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Fall League Out & About: Princeton/Elk River

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Becker Division
PRINCETON tigers 41, ELK RIVER elks 36

Princeton broke free from a 36-36 tie with 1:24 left with a key offensive rebound put back basket by Brooke Karst after a missed free throw. The last minute Princeton added three more points at the line to tie up the Mississippi 8 vs Northwest Suburban match ups on the day.

Both teams lost in the first game prior to their match up. Princeton had problems scoring against Andover, while Blaine beat ER 31-26. With the hit and miss nature of the fall leagues Courtney Metcalfe was missing for ER.

The Tigers didn't score for their first 8 possessions. The main Princeton guns were on the bench to start the game. ER jumped out to a 5-0 lead. The first five points for Princeton came on three straight possessions and all of the points came from Mariah Clarin. ER was stymied by the Princeton defense. Princeton took the lead on a Brooke Karst 3 and kept it the rest of the first half. The half ended on a deep three by Princeton's Kadie Savage. The Tigers led 19-12 at the break.

The biggest Tiger lead came on the first possession of the second half when Arianne Lind scored on a put back. ER roared back into the contest with five straight scores on a 9-0 run. The pendulum swung back to Princeton with a 9-0 run of their own to make it 30-21. Savage had the last five in that run. ER had another run in their pocket and tied the game at 36 with a three by Lindsey Hamilton followed by a free throw by Tempestt Wilson on the next ER possession. With 1:24 left Loberg went to the line for Princeton, but missed her free throws. Karst got the key rebound and put back and the Tigers didn't trail again. ER had three cracks at tying the game, but missed their opportunities. Clarin got the rebound to seal the win. Loberg and Karst made one and two free throws each to finish the scoring.

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key: player, points, possessions, pp100, floor %
Arianne Lind 2, 7, 28.6, .143 guard. scored on put back.
Brooke Karst 7, 16, 43.8, .188 forward. has 3 range. key offensive rebound. needs to protect the ball better.
Nicole Trunk 2, 1, 200.0, 1.000 guard. has 18 point range
Jordan Hallin 0, 1, 0.0, .000 forward
Lindsey Philaya 0, 0, 0.0,.0000 forward.
Katie Loberg 9, 10, 90.0, .500 post player that moves like a perimeter. explosive. runs the floor very well. long reach on defense made it hard to shoot over. Active on defense. picked up an offensive foul.
Mariah Clarin 9, 7, 128.6, .714 high energy. runs the floor. can hit corner shot. physical and active. plays hard. did pick up an offensive foul on a drive. Needs to change direction/pace on drive.
Samantha Flicek 2, 4, 50.0, .250
Kadie Savage 8, 6, 133.3, .500 point guard. has 3 range. needs to keep strong with the ball.
#51 2, 1, 200.0, 1.000 scored on put back.

Tiffany Cornelius 5, 9, 55.6, .333 guard. likes to drive.
Kaitlyn Orrock 7, 14, 50.0, .286 guard. has 18 ft range.
Lindsey Hamilton 9, 8, 112.5, 375 guard. all points came from behind the 3 point line. led both teams with assists.
Tempestt Wilson 5, 9, 55.6, .333 guard. likes transition. flex offense kept her under wraps
Hannah Sweet 4, 4, 100.0, .500 post player. physical. picked up offensive foul trying to clear herself.
Annie Sizon 6, 6, 100.0, .333 shooting guard. made two 3s.
#30 0, 2, 0.0, .000

Mariah Clarin

Princeton 41, 53, 77.4, .377
Elk River 36, 52, 69.2, .327
made 3s/&1s: Princeton 2/1; ER 5/0
ftm/fta-ft%: Princeton 7/10-.700; ER 7/10-.700
bench: Princeton 30, ER 6

Katie Loberg 8
Brooke Karst 5
Arianne Lind 4
Kadie Savage 3
Mariah Clarin 2.5
Lindsey Philaya 2
Samantha Flicek 1.5
Nicole Trunk 1
#51 1
totals: 27

Tiffany Cornelius 6
Lindsey Hamilton 4
Caitlan Orrock 3
Tempestt Wilson 2
Hannah Sweet 2
Annie Sizon 1
#30 1
totals: 19

Katie Loberg 2
Mariah Clarin 2
Kadie Savage 2
#51 2
Arianne Lind 1
Samantha Flicek 1
Nicole Trunk 1
totals: 11

Lindsey Hamilton 5
Kaitlyn Orrock 4
Hannah Sweet 3
Tempestt Wilson 1
totals: 13

10 20 30 40

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