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Out & About: Eau Claire Immanuel Lutheran/Lake Holcombe

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LAKE HOLCOMBE chieftains 39

In a battle of two undefeated D4 teams in Wisconsin (think class A in Minnesota) it was the home squad Immanuel Lutheran picking up the convincing win 63-39. Last year both teams had 6 wins. ECIL is now halfway there to start this young season. Speaking of young, LH started a freshman point guard and their top scorers were two freshmen. Neither of these teams are currently ranked.

The gym is a quaint pannelled venue, the lighting is not updated, and there are four bleacher rows per side. There were lots of people early there, but a lot departed as the game wore on... especially since the Packers were playing on Monday Night Football. To show how cramped ECIL is for gym space, after the game what looked like a junior high boys team took the floor for practice.

ECIL got off to an 10-0 lead thanks in part to their domination on the offensive boards. The Lancers scored their first six points on put backs. LH started off the game with a 12 possession futility streak. The Cheiftains didn't score until 3:30 to go in the first quarter. Both teams were plagued by poor decisions and sloppy ball handling LH had 11 turnovers in the first quarter alone. (31 overall). ECIL was no better, and in fact worse, with 12 for the first quarter. They ended up with 34, but their turnovers were errors of comission, and rarely did they come back to haunt ECIL.

The start of the second quarter was similar to the first for the Chieftains with six blanked possessions. LH snapped out of it and had their biggest threat in the second quarter when they closed to 21-20 late in the quarter thanks in part to a 11-4 run. Right after that ECIL scored on three straight possessions to get a little breathing space before half. Katherine Kazemba started it off with a basket. By the break it was 27-22 for the Lancers.

The game really was decided in the middle of the third quarter when ECIL went on a 13-4 run to close out the half. Three steals and lay ups (or free throws on a fouled lay up attempt) forced a LH time out at 3:05 with ECIL leading 38-26.

Two big stats that leap off the page: ECIL attempted 18 free throws to the 6 attempts by LH. LH was content to take 3s most of the night, but their weak side wasn't there for rebounds. ECIL also had a 15-7 advantage on points off second chancers.

You can see the entire EC Immanuel Lutheran vs Lake Holcombe photo gallery at
-warning-the lighting was quite low.

player, year, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
April Oster, 2009 8, 15, 53.3, .267 taller perimeter
Amy Roehl, 2010 10, 9, 111.1, .556 left handed corner shooter. better from the left side
Stephanie Lau, 2009 10, 11, 90.9, .455 guard. active, quick. hustled. plays hard. needs to keep her follow through in the classic pose, not like an Egyptian.
Renae Markus, 2010, 7, 19, 36.8, .211 anogher guard. turnovers result of too high passes and transition mistakes. needs to keep head up vs pressure.
Jessica Ohlmann, 2010 6, 12, 50.0, .250 post. used mainly as a feeder. Later in the night scored on layups after ECIL broke the press.
Katherine Kazemba, 2010 14, 12, 116.7, .667 guard. ahead of the play. likes to drive. went to the line four times. Steady, not flashy. Her point totals for two games coming into the game tonight was four points.
Lauren Franson, 2009 4, 7, 57.1, .286
Hannah Gerbitz, 2009 4, 4, 100.0, .500
Heidi Lau, 2011 0, 1, 0.0, .000

Chloe Gulich, 2011, 8, 13, 61.5, .308 perimeter. thin,
Maria Dernovsek, 2009, 2, 7, 28.6, .143 perimeter. did most of the rebounding.
Tiffany Marshall, 2012 8, 27, 29.6, .148 point guard. turnover issues. At times would come down and take the shot in a half court situation without having others touch the ball.
Alyssa Lueck, 2011, 4, 5, 80.0, .400 perimeter
Casey O'Connor, 2009, 3, 9, 33.3, .111 guard. made only 3 for LH
Britney Hattamer, 2012 9, 17, 52.9, .294 came in for posts play. strong frame, not a post after HS.
Paige Geist, 2012 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Molly Webster, 2012 5, 9, 55.6, .333 corner shooter.
Reanna Van Den Heuvel, 2010, 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Hope Seeger, 2010 0, 0, 0.0, .000

Katherine Kazemba

EC Immanuel Lutheran 63, 90, 70.0, .367
Lake Holcombe 39, 89, 43.8, .225
made 3s/&1s: LH 1/0; ECIL 0/0
ftm/fta-ft%: ECIL 11/18-.611; LH 2/6-.333
bench: ECIL 22, LH 14

ECIL 15-12-17-19----63
LH 7-15-8-9---39


Jessica Ohlmann 11
Renae Markus 11
Stephanie Lau 9
Katherine Kazemba 9
April Oster 6
Amy Roehl 2
Hannah Gerbitz 2
Lauren Franson 1
totals: 51

Maria Dernovsek 8.5
Tiffany Marshall 7.5
Chloe Gulich 4
Molly Webster 3
Alyssa Lueck 2
Britney Hattamer 2
Casey O'Connor 2
Hope Seeger 1
totals: 30

April Oster 5
Jessica Ohlmann 5
Renae Markus 2
Lauren Franson 2
Hannah Gerbitz 2
Amy Roehl 1
Katherine Kazemba 1
totals: 18

Maria Dernovsek 5
Chloe Gulich 4
Tiffany Marshall 4
Alyssa Lueck 2
totals: 15

Lake Holcombe pressed all night. They showed man, but used a 2 front press later.
ECIL did not press at all.
In the half court both teams utilized zones. ECIL used a 2/3, LH used variations on the 2/3 and sometimes a 1/3/1

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