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Three Wisconsin Verbals

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There are three verbals from Wisconsin.
Sam Price of Eau Claire North has verballed Kent State. Price is a 5-8 guard that averaged 12.6 ppg for the 17-7 Huskies last season. Price was honorable mention in the Big Rivers conference. Price played this past summer with Team Wisconsin Select Samuels and was gbbrecruit player of the week in Week #3.

Courtney Doucette of Colfax has verballed UM Duluth. Doucette is a 5-8 guard that averaged 13.7 ppg for the 21-4 Vikings last season. Doucette was first team all conference in the Dunn-St. Croix Conference.
Doucette played with Team Wisconsin Select Doucette.

Erin Higgins of Kenosha St. Joseph has verballed UI Chicago. The 5-7 point guard averaged 19.1 ppg for the 3-18 Lancers last season. Higgins was the Lakeshore Conference player of the year last season. From the Wisconsin Sports Network.

The Trio are the 23, 24, and 25th players to verbal from the 2009 Wisconsin class.
Price and Higgins are the 14th and 15th players heading for a D1 program.
Doucette is the 10th headed to a D2 program.

Photo: Price with TWS Samuels in the match up with TWS Doucette on May 25. Doucette in the same contest. photos by kja.

WI Fastbreak Select 17U AAU team, coached by Paul Biddick also took part in the recent "Battle of the Programs" in Chicago.

The previous WI Fastbreak Select 17U team consisted of girls who are class of 2009. The Fastbreak Select 17 group sent to Chicago is a newly put together team for the 2009 summer season, that had never practiced together prior to taking the court at 9:15 am Saturday. The seven WI Fastbreak girls beat a team from Illinois by 40 points, 64-24. They then went on to beat a full squad of WI Playground Warriors 48-23 in the semis. The only reason they did not play the championship game was that four of the seven Fastbreak girls had Homecoming activities that evening back in Wisconsin.

Two of the WI Fastbreak Select players were named to the Tournament All Star team below:
Battle of the Programs - MIDWEST
All Star Team
Tierra Bender, WI - Wisconsin Playground (U15)---Milwaukee Pius
Erin Frase, WI - WI-Team Wisconsin Select-Samuels (U17)----Phillips
Kelly Frings, WI - WI-Fastbreak Select 17 (U17) ---Milwaukee Pius
Nicole Griffin, WI - WI-Team Wisconsin Select-Samuels (U17) ---Milwaukee Vincent
Jasmyne Reynolds, WI - Wisconsin Playground (U15)---Milwaukee King
Christie Struck, WI - WI-Fastbreak Select 17 (U17) ----Weyauwega-Fremont

Deliniqua Bellamy, MI - Crossover 15 (U15)
Briana Graham, MI - Crossover 15 (U15)

Alex Cohen, IL - IL-Full Package Lady Lightning 15 Silver (U15)
Valerie Finnin, IL - IL-Wolverines 16 Black (U16)
Kiley Hackbarth, IL - Hustle Gold (U16)
Lianne Harpor, IL - IL-Lady Fire BOP (U16)
Ariel Haynes, IL - ILLINOIS X-CITEMENT (U15)
Lynette Holmes, IL - ILLINOIS X-CITEMENT (U15)
Clanise Jenkins, IL - IL-Lady Fire BOP (U16)
Taylor Johnson, IL - IL-Angels 14 (U14)
Trishia Liston, IL - Hustle Gold (U16)
Centrese McGee, IL - IL-Chicago Hoops Express I (U15)
Anna Morrissey, IL - IL-Full Package Lady Lightning 15 Silver (U15)
Cede Shannon, IL - IL-Wolverines 16 Black (U16)
Alex Stanford, IL - IL-Angels 14 (U14)
Laterria Taylor, IL - IL-Chicago Hoops Express I (U15)

Natalie Cohlmeyer, IN - IN-The Family BOP II (U18)
Kabrina Merriweather, IN - IN-The Family BOP II (U18)
Taylor Miller, IN - Indianas Finest (U13)
Gabrielle Minix, IN - Family - BOP (U16)
Taya Reimer, IN - Indianas Finest (U13)
Brandi Richardson, IN - Family - BOP (U16)

Tanchelle Hollingsworth, MO - MO-Eclipse National 16 Red (U16)
Natalie Knight, MO - MO-Eclipse National 16 Red (U16)

Daizah Kimberland, KY - Lady Legends 15 (U15)
Teonia McCune, KY - Lady Legends 15 (U15)

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