Friday, July 25, 2008

Improve Shooting, Scholarship Costs, Brawling Part III

#3 posting 7.25.2008
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David Friedman of 20 Second Time Out writes on how Chris Paul improved his shooting. The last paragraph is key.

Mark Hyman has blog called Youth Sports Parent. One of the posts on that blog deals with scholarships and would parents do it all over again if they could. The Dallas Morning News looks at the cost of scholarships.

The suspensions are in for the WNBA brawl and superstars get special treatment. Candace Parker gets one game off, while bench players get two. Why? Paying fans go to see Parker. If Parker doesn't play, fans don't pay. Casual fans don't pay to see bench players, therefore they can be made an example. To paraphrase George Orwell's Animal Farm "Some players are more equal than others."
Here are some postings on the RebKell's board calling the suspensions a sham, also what is the value of a punch? and Special treatment for Parker.
Rethinking Basketball also looks at which team gets hurt the most by the suspensions.

Next up: later today with one more look at the MN Elite camp, and then the week that was.