Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rankings, and the Circus

#1 posting 11.25.2008
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Pat Kalpin returns to coach the Osakis girls after a year off. From the Osakis Review.

Austin will need to replace their back court this season. From the Austin Daily Herald.

The Austin Daily Herald looks at the area teams ranked in the Minnesota Basketball News.

The Breakdown has their preseason top 15 list on the left side down the page.

Kate Meinhardt, who won an AAU state championship with the Minnesota Metro Stars and was captain of the Holy Angels basketball team her senior year, was profiled on CNN on Saturday. Kate is the little sister of Bloomington Jefferson coach Andy Meinhardt, who has been telling his players the past few years about his sister who ran off to join the circus! Here is the story of Kate Meinhardt chasing her dream. (4.28)

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