Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chicago Summer Showcase Results

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15 Gray Bracket
MN Stars Jihad Lady Cats beat the Oklahoma Air Stars 61-38 in the semifinals of the Gray Bracket on Sunday. Tyisha Smith had 26 points and 7 assists and Breanna Williams had a double double with 12 points and 11 rebounds.
They will now face the Metro Stars in the Gray Bracket finals

North Tartan 14s beat the St. Louis Swarm 62-49. Next up for NT14 is the talented Chicago Extreme Hoops.

NT Crosby won twice today.

NT Larson beat the Illinois Hustle 61-43. Later NTL beat Alabama Roadrunners 65-61. Shakila Boler had 24 points in the win for NTL. Katie Loberg is also playing well for NTL.
Yesterday when they played DFW, NTL led at half time. It was the first time DFW trailed all year. Brittney Greiner, the 6-7 player never came out for DFW.

Next up: tomorrow morning