Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Dakota Showcase, Potential & Love

#2 posting 6.28.2008
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Here is how the CSS Bison/Judds teams performed yesterday. The most exciting contest was the Metro Stars Black 50-45 double overtime win over the CSS Judds

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader has more Dakota Showcase summaries (toward the bottom) of yesterday's contests with the emphasis on SD results.

The Wages of Wins looks at the NBA draft and the way teams (and analysts) fall in love with potential. They point out that of the 60 drafted WoW says well over half will be below average NBA players, if they play at all.
And you thought it was going to be about Kevin Love.

Haley Loesch of Northfield is headed to St. Thomas to play basketball.

The MN Stars have been sold to Scott Antl, Bruce Borowicz, Tom Eckmann, and Mark Smith.

Vassar has left the Tri-Valley conference in Michigan for the Greater Thumb. From the Saginaw News.

Since I am in Sioux Falls, I can't access my email. (or don't know how). I will get to the emails on Sunday when I return home. I thank the readers for all your great help in providing this site with information.

Next up: After the quarterfinals in the Dakota Showcase this afternoon. You can always check the Dakota Showcase site for boxes and results.