Monday, August 04, 2008

Ohio Pulls Offer

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Kara Elofson of Hopkins and Metro Stars Black had her offer pulled by Ohio on August 1st.

Elofson verballed Ohio back on January 14, 2008. In the meantime the previous coach Sylvia Crawley moved from Ohio to Boston College.

New coach Semeka Randall was hired. She assured Elofson that the scholarship offer was good back in April.

Here are the problems with what Ohio did:
#1. Their word is not worth anything. IF Randall would have said in April they were going to re-evaluate all early verbals, that would have been fine. BUT to reassure and the then pull the trigger later, it shows poor professional judment. These things will come back to haunt, and it will make recruiting difficult in this area.

#2. They made no effort to get game tape from Hopkins to evaluate during April/May.

#3. They watched the Metro Stars Black team late in the evaluation process. IF they knew that Elofson wasn't the right fit, they should have told her earlier in the summer. That way colleges would have put Elofson back on the radar.

#4. The coaching staff did not have the courage to tell Elofson herself. They dropped the news to her parents.

"I'm not sure if I have ever coached a player who has worked harder, complained less, and done more of the little things in big game situations than Kara Elofson," said Metro Stars Black coach Andy Meinhardt. "She is as close to a complete team player as any coach can ask for."

I am sure Elofson will find a new school and will be fine. Her work ethic and character will rise above the situation.

Karma has a funny way of working out.

Being honest upfront and being good to your word will get rewarded.

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