Friday, November 28, 2008

High Five: Thanksgiving

#6 posting 11.28.2008
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HIGH FIVE: Thanksgiving version
There weren't a lot of games out their yesterday on Thanksgiving. Minnesota took the team high five with 59 points, 21 points more than second place South Dakota. Minnesota is the only state that had five or more players that scored on the day.
SD did have the top individual however---Kristin Rotert of McCook Central with 26 points.

Jenna Smith, Bloomington Kennedy, Illinois 22
Alyssa Karel, Cretin-Derham Hall, Wisconsin 12
Maria Boever, Worthington, South Dakota State 11
Kachine Alexander, Benilde-St. Margaret's, Iowa 8
Stacie Oistad, Sartell, South Dakota State 6

Kristin Rotert, McCook Central, South Dakota State 26
Jennifer Warkenthein, Willow Lake, South Dakota State 8
Jill Young, Mitchell Christian, South Dakota State 4

Wendy Ausdemore, TriCenter, Iowa 17
Kelly Krei, Iowa City, Iowa 7

Rae Lin D'Alie, Waterford, Wisconsin 8
Ashlea Muckenhirn, Osceola, South Dakota State 7
Lin Zastrow, Jefferson, Wisconsin 6
Mariah Dunham, Watertown, Wisconsin 3

Tavelyn James, Detroit Mumford, Eastern Michigan 12
Shana McKinney, Detroit Osborn, Eastern Michigan 2

Amber Land, Kulm, Eastern Michigan 4

Next up: later today with out & abouts from tournament action.