Saturday, December 22, 2007

Iowa Sweeps Competitive High Five

#8 posting 12.22.2007
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Finally a great day of action and a competitive high five. Only 11 points separated the top four states. But it was Iowa prevailing on both Team and Individual races.
It is the 10th win in the team category which puts Iowa in third still four games behind Michigan.
On the individual side they have 8 total wins, which is good for 4th. They are 4.5 behind co-leaders Wisconsin and Michigan.
Kandy Beemer took the individual honors, her first. She is the 9th player to win the high five for Iowa. (they have had 0.5 shared winners to get to the 8)

Kandy Beemer, Colorado State (Bedford) 23 vs Portland 56-71
Alison Lacey, Iowa State (Ballard) 21 vs Minnesota 61-69
Kristina Voss, Creighton (Ankeny) 16 vs Oral Roberts 60-57
Natalie White, San Jose State (Dubuque Senior) 14 vs Santa Clara 58-78
Kristin Craft, Dartmouth (Marshalltown) 11 vs Colorado 43-57
Jacqui Kalin, Northern Iowa (Sioux City North) 11 vs Northern Illinois 46-61
Ally Thrall, Creighton (Dowling Catholic) 11 vs Oral Roberts 60-57

Amy Beggin, New Mexico (Roseville) 22 vs New Mexico State 62-56
Chanica Hall, Detroit (Benilde-St. Margaret's) 22 vs IPFW 62-52
Leslie Knight, Minnesota (Hopkins) 19 vs Iowa State 69-61
Angel Robinson, Marquette (St. Paul Central) 11 vs Ark Pine Bluff 83-54
Ashley Ellis-Milan, Minnesota (St. Paul Central) 9 vs Iowa State 69-61

Lauren Kohn, Ohio (Adrian) 18 vs Michigan 64-69
Lakisha Freeman, Purdue (Saginaw Arthur Hill) 17 vs Washington 65-66
Carly Benson, Michigan (Carney-Nadeau) 16 vs Ohio 69-64
Timika Williams, UTEP (Southfield-Lathrup) 13 vs Toledo 64-56
Jareica Hughes, UTEP (Southfield-Lathrup) 11 vs Toledo 64-56
Svetlana Kovalenko, Marquette (Houghton) 11 vs Ark Pine Bluff 83-54
Janelle Harris, Marquette (Detroit Renaissance) 11 vs Ark Pine Bluff 83-54

Jessie Wilcox, Northern Illinois (Oshkosh West) 19 vs Northern Iowa 61-46
Myosha Barnes, San Jose State (Milwaukee Vincent) 16 vs Santa Clara 58-78
Kelly Lam, Marquette (Brookfield East) 15 vs Ark. Pine Bluff 83-54
Shenita Landry, Temple (Milwaukee King) 12 vs Villanova 54-46
Brittany Korth, Cleveland State (Clinton) 12 vs Colgate 60-34

Jessica Kielpinski, New Mexico (Mandan) 8 vs New Mexico State 62-56
Amber Land, Eastern Michigan (Kulm) 2 vs Dayton 57-60

Next up: Tomorrow, later tomorrow the week that was. We will look at the tournaments in Minnesota also.