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Out & About: Marshfield/Eau Claire North

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MARSHFIELD tigers 54, EAU CLAIRE NORTH huskies 34

In Wisconsin the #5 Marshfield Tigers roared over #10 host Eau Claire North in the season opener for both teams. Marshfield used their height, a strong defense, heady guard play, and an huge advantage at the free throw line to chain the Huskies. Both teams are in the biggest class (D1) in Wisconsin. This game also featured four players from the Team Wisconsin AAU program, so their were some familiar faces from the summer. Also a couple of players have signed already---Sam Price of ECN signed with D1 Kent State. Katie Wolff of Marshfield has signed with Winona State.

ECN had problems on the offensive end. One glaring stat is the free throw attempts---only one attempt all night. That indicates the basket wasn't being attacked very aggressively. Marshfield went to the line 26 times. And the margin would have been wider if the Tigers converted more in the fourth quarter. This was the first game for the Huskies without Hannah Quilling who ran the point for at least three seasons. The Huskies started out with Price running the show, but in the second half they switched over to Kaley Bernhardt putting Price on the perimeter. For the first half the Huskies had 11 turnovers. Marshfield had 12 all night.

The tempo of this contest was set early as the Tigers won the tip and scored a lay up. ECN didn't score until their 6th possession, and then only scored twice in the first quarter. The last time the Huskies were close was when they trailed 6-4. Marshfield scored off their defense or, when they were in the half court, they pounded the ball inside to 6-3 Carlson. ECN got into deep foul trouble trying to defend her and didn't have quick weak side help. Neither team was stellar on their pp100 in the first half as Marshfield led by the anemic score 20-12. (Marshfield 69.0, ECN 42.9).

The free throw parade started early in the 3rd quarter. Marshfield went to the line seven times in that quarter. A 7-0 run by the Tigers doubled the score at 32-16. ECN came out with a better sense of urgency in the fourth quarter. The inspired play helped cut the margin to 39-28 with 5:16 left. The Huskies just finished an 8-2 run to start the quarter. A Marshfield time out stopped that momentum. On the next two ECN possessions after the time out ended up as turnovers which led to Marshfield free throws. The potential comeback was thwarted and ECN cleared their bench with 2:33 left.

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key: Player, year, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Andie Varsho, 2010, 7, 10, 70.0, .300 guard, scores in transition off defense, and on drives. has confident attitude. can pen & pitch.
Courtney Schneider, 2009, 13, 10, 130.0, .700 guard, was able to score from the perimeter. stymied Price all night. This is where the D wraps really don't do justice. Schneider didn't get a lot of wraps, but that didn't mean her defense had an impact.
Katie Wolff, 2009, 8, 10, 80.0, .400 slick point guard. has good ability at behind the back dribbles with out awkward pauses. knows how to get the ball to people. nice pull up.
Danielle Carlson, 2009 10, 13, 76.9, .462 6-3 post likes to work the right block. didn't see any left block action. lean, moves well. was active on defense with several blocks, and steals to go along with boards. needs to power through people not fade--go up straight.
Jena Weigel, 2009, 5, 4, 125.0, .750 forward. was in the right spot on defense. for boards. good role player.
Emmalee Boyle, 2009, 5, 5, 100.0, .600 another 6-3 post. worked some high low action.
Kelsey Weigel, 2010, 0, 1, 0.0, .000
Molly Schmitz, 2009, 4, 4, 100.0, .500 scored in transition.

Serena Wagner, 2009, 2, 5, 40.0, .200 post player. Undersized against Marshfield. Not a lot of touches inside.
Sam Price, 2009 11, 14, 78.6, .286 point guard, didn't score until the 2nd quarter and then it was near the "10 point" zone they have in celebrity basketball games---it was out there. has a nice jumper, but didn't really start connecting until others handled the point responsibilities. Marshfield doubled Price every chance they could.
Jessica Nicol, 2009 6, 9, 66.7, .333 guard. needs to be better with the ball/passing choices.
Whitney Rawdon, 2009 2, 11, 18.2, .091 forward. runs the floor. crashes the board. Nothing really worked on offense. Got caught in drives with no exit plan. played high post.
Laura Van Es, 1010 5, 6, 83.3, .333 thin post. Got caught behind Carlson and then piled on the fouls. Needs to establish better position on defense.
Kaley Bernhardt, 2011 2, 7, 28.6, .143 handled point in the second half. Passing choices need to be sharper.
Alicia Olson, 2011 2, 2, 100.0, .500
Melissa Nicolai, 2009 2, 3, 66.7, .333
Megan Faanes, 2010 2, 2, 100.0, .500
Tessa Schoettl, 2011 0, 1, 0.0, .000

Courtney Schneider

Marshfield 52, 57, 91.2, .491
EC North 34, 60, 56.7, .250
made 3s/&1s: ECN 2/0; Marshfield 0/0
ftm/fta-ft%: Marshfield 16/26-.615; ECN 0/1-.000
bench: Marshfield 9, ECN 8

quarter by quarter
M 12-10-15-15---52
ECN 4-8-8-14----34

Danielle Carlson 9
Jena Weigel 6
Katie Wolff 5.5
Andie Varsho 4
Molly Schmitz 3
Kelsey Weigel 2
Courtney Schneider 1.5
Emmalee Boyle 1
totals: 32

Serena Wagner 5
Sam Price 4.5
Whitney Rawdon 4
Jessica Nicol 3
Kaley Bernhardt 2
Alicia Olson 2
Tessa Schoettl 2
Laura Van Es 1.5
Melissa Nicolai 1
Megan Faanes 1
totals: 26

Katie Wolff 8
Andie Varsho 5
Danielle Carlson 3
Kelsey Weigel 3
Courtney Schneider 2
Molly Schmitz 2
Jena Weigel 2
Emmalee Boyle 1
totals: 26

Sam Price 5
Kaley Bernhardt 4
Jessica Nicol 1
Whitney Rawdon 1
Laura Van Es 1
totals: 12

both teams played man most of the night. Marshfield would double the point in the back court and trap along the sides in the front court.
Match ups:
Marshfield Offense/ECN D: Jena Weigel/Wagner; Varsho/Nicol; Schneider/Rawdon; Carlson/Van Es; Wolff/Price
ECN Offense/Marshfield D: Rawdon/Wolff; Price/Schneider; Van Es/Carlson; Nicol/Varsho; Wagner/Jena Weigel

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