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Battles in Lincoln, Chicago, & Alex Summer League

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Here are some results from the Battle on the Plains in Lincoln, NE July 22nd-24th.
The Bison were 2-0, The Judds 1-1
NE Bison CSS 84, Sanford Center 53
NE Bison CSS 71, IBCA Select White 49
IBCA Select Red 80, NE Judds CSS 51
NE Judds CSS 75 NEN Extreme 52

On Tuesday MN Stars Martin 13U Started out great with a win over the Bolingbrook Panthers W/Jade Martin (Brooklyn Park) leading the way 63 - 35. Stars -Martin will play today at 2 pm & 4 pm at Elgin Community College.

MN Stars Jihad- Lady Cats 15U stumbled out of the blocks against a very game Maywood, IL Dribblers 16U during the Second half the Cats regained their balance and took care of the Dribblers 52 - 40. The Cats will go at 4 & 7 pm at Judson University.

The Hancock Owls defeated Sauk Centre 3-0 on June 9th with scores of 27-18, 15-10, and 14-10. Bree Holleman led the scoring with 32 points, followed by Hannah Newhouse with 8 points, Lindsie Cunningham with 7 points, Illissa Koehl with 6 points and Kaylee Voorhees with 3 points

On June 11th the Owls defeated Osakis 3-0 with scores of 30-9, 16-10, and 13-9 for an overall score of 59-28. Bree Holleman led the scoring with 31 points, followed by Hannah Newhouse with 6 points, Kendra Schmidgall with 11 points, Illissa Koehl with 7 points, Lindsie Cunningham with 4 points.

On June 16th, the Owls defeated Alex II with scores of 17-15, 15-12, and 23-11 for an overall score of 55-38. Lindsie Cunningham scored 9 points, Kaylee Voorhees-14 points, Aria Walstad - 4 points, Illissa Koehl - 4 points, Lauren Nelson - 14 points, Kendra Schmidgall - 10 points.

On June 18th, the Owls defeated CGB 2-1 with scores of 19-13, 16-17, and 35-13 for an overall score of 70-43. Lindsie Cunningham scored 5 points, Kaylee Voorhees-6 points, Aria Walstad - 3 pts, Kendra Schmidgall - 18 points, Bree Holleman - 23 points, and Lauren Nelson - 15 points.

On June 23rd, Melrose forfeited to the Owls.

On June 25th, the Owls defeated Browerville 2-1 with scores of 17-15, 16-21, and 26-15 for an overall total of 59-51. Hannah Newhouse scored 10 points, Lindsie Cunningham - 7 points, Kaylee Voorhees - 7 points, Lauren Nelson - 9 points, Kendra Schmidgall - 23 points, and Aria Walstad - 3 points.

On June 30th, the Owls played against Brandon-Evansville and picked up their first loss of the summer 1-2 with scores of 24-16, 19-29, and 12-29 for a total of 55-74. We came out strong in the first game and defeated the Chargers 24-16. We only had five girls for the entire night and had to play with four at one point due to an injury in the second game, but the girls gave 110% the entire night. The Owls had an excellent offensive punch with three girls scoring in double figures (Hannah Newhouse - 12 points, Bree Holleman - 19 points, Kaylee Voorhees - 14 points). Lindsie Cunningham knocked down two treys and Kendra Schmidgall scored 4 points and pulled down an impressive 10 rebounds.

On July 2nd, the Owls defeated Bertha-Hewitt 2-0-1 with scores of 20-12, 23-15, and 17-17 for an overall total of 60-44.Bree Holleman led the scoring with 28 points, followed by Lindsie Cunningham with 13 points, Hannah Newhouse with 9 points, Kendra Schmidgall with 8 points, and Lauren Nelson with 1 point. Bree pulled down 7 rebounds followed by Lindsie and Kendra with 6 each.

On Monday, July 7th the Owls played against Alex 1 and lost 1-2 with scores of 20-23, 22-17, and 13-21 for an overall total of 55-61. Bree Holleman led the scoring with 35 points followed by Lindsie Cunningham with 11 points, Lauren Nelson with 7 points, and Hannah Newhouse with 2 points. Bree and Hannah led the rebounding with 7 each followed by Hannah with 6.

On Wednesday, July 9th, Hancock wrapped up the regular league playing against the Minnewaska Lakers and defeated them 2-0-1 with scores of 20-11, 23-23, and 20-11. The Lakers came up the court with four seconds remaining in the second game and hit a trey for a tie. The Owls were really hot from 3 point land in this game and nailed 11 treys. Hannah Newhouse scored 6 points and pulled down 2 rebounds. Bree Holleman scored 24 points (5 treys) and dished out 7 assists and picked up 4 steals. Lindsie Cunningham scored 13 points which includes 4 treys and picked up 2 steals. Kaylee Voorhees scored 8 points (1 trey) and pulled down 6 rebounds. Lauren Nelson scored three points and pulled down 5 rebounds. Kendra Schmidgall scored 9 points (1 trey) and pulled down 2 rebounds. Aria Walstad played outstanding defense and picked off 3 steals and dished out 2 assists.

The Owls tied with Alex 1 for the number two seed; therefore, Hancock was bumped to #3 seed due to head to head competition. The playoff games were best 2 out of 3 competition.

The Owls received a bye in the opening round and then on Monday, July 14th played against Browerville (who beat Alex II). Hancock defeated Browerville 2-0 with scores of 16-13 and 29-8 for a total of 45-21. Hancock had a nice balanced scoring attack with Kendra Schmidgall leading the way with 14 points, followed by Hannah Newhouse with 11 points, Lindsie Cunningham with 11 points, Aria Walstad with 6 points and Kaylee Voorhees with 6 points. The Owls only had five players on this night and they played with a ton of heart and hustle (especially in the second game).

In the semi-finals, Hancock was matched up against Alexandria and defeated them 2-0 with scores of 19-10 and 14-13 for a total of 33-23. This was definitely a defensive battle between both teams. The Owls played some very disciplined basketball in the first game and took excellent care of the basketball. Alex took an early lead in the second game and the Owls trailed the entire game and won on a last second shot when Kaylee Voorhees pulled down a big rebound (with 3 seconds remaining) and threw the ball to Bree Holleman who hit a jumper at the buzzer. Once again, Hancock had several girls reach the scoring column. Hannah Newhouse scored 8 points, Bree Holleman scored 9 points, Lindsie Cunningham scored 2, Kaylee Voorhees scored 6, Lauren Nelson scored 3 points, and Kendra Schmidgall scored 5 points.

The Lady Owls were excited to move into the Championship round against the Brandon-Evansville Chargers. The Owls won the Alex League Title in 2005, 2006, and 2007. This summer they had to settle for Runner-Up. The Chargers have all of their starters returning from last year and have an outstanding team. They defeated the Owls 2-0. Hancock played right with them in the first game until Kaylee Voorhees went down with a knee injury. After that, the wheels kind of fell off the wagon and the Chargers ran away with it in the second game, and we couldn't seem to buy a basket. Kendra Schmidgall led the scoring with 9 points, Hannah Newhouse scored 6 points, Bree Holleman scored 5 points, Lauren Nelson scored 4 points, Lindsie Cunningham scored 2 points, Kaylee Voorhees 2 points, and Illissa Koehl scored 1 point.

The Owls have been playing in Alex League for numerous years. Bob Cunniff runs a very classy league. The teams that participated in Alex League this past year were as follows: Alexandria 1, Minnewaska, CGB, Osakis, Hancock, Sauk Centre, Alexandria II, Melrose, Browerville, Brandon-Evansville, Bertha-Hewitt.

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