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Fall League Out & About: Champlin Park/Rogers

#2 posting 10.26.2008
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Becker Division
CHAMPLIN PARK rebels 29, ROGERS royals 28

Ashley Metcalfe made her second free throw with 3.5 seconds left to give Champlin Park a 29-28 win over Rogers in the first of two Northwest Suburban vs Mississippi 8 match ups. Rogers rallied from a four point deficit with two minutes left to tie it at 28.

Rogers played their deliberate, patient style but were missing Jennifer Dowd. CP was missing Jasmine Darden and Rachel Leitz as the hit and miss nature of fall leagues reared its head again.

Rogers scored first on the opening possession. CP soon connected with a trey by Abby McDaniel. The lead changed hands six times in the first half as neither team broke free. There also were four ties. Rogers had a six possession drought but didn't really lose ground to CP with only adding three points to break an 11 all tie. Rogers' Maria Laughlin tied it up with her first & one. The first half ended with a 16 all tie.

After both teams added two to their totals to start the second half. Both teams combined for 10 straight empty possessions. CP was the first to break their drought with an Ashley Witte basket. Rogers kept their drought string alive with a total of 8. Again Rogers didn't suffer because CP only added three points to their totals. With two minutes left CP led 26-22. Rogers on the next possession scored on another Laughlin &1. CP answered with two Schmidt free throws with 30 seconds left to make it 28-25. Rogers responded with a free throw by Megan Coleman. She missed the second and Laughlin grabbed the board and tied it up with a put back with 17 seconds left. The Rebels got the ball into the paint and that is when Metcalfe was fouled. She made the second free throw for the win.

Rogers had 18 turnovers for the game, 10 in the first half. CP only had 11 turnovers on the game.

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key: player, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Ali Schmidt 5, 4, 125.0, .750 point guard. all points came at the line.
Abby McDaniel 3, 2, 150.0, .500 3 point shooter. made one in the first half.
Ashley Metcalfe 3, 4, 75.0, .500 forward. came up with the game winning free throw.
Ann Huemann 6, 5, 120.0, .600 went to the line three times. rushed shot and was off balance on a shot.
Ashley Witte 5, 5, 100.0, .600 forward with range. big rebounds late.
Tara Flahavan 5, 7, 71.4, .286 also point guard. needs to get better angle when feeding the post. needs to lead properly. Also needs to develop deception/fakes on passing.
Kristie LaPlante 2, 4, 50.0, .250
Missy Mehaffey 0, 6, 0.0, .000 worked the d boards

Emily Dosman 4, 6, 66.7, .333 bigger player today. corner shooter.
Megan Coleman 1, 9, 11.1, .000 guard. had six turnovers.
Maria Laughlin 13, 12, 108.3, .417 guard. lefty, made a three, also scored twice on old fashioned threes. opportunistic. came up with a key offensive rebound and scored the put back. went to the line three times. had four steals. needs to create space when crossing over with defensive in front of her.
Caitlin Coleman 7, 6, 116.7, .500 moved with out the ball. also had an old fashioned 3.
Erin Rosenow 2, 2, 100.0, .500 forward. scored on a put back.
Emily Nelson 1, 2, 50.0, .500

Even though Rogers lost Maria Laughlin led both teams with points and D stops.

Champlin Park 29, 37, 78.4, .405
Rogers 28, 37, 75.7, .324
made 3s/&1s: CP 2/1; Rogers 1/3
ftm/fta-ft%: CP 15/20-.750; Rogers 7/10-.700
bench: CP 7, Rogers 1

Ashley Witte 5
Missy Mahaffey 4
Ann Huemann 2
Tara Flahavan 2
Ali Schmidt 1
Abby McDaniel 1
Kristie LaPlante 1
totals: 16

Maria Laughlin 7
Emily Dosmann 3
Cailtin Coleman 3
Megan Coleman 2
Emily Nelson 2
Erin Rosenow 1
totals: 18

Ali Schmidt 4
Missy Mahaffey 3
Tara Flahavan 2
Ann Huemann 1
Ashley Witte 1
totals 11

Megan Coleman 3
Maria Laughlin 2
Emily Dosman 1
Caitlin Coleman 1
totals 7

5 10 15 20 25

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