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Fall League Out & About: Lakeville North/Eastview

#4 posting 11.2.2008
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Bloomington Kennedy
LAKEVILLE NORTH panthers 38, EASTVIEW lightning 36

Lakeville North led twice in this contest, at 2-0 in the beginning and then at the end of overtime when Rachel Banham scored on a lay up. Eastview led by as many as 10 in the first half and 7 in the second half. Kelsie Ammann tied the game for LN with a three with under 30 seconds to go in regulation. This was LN's second straight OT game of the day. Earlier the Panthers beat Richfield in OT 47-45 on a Allie Seurer basket.

This was a Lake Conference game in November. Both teams are long time rivals going back to the days of Podominick vs Broback. This also was a story of the line. LN controlled the free throw line with 21 attempts to only 7 for Eastview. The Lightning controlled the 3 point line with four from beyond the arc. Sam Mehr hit two consecutive 3s in the first half to put Eastview in front 6-2. As stated above LN scored first on a Cassie Rochel basket. After that the Panthers were 1/9 with their chances. Eastview wasn't much better with a six possession drought. The Lightning snapped out of it first with three straight scores capped by a Kelsey North 3 to pull out to a 13-6 lead. Eastview's biggest lead came at 18-8 with under 3 minutes left in the half. LN got their wind back (after the Richfield OT game) as they scored three straight times with Banham scoring twice off Kaiya Sygulla steals on the full court press. That cut the Eastview margin to 18-14. At the half Eastview led 20-14.

LN scored the first five points in the second half to cut the margin to 20-19. A three by Amanda McAlpine gave the Lightning some breathing room. This started an avalanche of points with LN scoring on four straight chances and Eastview converting on four of five possessions culminating in a trey by Heather Duehn from the top of the key to make it 30-23, their largest lead in the second half with ten minutes left. LN outscored Eastview 13-6 the rest of regulation. LN tied it at 36 on a three by Kelsie Ammann with 30 seconds left. Eastview was working it down to the wire for a shot when Rochel blocked the attempt and fired it to Sygulla streaking down court. The horn went off before any shot could be attempted.

In the one minute overtime there was only one score. Eastview and LN each had two cracks at points. Eastview missed a trey, LN came up empty on a one & one chance. Eastview again worked the ball down to the end. This time Sygulla made the steal and Banham converted for LN's second straight OT win.

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player, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Kaiya Sygulla 2, 6, 33.3, .167
Cassie Rochel 8, 10, 80.0, .500
Rachel Banham 12, 9, 133.3, .667
Kelsie Ammann 3, 4, 75.0, .250
Ashley Prather 1, 3, 33.3, .333
Jamie Montgomery 4, 3, 133.3, .667
Jess Braaten 2, 5, 40.0, .200
Taylor Stewart 2, 4, 50.0, .250
Tallie Berkvam 2, 3, 66.7, .333
Allie Seurer 2, 2, 100.0, .500


Steff Glynn 4, 3, 133.3, .667
Sam Mehr 6, 10, 60.0, .200
Haley Thomforde 2, 9, 22.2, .111
Kelsey North 5, 4, 125.0, .500
Emily Kaus 6, 7, 85.7, .429
Taylor Culler 4, 6, 66.7, .333
Amanda McAlpine 6, 4, 150.0, .500
Heather Duehn 3, 2, 150.0, .500
Luara Siebenaller 0, 1, 0.0, .000

Rachel Banham

Lakeville North 38, 49, 77.6, .408
Eastview 36, 46, 78.3, .326
made 3s/&1s: Eastview 4/0; LN 1/0
ftm/fta-ft%: LN 14/21-.667; Eastview 3/7-.429
bench: Eastview 13, LN 12

Kaiya Sygulla 6
Cassie Rochel 5
Ashley Prather 4
Tallie Berkvam 3
Allie Seurer 2
Taylor Stewart 1
Kelsie Ammann 1
totals: 22

Steff Glynn 5
Heather Duehn 5
Emily Kaus 3
Laura Siebenaller 3
Sam Mehr 2
Taylor Cullers 2
Kelsey North 1
totals: 21

Kaiya Sygulla 6
Taylor Stewart 3
Cassie Rochel 2
Jess Braaten 1
Tallie Berkvam 1
Kelsie Ammann 1
totals: 14

Taylor Cullers 4
Sam Mehr 2
Haley Thomforde 2
Steff Glynn 1
Amanda McAlpine 1
Kelsey North 1
Emily Kaus 1
Laura Siebenaller 1
totals: 13

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