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Recruiting 8th Graders

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Now that the 2010 barrier has been breached with the Shakila Boler, Bloomington Kennedy verbal to Minnesota, where will it go to next. However there was a player last year in Memphis (Lauren Avent) that made a verbal to Tennessee on Thanksgiving. She too is a 2010 player. A few years ago Amanda Zimmerman of Ballard made a verbal to Iowa State before stepping on the court for her high school team (Iowa doesn't allow 8th graders to play high school ball). Time magazine has an article in this week's edition Courting 8th graders. The focus is on basketball and Ryan Boatright who has verballed to Southern Cal as an 8th grader.

Boys have more maturing physically, and that is why I think dipping down to the younger grades like 8th grade is not the wisest move on the male species. Who knows what physical development may be in store, and will the passion still be there later.

They talk about the rise of the internet in the recruiting battles. It definitely has helped illuminate and keep coaches, players and parents informed. I originally started this blog to update my yearly publication and it has morphed into almost a daily paper, media content center.

Why the early rush and is it good? Who is it good for? My opinion is that for girls it may be all right, but players should do their homework. Coaches that are at the school now, may move on to better opportunities.

My research indicates that girls, by the time they are sophomores, have already established a pecking order that doesn't change very much. My old line is that "if you aren't an impact player by the time you are a sophomore, you probably aren't an impact player." I can count on one hand the players that blossomed, went from nothing to something after their sophomore year, and they usually are big players. The best example I can think of Toni Melancon, Osseo 1994 who was 6-6 and didn't really turn heads and make an impact, or start even, until her senior year. Look at the recent Miss Basketballs and where I had them rated after their 8th grade year;
2007 Angel Robinson--I had her projected as an 8th grader #2. Ebony Black was #1 at the time. That is pretty close.
2006 Jenna Smith---I had Cory Montgomery, Cannon Falls first. She is now at Nebraska and led her team to the AA title her senior year. Smith, after her sophomore year (she didn't show up in the 9th grade rankings, because she didn't play as an 8th grader) was one point away from #1 with Maria Boever of Worthington (now at South Dakota State) as #1.
2005 Katie Ohm---I had Ohm #1. This was the first year I ranked by graduating class. previously I had only rated by position.

So what about the 2008 class? After their 8th grade year I had these the top 3 1. Courtney Boylan, Chaska; #2 Hannah Draxten, Fergus Falls; and #3 Kamille Wahlin, Crookston.

At this point I think you can see that my number system has delivered prescient results through the years. Maybe one player is a lucky break, but I think the track record speaks for itself. Who will be the #1 player in my 2011 class? You will have to buy my publication which will be ready soon. In fact after this posting I will be getting it wrapped up for the printer. I will have more details on that soon.

Caveat emptor on both ends.

Today I traveled to Forest Lake to watch a Green Division game---White Bear Lake vs River Falls. I will have more details on this later, but it was RF rallying from a 24-18 second half deficit to go ahead 36-31 with 1:20 left. WBL closed to 36-35 with 35 seconds left. Free throws put RF up 38-35 to end the scoring. WBL was #10 in my Fall poll on Friday.

I will have the two games from the North Tartan/43 Hoops event and four games from the MN Stars event starting tomorrow. And of course the RF/WBL game.

next up: tomorrow morning.

End of the North Central Line, Women Coaches

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The Sioux Falls Argus Leader has a story on the lack of women coaching the girls teams 35 years after Title IX. Lisa Kannegieter of Pierre is one of the few running the show. They also look at the Big Four (South Dakota State, South Dakota, Augustana, and Northern State). All four programs are run by men.

The Argus Leader also looks at the end of the North Central Conference and the role Women's Basketball had on the national scene.

Thanks to the readers for the help. If you have news, go to my profile and email me.

next up: later today after a Fall League Game. I will start cranking out the numbers for the two events yesterday.

Boler Verbals

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Shakila Boler, Bloomington Kennedy, became the first player to verbal from Minnesota in the 2010 class. She is headed to Minnesota making the verbal yesterday at the North Tartan/43 Hoops event. The 5-9 guard averaged 13.6 for the 17-10 AAAA Eagles.
Boler played with the 14u North Tartan MN state champions this year. She also was named to the All Tournament team at the End of the Trail Tournament in Oregon.
Boler is the first as I have said, from the 2010 class to verbal from Minnesota, and the first in the area as well.

Photo: Boler about to shoot a free throw in the Concordia St. Paul Summer League. photo by kja

There has been a dunk - and then there is Ostrello! The Super 80 proved to be the place of the future. The who's who of who is next was followed by the fly slamma jamma of Samantha Ostrello of Fort Pierre, SD (Stanley County HS). (I personally saw her snap the rim back a couple of times during the day in a warm up environment).

Three hours later the youth of the North Tartan strutted its stuff and the exciting verbal of Shakila Boler to the University of Minnesota, kept the gym in a buzz...#8, #73, #74 flat out "came to play."

There were 63 registered players, with the addition of 4 others, put the event's total at 67. All in all, the tournament was a success.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jacobson Verbals

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Kelsey Jacobson, Moorhead, has made a verbal to Florida Gulf Coast. The 5-9 guard averaged 16.2 ppg for the 24-4 8AAAA champion Spuds last year. Jacobson played with the Minnesota Stars Hested this AAU Season. Jacobson transferred from Barnesville to Moorhead after her Sophomore season.

Jacobson is the 26th Minnesota player from the 2008 class to verbal a school, and the 12th to verbal a D1 school. FGCU is making the transition to D1. Bri Zabel from Northfield (2007) is on the roster. Jacobson is also the 6th player from the MN Stars Hested team to verbal.

Photo: Jacobson launches a three in the Minnesota Elite All Star game at Concordia St. Paul in July. photo by kja

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Showcase Saturday

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Hopkins was the center of the girls basketball world, or at least Minnesota, as two events took place at venues 10 minutes apart. North Tartan ran their event at the 43 Hoops facility while the MN Stars held theirs at Hopkins High School.
Not only Minnesota players, but some from South Dakota and Wisconsin came to showcase their talents and abilities. The North Tartan/43 Hoops had 7 teams, while the Stars had 16 teams.

I will say in general the action was fast paced. Players that tended to be more aggressive stood out more (ie getting after rebounds). Team play was haphazard at best. Throwing strangers together on the fly is difficult. Players quickly learn who can do what, and who can't be relied upon. As the day wore on the action slowed down. Fatigue mistakes and decisions started to catch up with players. Some benches were pretty thin as not everyone showed up due to conflicts with other sports and other events.

As far as the college attendance the local area was represented, but also a national presence was felt as the youngsters (09 & below) seem to be hot commodities.

I saw six games today and will try to get them up in an orderly fashion. I also plan on seeing one or two tomorrow in the fall leagues so the menu is full. I would give you a run down of who won, but it really wouldn't make sense with Team 1 beating Team 2----there is no context. At both venues I picked a court and at both sites I did not have a duplicate team. I obviously didn't see all players, but a good chunk.

The only bad news of the day was at the Stars event when Kelsie Ammann of Lakeville North went down with what appeared to be a knee injury. UPDATE: Kelsie Ammann does not have an ACL Injury or a Fracture and will see an Orthopedic Doctor next week. Doctors are indicating that it may possibly just be bruised as she went knee to knee with another girl. That left her team with only five bodies. They were able to gain another player later in the day.

I will have my reports up starting tomorrow. I have to crunch some numbers. Until then I have one verbal to list.

Next up: that verbal.

Becker's Tough Schedule; Incoming St. Kate's

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AAA State champ Becker has their schedule almost rapped up. Here is a sample of the upcoming schedule:
Dec 7th Minneapolis South, AAAA runner up, 2007
Dec 8th @ St. Paul Central AAAA state champ, 2007
Dec 14th @Hopkins AAAA state champ, 2006
Dec 18th Rogers Traditional Mississippi 8 rival
That is a rough 11 day stretch.

Here is a list of the St. Catherine incoming first year class. The will add three junior college transfers and four players from the 2007 High School class
Community College players
Marie Anderson, Hibbing CC and Washburn, WI a 5-5 point guard averaged 16.8 ppg
Liza Milless, NDSCS CC, and Staples-Motley a 5-8 guard averaged 7.0 ppg for NDSCS
Molly Peterson, NDSCS CC and Valley City, a 5-11 post
High School players
Jessica Arechigo, Fargo North a 5-8 guard averaged 15.0 ppg
Anna Bruesewitz, Litchfield a 6-1 center averaged 3.6 ppg
Brittany Marquardt, GFW a 5-5 guard averaged 9.0 ppg
Mary-Michael Vance, West Fargo a 5-5 guard averaged 15.5 ppg

Today I will be at the two showcase events in Hopkins and will report back later in the day on what I saw.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Sickles Verbals

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Ashley Sickles of Crestwood has made a verbal to Wyoming. The 6-2 wing scored 19 ppg for the 19-8 3A Cadets. From the Des Moines Register.

Sickles is the 11th player from the Iowa class of 2008 to verbal a college and the 10th to verbal a D1 school.

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The Fall Week That Was #1

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This will be on ongoing feature this fall with player of the week, team of the week, and polls.

Fall leagues are a little more structured than summer leagues. They do have similarities. The big one is everybody plays, and it is usually close to equal time. Once winter ball tips off that equality will go out the window.
How important is Fall Ball? For those that haven't played much it is a chance to polish some skills before the winter curtain goes up. For those that haven't played with the last year's starters, it is a chance to mesh, get the "chemistry" down. It is a chance to compete with real refs.

MYAS has divisions and multiple sites. Apple Valley is independent with one site....well two if you count the Hill-Murray site this week. Both leagues have running time halves with free throw attempts.
The MYAS divisions seem arbitrary. Not all the best teams are in the Blue division. It seems MYAS went to a regional based system this year. So many of the divisions are close to conference lists. I don't know if you want to keep on playing the same teams over and over and over.
Also there is the split team phenomenon. Last year Centennial, and St. Paul Central pulled off the feat. Centennial again this year is able to do it. However more teams are trying it and they are watering down their talent pool. Central is back to one team and it is a powerhouse.
The games at Kennedy had three teams humming near the gold standard of 100 pp100. The AVFL had teams that struggled on offense.

For two lights out performances it is St. Paul Central. They held Owatonna and Holy Angels to 34 and 35 points each. Their offense doubled up those totals. All this without the services of Georgie Jones who was on her official visit to Marquette. Against Owatonna, a team that will contend for the Big 9 and 1AAAA titles this winter, SPC clocked in at 123 pp100. They moved with a greater sense of urgency or something to prove after the performance at the Sweet 16 where they struggled out of the gate. SPC was ready right from the tip in these games.

Again we turn to SPC for this award and many could claim it, but it goes to Megan Howard for a combined performance at both ends. She ended up with a pp100 of 175 with 14 points, and had 9 defensive stops, tied for the most stops this weekend. Howard is a hard hat player that gets overshadowed by the flashier personal that surrounds her. She does the grunt work that is necessary for winning.
photos: Howard takes a shot behind an Owatonna defender. photo by kja

first team
Courtney Boylan, Chaska
Tasha Garrett, St. Paul Central
Megan Howard, St. Paul Central
Theairra Taylor, St. Paul Central
Brittany Travis, Chaska
Honorable Mentions
Kiara Buford, St. Paul Central
LaRocque, St. Paul Humboldt
McDonald, St. Paul Humboldt

Courtney Boylan, Chaska
Erica Gress, Apple Valley
Megan Howard, St. Paul Central
McDonald, St. Paul Humboldt
Theairra Taylor, St. Paul Central

1. St. Paul Central 2-0
2. Centennial White 2-0
3. Hopkins 2-0
4. Woodbury 2-0
5. Centennial Red 2-0
6. Osseo White 2-0
7. Bloomington Kennedy 2-0
8. 43 Hoops 2-0
9. Forest Lake Maroon 2-0
10. White Bear Lake 2-0

10:05 at Kennedy White Division ----Bloomington Kennedy vs St. Paul Central, a rematch of the championship game in the Concordia St. Paul Summer League won by Kennedy.
10:05 at Forest Lake Green Division----White Bear Lake vs River Falls, WI. Both are undefeated.
5:30 at Hill-Murray AVFL----Woodbury vs Eagan
Also on Saturday their are two showcase events: North Tartan hosts their event at 43 Hoops; and the Minnesota Stars will be at Hopkins High School.

Next up: tomorrow morning.

Out & About: Eagan/Apple Valley

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EAGAN wildcats 42, APPLE VALLEY eagles 35

In a battle of Lake conference rivals it was Eagan beating the hosts 42-35.

Apple Valley got off to a slow start with a 1/7 offensive sequence. Eagan took advantage of their down time to build a 6-2 lead. Brittany Dyshaw had four of the first six points. Eagan stopped AV six times in the middle of the half, three on turnovers to maintain their lead. Eagan also had their dry spell, with a five possession stretch. AV was able to cut the margin from 14-6 to 14-12 during the Eagan offensive slumber. Erica Gress had four of those points for AV. Eagan rattled off three straight scores to go up 20-12, but then fell back with four straight empty possessions to close the half. Valley's Cassie Hubler score the last five points of the half, one on a 3. Eagan led at half 20-17.

Eagan's offensive woes continued at the early portion of the second half with five more dry possessions. Overall that made a drought of nine and AV pounced on that with their own 9-0 run and took the lead for one brief moment 21-20 on a Bentley Mancini basket. Eagan went on an 8-2 run to reclaim the lead. Dyshaw scored the basket to give the lead back. The Wildcats led 35-29 when AV shut down for six straight chances. Eagan padded their totals with seven more points to go up 42-29. AV closed the gap late, but time was ticking away on a 42-35 neighborly rival game.

Photos: Erica Gress of Apple Valley fights with Eagan's Danielle Weber for a loose ball. #2. Larissa Veres of Eagan is in a tie up battle. photos by kja

Brittany Dyshaw 10, 12, 83.3., .417 lanky perimeter. defensively has wing span to change passes. offensively is looking to go to the hoop more. Ball handling needs to be cleaner along with better vision.
Molly Sinclair 2, 5, 40.0, .200 point guard. steady, not flashy
Meredyth Fredricksen 4, 6, 66.7, .333 took contact inside
Adrea Holler 6, 11, 54.5, .273 perimeter, likes baseline drives
Elise Rainey 10, 10, 100.0, .600 not afraid of contact, delivered 8 of her points at the line. has speed. lanky and can jump
Maria Clasby 3, 2, 150.0, .500
Danielle Weber 2, 3, 66.7, .333
Taylor Berg 0, 2, 0.0, .000 also ran point
Larissa Veres 2, 2, 100.0, .500
Jennica Adkins 3, 4, 75.0, .250 lefty, was able to get hit and still make the play. added one at the line.

Shannon Thompson 4, 8, 50.0, .250 point guard, has speed, all her points at the line
Cassie Hubler 9, 9, 100.0, .444 3 range. will crash offensive boards. exposed the ball.
Bentley Mancini 13, 14, 92.9, .462 strong frame. post type, but can step out and hit 3
Jazmyne Woodson 1, 6, 16.7, .167 has some flash
Erica Gress 8, 11, 72.7, .364 a workhorse under the basket. similarity to Megan Howard. picked up 9 d boards. knows how to get possession.
Destiny Scott 0, 3, 0.0, .000
Jordan Samons 0, 5, 0.0, .000
Brittany Johnson 0, 1, 0.0, .000

Elise Rainey

Eagan 42, 57, 73.7, .368
Apple Valley 35, 57, 61.4, .298
made 3s: AV 2, Eagan 0
made fts: Eagan 14, AV 9
bench: Eagan 10, AV 0

Brittany Dyshaw 7
Meredyth Fredricksen 6
Molly Sinclair 4
Adrea Holler 4
Larissa Veres 3
Elise Rainey 2
Jennica Adkins 2
Danielle Weber 1
totals 29

Erica Gress 9
Shannon Thompson 4
Bentley Mancini 4
Cassie Hubler 3
Jazmyne Woodson 2
Jordan Samons 1
totals: 23

Next up: later today with the week that was.

Six More Michigan Verbals

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Cheritee Green, a 6-0 forward from Wyoming Park, has made a verbal to Central Michigan.

Jamillya Hardley, a 5-10 guard form Grand Rapids Christian, has made a verbal to Michigan.

Skylar Miller, a 6-0 forward from Southfield, has made a verbal to Central Michigan.

Britney Murphy, a 5-8 guard from Saginaw Arthur Hill, has made a verbal to St. John's.

Brittney Nelson, a 6-0 guard from Rochester Hills Stoney Creek, has made a verbal to Georgia Southern

Erica Soloman, a 6-2 center from Detroit Country Day, has made a verbal to Notre Dame. This is the second Notre Dame raid into Michigan. They already have a verbal from Kellie Watson of Ionia.

This now pushes the Michigan verbals in the 2008 class to 9.

All these found on Michigan Lady

The also have news, and player rankings going down to the class of 2011.

Michigan Lady Ballers Fall Super Showcase Event will also be held this weekend at Eastern Michigan.

I have now added a link to their site on the right under state & conference sites.

Thanks to the readers for the help. If you have news, go to my profile and email me.

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Big 10 Outlook, Verbal Race

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The Big 10 has released their preseason outlook in their prospectus.

Erika Quigley has a feature on the St. Cloud State website with all her honors, and records.

Here is another look at the verbal race shaping up in the area states I cover:
Ohio 33
Indiana 15
Illinois 12
Minnesota 11
Iowa 9
Wisconsin 5
Michigan 3
South Dakota 3
North Dakota 1

If we look at where, or what HS Classification these players are coming from (for the records I have)
Minnesota: AAAA 5, AAA 4, AA 2, A 0
Iowa: 4A: 3, 3A 3, 2A 2, 1A 1
Wisconsin: D1 1, D2 2, D3 1, D4 1
Michigan: A 0, B 2, C 1, D 0
South Dakota: AA 0, A 2, B 1
North Dakota: A 1; B 0

On the D2 side:
Minnesota (14): 4A 3, 3A 2, 2A 7, 1A 2
North Dakota (3): A 2, B 1
South Dakota (3): AA 0, A 0, B 3
Wisconsin (4): D1 1; D2 2, D3 1, D4 0

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next up: later today with the Eagan vs Apple Valley game. Later tonight Fall rankings, and a look at the week ahead.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Out & About: Hill-Murray/Edina

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HILL-MURRAY pioneers 25, EDINA hornets 22

No, that is not the half time score.

Hill-Murray won this game as both teams played a physical brand of ball with nothing easily given up. Defense won out over offensive execution. The offenses were not static as both teams moved, cut, set screens. The ball just didn't drop and second chances were few and far between.

Hill-Murray started out with a 7-4 advantage after their first five possessions which translates into a 140.0 pp100 rate, but that was just a false spring. The cold winds and frosty shooting percentages blew in. If you discounted the first five possessions, HM finished the game with a pp100 of 38.3. HM suffered through droughts of nine and 12 with only one score sandwiched between the two. That was an icy 1/22 possession string with an equally icy pp100 of .045. Brrrrr. Edina also had the case of the frostbite. The Hornets worst drought was only five and they held a slim 14-13 lead at half as they closed the first half on a 6-0 run.

The temps, at least for offense, were still frigid to start the second half. Edina suffered through an 8 possession drought. HM took advantage of the Hornets down time with four points and that 17-14 lead held up the rest of the way. HM stretched the margin out to 25-17 after a Rochelle Cichy trey with 8 minutes left. That was the end of HM scoring for the game. But with running time that lead held up. HM failed to score on their last 8 possessions. Edina did score five more points to close to 25-22. At that point HM went into their delay freeze. The Hornets did have three more cracks to tie, but their attempts went for naught.
photos: #1. Chrissy Holm of Hill-Murray goes up for a shot. #2 Grace Veker (15 Edina) and Emily Warner look to pick up a loose ball. photos by kja

Jen Annoni 4, 7, 57.1, .286 needs to be stronger with the ball.
Taylor Cross 5, 6, 83.3, .500 a "4", decent footwork, physical. works d boards. RF: needs to be more consistent at the line.
Rochelle Cichy 8, 9, 88.9, .333 hit a pair of 3s including what proved to be the game winner. RF: needs to keep eyes up when dribbling
Chrissy Holm 2, 6, 33.3, .167 perimeter shooter. did score on high low. RF: needs to avoid spin dribble.
Coco Booker 2, 7, 28.6, .143 enforcer inside
Tessa Cichy 2, 6, 33.3, .167 still a youngster
Mary Schaffhauser 0, 5, 0.0, .000
Jen Kaput 2, 6, 33.3, .167 arrived late. moves with authority

Hannah Aslesen 1, 6, 16.7, .167 needs to be ready to catch.
Paige Mooty 6, 11, 54.5, .273 basically handled the point guard. was active on the defensive end with five steals.
Hayley Schnell 2, 2, 100.0, .500
Emily Warner 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Taylor Young 3, 3, 100.0, .667 a quiet day. Likes the baseline drive. Needs to step up and take over. 3 possession are not enough.
Kaitlin Carlson 0, 6, 0.0, .000
Andrea Paetznick 2, 6, 33.3, .167 had 5 defensive rebounds in the first half, 0 in the second.
Ali Gemar 2, 6, 33.3, .167 runs the floor. needs ball handling improvement.
Maria Handberg 2, 3, 66.7, .333 post player
Grace Veker 4, 7, 57.1, .286 scored in transition. also needs to step.

Taylor Cross

Hill-Murray 25, 52, 48.1, .231
Edina 22, 51, 43.1, .235
made 3s: HM 2, Edina 0
made fts: Edina 6, HM 3
bench: Edina 10, HM 4
Edina only scored two field goals the second half, both on drives.
Si Si Wu did play in Edina's second game.

Coco Booker 6
Krista Kaput 6
Taylor Cross 5
Chrissy Holm 3
Jen Annoni 2
Rochelle Cichy 2
Tessa Cichy 2
Mary Schauffhauser 1
totals 27

Paige Mooty 6
Andrea Paetznick 5
Grace Veker 5
Taylor Young 4
Aslesen 2
Katie Carlson 2
Hayley Schnell 1
Warner 1
totals: 29

Next up: tomorrow morning, unless news breaks. Tomorrow the last O&A from the weekend--Eagan vs Apple Valley.

Moritz Verbals

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Alisha Moritz, a 6-5 center from Crosby-Ironton, has verballed American University. Moritz played for Minnesota Stars Antl team this past year. Moritz averaged 3.9 ppg for the 24-4 7AA runner up Rangers last high school season.

Moritz is the 25th Minnesota player overall in the 2008 class to verbal, and the 11th to verbal a D1 school. Talicia Jackson of DeLaSalle (2005) is on the American Roster now.

Photo: Here is Moritz with MN Stars Antl going up for a shot against the Minnesota Suns in the State tournament on June 2 at Cooper. photo by kja

thanks to the readers for the help. If you have news, go to my profile and email me.

next up: Hill-Murray vs Edina in Apple Valley Fall League action.

Battle of the Programs, Mpls Preview

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If you want to see the best up and coming prospects during the NCAA period this weekend you need to be at the USJN event in Schaumburg, IL. There are 20 teams in the Battle of the Programs, and 32 teams for Oktoberfest.
The Minnesota Suns along with the Wisconsin Viking Club will be there along with WI Playground, and the WI Lady Stars. Here is the schedule of the USJN event.

The Minnesota Fury has their Minneapolis City preview up today.

The Minnesota Metro Stars Black roster for the 2008 team will consist of the following players: Molly Duehn (Burnsville 2010), Kara Elofson (Hopkins 2009), Tina Fisher (Cottage Grove 2009), Chelsea Garcia (Hopkins 2009), Alyssa Marschner (Armstrong 2010), Sam Mehr (Eastview 2009), Rachael Moen (Burnsville 2010), Lizzi Naumann (Totino Grace 2009), Kirstee Rotty (Farmington 2009), Brianna Tisch (Chaska 2010).

The head coach of the Black squad will be Metro Stars program director Andy Meinhardt (Bloomington Jefferson). Metro Stars Black hopes to defend the back-to-back-to-back state championships (12U-15U) at the 16U-HSE level next spring before heading off to elite exposure events around the country next summer.

More information about the Metro Stars program can be found at

Concordia St. Paul will travel to Marquette this fall to play in an Exhibition game on November 3.

Jessica Kielpinski (Mandan) has been practicing after sitting out three weeks of preseason workouts at New Mexico due to a car accident. From the Bismarck Tribune.

Black Hills State guard Tiffany Thomas, Laurel, Montana, is out for the season due to an ACL injury. From the Black Hills Pioneer.

Shane Piatz has been hired as the girls basketball coach at Kindred, ND. Piatz coached the boys at Sargent Central from 1997-2003. From the Fargo Forum at the bottom of the Eric Peterson column.

Ted Standing Soldier, Jr. is the new Little Wound, SD girls basketball coach replacing Mary Tobacco. Found in the Rapid City Journal article about celebrations & awards.

Flint Central is now open that Thomas Tucker has left the girls and headed to Flint Northern to coach the boys. From the Flint Journal.

Deep in the Dan Manoyan column in the Milwaukee Journal you will see coaching moves at UW Milwaukee and Marquette. Lindsay Bronson has been promoted as the new assistant at UW Milwaukee with Brenna Rollie taking on the video coordinator role.
Carolyn Kieger (Roseville) has been named director of basketball operations at Marquette, as has been mentioned before, and Jasmine McCullough is the assistant director.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

5 Verbals, 4 From Wisconsin, 3 to Marquette

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Four Wisconsin players have made verbals to schools (two from the 09 class), plus one player from Ohio is headed to Marquette. Here are the details:

Rachel Henke, a 6-1 center from Grafton, has made a verbal to Miami of Ohio. She averaged 14.9 ppg for the 22-3 D2 Blackhawks.
Destiny Blue, a 6-4 cente4r from Milwaukee Vincent has made a verbal to Cleveland State. Blue averaged 15.2 ppg for the 24-1 D1 state champion Vikings.
Serena Simmons, a 6-1 junior forward from Milwaukee King has made a verbal to Marquette. Simmons averaged 12.3 ppg for the 21-3 D1 State quarterfinalist.
Rachel Story, a 5-8 junior guard also from Milwaukee King has made a verbal to Marquette. Story averaged 18.1 ppg for the Generals.

With the additions to the verbal list Wisconsin now has 9 players ovrall from the 2008 class that have verballed a college and five headed to a D1 program. Wisconsin now has 3 players from the 2009 class that have verballed a D1 school.

Jessica Pachko, 6-1 power forward from Oak Hill in Cincinnati, OH has made a verbal to Marquette. Pachko averaged 13.7 ppg last year for the 22-3 Highlanders. Found halfway down the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Pachko is the 33rd Ohio player to verbal a D1 school in the 2008 class which is the most of the states I have been tracking.

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Out & About: Chaska/Mankato West

#3 posting 9.26.2007
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CHASKA hawks 52, MANKATO WEST scarlets 38

Chaska with a combination of physical play and moxy, took down a favorite in the Big 9 race this winter Mankato West 52-38. The Hawks, or you could call them the killer Bs with the front court (Brittany and Breanna) and the back court (Brown, Brown, and Boylan), controlled the action throughout. Led by floor general Courtney Boylan's five points and assist, Chaska put their stamp on the game early 9-2. Chaska established right from the get go the physical nature of the contest. They were more aggressive and assertive. The biggest margin in the first half was 28-13 after five straight defensive stops by Chaska. Boylan was ripping the nets for 13 points in the first half as Chaska led 28-17 at half.

Chaska again dominated the start of the second half with five straight scores on a 11-3 run to make it 39-20. Brittany Travis had four of those points inside with the Brown sisters providing five more. West strung together four scores of their own and all together had their own 10-0 run to get the deficit back to single digits 39-30. Chaska had an 8 possession drought during this stretch. Travis and Brooke Brown scored on consecutive possessions to get the margin back to 43-30. Travis had 8 second half points. There really wasn't any more movement with the margin fluxing between 15-10 points. Chaska endured another five possession drought, but it didn't affect the outcome.

Photos #1: Courtney Boylan, Chaska #30 goes up for a reverse lay up as Abby Rothenbuehler looks on. #2 Rothenbuehler is fouled going down the lane. photos by kja.

Courtney Boylan 16, 10, 160.0, .700 her strong summer performance has carried over into the fall. poised, alert, good vision. Strong---a MW player grabbed her forearm as she went up for the shot. Boylan made it a three point play. Also out rebounded her taller teammates on the defensive end so she has a nose and knack for the ball. has good hang time and body control. can pen & pitch, or take it home. good leader.
Brooke Brown 6, 10, 60.0, .400 guard, good speed. scores off the drive. has hesitation dribble.
Taylor Brown 7, 7, 100.0, .429 guard, is more spot up shooter. 3 range
Brittany Travis 10, 5, 200.0, 1.000 left handed post. strong, finished. Could get more defensive boards
Breanna Tisch 1, 4, 25.0, .250 another big post, another strong body. needs to keep hands/arms up on defense, on offense needs to be aware of drivers and step away, clear a path for them to get a short kick out. Right now it is cluttered and stops any offensive flow.
Samantha Bornman 2, 4, 50.0, .250
Mia Sandstrom 8, 8, 100.0, .500 has 3 range.
Brenda 0, 5, 0.0, .000
Julia 2, 1, 200.0, 1.000

Abby Rothenbuehler 5, 10, 50.0, .300 for a 6-2 player moves like a guard. has good vision and court awareness. her passes are zippy, snappy and fast. However her teammates sometimes are not ready or aware they are open, and Rothenbuehler shows signs of frustration. needs to be more consistent from the line. defensively needs to keep her feet.
Allison Downs 6, 8, 75.0, .375 guard. wasn't afraid to mix it up.
Brooke Rosenstiel 9, 12, 75.0, .417 has range on shot.
Erin Doyle 0, 3, 0.0, .000
Katie Lauer 8, 8, 100.0, .500 made half her points at the line. strong frame. needs more defensive stops whether d boards, or steals.
Jasmine Bartlett 4, 5, 80.0, .400
Amanda Lageson 2, 4, 50.0, .250
Jessica Wacholz 2, 2, 100.0, .500
Amanda Zrust 2, 1, 200.0, 1.000
Andrea Krueger 0, 2, 0.0, .000

Courtney Boylan

Chaska 52, 54, 96.3, .481
Mankato West 38, 56, 67.9, .357
made 3s: Chaska 2, MW 1
made fts: MW 9, Chaska 8
bench: Chaska 12, MW 10

Courtney Boylan 8
Breanna Tisch 4
Brittany Travis 3
Brooke Brown 2
Taylor Brown 2
Samantha Bornman 2
Brenda 2
Julia 2
Mia Sandstrom 1
totals: 26

Abby Rothenbuehler 4.5
Allison Downs 4
Zrust 3
Katie Lauer 2.5
Rosenstiel 2
Bartlett 2
Krueger 2
Lageson 1
Wacholz 1
totals: 22

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Tayler Hill's Choices

#2 posting 9.26.2007
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Here is a list of colleges that have made offers so far to Minneapolis South junior guard Tayler Hill.
Schools, with last year's final poll results
From the Big 10
Ohio State, #18
Wisconsin #36
Baylor #20, also 2005 champion
California #31
Marquette #26
Rutgers, #2, national runners up in 2007

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Exposure X 2

#1 posting 9.26.2007
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Besides MYAS, Apple Valley, the upcoming Breakdown girls basketball Fall Leagues and Sioux Falls, there are other Fall Leagues out there. One is MBA which has a Varsity league at the Midtown YWCA in Mpls. Saturday Mornings.
If you know of others and have information, send it along.

Minneapolis South is short two games for this upcoming season and is looking for an opponent to step in and play a game. Contact coach Jihad

The Iowa lighted map that was a feature of the Iowa Girls Basketball tournament when it was held at Veterans Memorial Auditorium is now headed for the Iowa Hall of Pride. From the Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

There will be two girls basketball exposure events this weekend in Minnesota.
The North Tartan Super 80 will be held at the 43 Hoops facility in Hopkins. Action starts at 10 am. Here is a list of players that will be attending.
The Minnesota Stars will hold their adidas Stars Shoot Out at the Hopkins High School. Action starts at 10:30 am. Here is a list of the players attending this event.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Out & About: St. Paul Humboldt/St. Paul Highland Park

#4 posting 9.25.2007
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This was a convocation of the mighty mites. No players on court crossed the 5-8 mark. The Muggsy Bogues wannabees from both teams played with water bug quickness. This week, coincidentally, David Friedman writes in his blog 20second time out about NBA players under 5-8 with only five players playing 8 or more years. In his article he highlights what traits undersized players need to possess to succeed in the land of the giants--paragraph #9 for those that have short attention spans. The fact is a couple of these players in this game have some of the traits Friedman writes about and players like Bogues possessed.

First off Highland only had five players, so no bench meant they were going to get winded. As you can see from the pp100 Humboldt beat the gold standard with a pp100 of 107.8. They did this with their speed/quickness in transition and their harassing defense. The Hicks sisters are the motor that revs up Humboldt. The Hawks scored on six straight possessions to grab a 14-4 lead and the game was never in doubt. On top of that their defense held Highland to six straight stops, five of which were turnovers. All in all Humboldt had a defensive string of 1/11. On offense the Hawks used their quickness to penetrate, dish and deliver. McDonald and Laroque combined for 21 first half points, many on passes from the Hicks sisters. Leading the charge for Highland was Malika Wiley who scored 9 points by halftime, 7 on second chancers. It was 33-15 at half.

Humboldt cooled off somewhat in the second half, but their defense still delivered a string of stops with a run of six straight early. The end result was a 54-32 Humboldt win in the clash of the non Titans.

photos: #1 Annessa Hicks is air borne with a snappy pass to a teammate on the right wing. #2. Ayana Hicks launches a three for Humboldt. photos by kja

RF: for all---size, all could get stronger
8, 8, 100.0, .375 has 3 range. knows when to back cut pressure.
McDonald 15, 12, 125.0, .583 Humboldt's post player. not afraid of mixing it up. scored five points at the line.
Ayana Hicks 10, 11, 90.9, .455 scored in transition, quick, aggressive. good instincts, good court awareness. has style and flare. RF: tries to do too much at times forcing passes, taking too many dribbles, or forcing shots.
Annessa Hicks 8, 8, 100.0, .375 played with moxy, understands game and hustles to balls. can distribute. 3 range. rebounds on both ends. exciting in the open court
Katie Larocque 14, 9, 155.6, .667 scored most of her points on back cuts, especially out of bounds under basket. effective and efficient. Had a pair of 3s.
0, 2, 0.0, .000
S Paul 0, 1, 0.0, .000

Brooke Laflo
0, 9, 0.0, .000 ball handling, vision, and decision making need improvement.
Janessa White-Smith 5, 12, 41.7, .250 has some strength inside. physical
Leah Smith 7, 9, 77.8, .333 3 range, handled ball a majority of time
Malika Wiley 15, 11, 136.4, .636 left handed. aggressive inside. had 11 points on second chancers in the game.
Miriam Mohammed 5, 9, 55.6, .222 hit a three.

Katie Larocque for putting up the numbers.

St. Paul Humboldt
55, 51, 107.8, .471
St. Paul Highland Park 32, 50, 64.0, .300
made 3s: Humboldt 4, HP 2
made fts: HP 8, Humboldt 7
bench: HP 0, Humboldt 0
Humboldt clocked in at 126.9 pp100 in the first half, only 88 pp100 in the second half. It would be a mistake to think Humboldt only has two players. The others also delivered and could shoot.


McDonald 7
Annessa Hicks 5
Hutchinson 4
Ayana Hicks 4
Katie Larocque 4
Cooper 1
totals: 25

Leah Smith 7
Jenessa White-Smith 3
Malika Wiley 3
Miriam Mohammed 3
Brooke Laflo 2
totals: 18

Next up: tomorrow morning. Also tomorrow another o&a with Chaska vs Mankato West

Southern Exposure

#3 posting 9.25.2007
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South girls basketball phenom Tayler Hill had a great time visiting Wisconsin, Marquette, Notre Dame & Ohio State 9/13-15.

It sounds like Angel Robinson and Tayler actually got a chance to hang out a little bit as ARob made a huge impression on her. Look for the Golden Eagles to swarm Mpls. in the near future.

Hill was offered again last night by Marquette head Coach Terri Mitchell during her visit to South high school. Coach Mitchell and her Asst. coach also visited Central (watch T2-obviously) They also did mention that they are very aware of two very strong players from Jordan, Mn. and they'll be watching them closely as well. Indiana also showed up last night and is VERY interested as well.
Indiana has eyes for one very tall Sophomore who likes to block shots.

Tonight: Pitt, Cal.-Berkley, Purdue, Kansas State, Georgia Tech & Nebraska. South has also confirmed with over 20 schools who have intentions of attending the MN Stars ADIDAS event this weekend where she will participate. Last Friday Colorado came in to watch Taquoia Hammick in a Volleyball Match. Hammick will visit Eastern Michigan, Chicago State and UIC-Chicago.
Ephesia Holmes - Will visit Buffalo on 10/5/07.

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Bowden Verbals, St. Thomas Class of 2011

#2 posting 9.25.2007
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Sarah Jane Bowden, Sioux City North has made a verbal to Southern Mississippi to play volleyball. Bowden averaged 7.5 ppg as a starter on the Sioux City North 4A girls basketball state champions last year. From the Sioux City Journal.

Here is a list of the incoming St. Thomas first year women's basketball players
Bonnie Albright, Lanesboro, a 5-11 guard averaged 17.4 ppg
Michelle Burns, Champlin Park, a 5-6 point guard averaged 6.2 ppg
Ashley Carr, Irondale, a 5-9 forward averaged 13.8 ppg
Alyssa Hames, Blaine, a 5-8 guard averaged 17.0 ppg
Randi Hill, Coon Rapids, a 5-11 guard averaged 8.5 ppg
Jenny Hooper, Tartan, a 6-0 guard averaged 10.2 ppg
Becky Thiesen, New Prague, a 5-6 guard averaged 11.8 ppg
Jazmine Townsend, Coon Rapids, a 5-9 guard averaged 13.3 ppg
Carlie Waibel, Lake of the Woods, a 5-9 forward averaged 14.1 ppg

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Fall League Standings

#1 posting 9.25.2007
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In the Independent Apple Valley Fall Girls Basketball League there is a three way tie for first.
1. Eagan
1. Hill-Murray
1. Woodbury
4. Apple Valley
4. Mpls SW
6. Cretin Varsity
6. Edina
6. Cretin JV
Action moves to Hill-Murray this weekend.

Standings are up in the MYAS League.

The StarTribune looks at the the long list for Tayler Hill's services.

Charles Brookins, former Hastings assistant girls basketball coach, has been charged with providing alcohol to minors. From the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Out & About: St. Paul Central/Owatonna

#3 posting 9.24.2007

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ST. PAUL CENTRAL minutemen 69, OWATONNA huskies 34

St. Paul Central used their speed, quickness and defensive intensity to double up Owatonna, a team that will be one of the better teams in the Big 9. Central used transition and second shots for their differential.
Central only had five players to start the contest, but Megan Howard and Kiara Buford showed up as the first half got under way at 9 am. Central led from start to finish and the game was never seriously in doubt. The defense however was lights out for SPC. They had sequences of nine straight stops in the first half and ten in the second half. They frustrated the top two returners for Owatonna. Lauren Barber was shut out, and Beth Christiansen was held to two free throws. Owatonna only scored three two point field goals the first half. It was 34-15 at the break.
Central's scoring parade had four players in double digits. Leading the way was unheralded Tasha Garrett with 18. Central looked for each other, has good court awareness and made the extra pass that makes for championship level performance.
Coaching for SPC was Kevin Carlisle, father of former Central player Nakia Carlisle.
Watching the game were Becker twins Brianna and Nicole Mastey. They were watching future Gopher teammate Buford. After the contest the three were in heavy conversation with Buford's HS teammate Theairra Taylor.
The game between St. Paul Central in Becker, the past two AAAA and AAA champs may be in jeopardy. A wedding conflict means the original date is out.
Photos: #1 Kiara Buford goes around Beth Christiansen. #2 Theairra Taylor soars with her left hand. photos by kja

Tasha Garrett,
18, 10, 180.0, .900 had a strong performance and finishes. more of a wing type, can mix it up underneath. has speed and made good decisions yesterday. most of her shots came at the end of transition or feeds off Taylor or others driving and dishing. When a certain reliable source has watched her this summer (I am not the reliable source) Garrett has erupted. The thinking is Central may have a cardboard cutout in the stands of a reliable source at games from here on out. RF: overall size
Brittany Dorsey 6, 9, 66.7, .333 another wing. an athlete. RF: needs to be aware to crash weak side offensive boards on both ends, and needs to body/block out people.
Kyana Johnson 2, 5, 40.0, .400 point guard. had vision and distributed the ball
Theairra Taylor 13, 10, 130.0, .600 explosive wing performer. stepping up and making her presence and impact felt. at full the Sweet 16 had an ankle situation, but played. has range, and can soar, glide. defensively has quick reactions for steals. RF: at times too generous with the ball.
Laura Hanson 2, 2, 100.0, .500 did what she was supposed to do.
Megan Howard
14, 8, 175.0, .750 ferocious rebounding machine on both ends. not afraid of contact. physical. aggressive. will also make steals. RF: 5-11
Kiara Buford 14, 12, 116.7, .583 devoured Owatonna with defensive strips and steals late. scored the last six Central points. quickness and transition.

Lauren Barber
0, 5, 0.0, .000 guard, Central knew who she was. movement restricted due to defensive efforts
Beth Christiansen 2, 4, 50.0, .250 didn't get a lot of offensive touches, but worked on the defensive boards like always
Nash 8, 8, 100.0, .375 hit the only 3s for Owatonna. pulls hand back on follow through
Cassie Dahline 3, 6, 50.0, .167 points all at the line
Kaylen Swanson 7, 5, 140.0, .600 made an old fashioned 3 point play.
Anna Rysavy
0, 9, 0.0, .000
Skalla 8, 12, 66.7, .333
Katie McKay 2, 3, 66.7, .333
Amy Kubat 4, 6, 66.7, .333 played in the second half.
Tasha Garrett,
here making a steal against Anna Rysavy
St. Paul Central
69, 56, 123.2, .607
Owatonna 34, 58, 58.6, .259
made 3s: Owatonna 2, SPC 1
made fts: Owatonna 8, SPC 6
bench: SPC 28, Owatonna 14
Megan Howard 9
Theairra Taylor 7
Tasha Garrett 5
Kiara Buford 5
Brittany Dorsey 4
Kyana Johnson 2
Laura Hanson 1
totals: 33
Beth Christiansen 6
McKay 3
Lauren Barber 2
Swanson 2
Dahline 2
Kubat 2
totals: 19
Next up: tomorrow with another Fall League O&A with St. Paul Humboldt and St. Paul Highland Park

Fury Preview

#2 posting 9.24.2007
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The Minnesota Fury Season Preview starts today with the Classic Lake Conference. One conference will be released every Monday and Thursday from now until the first day of High School Practice. click on Season Preview Link at

Cedar Rapids Washington has released their schedule for the upcoming fall season. The Warriors have been perennial state entrants in the Iowa 4A tournament. They have been runners up in 05 and 06, and were in the semifinals in 07.
Katelin Oney and Kaitlin Armstrong will be attending Northern Iowa after their senior season.

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Snikkers to Hope

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Carrie Snikkers, a Miss Basketball runner up in Michigan last season, has left Oakland for Hope College. The 6-2 center led her team to the B championship (AAA equivalent in Minnesota) last year. From the Grand Rapids Press.

I will have the St. Paul Central vs Owatonna game up later today.
The other games:
St. Paul Humboldt vs St. Paul Highland Park
Chaska vs Mankato West
Hill-Murray vs Edina
Eagan vs Apple Valley
will follow at some point this week. Check back later in the day.

Next up: later in the day Central vs Owatonna.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall League Recap--Five Games

#2 posting 9.23.2007
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Today the MYAS Fall Season opened with action at a variety of sites throughout the metro area. I attended a couple of venues.

At Kennedy in the White division it was defending state AAAA champs St. Paul Central smashing Owatonna 69-34. Bad news for the rest of the state....Central was not at full strength. Georgie Jones, was at Marquette on a visit, and Cyonna West did not play. Owatonna figures to be in the hunt for the Big 9 title.
The next game I watched was in the Purple division and it was a St. Paul City battle. It also was a battle between two teams that did not have a player taller than 5-7. It was Humboldt winning the mighty mite battle over Highland Park 54-32.
After that it was back to the white division. Again it was a Big 9 team facing a metro team. It was Mankato West against Chaska. Courtney Boylan, who had an outstanding summer, picked right up where she left off. It looks as if fall will be more of the same. It was Chaska with a 52-38 win.

After a break (I have volleyball season tickets for the Gophers who beat Indiana). I went to Apple Valley for their Independent Fall League.
In the first game I charted there it was Hill-Murray edging Edina 25-22. The second game featured two Lake conference rivals Eagan and the host school Apple Valley. It was Eagan taking the game 42-35.

In games I didn't see, it was Kennedy beating Holy Angels 41-37 at the Kennedy White division. Woodbury defeated Cretin-Derham Hall in the Independent Apple Valley Fall League. Also Eagan beat Mpls Southwest, because SW didn't have enough players. In fact they borrowed a player from the crowd.

Edina's new athletic director Jenny Johnson, will remain the girls basketball coach for this year according to Edina sources.
Apple Valley has hired Nick Storm as an assistant. Storm is a director for the MN Fury AAU program.

If you remember earlier today I wrote about the rumorama a transfer to Kennedy. These are the fact--#1 the player was from Texas, not Georgia. #2 She was 6-3, #3 she was to live with a school official (it was his relative) in Eagan, but Eagan would not sign off on the transfer. So she is now with another relative.

I will report on these games in the next few days with all the pp100, and numbers later in the week. I don't think I will be able to get all five today. Maybe the Central game later tonight. It won't be tonight after all. Look for the reports starting Monday

If you have stories or news from the Fall Leagues, let me know

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Transfer Whispers

#1 posting 9.23.2007
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Jimmy Rogers will be assisting at Minneapolis South this season. Rogers has helped in other years at Holy Angels and coached the Basketball Plus Elite AAU summer team.

Rumorama has it that Bloomington Kennedy will be getting a transfer from Georgia.

Next up: Later today after the first round of fall ball.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Uhlenhopp Verbals

#2 posting 9.22.2007

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Indy Uhlenhopp, North Butler has verballed Northern Iowa. The 5-11 forward averaged 19.7 ppg for the 28-0 2A two time state champs.
Uhlenhopp played summer ball with IBCA Select I.
Uhlenhopp is the 10th overall Iowa player from the 2008 class to verbal, and 9th to go to a D1 school. She will be the third to go to Northern Iowa. Uhlenhopp will join teammate Erin Brocka there. Uhlenhopp is also the 5th IBCA Select I player to verbal.
Photo: Uhlenhopp pulling down a rebound vs Dakota Hardwood Threat at the North Tartan Meltdown.
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Fall Leagues, Thomas Hired

#1 posting 9.22.2007
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MYAS starts tomorrow.
Games of note:
At Armstrong: Osseo Black vs Hopkins at 1:20 pm
at Kennedy: St. Paul Central vs Owatonna at 9 am
at Concordia St. Paul: Minnehaha vs New Life at 11:10 am
Here is the full schedule

Here is an early update of the Breakdown Girls Basketball Fall Leagues at Becker and Lakeville South. Leagues at both sites start on Oct 14th. There are Varsity, JV, and 9th grade divisions.

Contact the Breakdown office ASAP if you are interested: or 763-262-0021.

Varsity, JV, and 9th Grade teams
Here are teams committed to each league:
Becker, Rogers, Princeton, Big Lake, Monticello, Blaine, Champlin Park, Elk River, Rockford, N. St. Paul, Zimmerman, Mora, Spring Lake Park, Buffalo, Waconia, STMA, Albany, PACT, NYA, Moorhead, Howard Lake-Waverly, Anoka, Apollo, Staples-Motley

Lakeville South:
Park of Cottage Grove, Lakeville South and North, Red Wing, Chaska, Tartan, Eastview, Kennedy, Rochester Century, Eden Prairie, Shakopee, Blake, Rosemount, Minneapolis South, Stillwater, Richfield, Burnsville, Holy Family, Plainview, JWP, Prior Lake, Roseville, New Prague, Totino-Grace, Farmington, S. St. Paul

Former Willmar girls basketball coach Roger “Shorty” Schroeder will be inducted into the Willmar High school Hall of Fame today. From the West Central Tribune.

Former Hudson High School and Wisconsin player Annie Nelson, now married to NFL offensive lineman Joe Thomas, will be an assistant at Cleveland State. From the Capital Times.

Detroit City is looking for a girls basketball coach

There are different perspectives in Iowa on the NCAA change of first round tournament sites. Hawkeye coach Bluder thinks it is a step back. Cyclone coach Fennelly thinks it will increase the atmosphere. From the Des Moines Register.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Tweaking the NCAA Tournament

#2 posting 9.21.2007
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The NCAA today approved a 16 site, four team format for the first and second rounds starting in 2009 season. It is hoped the move will increase crowds at the venues. The bid process will start in October.

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History Lessons, Coaching Moves, Visualizations, and Clinics

#1 posting 9.21.2007
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KARE 11 has run their Athlete of the Week feature for 25 years. One of the featured players is Jenny Johnson. Johnson is the current Athletic Director at Edina and was a player at Armstrong back in the day.

Former Roseville (2002) and Marquette (2006) player Carolyn Kieger has been named director of basketball operations at Marquette. From the Marquette Tribune.

Bloomington Jefferson girls basketball coach Andy Meinhardt gets married this weekend.

There has been a change in Grand Rapids, MN. Former girls basketball coach Adam Johnson is now a women's basketball assistant at UW Superior. Dave Lacoe is the new GR coach.

Jackson, MI is looking for a new girls basketball coach since Jeremy Patterson has moved on to be the principal of the junior class. From the Jackson Citizen Patriot.

Brian McCormick writes about visualization and performance. 50 to 90% of athletics is mental.

Basketball Shooting Expert to Teach Minnesota Coaches How to Coach Shooting!

BOULDER CREEK, Calif. -- Tom Nordland, creator of the highly-acclaimed “Swish and” “Swish 2” shooting videos, and considered one of Minnesota’s greatest high school shooters, is going to put on five clinics around the Twin Cities Oct. 7-12 to train kids and coaches in his simple and powerful approach to shooting. He’s also going to be speaking and demonstrating at the Minnesota Girls Basketball Association Clinic Oct. 6th, ~2-3PM, at Robbinsdale Cooper High School. Tom is inspiring what he calls a “Renaissance” in shooting, a revival, a rebirth. A great shooter is within each player, just waiting to be liberated.

Tom is getting known around the world for his fresh insights and approaches into what it takes to learn and coach shooting. As the first volley in his campaign to “Teach the World to Shoot a Basketball,” Tom will put on a set of clinics for Minnesota coaches of all levels. Come and bring your friends and fellow coaches. He will also put on one clinic for Players and two combined clinics (both Coaches and Players). The locations, dates and times are:
1) For Coaches AND Players: Sunday, Oct. 7th, Edison High School: 1-5PM
2) For Coaches only: Monday, Oct. 8th, 43Hoops in Hopkins, 6-9PM
3) For Coaches only: Tuesday, Oct. 9th, Edison High School: 6-9PM
4) For Coaches AND Players: Thursday, Oct. 11th, Edison High, 5-9PM
5) For Players (coaches come observe): Friday, Oct. 12th, 43Hoops, 5-9PM

Edison High School, 700 22nd Ave. N.E., Minneapolis, 55418
43Hoops Basketball Academy (, 1002 Second Street NE, Hopkins, 55343
(43Hoops is the creation of the wonderful college and NBA player, Chris Carr.)

For details and On Line Enrollment go to his web page,, and click on “Clinics and Camps.” Here’s a direct link: Enrollment is limited.

Tom was honored by a very special article in the Boys State Tournament Basketball Program this last March. Here is a link to it:

Coaches come and learn to teach the way of shooting performed by the greatest shooters! Players come learn how to coach yourselves! Great shooting is within your reach! Visit Tom’s website ( for his background, endorsements, testimonials, video clips, articles and his now "100" archived Shooting Newsletters

Due to an administrative request from the site host, CommunityHoops is rescheduling their first event to October 20th, 2007. There are currently 21 paid admissions out of a possible 80 and community hoops agreed to reschedule based upon the many volleyball conflicts with our first date.

CommunityHoops knows that this reschedule falls on MEA weekend. Most of our speakers are going to attend some of the fall league games in the following weeks and they can provide the players, parents, and coaches with more information about our event.

All e-mail questions can be directed to the event coordinator, Tony Geer at or by calling Tony directly at 612-581-4796 after 12:30 pm any day.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Noreen Verbals

#2 posting 9.20.2007

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Jennie Noreen, a 5-9 point guard from Albany has verballed MSU Mankato.
Noreen has played in three State Tournaments with last year's team finishing 2nd in AA. Jennie made the 2007 State "All Tournament Team" and was named " Player of the Game" in Albany's semifinal win over Norwood Young-America scoring 26 points, hitting five 3 pointers, with 10 rebounds and 6 assists.
Noreen excels in ball handling, seeing the floor, running Albany's offense and defense. She is definitely the quarterback of Albany's basketball team. She is a threat driving to the basket, pulling up and shooting off the dribble or dishing off to a teammate or shooting the 3 ball. Noreen had 70 3-pointers last season. She averaged 20.9 ppg, 5 assists, 4.5 steals and 4.3 rebounds per game in her junior year. She has scored 1240 total points in her varsity career. She is the two time Co - M.V.P. of the West Central North Conference and three times selected All Conference.
Jennie is a three sport athlete swimming and running track. In 2007 she qualified to run hurdles in the 2007 Track and Field State Tournament.
Jennie will join her sister Joanne at Minnesota State - Mankato.
Noreen is the 23rd player overall in the 2008 Minnesota class to verbal, and the 14th headed to D2.
Photo: Noreen is set to release a shot in the Rogers Breakdown tournament in the championship game against Centennial.
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Park-Cottage Grove Scrimmage, Brann Hired

#1 posting 9.20.2007
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2nd Annual Park Premiere girls basketball scrimmage.
Basics: first weekend of the season, Saturday, Nov. 17th (9 am-3 pm). Afternoon format will consist of 4 sessions of game simulation, 18 minute stop time with officials.
Teams include: Park Cottage-Grove, Lakeville South, St. Paul Central, Apple Valley, Champlin Park, St Michael-Albertville, Eden Prairie, Northfield, Mpls Southwest, Hill-Murray.
It will be a great first weekend of hoops for only $2 (all students/kids are free).

Chris Brann has been hired as the girls basketball coach at Green Bay East. Brann was a coach at Kewaunee. The previous East coach Bill Ferrell is now the coach at GB Notre Dame. From the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Former Tracy-Milroy standout Sandra Zwach ('93) will be inducted into the Augustana Hall of Fame. Zwach topped the 1000 point mark at each level. From the Marshall Independent.

Former Osseo coach Dave Thorpe is living the retirement life in Florida and has recently taken up dancing. No word if he will be on Dancing with the Stars.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sioux Falls Fall League, McBride Verbals

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Sioux Falls, SD has a girls basketball fall league going on Sunday afternoon/evenings at Lincoln High school. It consists of 12 teams from South Dakota and SW Minnesota. Worthington's Sarah and Gabby Boever play with the Dakota Magic, who after four games look to be the strongest team in the league.

Tia McBride of Mount Notre Dame, OH has made a verbal to Georgetown. The 6-1 forward averaged 13.3 ppg for the 23-4 state champs.
McBride is the 32nd Ohio player in the class of 2008 to verbal a D1 school. From the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Wisconsin is in the two top 25 preseason polls. From channel 3000.

The UM Dearborn Journal looks at the women's basketball team. They play in the WHAC conference.

D1 scholarships may drop from 15 to 13. From the Sioux Falls Argus Leader at the tail end of the article.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kessler, Jenkins Verbals

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Lauren Kessler, St. Michael-Albertville verbally committed to U M Crookston. Lauren missed her junior season due to an ACL injury. The 6-1 Kessler did participate in the Minnesota elite camp this past summer. She averaged 2.7 as a sophomore when STMA went 24-8 and finished 4th in the state AAA tournament.
Kessler is the 22nd overall Minnesota player in the class of 2008 to verbal and the 13th to verbal a D2 school.
photo: Kessler (#21 White) goes up for a rebound vs Morris in the Rogers Breakdown tournament in June. photo by kja

Jessica Jenkins of Marion Harding HS in Ohio is headed to St. Bonaventure.
Jenkins played with Carmen Reynolds (Hilliard Davidson HS to Michigan) and Amy Clapper (Newark HS to UNC-Greensboro) for the Capital City Comets.
Earlier today Megan Van Tatenhove of Oostburg, WI also verballed St. Bonaventure.

Jenkins is the 31st Ohio player in the class of 2008 to verbal a D1 school.

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Hildreth, Hofer Verbal

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Betsy Hildreth and Jamey Hofer have made verbals to the University of Sioux Falls.

Hildreth from Norwalk, Iowa is a 6-1 center. Hildreth averaged 8.8 ppg for the 22-3 3A Warriors. She played with the Iowa Lightning Black this summer.

Hofer from West Central high school in Hartford, SD is a 6-0 forward. Last year her Class A Trojan team finished 16-6.

Hildreth is the 9th player overall in the 2008 class to verbal, the 1st in NAIA.

Hofer is the 8th player in the 2008 class to verbal, the 2nd to a NAIA school.
photo: Betsy Hildreth (#3 Black) goes up for the jump ball vs the Sioux Falls Riders in the Dakota Showcase on June 29. photo by coach Teas.

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Verbal, Walk On, and Resignation

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Megan Van Tatenhove of Oostburg, Wisconsin has made a verbal to St. Bonaventure. The 5-11 forward averaged 15.6 ppg for the 25-1 D3 Flying Dutchmen.
Van Tatenhove is the 7th overall Wisconsin player to verbal in the 2008 class and the 3rd to go D1. From the Sheboygan Press.

Former 2005 Racine Prairie guard Alana Trotter has left Ohio University and is headed to Wisconsin. Trotter averaged 2.7 ppg at Ohio last year. She averaged 18.7 ppg her high school senior year. Trotter will be eligible to play in 2008-09. From the Racine Journal Times.

Marquette, Michigan girls basketball coach Karla Strand has resigned. Strand was 108-43 in seven years. From the Marquette Mining Journal.

Erin Miller, Ferris State is up for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award. Miller is one of 30 finalists for the honor. Miller played her high school ball at Niles, Michigan. From the Niles Star.

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Previews & Fund Raiser

#1 posting 9.18.2007
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The Minnesota Fury AAU Club will be doing a 2007-08 High School Girls Basketball season preview on their website. They will break down all the conferences in the metro from top to bottom, and name their picks for Conference Player of the Year and First and Second team All-Conference. It will be all wrapped up with their Section Champions, State Champions, Miss Basketball Candidates, and First and Second Team All-State picks. Look for the schedule of release dates coming soon, and visit their website or send an email to for details.

The Minnesota Fury are looking to add some final pieces to their 16U and 15U teams. They are looking for Varsity Starting and potential All-Conference types of players to fill out these teams. Please send an email to Nick Storm ( for 16U team inquiries and Justin Morris ( for 15U team inquiries.

They are also starting to fill their teams at 14U and 13U. Please email Nick Storm for these teams.

(16U teams are 1991 birth dates plus any older player in the class of 2009, 15U – 1992 birthdays, 14U – 1993 birthdays, 13U – 1994 birthdays)

The Minnesota Fury are the only AAU Club in the state to offer individual profiles for all players that include high school stats, weekly updated AAU stats, and coaches commentary. College coaches across the country have commented that this puts them on the cutting edge for player exposure. Visit their website and navigate to the rosters page to view current profiles.

Trent Tucker’s Hoop-A-Thon

Trent Tucker played for the Minnesota Gophers, the New York Knicks and the World Champion Chicago Bulls during his tenure, earning himself a championship ring in 1993 with the Bulls. It was with the help from many people in his community that he was able to attain this level of success. He established The Trent Tucker Non-Profit Organization, a recognized 501(c)(3), in 1998 as a way to give back to the community. He went a step further and began the Trent Tucker Youth Program, helping inner city middle school students to develop their character and leadership skills, provide career and educational opportunities, and promote students to take positive risks. Trent is a strong believer in community partnership, working together to provide a better environment for our children and families. For these reasons, Trent has found a great way to combine his passion for basketball and his commitment to our youth.

Trent Tucker presents the inaugural Trent Tucker Hoop-A-Thon. Proceeds from the fundraiser benefits the Trent Tucker Youth Program dedicated to empowering youth to make positive choices, increase self-respect, and establish a vision for their future. Also, a portion of the funds will benefit The Minnesota Helps -- Bridge Disaster Fund, collaboration of local funders to facilitate local contributions to disaster relief efforts to help the victims, rescuers, and families affected by the bridge collapse.

Hoop-A-Thon Details
High School Varsity basketball teams (Both Boys and Girls) are invited to participate. Each participant is responsible for finding a minimum of 7 sponsors to pledge a monetary amount per made free throw, or a straight pledge. On Hoop-A-Thon day there will be 3 participants at each basket and they will have 60 minutes to shoot 100 free throws each. Once you know how many members of your team will be able to participate you can call and sign up for a start time. The times are as follows: 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12pm, 12-1pm, 1-2pm. Please don’t wait to the last minute because the spots might be filled up!

Coaches Role
We encourage coaches to participate as well in the event….don’t be shy! Because you have the best access to each participant, we are asking that you collect the sponsorship money within a week after the event, or by November 13. Please note that all checks should be made out to the Trent Tucker Non-Profit Organization. We appreciate your cooperation in this fundraiser and hope that you do participate in this exciting event.

To embrace the importance of TEAM, we are throwing in an incentive to make your free throws. Trent Tucker has agreed to facilitate a basketball practice for the TEAM who makes the most free throws on November 3. Therefore, the more TEAM members you have participating, the better chance you will have to have Trent come to your school! We only have 210 spots for the day, so get signed up!

Also, there will be an award for the boy and girl who have the highest monetary pledges post Hoop-A-Thon.

Coaches Time line

October 1: Distribute Pledge Forms to players on both Boys and Girls Varsity teams. Explain to players the details of the fundraiser and the dates the sponsorship forms are do.

October 12: (or before Oct 12 )
Send Hoop-A-Thon participation confirmation to and the number of participants that will be shooting. At this time you will be able to select your TEAMS start time on November 3. You can also call Kathy at (952) 844-6547.

October 31:

Remind all players when their start is and to bring Pledge Form to the Hoop-A-Thon.
They will not be able to participate without it. If they have straight pledges, they can bring the money to the Hoop-A-Thon.

November 3:
Hoop-A-Thon day at De La Salle. Please have students begin collection pledge amounts the following week.

November 12:
Mail remaining money in from pledges. We will notify you if you are the Winning Team and set up the date you want Trent Tucker to facilitate your practice. Good Luck!

Mail to:
Trent Tucker Non-Profit Organization
8060 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, MN 55427

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Doerr Verbals

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Colleen Doerr of LeSueur-Henderson has made a verbal to Northern State. The 5-7 guard averaged 20.6 for the 19-8 AA Giants last season. Doerr played summer ball with MN Stars Borowicz. Her sisters Katie and Jackie played at MN State Moorhead. Once upon a time I coached Katie on the 1997 State 15u AAU champs--PowerPlay.

Doerr is the 21st player in the Minnesota class of 2008 to verbal and the 12th to verbal a D2 school. This verbal makes #6 for Northern State. Already headed to Aberdeen are Emily Becken of Centennial; Alycia Dahl, of Northern; Jenna Higgins, of Maranatha; Krystal Lacey, of West Central; and Nicky Rausch, of Hoven, SD.

photo: Colleen Doerr, #3 MN Stars Borowicz, driving down the sidelines against Iowa Lightning in the MN Stars tournament at Hopkins, July 7. photo kja

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