Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Week That Was 08-09 #1: In the Beginning

#5 posting 11.16.2008
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And so it begins....

Last week Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan opened their high school practices. Minnesota starts their high school practices tomorrow. For me it can't come a moment too soon.
Fall Leagues may serve their purpose, they do have the benefit of having multiple games in one location, but the fall leagues are more miss than hit.
Today no Tayler Hill, no Eden Prairie. Other days no Roseville guns or Forest Lake guns---too many conflicts with other sports. Games start earlier than listed to move the conveyor belt. In many respects fall league is a glorified scrimmage with not a lot at stake. Player substitution patterns at times don't make sense. Thank goodness meaning returns tomorrow.

The other big event this week was signing day starting on Wednesday. Here is the breakdown from the area states--
OH -----57-----45----11
MN -----41----20-----21
MI ------32-----24----8
These numbers are from what I have been able to find, or that have been reported to me. If you have other names, go to my profile and email me. I have loyal fans that keep me fed from various states. I thank you for your support.
You can see Ohio is the big front runner with 45 D1s. Minnesota rules the roost in D2 with 21.

With the high school seasons just getting underway the question may come up: How can you have a team of the week? Community College games are well underway and I caught two this week at Minneapolis and Anoka-Ramsey. I got to see two new teams---Fond du Lac is starting their first season, while St. Cloud TC is not technically in the MCAC conference. One big difference for the new players is the 30 second clock. The pace of the game is much quicker (or should be). The problems come with not being aware or not moving the ball with a sense of urgency.

No Fall Ball players were eligible for the following awards--

With four teams to pick from (or really two--since they won) the first team of the week is Anoka-Ramsey. The difference maker for me was their defensive posture, intensity and pressure. The simple fact that they had bent knees on defense was the clincher. All five starters were over 100 in pp100 and .500 in floor %. The Rams had 56 defensive stops against the first time FDL squad. As a team AR also had 32 assists. I realize it wasn't against the most ferocious competition, but they approached the game they way it should be done.

Kate Bement of Anoka-Ramsey (and Princeton) has a nice stroke. She set the tone early with two straight 3s in the 92-24 win over Fond du Lac. Bement had 28 points, and 10 defensive stops. Bement moved without the ball, crashed the offensive boards, and had confidence in her shot. Bement didn't take a play off.

To make this team remember the rules
1. I need to see the player in the last seven days.
2. Player needs to have 10 possession minimum
3. Player should be above 100 pp100 and 500 floor %.
Rule three was not in effect this week.

Kate Bement, Anoka-Ramsey (Princeton)
Kristin Johnson, St. Cloud Technical College (St. Cloud Tech HS)
Nicole Lewis, Minneapolis CTC (St. Paul Johnson)*
Kyann Patterson, Anoka-Ramsey (Minneapolis Washburn)*
Tiffany Yarke, St. Cloud Technical College (Melrose)*
* didn't make rule #3

Kate Bement, Anoka-Ramsey (Princeton) (see above)

Tiffany Yarke, St. Cloud Technical College (Melrose). Most of her assists went inside to Kristin Johnson. Yarke knew where the bread was buttered.

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