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Out & About: Lakeville North/Benilde-St. Margaret's

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at Lakeville South
LAKEVILLE NORTH panthers 54,

Rachel Banham and Cassie Rochel each scored 17 points in Lakeville North's 54-42 win over Benilde-St. Margaret's in the MYAS Gopher State Prep Showcase. LN got out to an early lead, but BSM was able to break the string started yesterday where the winning team had enough points to win by halftime. Today LN led at half 34-21. The second half was tighter, but BSM couldn't make up ground.

This tournament was divided into two pools of five. Both teams were undefeated in pool play. This match up also was a clash of classes with the bigger class winning. Of the three clash of classes this weekend the bigger class won each time.

LN scored six straight times after a miss on their first possession and led 13-3. The one two punch of Rochel (7) and Banham (6) had all the points. The Panthers employed a full court press that bothered some of the BSM players. In the first half LN forced 8 turnovers, with 11 more in the second half. LN substituted all five starters out in the wave pattern through out the game. For four possessions group two scored once, while BSM scored three times. Group one came back in and the next 10 possessions LN scored six times. BSM did close out to 24-18. Four straight scores by LN pushed the lead out to 34-20 at halftime. Rochel and Banham had 21 at the break.

LN scored three straight times to start the second half. That pushed their lead to 40-23. BSM went on a 8-2 run to cut the deficit to 42-31. LN had a five possession drought in that Knight ride. LN had their final push out to 52-34 (their biggest lead) before the final BSM push. Another five possession LN drought gave BSM some room to maneuver. In the end it was LN's experience and defensive pressure that got the job done.

You can see the entire Lakeville North vs Benilde-St. Margaret's photo gallery at

key: player, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Kelsie Ammann 5, 6, 83.3, .333 3 point shooter. also was effective with anticipation on defense.
Cassie Rochel 17, 13, 130.8, .692 post with great hands, great feet. finishes. defensively indimidates.
Rachel Banham 17, 9, 188.9, .889 handled point when Sygulla was not on the floor. A guard that can do it all --"combo guard". smooth pull up jumper. relentless pursuit of the ball. in the mix on loose balls.
Ashley Prather 3, 4, 75.0, .500 the "4" lunch bucket type on the boards.
Jamie Montgomery 2, 3, 66.7, .333 guard.
Tallie Berkvam 0, 3, 0.0, .000 perimeter
Jess Braaten 2, 4, 50.0, .250 left handed post
Hannah Hughes 2, 1, 200.0, 1.000 perimeter, lefty
Kaiya Sygulla 6, 8, 75.0, .375 point guard. deceptive on passes. sets up defense and goes the other way with the ball. Probably finishes Rochel's sentences (or Rochel finishes I suppose) the point is they know what the other is doing.
Jaya Perkins 0, 3, 0.0, .000
Maddie Saarela 0, 2, 0.0, .000

Danielle Bennett-Curry 10, 10, 100.0, .400 veteran player. perimeter. would like to take the ball to the glass, but the LN defense threw up road blocks on the route. is able to score when hit. went to the line four times including two & 1 situations.
Josie Dillon 14, 10, 140.0, .600 taller perimeter player. young (2012) good range. active hands. moves well.
Kadeshia Schumpert 4, 5, 80.0, .600 post. another youngster (2012) long lean and lanky. challenged Rochel on offense.
Olivia Antilla 9, 7, 128.6, .571 in & out. has long range capability, can also score inside. Also had an &1 opportunity.
Laura Kosch 0, 8, 0.0, .000 guard. press bothered her. needs to keep vision up, stay away from lines and use fakes.
Lindsay Kaminski 0, 5, 0.0, .000 perimeter
Itisha Alexander 0, 4, 0.0, .000 perimeter player.
Christine Hanks 3, 3, 100.0, .333 did make a three
Alexa Hanson 2, 3, 66.7, .333 young post player.

Rachel Banham

Lakeville North 54, 56, 96.4, .464
Benilde-St. Margaret's 42, 55, 76.4, .345
made 3s/& 1s: BSM 4/0; LN 1/0
ftm/fta-ft%: LN 4/10-.400; BSM 6/16-.375
Turnovers: BSM 19, LN 8
bench: LN 10, BSM 5

Cassie Rochel 7
Rachel Banham 6.5
Kelsie Ammann 5.5
Kaiya Sygulla 4.5
Maddie Saarela 3
Jaya Perkins 2
Ashley Prather 1.5
Tallie Berkvam 1
Jess Braaten 1
Hannah Hughes 1
Jamie Montgomery 1
totals: 34

Lindsay Kaminski 5
Olivia Antilla 4.5
Josie Dillon 3
Danille Bennett-Curry 2.5
Kadeshia Schumpert 2
Itishia Alexander 2
Christine Hanks 2
Laura Kosch 1
Alexa Hanson 1
totals: 23

Rachel Banham 6
Kaiya Sygulla 6
Kelsie Ammann 3
Cassie Rochel 3
Jess Braaten 1
Ashley Prather 1
Jamie Montgomery 1
totals: 21

Itishia Alexander 4
Olivia Antilla 3
Laura Kosch 3
Christine Hanks 3
Kadeshia Schumpert 1
Lindsey Kaminski 1
totals: 15

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