Saturday, January 05, 2008

College Reports from Friday

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Creighton beat Wichita State 83-47. Sara Cain (Cedar Rapids Prairie) had 11 for Creighton. Tyrai Bronson (Mpls North) had 9, Michelle Kaus (Eastview) had 5. Daria Frazier (Mpls North) had 2 for Wichita State.

Drake beat Missouri State 72-42. Kristin Turk (Des Moines Lincoln) had 10 for Drake. Lauren Dybing (St. Croix Lutheran) had 4 and Katie DeWitt (Centennial) had 2 for Drake.

Kansas beat Xavier 62-60. Kelly Kohn (Adrian, MI) had 4 for Kansas.

LaSalle beat Lafayette 70-54. Lauren Cullen (Clinton, WI) did not score for Lafayette.

Baylor beat Texas State 84-57. Marie Moser (Cedar Rapids Prairie) had 2 for Texas State.

Colorado beat Pepperdine 65-53. Hannah Skildum (Mounds View) had 4 for Colorado.

UTEP beat Houston 79-61. Jareica Hughes (Southfield-Lathrup, MI) had 18 for UTEP.

Santa Clara beat CS Bakersfield 78-75. Claire Goins (Sioux City Heelan) had 8 for Santa Clara.

Concordia St. Paul beat Northern State 60-56. Katie LaViolette (Manitowoc Lutheran, WI) had 17 for CSP. Jaclyn Arns (St. Michael-Albertville) had 16 for Northern.

Mary beat MSU Moorhead 747-68. Nicci Landeck (West Bend, WA) had 19 for Mary. Jessica Fesenmaier (BOLD) had 16 for Moorhead.

Wayne State beat Upper Iowa 79-58. Kylee McGill had 18 for Wayne State. Christa Hammel (Waukon, IA) had 16 for UIU.

Winona State beat SW MN State 757-58. Jenny Steffan (DePere, WI) had 19 for Winona State. Abby Oakland (Fulda) had 16 for SW.

Keene State beat Bethany Lutheran 65-61

Northwestern MN beat Finlandia 70-58. Ariel Liesch (Centennial) had 21 for NW.

Presentation beat Valley City State 68-66

In an abbreviated High Five it was Iowa taking the team, Michigan the individual title.

Sara Cain, Creighton (Cedar Rapids Prairie) 11 vs Wichita State 83-47
Kristina Voss, Creighton (Ankeny) 10 vs Wichita State 83-47
Kristin Turk, Drake (Des Moines Lincoln) 10 vs Missouri State 72-42
Claire Goins, Santa Clara (Sioux City Heelan) 8 vs CS Bakersfield 78-75
Kelsey Crites, Creighton (Clinton) 7 vs Wichita State 83-47

Tyrai Bronson, Creighton (Mpls North) 9 vs Wichita State 83-47
Michelle Kaus, Creighton (Eastview) 5 vs Wichita State 83-47
Hannah Skildum, Colorado (Mounds View) 4 vs Pepperdine 65-53
Lauren Dybing, Drake (St. Croix Lutheran) 4 vs Missouri State 72-42
Katie DeWitt, Drake (Centennial) 2 vs Missouri State 72-42

Jareica Hughes, UTEP (Southfield-Lathrup) 18 vs Houston 79-61
Timika Williams, UTEP (Southfield-Lathrup) 2 vs Houston 79-61

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