Monday, July 28, 2008

Out & About: Metro Stars 15s/MN Suns 16s

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Gold Championship
Bloomington Kennedy
METRO STARS 15s 54, MN SUNS 16s 48

In keeping with today's theme of jumping to early leads, the Metro Stars 15s had leads of 10-2, and 19-7 in a physical battle with the Suns. The Suns had droughts of six, and closed the half with 10 empty trips. To illustrate the point the Suns only had one assists (using my liberal standard) in the first half. That sluggish start would come back to haunt them. Grace Veker had nine points at half time for the Stars.

The Suns rose in the second half to the challenge overcoming a 28-16 halftime deficit. The Suns best run came with a four straight possession scoring sequence. However they left two points at the line as they only were 50% at the line. The Suns came as close to four points three times, the last coming at 48-44 with 2:30 left. The Suns had one crack to cut it further, but missed the chance. Erica Gress then made an &1 on the next Stars possession to bump that lead back to 51-44 with 1:51 left.

The physical nature of the contest went both ways. Luckily there was no Sparks vs Shock incident. The Suns left 11 points at the line. The Stars had a 17-10 advantage on second chancers.

Metro Stars 15s concluded July on a hot streak. They lost the first game at the End of the Trail tournament in Portland, OR. After that they ran the table winning the consolation title there, winning their division in Chicago, and then winning this title today.

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key: players, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Ellen Edison, Maple Grove 9, 10, 90.0, .300 perimeter. made two 3s
Haley Thomforde, Eastview 4, 7, 57.1, .286 perimeter. all her points came on second chancers.
Brooke Brown, Chaska 8, 11, 72.7, .364 guard. not afraid to make contact. went to the line four times.
Grace Veker, Edina 13, 12, 108.3, .500 bigger perimeter. physical. has 3 range. Does little things to help in victory.
Erica Gress, Apple Valley 7, 9, 77.8, .333 warrior. animal on boards. seems to relish contact. Made two baskets despite getting fouled.
Susie Thompson, Wayzata 2, 2, 100.0, .500 Kate Thompson's sister. has the same length. plays inside. changes things on defense.
Rachel Leitz, Champlin Park 6, 7, 85.7, .429 perimeter. active and aggressive on offense.
Julia Wiemer, Hopkins 5, 5, 100.0, .400 guard. made a three

Pamela January, Richfield 9, 16, 56.3, .250 got off to a miserable start with an 0/8 first half. Her jump shot returned in the second half.
Jamie Noonan, Richfield 9, 10, 90.0, .400 perimeter. looks to take the 3 and will drive too.
Jessica Fife, Osseo 5, 6, 83.3, .333 has 3 range, the question is quickness on defense on the perimeter.
Katie Petit, Howard Lake-W-W 10, 9, 111.1, .556 point guard. scored off the drive. and at the line. went to the line four times.
Kylie Gottsman, Osseo 0, 0, 0.0, .000 post. started, but didn't play very much
Jasmine Mendes, Hopkins 8, 11, 72.7, .364 tough nosed guard. physically strong. tied with Hylla for most defensive boards on the Suns.
Hannah Hylla, Albany 2, 6, 33.3, .167 lean 4ish player
Rhodeshia Robinson, Cooper 5, 5, 100.0, .600 lanky 4ish player. made her points off second chancers.
Karen Gogins, Roseville 0, 2, 0.0, .000 perimeter. needs to pass with quickness. needs to get physically stronger

Grace Veker

Metro Stars 15s 54, 63, 85.7, .381
MN Suns 16s 48, 65, 73.8, .354
made 3s/&1s: Stars 4/2; Suns 2/1
ftm/fta-ft%: Stars 10/15-.667; Suns 11/22-.500
Bench: Suns 15, Stars 13

Erica Gress 9
Rachel Leitz 6
Brooke Brown 4
Susie Thompson 3.5
Ellen Edison 3
Grace Veker 3
Julia Wiemer 1.5
Haley Thomforde 1
totals: 31

Jasmine Mendes 8
Pamela January 7
Hannah Hylla 5.5
Kate Pettit 3.5
Jamie Noonan 3
Jessica Fife 3
Rhodesia Robinson 3
Karen Gogins 1
totals: 34

Haley Thomforde 3
Brooke Brown 2
Grace Veker 2
Ellen Edison 1
Susie Thompson 1
Rachel Leitz 1
Julia Wiemer 1
totals: 11

Kate Pettit 3
Jamie Noonan 2
Jessica Fife 2
Jasmine Mendes 2
Pamela January 1
Hannah Hylla 1
Rhodesia Robinson 1
totals: 12

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