Sunday, April 13, 2008

LaCrosse Spring Fling Shootout

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Today I traveled southeast to LaCrosse for the fourth tournament in two days. I got down there in plenty of time for the 11 am game, but I went to the main gym and field house, but all that was there was a Pow Wow in the gym and a darkened field house. Needless to say I was thinking I may have made a mistake in reading the schedule. I doubled back to the student Rec center and luckily that is where the action was taking place. I missed the start of the first game, but caught enough of the first half. This sounds like deja vu.

My concentration was on the older platinum division, but I did see the championship in the 15s. Also most of the teams in the tourney were from the Viking Club. A few Minnesota teams were also in attendance.

Game 1: Platinum quarterfinals. The MN Southern Stars beat Team WI Senior Black (19s) 34-30. The Stars trailed in the second half to TWSB 24-16. TWSB went into an 8 possession drought that spelled their doom.

Game 2: Platinum quarterfinals. Team Wisconsin Sr. White (19s) did not suffer the same fate. They too rallied for a 50-44 win over the favored Team WI Select Doucette (16s) 50-44. TWSD led 32-25 early in the second half. A 1/13 sequence spelled TWSD's doom.

Game 3: Platinum semifinals. Team WI Select Samuels (16s) avoided any upset by beating MN Southern Stars 39-26. TWSS jumped out to a 19-0 lead as MSS had 12 empty trips to start the game. TWSS returned the favor with an 11 possession drought of their own. The second half did not hold any drama.

Game 4: 15u Championship. It was Team WI Select Waldvogel (15s) beat Viking Club Hurricanes 58-33. TWSW jumped out to an 11-1 lead and were extremely efficient in the win.

Game 5: Platinum Championship: This was another veteran vs. young gun game. This time it was the young guns in Team WI Select Samuels taking care of Team WI Sr. White 49-26. TWSS led 8-1 early. It looked like this game may be competitive with TWSW closing to 14-12, but a 7 possession drought for TWSW put them at a 26-12 deficit at half time.

I will report on all these games, plus yesterday's four throughout the week.

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