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Out & About: Dykstra Engineering/MN Finishers

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Platinum Division Championship
UW Stout, Menomonie, WI

Dykstra Engineering took the final championship game with a 53-43 win over the Minnesota Finishers. Dykstra led the entire game holding a 27-15 lead late in the first half. The Finishers did stage a second half rally closing to 44-39, but Dykstra slammed the door on the comeback by scoring five of six possessions to close the game. Amy Selk, a 2008 grad from Sheboygan South who is headed to UW Parkside, led both teams with 18 points. Dykstra is a team made up of players from Eastern Wisconsin, including some 2008s (like Selk).

Dykstra broke free from a 2 all tie with an 18-8 run to lead 20-10. Amy Selk had six straight points in the run for Dykstra. The only Finisher finishing at the start of the game was Britta Syverson as she scored the first 8 points. Dykstra did hit a dry patch with five possessions, but the Finishers didn't close the gap as they were 1/7 in the same sequence. By half Dykstra led 27-18.

Dykstra scored on their first five possessions to start the second half. That pushed their lead to 37-23. The Finishers then started to heat up. They scored on on 7/10 possessions on a 16-7 run to cut the margin to 44-39. Three of those possessions ended up as three point possessions. They had one chance to cut the margin further, but Casey Hasenstein stole an errant pass and converted a lay up for Dykstra.

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key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Amy Selk, Sheboygan South 18, 14, 128.6, .643 the linchpin of Dykstra. delivered big baskets and free throws throughout. led both teams in defensive stops. her eyes and movement demanded the ball. and she knew what to do with it when she had it. Can deliver quick deceptive passes.
Casey Hasenstein, Sheboygan Lutheran 6, 8, 75.0, .375 moved without the ball,
Brittni Buechel, New Holstein 4, 3, 133.3, .667 can score when hit. post player.
Alexis Becker, North Fond du Lac 5, 5, 100.0, .400 guard. made a three.
Britta Dellger, Plymouth 11, 11, 100.0, .545 perimeter shooter.
Rachael Salata, Sheboygan Falls 3, 1, 300.0, 1.000 made one 3 in the first half, her only possession.
Lindsey Steinhardt, Plymouth 6, 7, 85.7, .429 had a knee brace on the left knee.

Maya Farrell, Eden Prairie 1, 9, 11.1, .111 guard, liked to drive
Becky Weybright, Eden Prairie 13, 12, 108.3, .417 perimeter shooter. made two 3s. also has a drive game.
Britta Syverson, Minneapolis Southwest 12, 8, 150.0, .875 was the dominating force for the finishers at the start. post player. rugged. persistent on the glass. drew fouls. went to the line five times.
Sam Tuttle, Eden Prairie 6, 7, 85.7, .286. perimeter shooter. also made two 3s. needs to protect the ball strongly on drives.
Mallory Cramer, Minneapolis South 3, 7, 42.9, .143 had a nice quick touch pass inside to Syverson.
Laura Maltby, Minneapolis Southwest 8, 7, 114.3, .571 rangy perimeter player.

Amy Selk

Dykstra 53, 49, 108.2, .531
MN Finishers 43, 50, 86.0, .400
made 3s/&1s: Dykstra 2/0; MF 5/1
ftm/fta-ft%: Dykstra 13/17-.765; MF 6/15-.400
bench: Dykstra 9, MF 8

Amy Selk 7
Casey Hasenstein 5
Britta Dellger 4
Lindsey Steinhardt 4
Rachel Salata 3
Brttni Buechel 2
Alexis Becker 2
totals: 27

Mallory Cramer 6
Britta Syverson 4
Maya Farrell 3
Laura Maltby 2
Becky Weybright 1
Sam Tuttle 1
totals: 17

Alexis Becker 6
Rachel Salata 4
Amy Selk 3
Casey Hasenstein 2
Britnie Buechel 2
Lindsey Steinhardt 2
Britta Dellger 1
totals: 20

Mallory Cramer 6
Becky Weybright 3
Maya Farrell 2
Britta Syverson 2
Laura Maltby 1
totals: 14

more stats to follow