Monday, August 25, 2008

How I Spent the Summer: Coach Teas

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Where was coach Teas this summer? He writes about his experiences:

I have been fishing and golfing! KJA works all of the time, I don't.

Taking time off is a great idea for basketball photographers, coaches, players and fans. There are other activities that provide enjoyment and add to life. Spending too much time on a single activity can make a person a bit stale. I do, however, look forward to the start of the basketball season later this fall. I really hope you enjoy what we do.

I like jigging for walleye with a crawler or leaches. Lively rigging works great too from time to time. Catching sunfish is great and the fight of a 19 inch small bass will always be as much fun as a no dribble fast break lay up. Trolling with plugs is about as fun as basketball games in the snow.

25 years ago I was a boggy golfer. Now I am happy when I break 100. We have many great courses to play here in Minnesota. Many of them very affordable. Pars and the rare birdy still excite me. On most days just making a few nice shots is all I need to enjoy the game. KJA, unfortunately, does not partake in either.

How will coach Teas spend his fall? He is now an assistant volleyball coach at Mpls. Henry with KJA.

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