Saturday, April 26, 2008

Park Region Summer League 2008

Varsity Schedule
Date Times Host Site In Bold Times Host Site In Bold
6:30 Eagle Valley-HenningXX6:30 NYM-Bertha
7:30 Menahga-Eagle ValleyXXXVerndale-Sebeka
8:30 Menahga-HenningXXXXX7:30 NYM-Sebeka
6:30 NYM-VerndaleXSSXXX6:00 Bertha-Menahga
7:30 Eagle Valley-NYMXXXXX7:00 Sebeka-Henning
8:30 Verndale-Eagle ValleyXXX8:00 Bertha-Henning
6:30 Eagle Valley-SebekaXXX6:30 Henning-NYM
7:30 Eagle Valley-BerthaXXXXMenahga-Verndale
8:30 Bertha-SebekaXXXXXXX7:30 NYM-Menahga
6:30 Menahga-Eagle ValleyXXX6:30 Bertha-NYM
7:30 Henning-MenahgaXXXXXXXVerndale-Sebeka
8:30 Eagle Valley-HenningXXXXX7:30 NYM-Sebeka
6:30 NYM-Eagle ValleyXXXX6:30 Bertha-Henning
7:30 Verndale-NYMXXXXXXXXMenahga-Sebeka
8:30 Eagle Valley-VerndaleXXX7:30 Bertha-Menahga
6:30 Sebeka-BerthaXXXXXX6:00 Menahga-Verndale
7:30 Eagle Valley-SebekaXXXX7:00 Henning-NYM
8:30 Eagle Valley-BerthaXXXX8:00 NYM-Menahga
Tournament in Bertha?
Times TBA

20 minute running time halves
2 minute halftime
2 Free throws on shooting fouls
3 full timeouts per game
Bonus on 7th team foul
2 minute overtime

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out & About: All Star Championship

#3 posting 4.24.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

this game took place on Sunday, April 20
at St. Thomas
2A 98, 3A 60

The 2A team put their stamp on the championship game with the biggest victory margin, and highest point total in a championship game, since the start of the class system. 2A used the same team based play in putting their stamp on the 2008 series. Balance was a key word for the 2As. Seven players had 8 or more for the champs, while 3A only had 3. The 3 point barrage that sunk the 4As wasn't quite as potent, but the 2As shot .515 for the game compared to the .293 for 3A. The old saying is most definitely true--"If you shoot good, you look good."

Part of the 2A magic was they looked for each other, and didn't mind giving the ball up, hence the good shots. It is important to get the ball to the right people in the right spots and before the defense knows what is happening.

Another factor in the 2A win was the line and 2A made more than 3A attempted (24-14). The foul differential was not that huge (12-15). 2A was just more aggressive in attacking the basket and 3A picked their fouls up that way.

Kassie Robinson gave 3A the only lead they would have all day with a three on the first possession for the bigger schools. 2A heated up on their third possession with four straight scores. Two of them were on second chancers. Alex Montgomery had the hot hand for the 2As with 11 first half points. Brianna Mastey topped her with 12 for the 3As. Montgomery's team was up 44-34 at half.

2A did not have a lot of down time in the second half. They did have scoring runs of four, five and eight as 2A was scoring at will. The 2As had a 16-6 run during that time. The next dramatic question was whether the 2As could also get to the Century. The champs reached the 90 mark with 3:18 to go. With 20 seconds left it looked like they may get the ball back. They did but only for 3 seconds, not enough time to launch an attack.

Last year 2A was fourth in the four team event.
photos: #1. Brianna Mastey goes up for a shot with Leslie Wilson and Kamille Wahlin defending. #2. Jennie Noreen shoots a lay up with Megan Erlandson defending. photos by Teas.

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Alex Montgomery, Cannon Falls 19, 16, 118.8, .625
Taylor Voss, Albany 8, 6, 133.3, .500
Angie Jetvig, Hawley 15, 12, 125.0, .667
Leslie Wilson, Hayfield 7, 5, 140.0, .800
Jennie Noreen, Albany 8, 8, 100.0, .500
Kamille Wahlin, Crookston 13, 9, 144.4, .667
Becca Friestleben, Holy Family 17, 14, 121.4. .571
Jenny Gilbertson, Winona Cotter 9, 8, 112.5, .625
Faith Tinklenberg, Pipestone 2, 4, 50.0, .250

Kassie Robinson, Simley 8, 12, 66.7., .333
Shelly Stemper, Becker 3, 7, 42.9, .286
Sara Boever, Worthington 5, 9, 55.6, .222
Megan Erlandson, Minnehaha 11, 8, 137.5, .625
Ashley Runge, Grand Rapids 1, 4, 25.0, .250
Colleen Raune, Benilde-St. Margaret's 5, 9, 55.6, .222
Maggie Bryant, Sartell 4, 5, 80.0, .400
Brianna Mastey, Becker 21, 13, 161.5, .846
Aaryn Booker, DeLaSalle 2, 5, 40.0, .200
Casey Mann, Rogers 0, 9, 0.0, .000

Kamille Wahlin

2A 98, 82, 119.5, .573
3A 60, 81, 74.1, .371
made 3s: 2A 4, 3A 4
ftm/fta-ft%: 2A 24/29-.828; 3A 8/14-.571
bench: 2A 41, 3A 36

Angie Jetvig 7
Alex Montgomery 6
Leslie Wilson 5
Kamille Wahlin 4
Jenny Gilbertson 4
Jennie Noreen 4
Faith Tinklenberg 4
Taylor Voss 2
Becca Friestleben 1
totals: 37

Brianna Mastey 7
Kassie Robinson 5
Shelly Stemper 3
Maggie Bryant 3
Sara Boever 2
Megan Erlandson 2
Ashley Runge 2
Aaryn Booker 1
Casey Mann 1
totals: 26

Jennie Noreen 9
Kamielle Wahlin 7
Faith Tinklenberg 4
Taylor Voss 3
Angie Jetvig 3
Jenny Gilbertson 3
Alex Montgomery 2
Becca Friestleben 2
Leslie Wilson 2
totals: 35

Casey Mann 6
Kassie Robinson 3
Sara Boever 3
Megan Erlandson 3
Maggie Bryant 3
Colleen Raune 2
Aaryn Booker 2
Brianna Mastey 1
Ashley Runge 1
totals: 24

next up: tomorrow morning

Out & About: 4A/1A 3rd Place Game

#2 posting 4.24.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

this game took place on Sunday, April 20
at St. Thomas
4A 100, 1A 65

4A, not used to playing in the third place game, ramped up their defense in the first half and hit the century mark in a 100-65 win over the smaller school class A team.

The beginnings had the small towners up 6-1 as they scored on their first three possessions. But there was to be no replay of the night before. The last 1A lead came at 9-8 after a three by Jenny Noordmans. After that 4A rock and rolled to 48-18 finish in the half. A whopping 33-5 advantage in turnover points for the game was part of the equation. 4A ran on turnovers, but they also ran off missed 1A shots. Just in the first half they had 24 points in transition. 1A had droughts of 8 (4A 11-0 run at that time); and again 8 later in the half. 4A put their pedal to the metal with seven straight scoring situations--14-2 run--9 of which were on transition.

There really was no mystery in the second half other than if 4A would crack 100. The bigger schools reached 90 with six minutes left. They didn't get the 100th point until Ephesia Holmes scored after a steal and that came right at the buzzer.

Turnover differential for the game was a +16 for 4A (24-8). Shots were hard to come by in front of the two point line for 1A and they resorted more to the long bombs.

In 2005, the last time these two team played it was 1A beating the 4A squad 62-48. Since this new series began 4A's record is 6-2, 1A is 3-5.
photos: #1. Steph Sension wins the tip from Brooke DeWall. #2 Kiara Buford splits the 1A defense for a lay up. photos by Teas.

Since I reviewed all these players yesterday, I won't comment in detail, but give some highlights if warranted.
key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Kiara Buford, St. Paul Central 12, 9, 133.3, .667 another strong performance on both ends. MVP for 4A
Brittnye McSparron, Eastview 23, 14, 164.3, .786 had 18 of her points in the second half.
Stephanie Sension, Hopkins 5, 3, 166.7, .667 had a behind the back pass assist in transition. Molly Geske, Cretin-Derham Hall 6, 5, 120.0, .600
Courtney Boylan, Chaska 13, 9, 144.4. .667 had 11 in the first half. most in transition.
Ephesia Holmes, Mpls South 4, 5, 80.0, .400
Kiara Allums, Centennial 7, 8, 87.5, .500 led the team in assists and was second in D stops.
Jackie Voigt, Park-Cottage Grove 13, 17, 76.5, .412 led team in D Stops.
Emily Becken, Centennial 11, 8, 137.5, .625
Jordyn Sears, St. Cloud Tech 6, 6, 100.0, .500

Whitney Langen, Kittson County Central 11, 6, 183.3, .833 points came off second chancers and paint buckets.
Maria Gangelhoff, Sleepy Eye St. Mary's 2, 6, 33.3, .167
Brooke DeWall, SW Star 2, 5, 40.0, .200
Autumn Beasley, Heritage 5, 12, 41.7, .167 still struggled with ball handling duties. suited for shooting guard.
Anna Wicklund, BGMR 11, 7, 157.1, .714 needs to be way more aggressive and active on the defensive side of things.
Jenny Noordmans, Hancock 14, 17, 82.4, .353 was the MVP of the 1A
Gretta Hjelseth, Nevis 5, 13, 38.5, .154 needs to get stronger physically and with the ball.
Megan Myhre, Barnum 6, 8, 75.0, .375
Megan Cleveland, Menahga 9, 8, 112.5, .375 all points beyond the arc.

Brittnye McSparron

4A 100, 84, 119.0, .583
1A 64, 82, 79.9, .341
made 3s: 1A 8, 4A 4
ftm/fta-ft%: 4A 16/21-.762; 1A 9/15-.600
bench: 4A 41, 3A 34

Jackie Voigt 10
Kiara Allums 8
Brittnye McSparron 6
Ephesia Holmes 5
Stephanie Sension 4
Kiara Buford 3
Molly Geske 3
Courtney Boylan 3
Emily Becken 1
Jordyn Sears 1
totals: 44

Jenny Noordmans 5.5
Brooke DeWall 5
Gretta Hjelseth 4.5
Whitney Langen 4
Megan Cleveland 4
Anna Wicklund 1
totals: 24

Kiara Allums 8
Kiara Buford 5
Courtney Boylan 5
Stephanie Sension 5
Brittnye McSparron 3
Ephesia Holmes 3
Emily Becken 3
Jordyn Sears 3
Molly Geske 2
Jackie Voigt 1
totals: 38

Maria Gangelhoff 6
Autumn Beasley 5
Gretta Hjelseth 4
Megan Myhre 3
Megan Cleveland 3
Whitney Langen 2
totals: 23

next up: later today with the All Star Championship

4 Signings, All Star Links, 2 Late Results, State Seeding

#1 posting 4.24.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

I reported that DaNae Moore of Eastview signed with Creighton this past weekend. Now here is the Creighton press release with another signee--Stephani Rhoten of Canyon, Texas and Seward County CC.

Amy Frye of Hudson has signed with St. Cloud State. From the Hudson Star Observer.

Emily Greiner of Kingsland has signed with Mount Mercy in Cedar Rapids. The 5-6 guard averaged 17.5 for the 24-3 Knights. From the Spring Valley Tribune. Greiner is the 110th Minnesota 2008 player to sign. She is the 5th headed to the NAIA.

Tiffany Gregorich of Altoona, WI is headed to UW River Falls. From the Eau Claire Leader Telegram.

Again the story has been out there, but now Southern Illinois has their press release on the hiring of Tanya Bauer, former UMD coach, as the new assistant women's basketball coach.

Hankinson, North Dakota will keep both girls basketball coaches Shawn Gravalin and assistant Mike Loll after receiving a letter listing complaints. The Fargo Forum has the story and some of the complaints in the letter.

Angie Jetvig of Hawley and her performance in the All Star game is featured in the Kerry Collins column in the Fargo Forum. As to why 2A won "Everybody was so unselfish.” said Jetvig.

Here is the All Star Stat pages or links to them.

You can see SportsBrain09 with video interviews with some of the players on YouTube.

In the Adidas Super South Classic at Winthrop University this past weekend Minnesota Stars Borowicz/Hested finished with a 4-1 record. They won their bracket and then lost in the semifinals of the final four against NYC Exodus. This Stars team only had 8 players make the trip. Players competing for the Stars were: Theairra Taylor - St. Paul Central; Dani Mangen - Osseo; Tyisha Smith - Mpls South; Kate Thompson - Wayzata; Leah Dietel - Jordan; Megan Waytashek - Centennial; Cassie Rochel - Lakeville North and Rachelle Eckmann - St. James.

In the Windy City Classic in Chicago, IL. North Tartan Crosby went 5-0 and won the mini bracket. NTC beat the Illinois Valley Stars 17's, Wisconsin Pride Elite 17's, Indiana Region Rage 16's, Minnesota Suns 16's and Nebraska Omaha Crusaders 17's. Sarah Hendricks (Cretin-Derham Hall) was NTC's tournaments leading scorer and most consistent player.

The Minnesota State Seeding tournament is this weekend at Bloomington Kennedy. Here is the information page, and schedule page.

BlueprintSAS is looking for unsigned seniors or underclassmen for their Spring Showcase Saturday at the MAC Center in Verona. One of the staff listed for the event is Angel Robinson of Marquette (and St. Paul Central).

Thanks to all the readers for the help on the results from last weekend. The help is appreciated.
If you have news or results, go to my profile and email me.

next up: Later today with the final games of the All Star Series.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out & About: 2A/4A

#3 posting 4.23.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

This game took place Saturday, April 19
at St. Thomas
2A 87, 4A 70

Many people looked at this score as an upset. But for those that follow the blog during the high school season know that 2A had some deep talent this year. Coach Teas & I thought the 2A state tournament was going to be the most competitive. That talent rose up and took the 4A down 87-70 in the second game Saturday at St. Thomas. 2A played the game like the old Bill Russell Boston Celtics-- as a team-- while the 4A played the style angle like the Los Angeles Lakers. The fact was that 4A had seven D1 players on the roster while 2A had three. 4A plays tough competition day in and day out. All the 4A players travel around the country in the summer tournaments. But 2A were not intimidated by the bigger schools and had could shoot, shoot, shoot. I think one big difference is 2A had shooters on their roster, while 4A had scorers. The smaller schools also took better care of the ball and didn't breakdown under the 4A pressure. Another factor in 2As advantage--they had 8 players 5-10 or bigger compared to 4A with five. That advantage is pronounced on the perimeter. All were potent ingredients in this upset. This was the first time 4A lost in a first round game in this series.

Kamille Wahlin got things going first with a pull up after the fourth 2A possession. On the next 2A possession Becca Friestleben knocked down the first of five 3s. 2A did have a mini drought of five but 4A didn't take advantage of the down time. 4A did tie the game at 9 on a three by Brittnye McSparron. 4A did have a lead at 13-11 after a rebound basket by Ephesia Holmes. On the next eight 4A possessions they were only able to find the bottom of the basket once. 2A didn't take time off and went of a 8-2 run to lead 19-15. Friestleben with another 3 put 2A up for good. The biggest class was able to get the margin down to one twice, the last at 23-22, but 2A always had an answer. The answer this time was a Taylor Voss three. 2A had a 9-4 run in four straight possessions to take a 41-32 lead. Again the 2As struck gold behind the arc with Jenny Gilbertson dropping the bomb. 2A led 48-39 at half. Kiara Buford had 10 points to lead 4A. Friestleben led the 2A with 9.

Friestleben drained her 4th three on the first possession of the second half. The 2As pushed the lead to 14 before a five possession drought breathed new life into the 4As. They managed to cut the margin to 58-51 after a three by Holmes. The give and take of the game, the push the pull kept the margin in the 12 to 8 point range. 4A had one last great push with five straight scores. The problem was 2A also managed to score during the same time. 2A led 76-68 with 6:29 left. Then there was a power outage. It affected both teams and lasted 14 possessions and three minutes. The 2As had 7 empty possessions but the power outage lasted one longer. It was a 1/13 finish for the big school. Meanwhile the 2As finished up with six straight scores. Wahlin started it off with a jumper and four different 2A players scored afterward. It wasn't the 4A had chances, sometimes they had multiple chances on each possession. The proverbial Davids slayed the Goliaths 87-70.

2A only had nine players in action. Renae Henjum of New London-Spicer was out due to a knee injury.
Albany coach Jon Noreen was sporting a clean face. After the state tournament win he was forced to shave the moustache off by the team.

Photos: #1 Courtney Boylan sails through the air on a lay up attempt. #2. Becca Friestleben ready fire another 3. photos by Teas.

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Becca Friestleben, Holy Family 15, 13, 115.4, .385 Where I was sitting I could here 4A fans go "oh no" every time she caught the ball and shot. deadly behind the arc with five 3s on the night. also was a force on defense with the most d stops.
Angie Jetvig, Hawley 17, 12, 141.7, .750 unknown to most of the crowd. We named her player of the week late in February so we were aware of her ability to handle the ball and smooth style in the paint. tough enough to get hit and score. Left an impact on the crowd and 4A players.
Kamille Wahlin, Crookston 8, 8, 100.0, .500 the floor general for 2A. great vision. involves the team. gets the ball to the player before they know they are open. nice pull up. lefty.
Jenny Gilbertson, Winona Cotter 15, 15, 100.0, .400 a post player that runs the floor. also has 3 point range (3 times).
Faith Tinklenberg, Pipestone 13, 11, 118.2, .636 has competitive drive. understands the game. balanced. contributed on all phases. runs the floor.
Alex Montgomery, Cannon Falls 4, 7, 57.1, .286 another lefty. post player with perimeter shooting ability. also runs the floor.
Jennie Noreen, Albany 4, 7, 57.1, .286 guard. has quickness and slashing ability.
Leslie Wilson, Hayfield 2, 5, 40.0, .200 guard.
Taylor Voss, Albany 9, 7, 128.6, .571 shooting guard. runs the floor.

Ephesia Holmes, Mpls South 9, 10, 90.0, .400 point guard. has good body control. delivered a three.
Kiara Allums, Centennial 6, 11, 54.5, .273 athletic forward. runs the floor.
Jordyn Sears, St. Cloud Tech 0, 5, 0.0, .000 guard. transition game was closed to her.
Jackie Voigt, Park-Cottage Grove 8, 6, 133.3, .667 post with perimeter shooting.
Emily Becken, Centennial 5, 6, 83.3, .500 guard.
Molly Geske, Cretin-Derham Hall 4, 5, 80.0, .400 perimeter.
Stephanie Sension, Hopkins 1, 7, 14.3, .143 post player. needs to protect the ball better. ball was exposed. on defense the refs weren't buying the charges
Kiara Buford, St. Paul Central 19, 15, 126.7, .667 led both teams in scoring. very active around the basket. had five points on second shots. can score a variety of ways. built to run.
Courtney Boylan, Chaska 9, 10, 90.0, .400 led her team in assists. has strength and body control. Knocked down a three.
Brittnye McSparron, Eastview 9, 11, 81.8, .364 has pull up shot down. quick hands. passes were a bit off.

Angie Jetvig

2A 87, 85, 102.4, .471
4A 70, 86, 81.4, .419
made 3s: 2A 9, 4A 3
ftm/fta-ft%: 2A 10/12-.833; 4A 11/18-.611
bench: 4A 42, 2A 32

Becca Friestleben 9.5
Angie Jetvig 6
Alex Montgomery 6
Faith Tinklenberg 5.5
Taylor Voss 3
Jenny Gilbertson 2.5
Kamille Wahlin 2
Leslie Wilson 1.5
Jennie Noreen 1
totals 37

Jackie Voigt 6
Brittnye McSparron 6
Ephesia Holmes 5
Kiara Allums 5
Courtney Boylan 3
Jordyn Sears 2
Emily Becken 2
Stephanie Sension 2
Kiara Buford 2
Mollie Geske 1
totals: 34

Kamille Wahlin 9
Jenny Gilbertson 8
Faith Tinklenberg 6
Taylor Voss 5
Jennie Noreen 3
Becca Friestleben 2
Leslie Wilson 2
Angie Jetvig 1
totals: 36

Courtney Boylan 6
Kiara Allums 3
Emily Becken 3
Ephesia Holmes 2
Jordyn Sears 2
Jackie Voigt 2
Stephanie Sension 2
Brittnye McSparron 2
Kiara Buford 1
totals: 23

next up: tomorrow

Out & About: 3A/1A

#2 posting 4.23.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

This game took place Saturday, April 19
at St. Thomas
3A 71, 1A 53

The 3A all stars stopped 1A 71-53 in the first all star match up at St. Thomas.

Future Gopher Brianna Mastey started the scoring for 3A from a pass from rival Casey Mann of Rogers. The bigger class never trailed. 1A had a pretty slow beginning with a 1/11 start with five turnovers to begin the game. 1A did start flowing offensively a bit later as they scored four straight times to cut the margin to 14-11. 3A pushed out to 20-13 after a lay up by Kassie Robinson, but 1A battled back with a 12-6 run. 1A cut the margin to 26-25 after a three by Megan Cleveland. That was to be 1A's last basket of the half. Aaryn Booker on the next possession scored on a reverse lay up for 3A. 1A tried the 3ball the next three times down the court. As it was 1A was dry for the last seven chances of the second half. 3A had a four point possession with a &1 chance for Booker. She missed the rebound, but 3A retained the ball and Mann scored on a drive. Mastey finished the half with a lay up to make it 36-25.

There was not too much drama in the second half. A 13-6 run at the start of the half put the game firmly in the bigger schools hands. 3A's biggest lead came at 59-36.

Turnovers were to be a theme for 1A throughout the weekend. The bigger faster, quicker players exposed the ball handling skills of the smallest class. Turnovers lead to transition baskets and 3A had 15 more points off turnovers. 3A also dominated the paint with a 22 point advantage inside. Most of that can be traced to Brianna Mastey with 16 points. She was the only player to crack double digits for either team.

Ashley Walterman of GHEC had a bus load of fans at the game. However she suffered a concussion on Friday night in practice and was limited to only two minutes of action. Her fans chanted for her appearance later in the game, but as a precaution she remained on the sidelines.

Also both games used the shot clock. Each team had 30 second violations, mainly because they were unaware of the time.
Photos: #1: Megan Myhre posts up for 1A with Kassie Robinson defending. #2. Ashley Walterman with her shiner. photos by kja

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Casey Mann, Rogers 8, 16, 50.0, .250 helped run point. led both teams with assists. favorite target, Brianna Mastey. scored on drives. turnovers tended to be on the pass.
Brianna Mastey, Becker 16, 11, 145.5, .727 runs like a deer. jumps like a kangaroo, definitely the force on the floor. injected her authority in the game, took over when needed. also involved others in the offense.
Maggie Bryant, Sartell 9, 6, 150.0, .667 was able to catch and shoot. Still yanks her hand back with no follow through left for photographers.
Colleen Raune, Benilde-St. Margaret's 4, 5, 80.0, .400 quick hands, scored her points off her defense.
Aaryn Booker, DeLaSalle 7, 6, 116.7, .500 strong and physical. not afraid of contact had three trips to the line. showed her creativity and imagination with the reverse lay up.
Kassie Robinson, Simley 6, 8, 75.0, .375 post with perimeter tendencies. runs the floor. rebounded well on the defensive end
Megan Erlandson, Minnehaha 6, 5, 120.0, .600 point guard. scored off the dribble had nice pull up.
Sarah Boever, Worthington 6, 6, 100.0, .500 another guard with quickness and three range.
Shelly Stemper, Becker 6, 9, 66.7, .333 active big perimeter. scored off the drive. led team with d boards. exposes the ball on spin dribbles.
Ashley Runge, Grand Rapids 3, 5, 60.0, .400 lefty, perimeter shooter. With man defense wasn't able to shake free as often.

Megan Myhre, Barnum 9, 13, 69.2, .308 a post with perimeter background. likes to take a 3.
Brooke DeWall, SW Star 6, 6, 100.0. .500 forward. had a more active second half.
Jenny Noordmans, Hancock 8, 9, 88.9, .444 an aggressive, assertive player. has a linebacker's mentality.
Megan Cleveland, Menahga 3, 5, 60.0, .200 point guard. looked to launch 3s. needs to involve teammates more. came down and launched without any one else touching the ball.
Gretta Hjelseth, Nevis 8, 6, 133.3, .667 taller guard. scored inside. needs to gain strength.
Autumn Beasley, Heritage 3, 18, 16.7, .056 point guard on her shift. more of a shooting guard. Had issues bringing the ball up against pressure. Needs to improve vision, strength. Needs to avoid turning back to basket and taking ball down the sidelines.
Anna Wicklund, BGMR 4, 8, 50.0, .250 cored in the right corner. needs to be more assertive on defense. more involved on offense.
Ashley Walterman, GHEC 0, 1, 0.0, .000 a good athlete that was limited due to injury
Maria Ganglehoff, Sleepy Eye St. Mary's 6, 6, 100.0, .500 maybe related to Noordmans. Plays very similar. scored off drives.
Whitney Langen, Kittson Central 6, 6, 100.0, .500 post, all her points came on second shots.

Brianna Mastey

3A 71, 77, 92.2, .455
1A 53, 78, 67.9, .333
made 3s: 1A 3, 3A 2
ftm/fta-ft%: 1A 8/12-.750; 3A 5/14-.357
bench: 3A 28, 1A 19

Shelly Stemper 7
Aaryn Booker 6
Kassie Robinson 6
Maggie Bryant 5
Brianna Mastey 4.5
Colleen Raune 3.5
Casey Mann 3
Sarah Boever 3
Megan Erlandson 2
Ashley Runge 1
totals: 41

Brooke DeWall 5
Jenny Noordmans 5
Maria Gangelhoff 5
Whitney Langen 5
Megan Myhre 5
Autumn Beasley 3
Gretta Hjelseth 3
Anna Wicklund 2
Megan Cleveland 1
totals: 34

Casey Mann 8
Brianna Mastey 5
Megan Erlandson 5
Kassie Robinson 3
Colleen Raune 3
Shelly Stemper 2
Ashley Runge 2
Aaryn Booker 2
Maggie Bryant 1
Sarah Boever 1
totals: 32

Autumn Beasley 5
Whitney Langen 5
Jenny Noordmans 2
Megan Myhre 2
Maria Ganglehoff 2
Anna Wicklund 1
Gretta Hjelseth 1
totals: 18

Next up: 2A vs 4A

1 Signing, 2 Miss Basketballs, 1 All Area, 2 Sunday Results, 1 & Done

#1 posting 4.23.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

Anne Borgertpoepping, formerly of Owatonna (2007), has signed with Western Illinois. The 5-7 guard played last year with Kansas City Kansas Community College.

The Minnesota Miss Basketball will be decided on Sunday. The five up for the honor include
Courtney Boylan, Chaska
Kiara Buford, St. Paul Central
Brianna Mastey, Becker
Brittnye McSparron, Eastview
Kamille Wahlin, Crookston

South Dakota has 15 basketball players up for the honor. They will make their decision on May 3. You can see the list on KSFY.

The Mitchell Daily Republic has named Teri Ver Steeg of Platte-Geddes as their player of the year.

The number of girls basketball players dropped with the switch in seasons in Michigan this past year from fall to winter. From the Detroit News.
The Michigan High School Athletic Association may have to declare bankruptcy due to the $7.4 million lawyer bill they have to pay for the fight. They only have $6 million in assets. From the Kalamazoo Gazette.

Rick Weegman of the Duluth News Tribune talks about the one and done years with their last three women's basketball coaches.

In happier days Karen Stromme was the coach at UMD. Last weekend she was inducted into the Minnesota Girls Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.

New North Dakota State coach Carolyn DeHoff was back in Fargo and she talked to WDAY about the recruiting trail.

Texas State passed out awards at their end of the year banquet. Marie Moser of Cedar Rapids Jefferson was a senior there.

Team Wisconsin Select - Samuels beat Metro Stars White in the finals.

43 Hoops Zuck lost to Team WI Select Doucette in the quarterfinals 57-50. Anna Cole, the 6-6 center headed to Kentucky, had 6 for TWSD. 43HZ then beat Southern Minny Elite and then the Metro Stars 15s 50-41 to take 5th place.

In the battle of the Furies the 15s beat the 16s on Sunday.

North Tartan 14U finished 3-1 at the Windy City Classic this past weekend.
On Saturday NT beat the Illinois Wolverines 80-21, the Illinois Lady Dribblers 73-29, and then the Michigan Shock 68-42. On Sunday NT qualified for the final four. The Missouri Thundercats beat NT 57-34 in the semifinals.

The Swish Clinic run by Tom Nordland will take place April 30-May 5 at the Urban Ventures Colin Powell Youth Leadership Center, 2924 4th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408.

Next up: Later today with the All Star Semis

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out & About: Southern Minny Elite/Team WI Red 15s

#5 posting 4.22.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

This game took place on Saturday, April 19
UW Stout, Menomonie, WI

Southern Minny Elite made it a clean sweep for Minnesota teams vs Wisconsin teams in the games I viewed on Saturday. The key moment came in the second half when SME went on a 16-2 run to break open a 24-20 halftime score. Both teams were not at full strength, like most summer teams, dealing with other scheduling conflicts. TWR15s had most of their guard crew gone and had to rely on others to carry the load. That played a part in the turnover count 26 for TWR15 and 8 for SME.

SME scored on the first two possessions with a Renae Pecarina three to make it 5-0. SME soon built it to 9-2. TWR15 scored once in their first seven possessions, three of which were turnovers. SME pushed out to a 22-12 lead with 3:08 left. TWR15 finished the half with an 8-2 run to make it 24-20. Rebekah Aase had six points for SME in the first half. Jen Wilkinson had seven points for TWR15 including a 3.

The second half provide SME with the coup de gras. The 16-2 run included three 3s for SME. But SME later in the half stalled out with a six possession drought. TWR15 used that down time to mount an 8-0 run that cut the margin to 44-30. The margin wouldn't get any closer.

photos: #1. Megan King drives by Jamie Hoernke. #2 It appears that Jordyn Krekling and Courtney Luke are giving each other a high five, but Krekling has just made a pass to a receiver cutting on the left side. photos by kja.

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Brianna Olson, Lakeville South 6, 9, 66.7, .333 guard. led team with 6 assists.
Renee Pecarina, Winona Cotter 10, 11, 90.9, .455 point guard. transition and defense are part of her repertoire. speedy, quick and active.
Kim Hovey, Red Wing 2, 6, 33.3, .167 post type. needs to keep ball tighter to body
Megan King, Caledonia 4, 5, 80.0, .400 guard. needs to keep vision up.
Jordyn Krekling, Hayfield 9, 11, 81.8, .273 delivered three 3s.
Rebekah Aase, Austin 15, 10, 150.0, .700 post player, runs the floor. crashed offensive boards, can hit a three.
Judy Mundt, Lewiston-Altura 3, 6, 50.0, .167 also made a three.

Jen Wilkinson, Sauk Prairie 9, 7, 128.6, .571 post, strong. needs to get quicker. left knee is wrapped.
Kendra Schiell, Amery 2, 9, 22.2, .222 subbed in as point today. needs to improve with ball handling, stops/starts
Jamie Hoernke, Mt. Horeb 1, 11, 9.1, .091 needs to improve passing. Needs to fake and avoid staring down passes. went to the line twice. free throw form leans.
Martha Wilms, Sparta 6, 5, 120.0, .600 very active defensively in the second half.
Kelsey Zwaga, Verona 6, 11, 54.5, .273 scored off the drive.
Hayley Olson, Amery 2, 4, 50.0, .250 filling in, not listed on their roster
Hilary Friendshuh, Clear Lake 10, 8, 125.0, .625 aggressive. can use either hand. scored six points off second chancers.
Courtney Luke, Amery 0, 2, 0.0, .000 filling in, not listed on their roster

Rebekah Aase

Southern Minny Elite 49.58, 84.5, .379
Team WI Red 15s 36, 57, 63.2, .333
made 3s: SME 6, TWR15 1
ftm/fta-ft%: TWR15 9/16 .563; SME 0/1-.000
bench: SME 18, TWR15 12

Renae Pecarina 7
Brianna Olson 5
Jordyn Krekling 5
Kim Hovey 4
Rebekah Aase 4
Judy Mundt 1
totals: 26

Hayley Olson 6
Kelsey Zwaga 6
Jamie Hoernke 5
Martha Wilms 5
Hilary Friendshuh 5
Jen Wilkinson 3
Kendra Schiel 2
Courtney Luke 1
totals: 33

Brianna Olson 6
Jordyn Krekling 5
Renae Pecarina 3
Judy Mundt 3
Kim Hovey 1
Megan King 1
Rebekah Aase 1
totals: 20

Kendra Schiel 6
Kelsey Zwaga 3
Martha Wilms 2
Hayley Olson 1
Courtney Luke 1
totals: 13

Next up: tomorrow morning

Out & About: Metro Stars White, Fox Valley Hustle

#4 posting 4.22.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

This game took place on Saturday, April 19
UW Stout, Menomonie, WI

Metro Stars White didn't follow the game plan like the first two games I saw in Menomonie. They did not build a lead early, but trailed 11-6 before catching fire. They did use a strong defense in the second half to put distance between themselves and the Hustle. MSW did have two defensive stops of six and a row.

Fox Valley Hustle wasn't as big as MSW, but early on they crashed the offensive boards for 7 of the first 11 points. Once MSW started closing down second shots the Minnesota team started to come back. MSW scored five straight times, capped off by a five point possession, to take a 19-16 lead. On that possession Tess Komarek scored with a &1 opportunity. The free throw didn't fall, but MSW retained the ball. Eventually Carissa Wolyniec dropped a trey from the left wing. That was a 13-5 run that put MSW on the way. FVH went dry eight straight possessions with four ending up as turnovers. At the end of the half Karin Gibson dropped two consecutive 3s to push the score 26-17 for MSW. At half it was 26-19. Gibson had 8 for MSW.

FVH closed to 28-22 early in the half. That was as close as the margin was going to be. MSW went on a 13-2 run with six different Whites scoring to make it 41-24. Gibson again drained a three and had a free throw to lead MSW with four points in the run. MSW had one sequence during the run where they scored on five straight possessions. Meanwhile FVH went dry six possessions. After that it was fairly even the rest of the way.
photos: #1 Megan Wenig goes in for a lay up with Kyana Johnson close behind. #2. Hanna Iaizzo is locked up with Megan Werch in a scramble for a loose ball. photos by kja

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Lauren Wittman, Eden Prairie 6, 8, 75.0, .375 left handed perimeter. tends to rush
Karin Gibson, Eden Prairie 12, 7, 171.4, .714 had a fine shooting day. definitely grabbed my attention. She only had 17 points in varsity action this year. that will change next year in a big way. had three 3s. also hit a pull up. needs to become more aggressive, or get more defensive wraps.
Bridget Schuneman, Centennial 7, 9, 77.8, .444 post player. went to the line three times. scored on second chancers. Can deliver when hit.
Laura Bruce, Hopkins 6, 5, 120.0, .600 had a sequence in the second half where she scored three straight times all on pull up jumpers
Tess Komarek, Hopkins 3, 3, 100.0, .333 point guard. led team with assists.
Julie Kruse, Maple Grove 6, 6, 100.0, .500 post. runs the floor. can deliver more on the defensive end
Carissa Wolyniec, DeLaSalle 5, 4, 125.0, .500 perimeter. 3 point shooter.
Kyana Johnson, St. Paul Central 5, 5, 100.0, .600 point guard. had some nice feeds on penetration. boards well on the d end.
Hanna Iaizzo, White Bear Lake 0, 1, 0.0, .000 post. needs to get stronger. is holding back.
Jodi Batzel, Dover-Eyota 3, 5, 60.0, .400 strong active post, but can also face the basket.
Jennifer Field, Maple Grove 2, 4, 50.0, .250 guard.

Megan Wenig Oshkosh West 3, 12, 25.0, .167 was aggressive in looking for shots.
Megan Werch, Ripon 2, 9, 22.2, .111 needs to improve passing decisions/execution. don't stare down pass.
Laura Derks Hortonville 3, 7, 42.9, .286 runs floor.
Katie Luethe Oshkosh West 8, 8, 100.0, .500 runs the floor. crashes both boards. led team with d wraps, points and assists.
Calla Schnell-Harrison Ripon 5, 5, 100.0, .600 needs to keep dribble lower.
Joelle Domingos Hortonville 4, 4, 100.0. .500 older player helping out.
Elizabeth Zutz Valders 7, 9, 77.8, .444 another that looked for shots.
Angie Bosch, Kimberly 3, 3, 100.0, .333 did hit a 3.
Rachael Pethke New London 2, 2, 100.0, .500

Karin Gibson

Metro Stars White 55, 57, 96.5, .474
Fox Valley Hustle 37, 59, 62.7, .339
made 3s: MSW 4, FVH 1
ftm/fta-ft%: MSW 9/16 .563; FVH 4/10-.400
bench: MSW 23, FVH 16

Bridget Schuneman 6
Jodi Batzel 5
Kyana Johnson 5
Lauren Wittman 3
Laura Bruce 3
Jennifer Field 3
Julie Kruse 2
Carissa Wolyniec 2
Karin Gibson 1
Hanna Iaizzo 1
Tess Komarek 1
totals: 32

Katie Luethe 6
Megan Wenig 5
Elizabeth Zutz 4
Angie Bosch 3
Calla Schnell-Harrison 1
Morgan Werch 1
Rachael Pethke 1
totals: 21

Jodi Batzel 5
Tess Komarek 5
Kyana Johnson 3
Jennifer Field 3
Lauren Wittman 2
Karin Gibson 1
Julie Kruse 1
Hanna Iaizzo 1
Laura Bruce 1
totals: 22

Megan Wenig 3
Katie Luethe 3
Elizabeth Zutz 3
Angie Bosch 2
Morgan Werch 1
Laura Derks 1
Joelle Domingos 1

next up: Southern Minny Elite vs Team WI Red 15

Out & About: Fury/Team WI Red Wildberg

#3 posting 4.22.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

This game took place on Saturday, April 19
UW Stout, Menomonie, WIPLATINUM DIVISION, Pool F

This game had similarities to the first game I saw on Saturday with the Fury taking an early 7-2 lead. Team Wisconsin battling back to take a lead, followed by another shut down in the second half. The Fury out scored TWRW 14-0 to finish the game.

The Fury used transition and a 3 by Keely Brennan to take the 7-2 lead. Team Wisconsin tied it up at seven with their own three by Nikole Wildberg. The Fury's Michelle Tobin scored a three point play the old fashioned way to push their lead out to 12-8. Then the Fury froze on offense for 11 possessions. TWRW used that down time to go up 16-12, again with a 3 ball by Wildberg. That was to be her final points of the game. The Fury regained their balance and went on a 9-2 run with Emily Kaus capping it off with a &1 to finish up 21-18.

The Fury maintained their lead for the first portion in the second half with a 29-26 lead with 10 minutes left. TWRW had a brief 30-29 lead after a lay up by Emily McCullick. After that TWRW was shut down for the game. 16 straight empty trips frustrated the Wisconsinites. They had five turnovers in that stretch, but three of those came late. So they had plenty of chances to connect, but the temperatures plummeted to -10 below. As far as the Fury, they used second chancers for 10 of their last 14 points.

Combined in these two games the Wisconsin teams were 0/34 down the home stretch. Brrrr.
photos: #1 Wisconsin's Nikole Wildberg goes up for a shot. #2 Rochelle Cichy goes airborne to make a save. photos by kja.

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Emily Kaus, Eastview 9, 6, 150.0, .667 strong post, soft hands, best at scoring on missed shots. can score when hit. also passes well out of the post.
Kailyn Wilcox, Cretin-Derham Hall 12, 11, 109.1, .545 jumped center, runs the floor. needs to get her feet organized. needs to keep her eyes up when dribbling.
Kika Greenlee, St. Louis Park 3, 11, 27.3, .182 point guard. scored all her points at the line. needs to get her feet set on her shot.
Sarah Peterson, Minnehaha 4, 3, 133.3, .667 perimeter. led both teams in stops. also scored all her points at the line.
Lisa Springer, Cretin-Derham Hall 0, 2, 0.0, .000 perimeter. looks to take perimeter shots.
Keely Brennan, Eden Prairie 5, 5, 100.0, .400 perimeter. this sounds like a broken record but vision, vision, vision.
Michelle Tobin, Eden Prairie 10, 11, 90.9, .455 post player, another like Kaus that scored off second shots and in the paint. Went to the line four times. was only 2/6 at the line. can be more of a force on defense.
Kate Constable, Minnetonka 0, 3, 0.0, .000 guard
Rochelle Cichy, Hill-Murray 0, 2, 0.0, .000 perimeter. hustles for loose balls.

Angela Peplowski, Wausau East 7, 12, 58.3, .250 scored from behind the arc, and scored four points on put backs.
Nikole Wildberg, Prentice 9, 7, 128.6, .429 made three 3s in the first half and then was stopped.
Amanda Daledian, Plum City 0, 11, 0.0, .000
Megan Biscobing, Rhinelander 6, 5, 120.0, .400 hit a three. taller perimeter. needs to keep eyes up when dribbling.
Alex Butterbrodt, Wausau East 2, 5, 40.0, .200
#21 2, 5, 40.0, .200
Brittany Barrette, Peshtigo 0, 5, 0.0, .000 perimeter needs to keep her vision up. has a knee brace on her left knee. needs to get strong physically
Emily McCullick, Wauzeka-Stueben 4, 5, 80.0, .400 scored off the dribble.

Emily Kaus

Fury 43, 54, 79.6, .389
Team WI Red Wildberg 30, 55, 54.5, .218
made 3s: TWRW 5, Fury 1
ftm/fta-ft%: Fury 10/15 .667; TWRW 1/4 .250
bench: Fury 15, TWRW 6

Sarah Peterson 8
Emily Kaus 4
Keely Brennen 4
Lisa Springer 4
Rochelle Cichy 4
Kailyn Wilcox 3
Kika Greenlee 3
Michelle Tobin 2
Kate Constable 1
totals: 33

Megan Biscobing 7
Angela Peplowski 3
Emily McCullick 3
Nikole Wildberg 2
Amanda Daledian 2
#21 2
Brittany Barrette 1
Alex Butterbrodt 1
totals: 21

Emily Kaus 4
Lisa Springer 3
Rochelle Cichy 3
Michelle Tobin 1
Kika Greenlee 1
Sarah Peterson 1
totals: 13

Angela Peplowski 4
Amanda Daledian 2
Nikole Wildberg 1
Brittany Barrette 1
totals: 8

next up: Metro Stars White vs Fox Valley Hustle

Out & About: 43 Hoops Zuck/Team WI Red White/Gudmunsen

#2 posting 4.22.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

This game took place on Saturday, April 19
UW Stout, Menomonie, WI

It was a game of runs and droughts as 43 Hoops Zuck used a strong start offensively with a 10-2 run, and then slammed the door shut at the end with an 18-2 run to beat Team WI Red White/Gudmunsen 50-38. Those two runs combined gave 43 HZ a 28-4 advantage. TWRWG outscored 43HZ 34-22 the rest of the game.

43HZ started off by scoring on six of their first seven possessions for a blazing start and eventually a 15-4 lead. Melissa Borstner started things off with a basket and later added another in the run on a steal and lay up to help 43HZ to their early advantage. TWRWG had three turnovers in their first five possessions which didn't help their cause. The game turned on a dime with TWRWG holding 43HZ scoreless for 12 possessions while they went on a 19-0 run. 10 of those points came on second chancers. With Wisconsin up 23-15 43HZ had to get something going. That something was Amanda Barton who scored from the right corner and then later hit a three to cut the margin to 23-20. 43HZ also used their pressure defense for four points on steals and easy shots. At the break TWRWG led 29-25. Barton had 8 for 43HZ while Aysa Sellers had 7 for TWRWG.

The Wisconsinites didn't score on their first five possessions while 43 Hoops tied it up at 29 on a three by Tess Lueders and then one free throw from Borstner. TWRWG regained the lead, the largest coming at 36-23 after a left corner shot from Jess Withey. Then the lights went out for TWRWG. They went 18 long, dry possessions before scoring again, basically 12 minutes without tickling the twine. Barton started the comeback for 43HZ with five of the first seven points in an 18-0 run. TWRWG finally scored with 24 seconds left on a lay up by Sellars, but it was way too little and way too late to make any move.

photos: #1 Melissa Borstner going in for a lay up. #2. Sammy Rehberg launches a three for Wisconsin. photos by kja

key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Melissa Borstner, St. Francis 9, 8, 112.5, .625 used her defense to score four points, went to the line twice. the de facto point guard.
Amanda Barton, Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 13, 13, 100.0, .400 post player that can step out and hit a 3. runs the floor. went to the line three times.
Samantha Bornmann, Chaska 12, 9, 133.3, .556 made two 3s. perimeter player, needs to keep better care of the ball. exposes it to defense.
Keely Schuenke, Burnsville 2, 4, 50.0, .250 needs to look to block people out, make contact and keep them off the boards.
Tess Lueders, Stillwater 6, 7, 85.7, .429 perimeter. runs the floor. boarded on defense.
Tori Joranson, Hopkins 5, 5, 100.0, .400 big player facing the basket more. hit a 3. needs to keep feet set on screens.
Jessa Zuck, Eden Prairie 0, 4, 0.0, .000
Kaitlin Gerber, Worthington 2, 9, 22.2, .111 led team in assists, but can improve passing execution.

Bria Derickson, Iola-Scandinavia 4, 8, 50.0, .250 post player. caught Barton with an elbow trying to clear after a rebound. needs to get quicker up and down the floor.
Sam Newhouse, Ashland 4, 5, 80.0, .400
Shaina Lane, Ladysmith 0, 4, 0.0, .000 passes sail high
Aysa Sellers, Ladysmith 9, 10, 90.0, .400 perimeter shooter. runs the floor.
#23 2, 9, 22.2, .111 passes thrown behind at times. dribbles too high. had 5 turnovers
Castelle Miller, Eau Claire Regis 2, 5, 40.0, .200
Sammy Rehberg, Port Edwards 9, 7, 128.6, .571 able to shoot from 3 range.
Jess Withey, Park Falls 8, 8, 100.0, .500 six of her first half points came off second chancers.
Hailee Sullivan, Sparta 0, 2, 0.0, .000

Amanda Barton

43 Hoops Zuck 50, 59, 84.7, .390
Team WI Red W/G 38, 59, 64.4, .305
made 3s: 43HZ 3, TWRWG 3
ftm/fta-ft%: 43HZ 7/10-.700; TWRWG 4/8 .500
bench: TWRWG 19, 43HZ 7

Amanda Barton 7
Tess Lueders 6
Samantha Bornmann 5
Melissa Borstner 4
Keely Schuenke 4
Tori Joranson 3
Kaitlin Gerber 3
Jessa Zuck 1
totals 33

Bria Derickson 5
Shaina Lane 3.5
#23 3
Castelle Miller 3
Jess Withey 3
Hailee Sullivan 2.5
Sam Newhouse 2
Aysa Sellers 2
Sammy Rehberg 1
totals: 25

Kaitlen Gerber 5
Tess Lueders 4
Amanda Barton 2
Samantha Bornmann 2
Melissa Borstner 1
Keely Schuenke 1
Tori Joranson 1
Jessa Zuck 1
totals: 17

Shaina Lane 2
Jess Withey 2
Hailee Sullivan 2
Sam Newhouse 1
Aysa Sellers 1
#23 1
Castelle Miller 1
Sammy Rehberg 1
totals 11

next up: Fury vs Team WI Red Wildberg

2009 Verbals/Signings

This is an ongoing list. If you know of players from the 2008 or younger classes that have made a verbal let me know and I will list them. Go to my profile and email me with the details

Jasmine Green, Madison Bob Jones, UAB
Jala Harris, Madison Bob Jones, UAB

Alex Coon, Colony, Alaska Anchorage

Jazimen Gordon, West Memphis, Wichita State
Lunden Roberts, Southside Batesville, Western Illinois

Ashley Boggs, San Francisco
Camile Buckley, Loyola Marymount
Talia Caldwell, California
Ariel Dale, LA Pacific Hills, Fordham
Morgan Hatten, St. Mary's
Deja Mann, Arizona State
Christina Marinacci, USC
Jacqui Marshall, San Diego
Destini Mason, Perris, UC Santa Barbara
Monique Oliver, USC
Inga Orekhova, La Jolla The Bishop's, Northwestern
Haiden Palmer, Oregon State
Kaitlyn Petersen, Mission Viejo, Gonzaga
Briahna Richardson, Pacific Hills, UC Santa Barbara
Kendall Rodriguez, Brea Olinda, Pacific
Tierra Rogers, San Francisco Sacred Heart, California (August 10, 08)
Blair Shinoda, UCSB
Shaylese Shoftner, UC Riverside
DeNesha Stallworth, California
Gizelle Studevant, The Bishop's School, Penn State
Grovinya Underwood, Compton Centennial, UC Santa Barbara
Neolani Viloria, Santa Clara
Meghin Williams, Fontana Summit, Nebraska

Mary Bokencamp, Texas Tech
Janessa Jeffery, Colorado Springs Sierra, Colorado
Brenna Malcolm-Peck, Horizon, Colorado (August 8, 2008)
Megan Malcolm-Peck, Horizon, Colorado (August 8, 2008)
Rachel Messer, ThunderRidge, Utah
Laura Palmere, Denver Mullen, Denver
Anna Prins, Bloomfield, Iowa State (August 9, 2008)
Sophia Rhodes, Broomfield, UMKC
Diana Rolniak, Regis Jesuit, Utah
Chaundra Sewell, Wyoming
Emily Starks, Grand Junction, New Mexico
Meghan Winters, Denver Regis, Gonzaga
Lindy McDaniel, Loveland, Chadron State

Sasha Bernard, Delray Beach Atlantic, Indiana
Shayla Bivins, Jacksonville Stanton, Georgia Tech
Antishia Wright, Lake Worth Christian, West Virginia

Jasmine Blain, North Cobb Christian, Georgia Tech
Mimi DuBose, Jefferson, Georgia Southern,
Elan Brown, Atlanta Woodward Academy, Vanderbilt
Tiffany Clarke, Duluth Norcross, Vanderbilt
Kyra Crosby, Powder Springs McEachern, West Virginia
Chantel Kennedy, Norcross Wesleyan, Colorado State
Khalilah Watson, Savannah Beach, UAB

Kanisha Bello, Waiakea, Idaho

Lauren Lenhardt, Eagle, Boise State

Monica Albano, Trinity, Loyola of Chicago
Olivia Allen, Lake Zurich, Bradley
Samantha Arnold, Lake Park, Michigan
Erica Askew, Chicago Morgan Park, Southern Illinois-Edwardsville
Chloe Barnes, Quincy, Ball State
Lydia Bauer, Lake Zurich, UW Green Bay
Brooke Bisping, Morton, Bradley
Jasmine Davis, Massac County, Indiana
Mallory Eggert, 6-3, Chicago Heights Marian Catholic, St. Louis
Megan Fischer, 5-11, Hoffman Estates, Charleston
Mariah Fleming, Mt. Vernon, IUPUI
Adrienne GodBold, Chicago Marshall, Illinois
Porsha Harris, Chicago Whitney Young, Ohio
Alexis Jenkins, Chicago University High, Illinois State
Kristin Judson, 5-11, Normal University High, Miami (OH)
Kersten Magrum, 6-0, Frankfort Lincoln-Way-East, Illinois
Candace Nevels, Bolingbrook, Murray State
Jalisa Olive, 5-4, Chicago Bogan, Central Michigan
Kiaherra Powell, Von Steuben, Southern Illinois
Breannah Rogers, Niles North, UW Green Bay
Miriam Rutzen, West Central, Harvard
Michele Salvatori, Sterling Newman, Western Illinois
Kelsey Smith, St. Charles North, Michigan State
Jaylynn Stewart, Taylorville, Illinois Sttae
Satavia Taylor, Bolingbrook, Chicago Loyola
Kaila Turner, Marian Catholic, Notre Dame
Taylor Whitley, Geneva, Indiana State (August 8, 2008)
Ashley Wilson, Wheeling, Purdue
Katie Yohn, St. Edward's, Bradley
Carly Prokup, Spring Valley Hall, UW Parkside (August 12, 2008)
Kelly Hendricks, Naperville Central, UW Parkside (August 12, 2008)

D1 -28
Alex Bentley, 5-6, Indianapolis Ben Davis, Penn State
Skylar Diggins, South Bend Washington, Notre Dame
Macey Elyea, 5-10, New Castle, Butler University
Kelly Faris, Heritage Christian, UConn
Claire Freeman, 5-6, Heritage Christian, Butler
Skyler Gick, 5-7, Benton Central, Valparaiso
DeAirra Goss, 5-9, Indianapolis Ben Davis, Western Michigan
Dragana Grbic, Terre Haute South, Butler
Karli Harris, 5-5, Fishers, Oakland
Liz Jennings, Lapel, Butler
Mandi Johnson, Crawfordsville, IPFW
Daress McClung, 6-0, Indianapolis Lawrence North, Cincinnati
Bianca McGee, 5-8, Michigan City, Eastern Illinois
Aubrey Minix, Oregon-Davis, Murray State
Ta'Kenya Nixon, 5-9, Michigan City, Eastern Illinois
Courtney Osborn, Hamilton Southeastern, Miami OH
Brooke Owens, 5-7, Vincennes Lincoln, Illinois State
Morgan Palombizio, 5-11, Chesterton, Eastern Illinois
Andrea Rademacher, Scottsburg, Indiana State
Kelsey Reynolds, Mishawaka Penn, Boston College
Lauren Richard, Connersville, Valparaiso
Aulani Sinclair, Eminence, Indiana
Abby Skube, 6-0, Chesterton, Loyola (Chicago)
Chrissy Steffen, 5-11, Carmel, Bowling Green
Lily Svete, Mishawaka Penn, Florida
Kristin Turner, 5-6, Seymour, Oakland
Sydney Weinert, Fort Wayne South Side, IPFW
Kelsey Wyss, Fort Wayne Bishop Luers, Eastern Illinois
Emily Anderson, 5-8, Indianapolis Heritage Christian, Hillsdale
Haley Hewitt, 5-3, Tri-Central, Carson-Newman
Paige Smith, 6-0, Hamilton Southeastern, Grand Valley State
Andrea Newbauer, 5-8, Fort Wayne Concordia, Indiana
Dee Dee Williams, Indianapolis Ben Davis, Purdue
Torrie Thornton, 6-1, Carmel, Purdue

2009 -14
Emily Guenther, SE Polk, South Dakota
Alexa Hugee, Ballard, Texas State
Ally Jensen, Ballard, Creighton (Nov 10, 2008)
Amber Kirschbaum, Spirit Lake, Northern Iowa
Jessica McDowell, AGWSR, Northern Iowa
Trisha Nesbitt, Ames, Iowa (August 22, 2008)
Brittany Peterson, Spencer, North Dakota (Nov 21, 2008)
Chelsea Poppens, Aplington-Parkersburg, Iowa State
Tiffanie Porter, Des Moines East, Northern Iowa (August 5, 2008)
Jamie Printy, Linn-Mar, Iowa
Katie Schechinger, IKM-Manning, Drake
Shelby Smith, Waterloo West, Saint Joseph
Amanda Zimmerman, Ballard, Iowa State
Bailey Halubur, IKM-Manning, UN Kearney
Jade Rogers, Cedar Rapids Kennedy, Iowa

Leah Cotton, Olathe Christian, Minnesota
Heather Howard, Oklahoma State
Tania Jackson, Lawrence, Kansas (August 13, 2008)
Taelor Karr, Paola, Kansas State
Lindsey Keller, Oklahoma State
Julia Marshall, Wichita Bishop Carroll, Boise State
Joanna McFarland, Oklahoma
LaSharra Riely, Oklahoma State
Chantay Caron, Free State, Kansas State
Ashli Hill, Free State, Oklahoma State

Anna Martin, Lexington Christian, DePaul
Clara Mitchell, East Jassamine, IUPUI
Alyse Poindexter, Henderson County, IUPUI
Ashley Rainey, Warren East, Louisville

Olivia Grayson, Chapelle, Tulane

Danielle DeGagne, Brandon Crocus Plains, North Dakota State

Stephanie Anya, Holy Cross, American
Olivia Applewhite, Greenbelt, Dayton
Asya Bussie, Seton Keough, West Virginia
Symone Lyles, Silver Spring Good Counsel, Ohio
Akeema Richards, Baltimore Western, West Virginia

Morgan Albert, Brighton, Vermont
Talisha Bridges, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix, New Orleans
Juanita Cochran, Saginaw Arthur Hill, New Orleans
Sarah Davis, St. Clair, Davidson
Jourdan Erskine, Saginaw Heritage, New Mexico
Demeisha Fambro, Detroit Crockett, Detroit
India Hairston, Flint Hamady, Detroit
Elizabeth Hamlet, McBain, Oakland
Shakkira Haywood, Plymouth Canton, Northern Illinois
Nya Jordan, Detroit Community, Michigan (Sept 9, 2008)
Dori Lansbach, Traverse City Central, North Florida
Alicia Leipprandt, Ubly, Air Force (Oct 28, 2008)
Gabrielle Machado, Pontiac Northern, Iowa (Nov. 10, 2008)
Chenise Miller, West Bloomfield, Eastern Michigan
Amber Moore, Detroit Country Day, Illinois
Christina Rivette, Fenton, Florida Gulf Coast
Jenny Ryan, Saginaw Nouvel, Michigan
Jessica Schroll, Midland Dow, Iowa State
Rachel Sheffer, Watervliet, Michigan
Sharena Taylor, Detroit Country Day, Georgia Tech
Sammy Theut, Marine City Cardinal Mooney, UW Milwaukee (Aug 27, 2008)
Jasmine Thomas, Flint Hamady, Michigan State
Cherridy Thornton, Detroit Cody, Detroit
Courtney Townsend, Detroit King, Xavier (Aug 8, 2008)
Sami Tucker, East Lansing, UW Milwaukee (Sept. 18, 2008)
Bethany Waterworth, Lake Orion, Oakland
Destiny Williams, Benton Harbor, Illinois
Sarah Browe, Rochester, Northwood
Phaebre Colbert, Forest Hills Northern, Wayne State, MI
Deanna Crumpton, East Kentwood, Wayne State, MI
Chelsea Davis, Plymouth Salem, Wayne State, MI
Tyler Hardy, Ann Arbor Huron, Wayne State, MI
Grace Herzog, Flint Powers Catholic, Saginaw Valley State
Leah Kebler, Midland Dow, Ferris State
Paige Sickmiller, Romeo, Wayne State, MI
Katelyn Cousins, Forest Hills Central, Davenport (Aug 12, 2008)
Kristina Cousins, Forest Hills Central, Davenport (Aug 12, 2008)
Nikki Gunning, Howell, Indiana State (August 22, 2008)

Anne Berner, Forest Lake, Rhode Island (Nov 3, 2008)
Janae Burich, Roseville, North Dakota State (August 17, 2008)
Brittany Chambers, Jordan, Kansas State (August 7, 2008)
Leah Dietel, Jordan, South Dakota State (May 6, 2008)
Amber Dvorak, Hinckley-Finlayson, Minnesota (August 21, 2007)
Rachelle Eckmann, St. James, North Dakota State (August 21, 2007)
Brianna Edwards, Mpls North, Providence (Nov 6, 2008)
Kara Elofson, Hopkins, Binghamton (October 25, 2008)
Tina Fisher, Park-Cottage Grove, Ohio (January 22, 2008)
Kassandra Hooten, Moorhead, Detroit
Pam January, Richfield, South Dakota (August 17, 2008)
Hannah Linz, Eden Valley-Watkins, North Dakota State (August 18, 2008)
Katya Leick, Park-Cottage Grove, Nebraska (June 26, 2008)
Katie Loberg, Princeton, Minnesota (August 21, 2007)
Sam Mehr, Eastview, South Dakota (July 21, 2008)
Lizzi Naumann, Totino-Grace, Drake (July 26, 2008)
Megan Nipe, Centennial, George Washington (Oct 30, 2008)
Carly Rothfusz, Eden Prairie, North Dakota (August 13, 2008)
Nicole Smart, Ada-Borup, North Dakota (August 7, 2008)
Theairra Taylor, St. Paul Central, Iowa (Nov. 12, 2008)
Kate Thompson, Wayzata, Michigan (September 13, 2008)
Jessie Althoff, Becker, Bemidji State
Nicole Anderson, Cannon Falls, St. Cloud State
Abby Busch, GFW, Winona State
Jennifer Dowd, Rogers, St. Cloud State
Yvonne Freese, Lanesboro, Northern State
Kylie Gottsman, Osseo, Upper Iowa
Sarah Hintz, Woodbury, Northern State
Alexis Holt, Bloomington Kennedy, Northern State
Emily Kaus, Eastview, Bemidji State
Jasmin Mendes, Hopkins, UM Crookston
Jamie Noonan, Richfield, St. Cloud State
Katie Pettit, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, Bemidji State (Nov 9, 2008)
Holly Riesselman, Park-Cottage Grove, MSU Moorhead
Audra Schmidt, Westbrook-Walnut Grove, Northern State
Taylor Stippel, Stillwater, Michigan Tech
Kaiya Sygulla, Lakeville North, UM Duluth (Sept 18, 2008)
Brittany Thiesfeld, Glencoe-Silver Lake, MSU Mankato
Shannon Thompson, Apple Valley, Bemidji State
Ashley Tinglestad, East Grand Forks, Concordia St. Paul
Michelle Tobin, Eden Prairie, Winona State
Amanda Wagner, New Prague, St. Cloud State
Ashley Witte, Champlin Park, SW MN State
Brittany Zins, Blooomington Kennedy, Northern State
Karen Gogins, Roseville, Grinnell
Holli Aggen, Worthington, Sioux Falls
Kirstee Rotty, Farmington, Sioux Falls
Bridget Schuneman, Centennial, Jamestown
Shakila Boler, Bloomington Kennedy, Minnesota
Kayla Hirt, Bemidji, Minnesota

Ebony Davis, Parkway South, IUPUI
Megan Grace, St. Louis St. Joseph's, Illinois State
Katherine Harry, Columbia Rock Bridge, DePaul
Samantha Heck, North Callaway, Evansville
Morgan Johnson, Platte County, Iowa
Christina Jones, Knob Noster, Western Illinois
Kayla Person, St. Louis Incarnate Word, Drake
Bryonna Snow, Blue Springs, Cincinnati
Trenee Thornton, Kansas City Central, Missouri
Jamie Nash, Aurora, UN Omaha

Megan Patterson, Columbus, Weber State

Jasmin Corbin, Millard West, Creighton (Sept. 8, 2008)
KK Houser, Lincoln Southeast, Purdue (August 4, 2008)
Marissa Kastanek, Crete/Lincoln Southeast, North Carolina State
McKayla Knudson, South Sioux City, South Dakota
Kelsie Lliteras, Chadron, North Carolina State
Melissa MacFarlane, Millard North, Colorado
Liz Ellicott, Sioux County, Chadron State
Paige Frauendorfer, Humphrey, UN Omaha
Kiley Herold, Millard North, UN Omaha
Kelsey Lane, Omaha Burke, UN Kearney
Sara Reeves, Wahoo Bishop Neumann, UN Omaha
Lexi Smidt, North Platte, Chadron State
Sadie Waugh, Paxton, Chadron State
Mikala Wulf, Blair, UN Kearney
Jessica Zaruba, Norfolk Catholic, UN Omaha
Alyssa Kamphaus, Seward, Creighton (Sept. 18, 2008)

Danielle Diamant, Las Vegas Bishop Gorman, Northwestern
Erica McKenzie, Sparks Reed, Pacific
Jordan Rogers, Sparks Spanish Springs, Pacific

Ranait Griff, Rutgers Prep, Fordham

Zalika Dyson, Albuquerque Cibola, Houston

Sophia Aleksandravicius, Holy Child, Davidson
Geleisa George, Christ the King, American
Victoria Macauley, NY (Staten Island) Curtis, Temple
Alaina Walker, Albertus Magnus, St. Bonaventure

Tonisha Baker, TW Andrews, Campbell
Nikki Burton, West Charlotte, Louisville
Kayla Dayton, Piedmont, Georgia Southern
Alyse Hall, Southern Nash, Campbell
Monique Spry, Beddingfield, Campbell

Sarah Feeney, Bismarck, Denver
Katie Houdek, Grafton, North Dakota
Shauna Knife, Bottineau, Mary
Melanie Russell, Larimore, North Dakota

Tanija Beasley, Harvest Preparatory, Texas Southern
Kelsey Berger, Mentor, Air Force Academy
Becca Bornhorst, Dublin Coffman, Butler
Chelsea Bowker, Columbiana Crestview, St. Bonaventure
Katie Bubna, Parma, Akron
Brittany Callahan, Pickerington North, Northern Illinois
Jackie Cook, South Euclid Regina, Old Dominion
Kari Daugherty, Warsaw River View, Dayton
Ashley Dennis, Stetson
Andola Dorth, Kenmore, Toledo
Tessa Elkins, Lakota West, Murray State
Brittany Fisher, Fairfield, Eastern Kentucky
Ashley Fowler, Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame, Ohio
Amy Gardner, Medina Walsh Jesuit, Buffalo
Lauren Gatto, Mayfield, Illinois-Chicago
Kendall Hackney, Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame, Southern California
Sarah Hammond, West Holmes, IPFW
Catherine Hardy, Dayton Oakwood, College of Charleston
Brittney Harriel, Lakota West, Southeast Missouri State
Emilee Harmon, Pickerington Central, Ohio State
Sidnei Harmon, Turpin, UNC Greensboro
Chelsea Hawkins, Bucyrus, Evansville
Moriah Hodge, Cincinnati Glen Este, Indiana State
Nicki Hopkins, Lima Bath, Buffalo
Dayeesha Hollins, Cincinnati Winton Woods, Michigan
Shanee Jackson, Hilliard Darby, Ball State
Briana Jones, Toledo Central Catholic, Illinois
Hannah Jones, Hudson, IPFW
Michaelea Kleist, Mason, Eastern Kentucky
Kim Kline, Nelsonville-York, IPFW
Mya Levels, Ravenna Southeast, UNC Wilmington
Rachel Mauk, Lima Bath, Central Michigan
Stephanie Mauk, Lima Bath, Central Michigan
Samantha McKay, Dublin Coffman, Dayton
Courtney Osborn, Hamilton Southeastern, Miami, OH
Allison Papenfus, Whitehouse Anthony Wayne, Bowling Green
Sarah Pearce, Middletown Fenwick, Lehigh
Karisma Penn, Shaker Heights, Illinois
Yolanda Richardson, Toledo Start, Toledo
Alexis Rogers, Lakota West, Duke
Kaitlin Rohrs, Liberty Center, Youngstown State
Mikeala Ruef, Beavercreek, Stanford
Taylor Ruper, Trinity, Akron
Briana Sanders, Cincinnati Princeton, Ohio State
Kelsey Sharkey, Saint Ursula Academy, Appalachian State
Gabby Smith, Cincinnati Mount Notre Dame, Vanderbilt
Jessie Tamerlano, North Royalton, Bowling Green
Jasmine Tate, Harvest Preparatory, Robert Morris
Asia Taylor, Columbus Whetstone, Louisville
Rachel Tecca, Tallmadge, Akron
Rachel Voss, Loveland, Bucknell
Taylor Ware, Cincinnati Walnut Hills, Evansville
Ashley Andrews, Marion Pleasant, Ferris State
Tara Benedict, Riverdale, Ferris State
Kayla Brown, Riverdale, Findlay
Tai Dotson, Elyria, Findlay
Kendra Elam, Kettering Fairmont, Findlay
Kaci Finfrock, Milton Union, Ashland
Melissa Gilliland, Bishop Waterson, Tiffin
Jaimie Hamlet, Cincinnati Glen Este, Northern Kentucky
Beth Mantkowski, Copley, Ashland
Karli Mast, Berlin Hiland, Tiffin
Kelsey McCoy, Slyvania Northview, Gannon
Brittany Morris, Margaretta, Indianapolis
Brittany Reddy, Strongsville, Armstrong Atlantic
Briana Welch, Kettering Fairmont, West Virginia Wesleyan
Lauren Ryan, Shaker Heights Hathaway Brown, Allegheny College
Tenia Scarver, Kettering Fairmont, Ohio Dominican
Renee Bidlack, Wayne Trace, Owens CC
Jordan Floyd, Anthony Wayne, Owens CC
Rashanna Johnson, Columbus Whitehall, Owens CC
Saige Meyer, Patrick Henry, Owens CC
Demi Moschetti, Perrysburg, Owens CC
Phylesha Bullard, Walnut Hills, Syracuse
Darryce Moore, Youngstown Boardman, Ohio State
Samarie Walker, Dayton Chaminade-Julienne, Connecticut
Mylan Woods, Hathaway Brown, Northwestern
Dominique Singletary, Hamilton, Xavier

Mariah White, Midwest City, Kansas State

Lauren Buschmann, St. Catharine Governor Simcoe, Vermont

Jesse Carey, Villanova
Emily Correal, Peters Township, William andMary.
Stacei Dennis, James Madison
Jocelyn Ford, Duquesne
Lexie Gerson, Virginia
Devon Kane, Villanova
Collen Kiss, Oakland Catholic, St. Bonaventure
Stephanie Holzer, Cardinal O'Hara, Vanderbilt
Kirsten Olowinski, Erie Mercyhust Prep, Miami (OH)
Ashley Robinson, St. Joseph's
Katie Rutan, Xavier
Emily Schartner, Ringgold, New Jersey Tech
Kerri Sheilds, Boston College
Carly Vendemia, Duquesne
Shalonda Winton, Pittsburgh Westinghouse, Cleveland State
Marissa Wolfe, Ford City, Penn State

Alexandria Williams, Aiken, Georgia Southern

Paige Beck, Sioux Falls Roosevelt, North Dakota State
Ashley Eide, Sioux Falls Washington, South Dakota State
Tara Heiser, Watertown, South Dakota State
Katie Lingle, Pierre, South Dakota State
Sam Ostarello, Stanley County, Purdue
Steph Paluch, Pierre, South Dakota State
Lydia Nelson, Lake Preston, Augustana
Tristan Rogers, Pierre, Mary
Emily Schulte, Sioux Falls O'Gorman, Augustana

Nicole Dickson, Greeneville, Memphis
Jasmine Taylor, Memphis Central, Arkansas State

Marissa Ashton, Texas Tech
Hannah Christian, TCU
Lyndsey Cloman, Oklahoma
Starr Crawford, Mansfield Summitt, Texas Christian
Annette Davis, Houston Bellaire, Kansas
Carolyn Davis, Houston George Bush, Kansas
Jessica Diamond, Houston Nimitz, Wichita State
Caroline Durbin, Austin West Lake, New Mexico
Monica Engelman, San Antonio Madison, Kansas
Alisha Filmore, SMU
Keuana Flax, Oklahoma State
Lauren Flores, Texas
Diamond Ford, Missouri City Hightower, Texas State
Jasmine Godbout, Garland Naamen Forest, North Texas
Brittney Griner, Baylor
Nikki Greene, Diboll, Penn State
Delisa Gross, TCU
Kimetria Hayden, Dallas Lincoln, Baylor
Dmesha Hewitt, Houston J. Frank Dobie, New Orleans
Dawnielle Kiel, Houston Cypress Creek, Texas State
Judith Madidi, Syracuse (Trinity Valley JC)
Kaylan Martin, Pflugerville, Evansville
Taylor McGilbra, Houston Bellaire, Boise State
Macy Morton, Winnsboro, Houston
Lacey Neu, Rice
Kim Nezianya, Carrollton Newman, UMKC
Shauntel Nobles, Texas Tech
Michelle Price, Houston Kingswood, Wichita State
Zoe Rogers, Rice
Chynna Turner, Houston Eisenhower, Wichita State
Shanay Washington, Baylor

Kim Parker, Wasatch, Brigham Young
Jadie Parsons, Southern Utah

Grace Blaylock, UNC Ashville
Tiffany Davis, Hampton, Temple
Samoana Ingram, Mercer
Janelle McDonald, American
Kristine Mial, James Madison
Nikki Newman, James Madison
Meixandra Potter, Freedom, Colorado State (Oct. 28, 2009)
Abby Reddick, Virginia Tech
Sugar Rodgers, Kings Fork, Georgetown
Briana Scott, Forest Park, Georgia Southern
Barbara Sitton, Richmond Bird, Davidson

Jeneva Anderson, Spokane Lewis & Clark, Washington
Brittany Gray, Bainbridge, Gonzaga
Lindsay Moore, Kentwood, Nebraska (September 12)
Carly Noles, Washington State
Kelsey Patrick, Pepperdine

Anna Cole, Mondovi, Kentucky
Sarah Eichler, Grafton, UW Green Bay
Erin Higgins, Kenosha St. Joseph, UI Chicago
Shyla Kuehl, Hustisford, North Dakota
Catie O'Leary, Janesville Parker, Chicago Loyola
Asia McMillan, Milwaukee King, Eastern Michigan
Sam Price, Eau Claire North, Kent State
Adrian Ritchie, DePere, UW Green Bay
Steph Running, Oak Creek, Drake
Leslie Schaefer, Verona, Kent State
Serena Simmons, Milwaukee King, Marquette
Rachel Story, Milwaukee King, Louisville
LaKendra Washington, Milwaukee Hope, Liberty
Taylor Wurtz, Ripon, Wisconsin
Sam Zastrow, Algoma, UW Green Bay
Sam Barber, DC Everest, Winona State
Kaycee Charette, Prescott, MSU Moorhead
Courtney Doucette, Colfax, UM Duluth
Marianna Dulas, Markesan, Winona State
Stephanie Haight, Sun Prairie, MSU Mankato
Sam Hoyt, Durand, Michigan Tech
Jennifer Herrick, Winnebago Lutheran, Upper Iowa
Heather Kessler, Antigo, Michigan Tech
Karisa Laskowski, Pulaski, UW Parkside
Cheryl Leyens, Martin Luther, UW Parkside
Taylor Luke, Amery, Mary
Alli Nellis, Waupaca, Northern Michigan
Laura Petersen, Osseo-Fairchild, Mary
Kristen Ruchti, Brodhead, UW Parkside
Kiah Simon, Algoma, UW Parkside
Anne Skriba, Fond du Lac, Concordia St. Paul
Claire Steffen, DePere, Winona State
Ali Wilkinson, Wisconsin Heights, MSU Mankato
Katie Wolff, Marshfield, Winona State
Katey Wrobel, Osseo-Fairchild, MSU Moorhead
Brittany Gregorich, Altoona, UW River Falls
Leah Sevcik, Stevens Point Roncalli, Davenport
Kimee Chandler, Pecatonica, UW Milwaukee

Jordan Kent, Campbell County, UN Kearney
Morgan Mines, Arvada-Clearmont, Black Hills State

Have I missed anyone? go to my profile and email me.

More Bauer, 4 More Decide

#1 posting 4.22.2008
your daily dose of girls basketball news & information

Women's basketball coach Tanya Bauer has left UM Duluth as reported on Sunday night. She is headed to Southern Illinois. Now we can link the stories. From the Duluth News Tribune.

Here is a photo gallery of Western Michigan new women's basketball hire Tasha McDowell.

Abby Nassett of Bowman County has committed with Williston State. From the Dickinson Press.

A pair of Nebraska players--Cortney Bullington, Mullen and Jennifer Duff, Clearwater--have signed with Mount Marty. From the Yankton Press & Dakotan.

Trisha Van Dusseldorp of Oskaloosa, IA, who recently signed with SW MN State, is an 800 runner in track and won her event on Monday with a 2:26.67. From the Oskaloosa Herald.

Nicole Dehn of Princeton will be playing at St.Mary's in Winona next year. Dehn averaged 7.9 ppg for the 19-9 Tigers.

What is to become of the Classic Lake? The StarTribune looks at the uncertain future of that conference.

Dave Rund, Fergus Falls coach, is featured in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

Here is the season review of Iowa State.

Last night I was hoping to get two out & abouts up on the Menomonie tournament, but with the lightning and storms the computer was taken off line. That means there will be four games today
43 Hoops Zuck vs TW Red White/Gudmunson
Fury 17 vs TW Red Wildberg
Metro Stars White vs Fox Valley Hustle
Southern Minny Elite vs TW Red 15

Thanks to all the readers that have helped with game reports and news/tips

next up: later with 43 Hoops Zuck vs TW Red White/Gudmunson