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Out & About: North Tartan 15s/Dakota Schoolers

#3 posting 7.28.2008
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Silver Championship
Bloomington Kennedy

North Tartan 15s kept up with the theme of the day by grabbing the early lead (19-6) and also overcoming missing players--Sari Noga was out due to surgery, Rachel Banham was out due to an Achilles injury, and Ameshia Kearney, and Kayla Hirt were with North Tartan Larson down in Nike Nationals--in the silver championship over the Dakota Schoolers. The Dakota Schoolers were the only non -Minnesota team to make the finals today.

NT was on to start the first half. You wouldn't know NT15 wasn't at full strength and playing with three players that were added specifically for this tournament. NT was scoring at a sizzling 131.3 to start the game. Katy Winge had the hot hand early with 9 first half points. NT15 had two sequences where they scored four straight times. On the defensive end Gabby Boever had the Schoolers in detention with 5.5 defensive stops.

The inevitable cooling off for NT15 started toward the end of the first half. They only scored twice in the last seven possessions. Combined with a 2/9 start of the second half NT15 cooled down to a mild 50 pp100. In the interim, the Schoolers only made up one point. NT rekindled their hot hands and went on a 6/7 offensive sequence. DS never took the deficit to single digits.

NT15 used their quick hands on defense to keep the Schoolers off rhythm all day. There were 21 DS turnovers to only 8 by NT15. Also NT15 had the best passing game of any of the four games I charted today. Four NT15 players had above four assists.

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key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Angela Christianson, Alexandria 15, 16, 93.8, .438 bigger perimeter, has a scorer's mentality. can adjust with either hand on the shot to finish the drive. 3 range, jumper,
Laura Melquist, Rochester Lourdes 4, 7, 57.1, .286 post. needs to improve quickness.
Katy Winge, Minnetonka 9, 9, 100.0, .444 perimeter shooter. likes corner.
Morgan Van-Riper Rose 9, 5, 180.0, .800 perimeter. has 3 range. makes good decisions.
Gabby Boever, Worthington 2, 6, 33.3, .167 point guard. a pest on defense. not only had 7.5 d stops, but countless other deflected passes and offensive stifling distractions. had a great leap steal on an out of bounds pass. She came back and made the save to an open teammate. Has great awareness.
Hannah Strop, New Prague 8, 6, 133.3, .667 versatile. can play on the perimeter and on the inside.
Jordyn Krekling, Hayfield 5, 2, 250.0, 1.000 perimeter. has 3 range.
Kara Hofschild, Andover 2, 1, 200.0, 1.000 point guard. made good decisions.
Michelle Slattery, Forest Lake 2, 2, 100.0, .500 guard
The above three filled in for players that were either injured, or with NT Larson at Nike Nationals.

Alissa Brown, Sioux Falls O'Gorman 9, 12, 75.0, .250 big point guard. made three 3s on the day. needs to eliminate turnovers.
Lindsey Johnson, Harrisburg 10, 7, 142.8, .714 post. strong frame. keeps the ball high on offensive boards.
Morgan May, Colman-Egan 8, 6, 133.3, .667 post player
Shelby Moe, Baltic 0, 3, 0.0, .000 small guard
Taylor Olson, Sioux Valley 2, 8, 25.0, .125 perimeter lean frame. needs to keep vision up on dribble.
Wagner Larson, Sioux Falls Roosevelt 6, 8, 75.0, .375 needs to eliminate passing errors. Needs to fake.
Katy Pillar, Sioux Falls O'Gorman 0, 4, 0.0, .000 looked to score off the dribble. needs to improve passing
Lexy Hofer, West Central 6, 7, 85.7, .429 moves without the ball.

Morgan Van-Riper Rose

North Tartan 15s: 56, 54, 103.7, .482
Dakota Schoolers 41, 55, 74.5, .345
made 3s/&1s: NT 4/1; DS 3/0
ftm/fta-ft%: NT 10/12-.833; DS 4/4-1.000
bench: NT 17, DS 12

Gabby Boever 7.5
Jordyn Krekling 5
Laura Melquist 4
Morgan Van-Riper Rose 3.5
Angela Christianson 3
Katy Winge 2
Hannah Strop 2
Kara Hofschild 1
totals: 28

Lexy Hofer 5
Alisa Brown 4
Taylor Olson 4
Wagner Larson 4
Lindsey Johnson 3.5
Shelby Moe 2
Morgan May 0.5
totals: 23

Katy Winge 7
Morgan Van-Riper Rose 6
Gabby Boever 5
Laura Melquist 4
Jordyn Krekling 2
Hannah Strop 1
totals: 25

Alisa Brown 5
Lexy Hofer 4
Morgan May 2
Lexy Hofer 2
Lindsey Johnson 1
Wagner Larson 1
totals: 15

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