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Minnesota Elite Camp: Fever vs Fire

#4 posting 7.23.2008
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East Division

Day two of the Minnesota Elite Camp started this morning with a down to the wire contest with the Fever edging the Fire 42-41. Stephanie Comer, fresh off Minnetonka's championship win in the Champlin Park Summer League last night, led the balanced Fever with 8. Reaching double digits for the Fire was Megan Larson of Bemidji who connected for 10.

Despite their names neither team was on fire or had a high fever. As the first game of the day there may have been some cobwebs in the game. The Fire didn't connect until their 7th possession when they trailed 5-0. The pendulum switched over to the Fire's direction with a 9-3 run. The inevitable switch put the Fever back up with a 18-8 run of their own. The Fever was hot during this stretch with a 8/9 scoring sequence. Comer connected on two 3s in this burst of activity. Without that run the Fever's pp100 would have only been 52.2 for the game. The Fire regained momentum with a 8-2 run to close the half, but the Fever reigned 28-25 at the break.

The Fire continued their hot streak by scoring the first three times out in the second half to lead 32-28. The combined run was 15-2 over two halves. Yet another momentum shift occured in favor of the fever with a 13-5 run as they staked out a 41-37 lead. Neither team budged off their numbers for 10 straight possessions. Morgan Mathison edged the Fire closer with a three 41-40. On the next Fever possession Cara Lutes made one free throw with 3:34 to go to make it 42-40. With under 2:30 to go Chelsey Frydenlund made one more free throw for the Fire for the final margin. That wasn't the end of the possessions as each team had one more crack. The Fever milked the clock, in that stretch they had three one and one front ends, three times they missed, twice they got their own rebound. Three on a match is never a good idea. Lauren Graham broke the cycle with a Fire rebound. eventually the ball came back to her and her 3 didn't fall at the buzzer.

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key: player, school, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Kayla Gill, New Prague 4, 8, 50.0, .250 perimeter
Stephanie Comer, Minnetonka 8, 7, 114.3, .429 point guard. made a couple 3s in the key push early. needs to convert at the line late in the game. needs to keep hand up, hold follow through
Cara Lutes, New Life 7, 8, 87.5, .500 strong frame, post--more 4ish. scored four points off second chancers
Amber Mehr, Eastview 2, 2, 100.0. .500 youngster. tall perimeter.
Mindy Howard, Pequot Lakes 0, 4, 0.0, .000
Megan Lueck, Winona 3, 4, 75.0, .250 perimeter
Jade Geif, Lakeville South 3, 3, 100.0, .667 fast post. active and quick
Jolene Blood, Irondale 7, 7, 100.0, .429 lanky perimeter, looks to drive, quick passer. has 3 range. moves without the ball.
Caitlin Gangelhoff, Bemidji 6, 6, 100.0, .500 did score four points on second chancers.
Kelsey Erickson, Mora 2, 6, 33.3, .167 point guard

Chelsey Frydenlund, East Grand Forks 6, 6, 100.0, .500 point guard. will look to shoot 3.
Megan Larson, Bemidji 10, 10, 100.0, .500 jumped center on the opening tip. is more perimeter oriented. has 3 range.
Kirsten Goodroad, Blaine 5, 9, 55.6, .222 lanky perimeter. moves without the ball.
Lauren Graham, Crookston 0, 2, 0.0, .000 post, needs to keep balance when nudged and bumped.
Morgan Mathison, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 3, 2, 150.0, .500 made a three
Jaime Birr, Holy Angels 0, 5, 0.0, .000 post, needs to improve quickness. foot speed.
Jessica Benson, Grand Meadow 9, 7, 128.6, .571 lanky perimeter player with nice scoring touch. has 3 range.
Cheyenne Briese, GFW 3, 4, 75.0, .500 guard
Morgan Zabel, Northfield 3, 7, 42.9, .286 active perimeter with a strong frame.
Alison McArthur, Minnetonka 2, 3, 66.7, .333 perimeter

Stephanie Comer

Fever 42, 55, 76.4, .364
Fire 41, 55, 74.5, .364
made 3s/&1s: Fever 4/0; Fire 4/0
ftm/fta-ft%: Fever 4/11-.364; Fire 7/12-.583
bench: Fever 22, Fire 17

Kayla Gill 5
Mindy Howard 4
Megan Lueck 3
Jade Geif 3
Cara Lutes 2.5
Caitlin Gangelhoff 2.5
Stephanie Comer 2
Jolene Blood 1.5
Kelsey Erickson 1
Amber Mehr 0.5
totals: 25

Morgan Zabel 4
Chelsey Frydenlund 3
Jaime Birr 3
Jessica Benson 3
Alison McArthur 3
Megan Larson 2
Kirsten Goodroad 2
Lauren Graham 2
Morgan Mathison 2
Cheyenne Briese 1
totals: 25

Kelsey Erickson 3
Mindy Howard 2
Jade Geif 2
Kayla Gill 1
Stephanie Comer 1
Cara Lutes 1
Megan Lueck 1
Jolene Blood 1
Amber Mehr 1
totals: 13

Chelsey Frydenlund 5
Morgan Zabel 4
Morgan Mathison 3
Jaime Birr 2
Kirsten Goodroad 1
Jessica Benson 1
Cheyenne Briese 1
Alison McArthur 1
totals: 18

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