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Out & About: River Falls/Osceola

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RIVER FALLS wildcats 40, OSCEOLA chieftains 33

Once again it was across the St. Croix River to watch a game in Wisconsin. Host River Falls downed Osceola 40-33 in a battle between D1 and D2 teams. (Think AAAA vs AAA in Minnesota). It was the first contest for both teams this season. Wells scored 22 points for the Wildcats, more than half their total.

There was no score for the first seven possessions, five of which ended in turnovers. Both teams didn't make it easy for the other side. Both teams were athletic. You could summarize it this way---Osceola was deliberate in the half court; RF looked to run. For the quarter Osceola did have a couple leads, their last coming at 7-6 after a drive by Jess Martell, her 5th point. RF led at the end of the quarter 10-8. Six of the Wildcat points came on transition.

Osceola struggled in the second quarter. The Chieftains were 1/10 to start the 2nd quarter. The Wildcats weren't sizzling either with a 2/10 offensive sequence. RF led at the break 19-12.

Osceola closed the margin to 25-23 with 2:46 left in the third quarter thanks to free throws and crashing the boards when they missed. On two consecutive possessions Osceola went to the line and slipped the block out to score on put backs. RF's Wells responded with two straight baskets on the next two Wildcat possessions. RF led 29-23 headed into the fourth quarter.

Wells continued her hot hand with a three to open the fourth quarter to make it 32-23. RF then had six empty trips. Again Osceola rallied with a three by Lindsay Danielson. Again RF let Osceola get an offensive rebound on a missed free throw. The Chieftains turned the ball over however. Brea Tinney had a steal and lay up, and then stole the ball on the ensuing pass in, but Osceola was unable to convert. That kept the score at 32-29 RF. Once again Wells broke the drought and scored on two free throws as the Wildcats scored on each of the next four possessions. RF turned deliberate at this stage and Osceola started taking earlier shots in the half court game.

Tonight Coach Teas made is 2008-09 debut behind the camera. Last week he was on a golfing junket in Missouri.

Another interesting facet of this game---this was the second day in a row the Chieftains were playing. Yesterday it was Lake Holcombe. Today it was Osceola. There will be no back to back Chieftain games in Minnesota.

you can see all the River Falls vs Osceola photo gallery at kevinanderson.photostockplus.com

key: player, year, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Tessa Wells, 2010 22, 17, 129.4, .588 guard, moves crisp and sharp. foot work is clean. is athletic, quick and is a competitor. has 3 range. was the only Wildcat that went to the free throw line. good pull up. some passes are floaters that can be snatched by the defense if receiver stands around. would have had more assists, but receivers didn't finish what would have been nice assists.
Sarah Vitale, 2011 6, 14, 42.9, .214 quick guard. scored in transition. rushed/hurried passes in transition.
Ashley Branigan, 2009, 4, 4, 100.0, .500 post.
Aimee Dusek, 2010, 2, 5, 40.0, .200 guard
Emma Purfeerst, 2010, 2, 6, 33.3, .167 forward. aggressive on the defensive boards. had a couple of blocks. also had 6 assists.
Kayla Kusilek, 2010 2, 5, 40.0, .200 forward.
Anastacia Janovec, 2010, 0, 3, 0.0, .000 guard
LaKita Bell, 2010, 2, 3, 66.7, .333 forward. high arcing shot.
Lindsie Freeborn, 2009, 0, 1, 0.0, .000

Katie Rydeen, 2009 0, 7, 0.0, .000 guard. started off with four straight turnovers--all on passes. some times too high, sometimes forced. some no angle.
Paige Garriga, 2011, 6, 5, 120.0, .600 young post. 6-1 strong shoulders. scored four in second chancers. Flex offense took her away from the block.
Brea Tinney, 2009 9, 12, 75.0, .417 guard. good anticipation on defense. can read what is happening. scored off her defense. 3 point shooter.
Kristen Jasperson, 2009 2, 8, 25.0, .125 thin forward
Lindsay Danielson, 2009 3, 7, 42.9, .143 guard. did make a three
Jess Martell, 2010, 12, 13, 92.3, .462 guard. scored off the drive. wasn't afraid to go into the lane. The only Osceola player that scored more than one field goal in the half court.
Megan Tarman, 2010, 1, 5, 20.0, .200
Katie Zais, 2010, 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Lisa Rydeen, 2011, 1, 1, 100.0, .000

Tessa Wells

River Falls 40, 58, 69.0, .328
Osceola 34, 59, 57.6, .288
made 3s/&1s: RF 2/0; Osceola 1/0
ftm/fta-ft%: RF 4/5-.800; Osceola 7/15-.467
bench: Osceola 14, River Falls 4
* I have 34 points. Somehow they didn't count one free throw in the second quarter for Osceola.

RF 10-9-10-11---40
Osceola 8-4*-11-10---33*
* missing free throw in the second quarter.

Emma Purfeest 12.5
Sarah Vitale 6
Kayla Kusilek 4
Tessa Wells 2
LaKita Bell 2
Aimee Dusek 2
Anastacia Janovec 1.5
Ashley Branigan 1
Lindsie Freeborn 1
Totals: 32

Brea Tinney 12
Kristen Jasperson 6
Lindsay Danielson 4
Katie Rydeen 4
Jess Martell 3
Paige Garriga 3
Lisa Rydeen 3
Megan Tarman 1
totals: 36

Emma Purfeerst 6
Sarah Vitale 5
Ashley Branigan 2
Kayla Kiusilek 2
Tessa Wells 1
Anastacia Janovec 1
LaKita Bell 1
totals: 18

Katie Rydeen 5
Jess Martell 2
Megan Tarman 2
Paige Garriga 1
Kristen Jasperson 1
Katie Zais 1
Lindsay Danielson 1
totals: 13

Osceola pressured full court.
Both teams used man
(Osceola off/RF Defense)
Tinney/Wells; K Rydeen/Dusek; Jasperson/Purfeerst; Danielson/Vitale; Garriga/Branigan
(RF Offense/Osceola D)
Wells/Tinney; Kusilek/Tarman; Dusek/Martell; Vitale/L Rydeen; Purfeest/Garriga;

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