Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big 10 4-4 Thanksgiving Friday

#6 posting 11.29.2008
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BIG 10
Minnesota beat Drexel 74-50. Kay Sylva led the Gophers with a career high 17 points. Ashley Ellis-Milan (St. Paul Central) had 13 points for Minnesota.

Indiana beat Radford 74-46. Jamie Braun (Marshfield, WI) had 3 points for Indiana.

#10 Maryland beat Illinois 79-52. Jenna Smith (Bloomington Kennedy) had 21 points for Illinois.

Michigan beat Belmont 64-60. Carly Benson (Carney-Nadeau, MI) had 15 points for Michigan.

South Florida beat Iowa 82-79. Wendy Ausdemore (TriCenter, IA) had 21 points for Iowa.

#5 Stanford beat #19 Purdue 78-70 in overtime. Lakisha Freeman (Saginaw Arthur Hill) had 17 points for Purdue.

#8 Texas A&M beat Penn State 61-57. Janessa Wolff (Park Rapids) had 3 points for PSU.

Wisconsin beat Central Florida 65-61. Alyssa Karel (Cretin-Derham Hall) had 17 points for Wisconsin.

Georgetown beat North Dakota State 60-41. Abby Plucker (Parker, SD) had 20 points for NDSU.

South Dakota State beat Montana 64-59. Jennifer Warkenthien (Willow Lake, SD) had 21 points for SDSU.

UC Riverside beat North Dakota 70-63. Kierah Kimbrough (BGMR) had 21 points for UND.

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