Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wisconsin Sweeps High Five

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Wisconsin swept the high five thanks in part to Krystal Ellis and her 32 points. They edged Michigan by 5.
Wisconsin is in 2nd place in the team contest with 13 wins, 3 behind Michigan
Wisconsin is in 2nd place in the individual contest with 13.5 wins, 2.5 behind Michigan.
Krystal Ellis leads all individuals with 5.5 wins on the year. She is 1.5 games ahead of Jolene Anderson and Kizzy Hart.

Krystal Ellis, Marquette (Racine St. Catherine) 32 vs Western Michigan 78-74
Jolene Anderson, Wisconsin (South Shore) 18 vs Michigan State 84-71
Alyssa Waldon, Chicago State (Sun Prairie) 17 vs St. Louis 81-76
Kelly Lam, Marquette (Brookfield East) 15 vs Western Michigan 78-74
Courtney Waldon, Chicago State (Sun Prairie) 13 vs St. Louis 81-76

Alyssa DeHaan, Michigan State (Grandville) 27 vs Wisconsin 71-84
Jasmin Dixon, Chicago State (Detroit King) 17 vs St. Louis 81-76
Brittanie Russell, Canisius (Southfield-Lathrup) 16 vs Rhode Island 70-63
Tiera DeLaHoussaye, Western Michgan (Detroit Country Day) 16 vs Marquette 74-78
Molly Dwyer, Western Michigan (Sterling Heights Stevenson) 14 vs Marquette 74-78

Alyssa Karel, Wisconsin (Cretin-Derham Hall) 19 vs Michigan State 84-71
Marta Waalen, UMKC (St. Paul Central) 11 vs Newman 81-32
Jenna Smith, Illinois (Bloomington Kennedy) 10 vs Penn State 48-49
Angel Robinson, Marquette (St. Paul Central) 7 vs Western Michigan 78-74
Mia Johnson, Michigan State (Mpls North) 6 vs Wisconsin 71-84

Alysa Klein, UMKC (Okoboji) 13 vs Newman 81-32
Lori Bjork, Illinois (Johnston) 12 vs Penn State 48-49
Sarah Black, Chicago State (Cedar Rapids Xavier) 11 vs St. Louis 81-76
Tarah Cullen, UMKC (Fort Madison Aquinas) 7 vs Newman 81-32
Kala Kuhlmann, Nebraska (Charter Oak-Ute) 5 vs Ark-Pine Bluff 67-39

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