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CC Out & About: Anoka-Ramsey/Fond du Lac

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FOND DU LAC T&C thunder 24

Anoka-Ramsey spoiled the debut of Fond du Lac 92-24. Kate Bement scored two 3s on the opening two AR possessions and it was all down hill from there for FdL. In fact Bement outscored FdL on her own with 28 points. The Rams used pressure defense against the iron five Thunder. 26 points came off transition points. FdL had 43 turnovers in their first outing.

There are inevitable growing pains as a first time program playing their first game. FdL had seven players dressed, yet only five played. Ashley Langila hit her head on the floor and was checked out by first aid, but she remained in the contest. With the "iron five" FdL was forced to play zone. That opened the door for free looks from behind the arc for AR. Bement had four of the 8 AR 3s on the night. FdL was pressured right from the start and the back court had issues against the AR heat. FdL never really got into any half court offense in the first half. Droughts ruled the day for FdL. The Thunder had dry stretches of 11, 8, 10 and another 8. It was AR 54-12 at half time.

The second half there really was no big changes. The suspense was "would AR reach the century mark?" AR needed 10 points with a little over three minutes left. They only scored two more the rest of the way. Most of the second half the Rams worked on moving the ball vs the half court zone. As far as the biggest string---AR scored five straight times in the first half

Here are the firsts for FdL:
1st shot--Alicia Lagarde
1st basket--Ashley Langila.
1st free throw--Ashley Langila
1st rebound--Alicia Lagarde
1st assist--Liza Williamson
1st 3---Alicia Lagarde

you can see the entire Anoka-Ramsey vs Fond du Lac photo gallery at

key: player, high school, year, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Kate Bement, Princeton, 2011, 28, 19, 147.4, .632 perimeter shooter. Has a nice stroke. made four 3s. crashed the offensive boards. moved without the ball. also active defensively
Alyssa Silva, Maple Grove 2012 10, 8, 125.0, .625 perimeter. was active/alert. went out with an injury early in the second half.
Desirae Robinson, Osseo 2011 9, 7, 128.6, .571 perimeter playing inside at times. did make a 3. boarded at both ends.
Carri Roline, St. Francis 2011 10, 9, 111.1, .556 scored four baskets in transition
Megan Hambleton, Anoka 2011 13, 9, 144.4, .667 handled point responsibilities. technically sound. also made a 3. scored three times in transition.
Georgia Morff, St. Francis 2011 6, 7, 85.7, .429
Kyann Patterson, Minneapolis Washburn 2012 11, 13, 84.6, .385 scored off the dribble.
Angy Gavere, St. Michael-Albertville 2012 5, 6, 83.3, .333 another 3 shooter. active on defense. saw limited time

Ashley Langila, Esko, 2011 7, 16, 43.8, .250 main post. most effective rebounder. stronger frame
Liza Williamson, Duluth Central 2012 7, 27, 25.9, .148 point guard. needs to keep vision, and be stronger with the ball (as do all fdlers.). went to the line four times. free throw needs to have softer bounce.
Alicia Lagarde, Wrenshall 2011 10, 15, 66.7, .333 made 3. scored off press.
Stacy Foucault, Duluth Denfeld 0, 6, 0.0, .000 used as a release on offense. Did not look to score.
Jessica Cameron, Duluth Central 0, 14, 0.0, .000 perimeter. needs to keep arm up. looked to take 3s.
was not used

Kate Bement

Anoka-Ramsey 92, 78, 117.9, .538
Fond du Lac 24, 78, 30.8, .167
made 3s/&1s: AR 8/0; FdL 1/0
ftm/fta-ft%: AR 4/4-1.000; FdL 5/11-.455
bench: AR 22, FdL 0

Kate Bement 10
Carri Roline 10
Desirae Robinson 8
Angy Gavere 8
Megan Hambleton 7
Kyann Patterson 7
Georgia Morff 4
Alyssa Silva 2
totals: 56

Ashley Langila 12
Liza Williamson 4
Alicia Lagarde 4
Stacy Foucault 1
Jessica Cameron 1
totals: 22

Desirae Robinson 7
Megan Hambleton 7
Kyann Patterson 6
Alyssa Silva 5
Kate Bement 4
Georgia Morff 2
Angy Gavere 1
totals: 32

Liza Williamson 8
Alicia Lagarde 2
totals: 10

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