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Fall League Out & About: Stillwater Red/Blaine Blue

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STILLWATER RED ponies 56, BLAINE BLUE bengals 52

Stillwater Red handed Blaine Blue their first loss in the Blaine fall league 56-52. Both teams have one loss in the league. An eight possession scoring spree in the second half turned a 7 point Blaine lead into an 8 point Stillwater lead. Blaine did close to two points, but the Ponies had answers to the Bengals rallies. Whitney Novak had 14 points and six assists for the Ponies. Courtney Kelly had 16 points for the Bengals. This marked the second straight week where I saw an undefeated team fall to a team with one loss. Last week Hopkins knocked Bloomington Kennedy from the unbeaten ranks.

Blaine had the early advantage at 5-1 after scoring three straight times. The Bengals used sharp movements and back cuts, back cuts, back cuts to score their quick hits. Stillwater returned the favor with three straight scores of their own and led 7-5. That was the pattern in the first half--one team had a run, the other team would follow. Blaine had an 11-0 run with a 4/5 offensive sequence. Tracie Gillund had four of those points. Stillwater broke a five possession drought with four quick hits and a 8-0 run to take a 15-14 lead. Kristen Sahr had four points in the Pony run. It was Blaine's turn to finish off the half and thei 8-2 run gave them a 22-17 advantage at half. Kirsten Goodroad delivered right at the buzzer.

Blaine scored right on the first possession and reached their high water mark with a 24-17 lead. After that Blaine went into famine with a seven possession drought while Stillwater went on a feast with their 8 possession scoring spree. The Ponies had five free throws, and two 3s in the burst. Sahr and Whitney Novak had five points each in the 17-2 run. Blaine narrowed the gap to 41-39 with under five minutes to go. Two back to back 3s by Amber Meyer and Novak gave the Ponies an 8 point cushion. Blaine attacked the basket hoping to draw fouls. It did. They spent their next seven possessions driving and at the line scoring on six of them. The Bengals had 8 points at the line in the last two minutes. Stillwater also went to the line as Blaine tried to get the ball back. The free throw parade ended with 15 seconds to go as Stillwater ran out the clock.

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player, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Whitney Novak 14, 13, 107.7, .538 point guard, had 12 points in the second half with two 3s. went to the line three times.
Kristen Sahr 13, 10, 130.0, .600 perimeter shooter. had two 3s on the day.
Heather Kamps 7, 7, 100.0, .714 post, physical.
Amber Meyer 7, 5, 140.0, .600 guard, 3 range
Alex Fosse 4, 2, 200.0, 1.000 guard
Kylie Van Klei 2, 2, 100.0, .500 lanky post
Chloe Otteson 3, 6, 50.0, .167 guard
Abbie Gerachi 6, 7, 85.7, .429 point guard

Allison Ballstadt 4, 3, 133.3, .667 guard
Courtney Kelly 16, 11, 145.5 can play at the block, but can also step out and hit 3s. pulled Blaine back into the contest late with 9 of the last 15 points. physical.
Tracie Gillund, 8, 5, 160.0, .800 post player. feeds well from the post. can score at the high post.
Carly Christopherson 4, 6, 66.7, .333 guard
Sara O'Dowd 4, 2, 200.0. 1.000 guard
Kirsten Goodroad 9, 12, 75.0, .333 perimeter. likes the back cut
Stephanie Jergenson 2, 4, 50.0, .250 post. will take outside shots. lefty
Amber Hames 5, 7, 71.4, .286 perimeter. 3 range
Hannah Chuinard 0, 2, 0.0, .000 taller guard
Carley Saben 0, 1, 0.0, .000 thin post

Kristen Sahr
in a close race

Stillwater Red 56, 52, 107.7, .538
Blaine Blue 52, 53, 98.1, .453
made 3s/&1s: Stillwater 5/1; Blaine 3/1
ftm/fta-ft%: Blaine 15/17-.882; Stillwater 17/24-.708
bench: Blaine 16, Stillwater 11

Amber Meyer 5
Heather Kamps 4
Kristen Sahr 3
Kylie Van Klei 3
Abbie Geraci 2
Whitney Novak 1
Chloe Otteson 1
Alex Fosse 1
totals: 20

Carley Saben 4
Tracie Gillund 3
Carley Christopherson 3
Courtney Kelly 2
Stephanie Jergenson 2
Kirsten Goodroad 1
Amber Hames 1
Sara O'Dowd 1
totals: 17

Whitney Novak 6
Heather Kamps 3
Amber Meyer 3
Abbie Geraci 2
Kristen Sahr 1
Chloe Otteson 1
Alex Fosse 1
totals: 17

Tracie Gillund 2
Stephanie Jergenson 2
Amber Hames 2
Carly Christopherson 2
Hannah Chuinard 2
Carley Saben 2
Courtney Kelly 1
Kirsten Goodroad 1
totals: 14

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