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Patosha Jeffrey has an audio "How to use the Top 12 Women's College Basketball Recruiting Web Sites" audio is now available for free at www.patoshajeffery.com/basketballrecruiting.htm.
Below is a description of what's in the audio:
Where to get college coaches attention
-Why playing your high school schedule is not enough…
-3 periods of the year that hundreds of college coaches come out
-How to go from being a local player to a national basketball player
-2 types of certified events you can display your talents at
-How to get invited to an event….you’ll find out who to call
-Why AAU is old news …..
How to become eligible to play college basketball
-What you must do to play college basketball
-Who verifies your eligibility to play college basketball…it’s not your schools guidance counselor
-Learn what you need to do starting as a 9th grader
-What is the most important NCAA publication designed for high school athletes and families…
-What you need to get and where if you think you want to play college basketball
-Learn what is the NCAA
-What gpa you have to make to play college basketball
-What are core courses, when do they change and how it affects what you must make on ACT or SAT
-What to do if you are home schooled, have a GED or is an international player
-If you qualify for eligibility waivers
When the recruiting process begins
-What questions to ask a college coach…you take the upper hand an interview the coach
-How to become eligible and remain eligible to play college basketball
-How to compare graduation rates of schools you are considering
-How to transfer from one college to another
-Learn the recruiting rules and regulations
-Definitions of key recruiting terminology
-When a coach can contact you and how…..know if you need to worry about text messaging fees
-When can a coach come watch you play
-When a coach is doing wrong….what type of integrity does that coach have
-What the National Letter of Intent is
-How often the recruiting calendar changes
-Differences between D1, D2, and D3
-How to get the scoop on every major women’s college basketball program
Where to go to get your foot in the door of college coaching
-Get the latest Women’s basketball news…..
-How to become a college basketball coach
-College basketball coaching moves….is the coach that recruited you really the coach
-NCAA changes…how it affects you during recruitment
-Why you need to visit espn.com and usatoday.com

Braham won the Pine City Summer League. Here are the final standings.
Braham 10 0 1.000
North Branch 10 1 .909
Siren, WI 6 4 .600
Hinckley-Finlayson 6 5 .545
Pine City 6 5 .545
Rush City 2 9 .182
Grantsburg, WI 2 9 .182
Webster, WI 1 10 .091

Breakdown Fall League: Becker
The Becker League will fill to capacity for the 6th straight year. Becker, Champlin, Rogers, STMA, Princeton, Barnum, Elk River, and many more are already confirmed. This league will cap off at 56 teams.

Breakdown Fall League: Kennedy
The Kennedy Fall League is also growing from a year ago when it was hosted in Lakeville. Hopkins, Mpls South, Tartan, Eastview. Lakeville, Eden Prairie, Chaska, Osseo, Jefferson, Roseville, Shakopee, Rosemount, Red Wing, and many others have already confirmed.

The Kennedy and Becker league offer divisions for 9th, JV and Varsity.

Breakdown JR High Fall League: STMA HS and MS
This league is 4 weekends long with the same format as the Kennedy and Becker league. We have 9 schools who are entering multiple 7th and 8th grade teams. This one we have limited gym space so contact The Breakdown if interested.

To print a registration form, please go to www.mnsportspreview.com

North Tartan and 43 Hoops are excited to run THE SUPER 80 September 27th.
www.northtartan@msn.com or www.43hoops.com
The link to register online is:

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