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Minnesota Elite Camp: Sun/Sparks

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West vs East

The Sun scored the last 8 points of the game to beat the Sparks 37-32. The Sparks didn't connect on their last 14 possessions. This was a physical contest with a lot of jostling, bumping, bodies fighting to establish position. This was reflected in the the pp100s with the Sun at 61.6 pp100. Also the Sparks were only able to score five two point field goals all game. The Sun dominated the free throw line with a nine point advantage there. The Sun bench also was stronger than the Sparks with a 10 point differential. The game within the game featured two similar players working against each other most of the game--Abby Busch of the Sun who had 13 points to lead both teams, and Mariah Clarin of the Sparks who ended up with 8. They were in battles royale all game.

The Sparks struck first with a Shawnna Sperber three, her first and only points for the game. The Sparks led 5-1 when the Sun scored on their 9th possession from the floor, and that a second chancer by Busch. The Sun led 9-8 after a put back by Betsy Smith. The Sparks then took over with 8 unanswered points as the Sun set for nine straight possessions, a continuing feature of this camp. Kayla Thom added three free throws to finish up the scoring to make it 16-12 Sparks at the break.

The Sun shook off their slumbering offensive in the second half with five straight scores as they grabbed the lead 21-19 after a 9-3 run. Karlee Erickson had four points in that run. The Sparks reclaimed the lead at 26-23 with a 7-2 run. The intensity of the game spilled over to the sidelines with the ref stopping play to discus issues with Coach Mayclin of the Sun. Meghan Molitor knocked down a three with nine minutes left to give the Sparks a 32-29 lead. That was to be their final points of the game. They didn't have any spark the last 14 possessions, seven of which were turnovers. The Sun finished up with eight unanswered points with Busch scoring four.

Interesting fact ---only 19 assists (and this is a liberal interpretation) is waaaay to small. The passing on display here has not been stellar. That is one reason the pp100s are fairly low. Good passing leads to easy baskets. It comes down to execution and awareness.

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key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Amy Van Hulzen, Park Center 5, 7, 71.4, .429 perimeter. went to the line twice.
Kelsie Ammann, Lakeville North 2, 6, 33.3, .167 3 point shooter. led team with assists
Betsy Smith, East Grand Forks 2, 3, 66.7, .333 guard
Michelle Starkweather, Lakeville South 2, 5, 40.0, .200 a six footer that can play on the perimeter. decent frame
Kayla Thom, Mayer Lutheran 7, 11, 63.4, .364 strong frame, inside player. went to the line four times.
Lisa Lymburner, Hinckley-Finlayson 0, 4, 0.0, .000 taller perimeter.
Abby Busch, GFW 13, 14, 92.9, .500 a tweener, each possession was a battle with Clarin. it appeared each relished the contact. The more the contact the harder Busch went after the ball. If there was a turnover, Busch redoubled her efforts and just grabbed the ball away from a Spark to score.
Madeline Johnson, Minnetonka 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Alexandria Love, Bloomington Kennedy 2, 6, 33.3, .167 guard
Karlee Erickson, Mora 4, 3, 133.3, .667 guard

Shawnna Sperber, Stewartville 3, 10, 30.0, .100 3 point shooter that went cold after the first shot.
Tess Lueders, Stillwater 3, 5, 60.0, .200 made a three
Mariah Clarin, Princeton 8, 14, 57.1, .286 physical, athletic forward type. a warrior battle with Busch was the highlight of this game.
Meghan Molitor, PACT 9, 10, 90.0, .400 provided hustle on the perimeter. Floor burns a reward for effort on loose balls.
Catavia Jones, St. Paul Central 0, 2, 0.0, .000 post. needs to work on basic offensive skills.
Abby Rothenbuehler, Mankato West 0, 10, 0.0, .000 at 6-2 has the height. built for the perimeter, but needs to gain weight. shots not falling. Passes somewhat forced. needs to make a bigger impact on defense.
Abby Hoganson, Detroit Lakes 2, 3, 66.7, .333 guard.
Micaela Trainor, Winona Cotter 7, 4, 175.0, .750 perimeter. knocked down a three. has speed.
Niambi Mitchell, St. Paul Academy 0, 2, 0.0, .000 guard. can jump.

Abby Busch, the will to win

Sun 37, 60, 61.6, .333
Sparks 32, 60, 53.3, .233
made 3s/&1s: Sparks 6/0; Sun 0/0
ftm/fta-ft%: Sun 13/20-.650; Sparks 4/5-.800
bench: Sun 19, Sparks 9

Abby Busch 8
Amy Van Hulzen 5
Betsy Smith 3
Michelle Starkweather 3
Kayla Thom 3
Kelsie Ammann 2
Madeline Johnson 2
Alexandria Love 2
Karlee Erickson 2
Lisa Lymburner 1
totals: 31

Mariah Clarin 7.5
Meghan Molitor 7
Abby Rothenbuehler 4
Micaela Trainor 4
Tess Lueders 3.5
Catavia Jones 1.5
Niambi Mitchell 1.5
Shawnna Sperber 1
totals: 30

Kelsie Ammann 3
Lisa Lymburner 3
Amy Van Hulzen 2
Abby Busch 1
Michelle Starkweather 1
totals: 10

Abby Hoganson 3
Tess Lueders 2
Abby Rothenbuehler 1
Meghan Molitor 1
Micaela Trainor 1
Niambi Mitchell 1
totals: 9

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