sylva.

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next up: reports from the North Tartan tournament

Hauser Hired

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Wisconsin Reports

Dave Hauser has been hired as the girls basketball coach at Stevens Point. Hauser has coached boys at a variety of schools, the last being New London. From the Appleton Post Crescent.

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DeJong Leaving Charter Oak-Ute

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Iowa Reports

Girls Basketball coach Brian DeJong is leaving Charter Oak-Ute for Estherville Lincoln Central. He will be the assistant high school principal and athletic director. Taking over at COU is assistant Heather Block. This from the Harlan Tribune, but it was in the softball story.

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Fury and Lady Cats Advance to Finals

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Here are some of the results from the North Tartan Meltdown at Hopkins.
Minnesota Fury 15U are 3-0 in pool play of the Emerald 15U/16U Division and headed to the finals tomorrow at 3:30.
They will face Southern Minne Elite 16U.

Minnesota Fury 35, Sultan Prospects 15U 31 (OT)
Sarah Peterson (Minnehaha) 12 reb, 7 Stls.
Kailyn Wilcox (CDH) 12 pts, 7 reb.

Minnesota Fury 48, Prairie Bison Hoopsters 16U 28
Sarah Peterson (Minnehaha) 5 pts, 13 reb, 7 stls.
Rochelle Cichy (Hill-Murray) 5 pts, 9 reb, 3 ast, 3 stl.

Minnesota Fury 48, Fox Valley Hustle 16U 46 (OT)
Tiffany VanHaaften (Chaska) 12 pts, 5 reb, 3 ast.
Chrissy Holm (Hill-Murray) 12 pts, 5 reb, 3 ast.

The Fury will have more box score information on their site.

For the fourth consecutive time this Summer Mpls Lady Cats beat the Midtown Monarchs 59 - 48. MLC's Aubrey Davis led all scorers with 21 points, 7 Rebs, 5 Asst.

Cats advance to the Championship game vs Gym Rats today @2:15pm

The Diamond championship will take place at 7:15 pm today.

Also today the Minnesota Gopher Team camp will have championship games at 11:20 and 12:30.

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North Tartan 14s 5th

#1 posting 7.28.2007
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North Tartan 14s lost to the Jacksonville Rams 65-55 in the 14 quarterfinals. NT finished tied with four others for 5th place.
All Iowa Attack 15s finished in a two way tie for fifth place.

NC Heat is heading to Schaumburg, IL, to play in the USJN Summer Final.
Games run Sat-Monday.
NC Heat pool play:
6PM Sat: IL-Wolverines 16 Black
8:30PM Sat: IL-West Central Cougars 16 White
1 PM Sun: MO-Team Excel 17
7:15PM Sun: OH-SMAC Premier 15
Other teams involved in this tournament include Randolph, WI; and Iowa Elite.

North Tartan Larson headed to Nike Nationals yesterday. They are in Pool B and open with Boo Williams this morning.

NE Bison CSS- Finished 5-1 and as champions of the adidas battle on the plains. They were defeated by MN Stars Borowicz in pool play, but came back to defeat All Iowa Attack by 2 in the Finals on a last second shot.

At the Super 16 girls invitational NE Bison CSS finished 4-2, and 3rd place. They were defeated by the All Iowa Attack by 1 on a free throw as time expired. They defeated All Iowa Attack earlier in the tournament and finished 3-2 against them for the summer. They are now headed to Cincinnati, OH for the USA Summer Slam. The first two games are against the Dayton Lady Hoopsters, and the Ohio Legends, in the 3rd game they await a possible match up against MN Stars Hested.

NE Judds CSS (15U) finished 3-3, and as consolation champs of the 17U elite division in the battle on the plains (played up 2 years).

In Ames they finished 4-2, and 5th place. One of the highlights of the tournament was playing an amazing game against the nationally prominent Arkansas Belles team. The game which was tied with 3 minutes to go in the game, saw the Judds team lose a heart breaker 84-79. They continue to play hard, and hold there own in these older elite divisions.

Next they will head to Cincinnati as well, where they will play up in the Elite blue division, and faced Full Package white (IL) on Friday evening.
The Cornhusker Shooting Stars 8th graders (14U) finished 5-1 and in 3rd place in the adidas finale tournament, in pool play the defeated the always solid All Iowa Attack 14U team by 26 points.

They are now headed to Cinci as well, where they will compete in the 15U division.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

The AAU Week That Was #17: Bit of Everything

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THE AAU WEEK THAT WAS #17: A Bit of Everything
As the summer builds to a crescendo this week had a bit of everything: high school teams in the Rogers tournament and in the Champlin Park Summer League; All Star Camps; and the high powered Summer tournaments.
High School events, like the Rogers tournament, give HS teams a chance to work out some kinks, test combinations, and work on basic/fundamentals. The drawback is that not everyone is there in attendance. So this isn't the full team you will see in the winter. Not every player that plays in the summer will be getting to smell the court come winter. Teams use and experiment with a lot of players. By winter only a handful will make the rotation. Any more and rhythm is disrupted.
The summer leagues are all very hit and miss. Loyalty is to where the most money is being spent. Last night at the Champlin Park summer League the whole undefeated Osseo team was at the Gopher team camp. Maple Grove wasn't at full strength either. A gritty, gutty performance by the younger Osseo players made for compelling viewing.

All Star camps feature players that have a general higher skill level than what you see in the general HS games. The top players are thrown together and a new team is born. It is rare in these situations that teams click and hum with efficiency. It takes a while to learn names, much less tendencies. That is why top pp100 are in the upper 80s generally. Not because of awesome defense, but because players are unsure, or don't know what their teammate is going to do. The more aggressive players will thrive and take over in these situations. However it can be too much one on one, trying to do it all by themselves. The trick is to see the player that can lift, help, inspire, and encourage their teammates in these camps. They are the true leaders and players flock to be part of their teams and hang with them.

The elite, heavyweight teams and tournaments are a different matter. Some players think that this is the best level of competition and in a sense they are right. They are facing the better players from other states and (hopefully) will have practiced to get the nuances of their own team down. But if they think this is how college ball is they are wrong. College is more like the winter HS season when you have a conference so you know your opponent inside and out, and you are NOT playing five games in two days.

Summer tournaments and programs exist to sell players to colleges. The motivation is different than in the winter. There is no such thing as a "national" tournament in girls basketball anymore. An AAU "National" tournament without one team from California? To be truly national every state in the union should be there. And it doesn't really matter to the colleges if it is a national tournament or not. They want to see players. The tournament season is so fragmented and teams are so fluid. A team changes every week. It is like looking at a kaleidoscope with different combinations.

Again loyalty follows the money. And there is money. Improving a players skills are a secondary result. However I think this season the execution in summer ball is better. That isn't to say the players are better than last year, but there is an improvement in team play.

The Battle of the Plains in Lincoln was won by the Nebraska Bison Cornhusker Shooting Stars. Other tournaments this week included the Super 16 girls tournament took place in Ames; The River City Classic in Memphis; and the AAU Nationals were on going with North Tartan 14s moving along to the quarters.

The heavyweight tournament season ends this week with events like the AAU Nationals; the North Tartan Meltdown; the Nike Nationals in Georgia; the USJN Summer Final in Chicago; and USA Summer Slam in Cincinnati.

To make team of the week the team simply has to execute. Centennial won the Silver division in the Rogers Breakdown tournament last Saturday with a pp100 of 108. They were hotter than the heat index outside. Luckily for me the Rogers gym is air conditioned. Centennial has plenty of talent. Three of the players (Emily Becken, Kayla Blom, and Bridget Schuneman) were coming off a successful camp week at the Top 100 Expo in St. Cloud. The trio also had successful weeks at the MN Elite camp this week. All three were on the all star teams, plus Megan Waytashek was added to the all star roster. That made four Centennial players, the most of any HS team there. On the weekend Kiara Allums was involved. Megan Nipe, another in the stable of talent was not there. If you check the three teams of the week down below you will see three Centennial players. That makes six honors in two weeks for Centennial.

In the championship game at Rogers they faced Albany, a team that finished second in the AA State tournament and returns key components. It was a competitive hard fought game 67-61. Artistically the best of the bunch all week (Albany checked in with a pp100 of 98.4). Centennial had seven player that hit the gold standard for that game. Centennial's season didn't end the way they wanted last season. They will be on a mission this season to grab the gold ring.

With a lot of different looks, the player the week this goes to Shelly Stemper. She always played with abandon at camp and made a difference. She was on the appropriately named Fire this week. She plays with fire and will burn you if you give her an opening. She can play in and out. She has been a guard in her younger days and can play outside. She has the size to do damage inside. She is assertive and aggressive after the ball. I have seen her on the floor going after loose balls constantly. Stemper plays this way all the time. She doesn't back away from competition. She is relentless.

How to make the team? This week all five players were north of 140 pp100 and that included two games each for Jacobson and Stemper. That is hard to do. So, for those that are unfamiliar are the rules:
1. I have to see the player
2. Player has to make the gold standard of 100 pp100 and a floor % over .500.
3. Player has to have more than six possessions in summer ball.
4. I take the combined numbers if I see more than one performance.

Devin Diedrich, Braham
Kelsey Jacobson, (Moorhead) Mystics/Gold I MN Elite Camp
Katie Loberg (Princeton) North Tartan Larson
Katelin Oney (Cedar Rapids Washington) IBCA Select I
Shelly Stemper (Becker) Fire/Gold I MN Elite Camp
Kiara Allums, Centennial
Aaryn Booker (DeLaSalle) Mercury/Maroon I MN Elite Camp
Alise Holst (Plainview-Elgin-Millville) Lynx/Maroon I MN Elite Camp
Bridget Schuneman, Centennial/Mystics, Maroon II MN Elite Camp
Megan Waytashek, Centennial/Shock, Maroon I MN Elite Camp
Brianna Blackhawk, Park Center
Lea'ola Fields, (Duluth Central) Comets MN Elite Camp
Cassie Rochel (Lakeville North) Shock/Maroon I MN Elite Camp
Jackie Voigt (Park-Cottage Grove) North Tartan Larson
Taylor Voss, Albany
Devin Diedrich, Braham
Megan Howard, (St. Paul Central) Fire MN Elite Camp captain
Kasey Kolnberger (Forest Lake) Mercury MN Elite Camp
Kelsey Jacobson (Moorhead)
Shelly Stemper (Becker)

Team...Player of the Week/D player
16: U Conn (Top 100 Expo)…Kiara Strickland (Minneapolis Roosevelt) LSU/Jennnifer Noordmans (Hancock) North Carolina Top 100 Expo
15: Metro Stars BlackCourtney Boylan (Chaska) Metro Stars Black/Brianna Williams (Hopkins) Mpls Lady Cats
14: Metro Stars Black....Courtney Boylan (Chaska) Metro Stars Black/same
13: Team WI Select 17.…Hannah Quilling (Eau Claire North) Team WI Select 17/Katie Bushman (Phillips) Team WI Select 17
12: North Tartan.....Jackie Voigt (Park-Cottage Grove) North Tartan/Cody Vandenheuvel (Cadott) Team WI Select 16
11: Totino-Grace....Amber Dvorak (Hinckley-Finlayson) MN Northern Lights/same
10: NC Heat.....Tayler Hill (Mpls South) NC Heat/same
9: Team WI Select 17.…Val Schuster (Wausau Newman) Team WI Select 17/Nicole Griffin (Milwaukee Vincent) Team WI Select 15
8: MN Stars Borowicz.....Kiara Buford (St. Paul Central) North Tartan/Katya Leick (Park-Cottage Grove) NC Heat
7: MN Metro Stars Black....Courtney Boylan (Chaska) MN Metro Stars Black/Kayla Hirt (Bemidji) Gym Rats 14
6: MN Stars Hested.....Theairra Taylor (St. Paul Central) MN Stars Hosted/Cassie Rochel (Lakeville North) Lakeville North 15
5: NC Heat....Tayler Hill (Mpls South) NC Heat/Katya Leick (Park-Cottage Grove) NC Heat
4: MN AAAA All Stars....Angel Robinson (St. Paul Central) AAAA/Janessa Wolf (Park Rapids) AAA
3: Team WI Select 17....Katie Bushman (Phillips) Team WI Select 17/same
2: Mpls Lady Cats..... Sarina Baker (DeLaSalle) Mpls Lady Cats/Aubrey Davis (Blm Kennedy) Mpls Lady Cats
1: IBCA Select I.....Indy Uhlenhopp (North Butler) IBCA Select I/same

1. Metro Stars
2. Gym Rats
3. Southern Minne Magic

16/17-Junior Girls
1. NC Heat
2. North Tartan Larson
3. MN Metro Stars Black
4. IBCA Select I
5. MN Stars Hested
6. ECI Gold West
7. Team WI Select 17
8. Dakota Hardwood Threat
9. Nebraska Bison Judds I
10. All Iowa Attack
11. MN Stars Borowicz
12. Pinnacle Bank Nebraska
13. Metro Stars White
14. Iowa Elite I
15. Quest

1. MN Metro Stars
2 NE Judds
3. All Iowa Attack
4. Team WI Select 15
5. North Tartan 15
6. MN Stars
7. Lakeville North
8. MN Fury
9. WI Heat
10. Southern Stars
11. MSB

1. North Tartan 14
2. MN Metro Stars
3. Cornhusker Shooting Stars
4. MN Suns Gold
5. MN Suns White
6. 43 Hoops Williams
7. MN Fury
8. MN Stars Blue
9. Gym Rats
10. MN Stars Red

1. Midtown Lady Monarchs
2. Mpls Lady Cats
3. MN Suns
4. Team WI Select 13
5. St. Paul Central
6. Farview
7. North Tartan
8. Rochester Shock
9. Olympic Ice
10. Metro Stars

Out & About:North Tartan Larson/IBCA Select I

#6 posting 7.27.2007
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

Exhibtion Game

North Tartan Larson knocked off IBCA Select I, the current #1 team in the gbbrecruit rankings 60-50. Katie Loberg, pulled up from NT's 15u team made a big impact with 14 points in the win. She scored 8 straight points for NT when they trailed in the first half.

The gym at Hopkins was crowded with collegiate coaches watching two heavyweight contenders in this exhibition. NTL after the game had a plane to catch for Georgia and the Nike National tournament. That made for an early 8 am tip off. Kamille Wahlin, NTL's point guard, barely arrived before tip off. There was a dearth of scoring early, but NTL's Jackie Voigt was able to find the basket twice, once a three to put NTL up 5-0. IBCA started off with a six possession drought. Kaisha Brown broke the ice for IBCA with a three. That kicked off a 10-2 run for IBCA. NTL responded with a 7-0 run immediately. Next IBCA went off on a six possession scoring spree and 12-2 run capped off with six straight from Katelin Oney. That gave IBCA a 22-16 lead, which would be their biggest lead. After a time out, Voigt stepped up for NTL on a high low from Amanda Viehauser. Amber Kirschbaum put IBCA back up by six. NTL then went on an 11-1 run to finish the half. This is when Katie Loberg established her presence. She scored eight straight NTL points in the run as the size advantage started to wear on the smaller IBCA squad. NTL led 29-25 at half.

NTL maintained the lead in the second half testing the five point margin at least four times. Each time IBCA would narrow it somewhat. NTL went up 42-36 after a Kamille Wahlin transition lay up. IBCA had one last run in them and after a 7-0 run went back in front 7-0. Leading the charge again was Oney with 4 points. However a trend was developing that would haunt IBCA--missed free throws. IBCA left three points on the table in that run with missed free throws. NTL answered on the very next possession with a basket by Kiara Buford. That started a 10/11 possession string to close out the game as NTL squeezed every last opportunity. NTL was scoring in the paint and in transition as they threw over the top of the IBCA press. IBCA couldn't generate any continuity inside against the taller NTL team and settled, some times too quickly for the 3 attempt. It was a 50-46 game with four minutes left and IBCA finished up with 4/5 offensive sequence in that stretch, but on three of those possessions they only got one point.
Photos: #1 Katie Loberg, 25 white, goes up for two of her eight points in the critical run late in the first half. Mackenzie Westcott defending. #2 Katelin Oney, 22 red, drives for two of her 13 points against Jackie Voigt, 21 white and Hannah Draxten. photos by kja
Jackie Voigt, Park-Cottage Grove 9, 8,. 112.5, .500 steady, reliable. gets the job done. physical. can score in & out
Hannah Draxten, Fergus Falls 7, 5, 140.0, .600 perimeter player that can hit 3s.
Kiara Buford, St. Paul Central 9, 10, 90.0, .400 slasher, transition player. can also drain 3s
Amanda Viehauser, Armstrong 3, 6, 50.0, .333
Kamille Wahlin, Crookston 6, 7, 85.7, .429 indispensable. she rarely came off the floor. had good vision and gets the ball to players quickly so they can score or make a move. put the clamps on Nesbitt with lock down defense forcing IBCA to adjust offense.
Hannah Linz, Eden Valley-Watkins 7, 4, 175.0, .750 3 point dagger
Katie Loberg, Princeton 14, 10, 140.0, .700 call up from 15u proved she can play and shine with the big girls. Made big impact in the first half. took advantage of size. changed shots. allowed NTL to use other kids outside the post
Caitlin Rowland, Hopkins 3, 5, 60.0, .400 alert defender
Jenny Gilbertson, Winona Cotter 2, 5, 40.0, .200 likes to shoot on the outside. has good speed and got back to block shots on defense.
Rey Robinson, Becker 0, 2, 0.0, .000
Trisha Nesbitt, Ames 7, 9, 77.8, .444 point guard. not afraid of contact made five free throws.
Indy Uhlenhopp, North Butler 4, 11, 36.4, .182 is a 3 that is forced to play inside. is a good athlete, but is out sized inside.
Kaisha Brown, Spirit Lake 6, 5, 120.0, .400 3 point shooter
Amber Kirschbaum, Spirit Lake 6, 3, 200.0, 1.000 good jumper. effective body control. had ice on her arm after the game.
Katelin Oney, Cedar Rapids Washington 13, 9, 144.4, .667 a pit bull. gets after ball and attacks with gusto. shows no fear. scored off the dribble.
Ashton McClairen, WDM Valley 2, 5, 40.0, .200 sometimes gets caught too far in on the penetration among the trees.
Kelly Krei, Iowa City 5, 10, 50.0, .300 prefers the 3 point line. runs the floor
MacKenzie Westcott, Williamsburg 3, 8, 37.5, .250 another 3 that is forced to play inside. again out sized
Chelsie Trask, RRMR 4, 2, 200.0, 1.000 hit a 3.
Katie Loberg
North Tartan Larson 60, 62, 96.8, .468
IBCA Select I 50, 63, 79.4, .397
made 3s: NTL 4, IBCA 2
made fts: IBCA 13, NTL 2
bench: NTL 26, IBCA 14
Notice that IBCA had 11 more points at the line compared to NTL. Yet IBCA was only 13/24 (counting missed front ends as two) at the line. NTL wasn't that much better only going 2/7.
Also the bench proved to be strong for NTL.
Size is an issue. Kirschbaum is about the only real post player IBCA has. The others are more perimeter/wing 3s. Adding Loberg to the mix allowed NTL to play some of their bigger kids on the perimeter. That caused vision problems. NTL was also more physical.
One of the more interesting battles was the battle of the 11s: point guards Kamille Wahlin and Trisha Nesbitt. Wahlin stuck to Nesbitt tightly to prevent a smooth flow of the IBCA offense.
Jackie Voigt 6
Hannah Linz 5
Kamille Wahlin 5
Kiara Buford 3
Katie Loberg 3
Jenny Gilbertson 3
Amanda Viehauser 2
Caitlin Rowland 2
totals: 31
Indy Uhlenhopp 5
Trisha Nesbitt 3
Kaisha Brown 3
Ashton McClairen 2
Amber Kirschbaum 2
Katelin Oney 2
Chelsie Trask 2
Kelly Krei 2
MacKenzie Westcott 1
totals 22

Also of note: future Iowa Hawkeye players Hannah Draxten (NTL) and Kelly Krei (IBCA) faced each other.
next up: later today with the week that was.