Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Week That Was #2: Eastern Exposure

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WINTER 2008-09

This past week the first area high school games were played in Wisconsin. So it was off on 94 to the east for some high school action on Tuesday and Thursday. In between it was south to Rochester for some Community College action. Also Anne Breland signed with UW Milwaukee after that contest. Besides that I saw briefly 28 teams in three scrimmages yesterday in Minnesota.

Coach Teas was in Missouri golfing this week, so it was a rather uneventful trip to the east. One thing that I noticed was that the two high schools I attended this week (Elk Mound & Eau Claire North) had giant mascots above their door similar to used car gorillas.

Another theme of the week was the 6-3 centers: Emily Harrison of Elk Mound, and Danielle Carlson and Emmalee Boyle of Marshfield were new to me.

Things will really kick in with Minnesota games starting up on Thanksgiving Friday. The big event is the Hamline tournament starting Friday. If the brackets hold to form, fans will see St. Paul Central vs Centennial in a rematch of last year's Hamline championship, and in the other championship Hopkins vs Minneapolis South in a 6AAAA preview. All four teams are top 5 caliber teams.

Marshfield, the #5 team in the D1 Wisconsin poll, went on the road to #10 EC North and had a convincing 52-34 win. Marshfield has height with two 6-3 players, and quickness on the perimeter with Wolff, Varsho and Schndier. The Tigers were strong on defense. They limited ECN to a pp100 of 56.7 for the night. On offense the Tigers didn't waste many opportunities and used the free throw line to get their margin.

Courtney Schneider of Marshfield not only excelled on the offensive end, but had a key role in stopping Sam Price of EC North. Schneider didn't have a lot of Defensive stops, but was a thorn in Price's side all night. Schneider had a pp100 of 130 and a floor % of .700 in the win. Schneider was honorable mention last year in the Wisconsin Valley.

Anne Breland, Rochester CTC (Rochester Lourdes)*
Amanda Degnan, Rochester CTC (St. Charles)
Maria Gangelhoff, Rochester CTC (Sleepy Eye St. Mary's)
Courtney Schneider, Marshfield
Jenna Anderson, Elk Mound*

* made the list but missed on one of the requirements
1. 10 possessions
2. 100+ pp100
3. .500+ floor %

Chelsea Wand of Rochester CTC (St. Charles) had 8 defensive rebounds and 5 steals in an active night. The more important stat was Wand did it without drawing too many fouls.

Jenna Anderson, Elk Mound
Danielle Carlson, Marshfield
Ronnie Moltzau, Eleva-Strum
Toni Semmingson, Elevea-Strum
Chelsea Wand, Rochester CTC

Katie Wolff of Marshfield had things running smoothly for the Tigers on Thursday. Wolff is confident, poised, has good vision and can change direction and pace without looking at her shoe laces. She has a knack of knowing where players are.

Courtney Schneider of Marshfield takes this honor too. See Above
In order to get this honor the player has to be seen for the first time during the week.

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