Thursday, July 31, 2008

MN Stars Borowicz Take Summer Slam

#3 posting 7.31.2008
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Here are the results from the Summer Slam in Cincinnati

MN Borowicz won last night in the quarterfinals to make it into the final 4 beating Indiana Elite team by a score of 69-65. MSB beat the Dayton Lady Hoopstars 69-59 this morning.
MSB beat Indiana Elite Central Riego 70-65. IECR favored the 3 ball in their game.

MN Stars Eckmann lost by 1 to the Queen City Jags-Brewer 41-42
MN Stars Eckmann beats Mohr Magic Burton 52-51
MN Stars Eckmann plays North Coast Hoops for 5th place

MN Stars Smith 60 --- Gym Rats Black 57
MN Stars Smith 49 --- Gym Rats 42
MN Stars Smith is playing the Hautians for 9th place

MN Stars DeWitt 38 --- IE Central Riego 72
MN Stars DeWitt beat Indiana Elite FTW-Rheberg to get to the 5th place game against the Midwest Express.
MN Stars DeWitt lost 67 to 56 to the Midwest Express to take 6th place in Red Bracket.

The Storm lost by 1 to the GA Metros. They blew an 11 point lead. The Hustle won and advanced to the Silver championship game at noon today.
Boo & TN Flight are in the championship game of the Gold division. They both came out of the pool that the Storm & North Tartan Larson were in.

Next up: a pair of verbals.