Thursday, August 07, 2008

Redeem Team, All Star Analysis, Family Vacations

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I know it is the men's team, but you can look at video on how they put together the Men's Olympic team this year. There are 14 video features including Leaders and Off Court Preparation. From 20 Second Time Out.
Here is the entire TV Olympic basketball schedule for both men & women.

Rethinking Basketball looks at All Star selections based on popularity or based on performance.

Marshall has signed Keona Brooks of SW Tennessee CC in Memphis. The 6-0 junior averaged 7.1 ppg last year.

New Wisconsin assistant women's basketball coach Oties Epps introduces himself in a blog entry.

In the "Ask the Badgers" sequence the question is "what is your favorite family vacation?" Alyssa Karel and Tara Steinbauer have their answers.

Purdue's Mackey Arena is under renovation.

A lawsuit against the Michigan High School Athletic Association by an opposing group has been dismissed. From the Detroit News.

Schwartz Redi Mix of Grand Rapids, MN won the 18u Northern National championship in Kansas City. Here is the basketball connection--Stephanie Cramer, Katie McBride, and Karly Ackerman who all played in the state basketball tournament this year for Grand Rapids. Gina Gould of Greenway and Cassie Anderson of Nashwauk-Keewatin were also basketball players who were on the team. Adam Johnson was one of the coaches on the team. Johnson is an assistant women's basketball coach at UW Superior. From the Grand Rapids Herald Review.

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